Kadamban (2017) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Arya, Catherine Tresa | Riwaz Duggal

Kadamban (2017) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Arya, Catherine Tresa | Riwaz Duggal

Smoking cigarette is the reason for
cancer and it’s life threatening. Drinking alcohol is injurious
to health. R K Duggal Studios presents.. Kadamban. Hey, that’s great! Wow! Kadamban, that was amazing. Hey! -He is the only man who has
seen the city. -You are right. “Randare!
Randare! Randare! Randare!” “Randare!
Randare! Randare! Randare!” “Randare!
Randare! Randare! Randare!” “Randare!!” “Randare!
Randare! Randare! Randare!” Did you see Kadamba,
how mercilessly they killed it.. ..and hung this lion just
for his nail and skin? He was killed a little while ago. Our fathers didn’t see those
animals which our ancestors saw. What animals our fathers saw,
we have not seen them. The animals that we are
seeing today maybe.. ..our future generation
will not see it. It’s just greed for business.
They cut trees and take the wood. They kill elephants
and take its tusk. Everyone is coming from the city and
making money through the forest. Even if they sell the whole forest
it won’t be sufficient for them. The one who has done this
we must find him. I will do the same to him. Yes. Last time we counted
25 lions in the forest. You saw only one from them. What to do?
The villagers totally doubt us. Someone or the other comes there.
-What can we do about it? Is it?
-So kill him along with the lion. Whether you kill a lion or a
human being in the forest. I am the one to investige. Next time if you both get
scared of the villagers. Then I will hunt for you. Squeezing it in this manner
will take a long time. Whether we get the honey or not.
I feel I eat full on seeing it. Hey, do it fast. We have lot of work at home. What is it, Mukesh? You keep telling that you
have work at home always. What work do you have? -How will it
help you if you know about it? Father! Wow! Come here, kids. Where are the other two? Father, mother is puking
since morning. -What? So she has called you at home. Did you hear?
Did you hear what my son said? Do I still have to tell you
what work I have at home? Father. -Yes dear. I want a small sister this time.
Got it? You will get it. Not only this time, you will
get a sister next time too. Come with me. -Hey! Brother. Yes sir. In the whole village only your son
has the qualities of our community. If it’s about getting honey
from the moutains.. ..or to mesmerize with his hansome
body then your son is the best. I have gone to the forest
to get honey many times. But no one got honey from the
mountain after your father. Only your son could do
this job after him. I vow on the goddess. For a moment I felt I am
seeing your father. He says he can see
his father in him. Is he the only man in
the whole group? Why? Haven’t we got honey? Shall I remove it again
and show everyone? What great job has he done? He just removed a handful of honey.
They are praising him so much. If he would get a little
more then they.. ..would have licked him
along with honey. Why? Do we have less tension
in our family? Don’t talk nonsense while
talking about him. Hey! You are the biggest worry.
-Here. It is 4 years our daughter
has grown up. If you would have got her married
she would have childrens by now. Don’t you both worry
about her or not? She has no qualities of a girl. She keeps running in the forest
along with the kids. Avinda! Catch her quickly. Hey, stop. Stop! Sister, she has gone this way. She troubles everyone. Don’t let her go. She is fat.
How can she run with a heavy body? Don’t hit me. It hurts. I told you many times don’t go
where Kadamba distributes honey. You still went there? Doesn’t matter if you go.
But you try to flirt with him too. Chotu, give me that weapon. If you are seen near Kadamba then
I will kill you with this. Get lost! Look, I will surely complain
to your brother. What is wrong with you? I feel the leaves did
their work here. Oh no! Today Range ran after Divya. And said not to go near
you henceforth. Why don’t you marry her? Her brother looks at me as
though he will kill me. Forget about marrying. Yes Mukesh, did you get scared? It is dry coconut. I didn’t throw a bomb
that you got scared. Just take care. I feel he has
thought of getting in a fight today. Whom are you telling?
-Whom shall I tell? Tell the person you want to tell.
-Am I scared? Then tell it once. Hey! If you have the guts then
come and play with us. O Lord! What has happened? Why are the children shouting? This is not auspicious! Your grace will fall on us. Goddess have mercy. Keep your grace on us! Goddess! Hey! Hello sir. -Hello! -He is
Mr. Chandramorya. -Glad to meet you. Mr. Vijayan,
our company’s associatae.. Hello. Very nice! Let’s carry on. Thank you sir. Kadammuval is the name of the area
in the south of Milkthodi. After researching for a year in
this area our team found out.. ..that from the mountain of east
Pulivarayan until west mountain.. ..from Nettmurugan mountain
until South Arnay kaadu. In the surrounding areas.. ..we have found the necessary
lime stone for our cement. The lime stone that is available
here is of the best quality. If we remove lime stone from here
then we will continuously.. ..get it for the next
50 to 60 years. We can generate minimum ten
thousand millions yearly. That’s our point. Sir, did you tell brother
about the villagers. Brother, there is a small issue
in that place. What problem? At that place, that..
what is the name? Kadamban, sir. There is a group living
there since many years. About 50 families live there. Until they are there.. ..we can’t move a stone
from that place. Not just this. Even the government
has approached them many times. They tried to give
them many offers. But they refused to
take any offers. What do we do, brother? Start the project. Hey! Grasshopper. Grasshopper! Hey! Grasshopper.
Hey! Grasshopper, stop. Why do you remove such dangerous
voices? Come on, Grasshopper. You are getting angry even
if I call you so sweetly? I am a grasshopper.
So are you a honey-bee? No! I am a butterfly. Listen, I told you many
times not to follow me. Don’t you understand? Just tell me yes.
I will stop following you. I will marry you and come with you. Listen. Listen. Tell me what are those
snakes doing? You can see the snake.
Can’t you see what they are doing? Hey! I asked you to tell me, right? Tell me. What are they doing? They are doing what
you are thinking. Hey! Listen. Thank god,
I didn’t catch you the other day. Hey, you both killed that lion
the other day, isn’t it? How does that ranger let
you go every time? Why are you staring at me? Look children,
how they are staring at me. What should we tell them? -Hey! You people! Take them in the jeep along
with the elephant’s tusk. Yes? What is this sir? You came here.
You hit them. And now you are taking
them with you. A tree is cut down in the forest.
-An elephant is dead. At least you must investigate. I have caught them red-handed. Imprison them. What do I do? Should I suggest
your name for a medal? Get aside! -What will you do if
I don’t move? -Kadamba, move. Sir, he is a kid.
Don’t mind his words. He said it unknowingly. But the truth is in front of you. We have caught them red-handed. Hmm. Look dear, they are officers.
Don’t speak to them in this manner. Having a fight with
them is not good. Good evening sir. He is DFO of Kadambavan.
Mr. Dinesh Rao. Hello! And he is the ranger, Karan. Hello sir. -Please sit down. Thank you! I am sorry! Hello! -Hello! -Listen,
two people had come to our house. They gave a key in my hand. When we came out to check a
new car was waiting for us. That is a small gift. Keep cooperating with me. You will get such small gifts. What do we do, sir? Evict the people at Kadamban. That’s very easy, sir. We will beat them up and evict
them. -They shouldn’t be hurt. Without troubling them.. ..without making a noise.
They must leave the mountain. There is no need to think
so deeply, sir. Their village is behind
many mountains. We will break their bones and
no one will inquire about it. Don’t be in a hurry. We will dig there. And that too without license.
It’s illegal. If we do what you are saying.. ..then do you know what
will be the result? What do we do, sir? I will tell you. Sister, give it to me too. Look sister,
just say yes about what we speak. Just see how Kadamba agrees.
The rest we will manage. Come with me. -Listen. What
will we do if he beats us? We know him. Hey, Kadamba. Come here. -I want to speak to
you about something important. Take this. I will handle it. Look Kadamba,
this girl is ready to marry you. Then you too must agree
to marry her. Come on. Why are you pretending? Ask him whether he will
marry her or not? It is the decision of the ‘Panchyat’
put this wedding chain on Rathi. Come on.
Run away! Hey! -Henceforth.. ..don’t call us to talk to him. We will not do anything
to him this time. Next time, we will beat him up.
-Yes. You are making small children do
such a job. Aren’t you ashamed? Oh! Will you tell me
what I should feel.. ..shy about and what I shouldn’t? I am telling you. Listen carefully. One day you will come to me
and ask, will you marry me? Remember it! Walk quickly. There is so much work
to do. Yes. Yes. I am coming. Sir. -Yes son. Oh my god! Keep it inside. Why? -It is very powerful. I took it to my house unknowingly. I couldn’t leave my house for a
week. Now my wife kicks me out. Why did you take it
without telling me? Listen sir. -Yes. You are a
well known doctor, right? You have the remedy
for every problem. Yes I do have it. Why do you ask? I have challenged Kadamba. Give me such a medicine.. ..which will make him marry
me on having it. I will give it. Take this. Grind it well and mix it with
his food and feed him. He will be lying at your
feet all his life. Is it? -Yes. You understood my problem! Hey sir, why did you give
this medicine to him? She was asking for the medicine
so I gave it to her. Let her feed him. Instead of marrying she
will have a kid. Kadamba! -Yes father. You haven’t eaten since morning. Have this ‘Kheer’ then do your
work. -Alright. Keep it there. Yes Kadamba, are you working alone? Yes. So.. -I was tried of doing
the same work at home. I thought I will do
some work with you. So tell me, what do I do? Kheer! Oh, what has happened? What happened? Oh! You drank the kheer. Alright. Help me. Shut up!
I have lots of work at home. My wife is waiting for me. Listen. Listen. I am going home. I have lot of
work. Shut up. Shut up! -Hell! Go quickly. Saving you from your husband is
like a job for me. What happened? You are in such a hurry.
-Where are you going? -Come inside. What are you doing? Get aside.
First put her down. Get aside. Listen to me and keep her down.
Won’t you listen? Don’t you understand? How many
more children will you have? Anyway you have an army.
Keep her down. Won’t you get aside? Then you too come inside. -Wait! Rathi, you have come here too. When will you leave me? What is your answer? Tell me,
whether you will marry me or not? If you refuse to marry me
then I will commit.. ..suicide jumping off the stream. Then go and jump. Why did you jump along with me? So? What did you think?
I would jump alone. If we have to live then
we will live together. And we will also die together. Crazy girl! Stupid grasshopper! Oh! Oh! Where has he gone? I don’t understand anything.
Kadamba! Kadamba! Kadamba! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Where did you go leaving me?
-Tell me where did you go? It was better I would stay
in my house with my wife. I would have completed
the work I had. I know what work you have. Tell me. I think you are turned pale
looking at the jackal. Hey, I am not scared of the jackal. I can kill it. Is it? You ruined everything
by calling out to me. Come on, trust me. One more jackal is here. What is there in your hand? I told you to drop it down. So what? We get honey from the forest
by putting our life in danger. And officers like you steal it
without working hard for it. Take. Lick it! Why? Are you very stubborn? You always worry the people
of the mountain. You have fights with them. The people here have complained
against your department. Mostly against you. What is this, sir?
-What’s happening? Sir, I feel someone has filed a
complain after getting angry on me. And you came here with this. Why sir?
Don’t the trust has any other work? That you are worrying an honest
officer in the name of social work. You have also slapped a
man from the forest. Do you have any evidence? Sir! My son unknowingly did a
mistake. Please forgive him. Leave him.
Don’t do anything to him. Stupid, why have you come here.
Go out! Sir, leave him. -Get him out of
here. -Sir. Sir. Sir, tell him. Leave him. Remove your hand. Tell me where is his son? What did you do to him? Call him here right away. Or we will have to go to
Huma Rights Commission. Sir.
It will create problems. Leave him. Go and bring him. Son! They have hit my son so much. What is this, sir?
You have beaten him like an animal. Do you have any humanity in you? Hello!
Who gave you the right to hit him? Wearing the uniform
doesn’t mean this. Alright. He did a mistake. But
will you beat him so severely? You were asking us what
evidence do we have? Look here. What else do you want from me? I don’t think this ranger
is the right person. We need to keep an eye on him.
-Okay sir. Thank you sir. Our job is to help innocent
people like you. You will have no problem because
of this ranger henceforth. If you still have a problem
please inform us at once. If you need any help
you can call us. We are with you. Alright. Take this. This is our address. Did you hear,
they hit Kadamba a lot. They tied him and then beat him.
-Cowards. If they would keep the hands untied
then they would know.. ..who is Kadamb? That is fine.
But tell me one thing. Your brother and Kadamba
are not friends. Then how will your brother get
you married to Kadamba? To marry Kadamba,
I need Kadamba’s answer. Whether my brother agrees or not. Oh my god! He is hurt.
How can we leave him? Yes.
Let’s call the villagers. Come on. Come on. Come on. There was a septic due to bottle
piece which went inside the body. Now he is alright.
-There is no danger now. When he comes to consciouness
in half.. ..an hour he will leave on his own.
-Thank you doctor. You informed us in time. As the bottle piece hurt him,
it was septic. And the poison was spreading. If we left him in this manner,
then he would die in two days. Sir, normally people from the land
come and hunt for these animals. For the first time.. -.. an officer
came from below the mountain.. ..and gave life to this animal. The one who saves life is like god. You are God, sir. No. No. Don’t say that. Brother. -Hmm. -Officer! Yes. -I have set the people of
the trust in just as you said. The villagers trust
them completely. Good! Now start the work of getting
them down the mountain. Got it? These are the bee hives which
we got from the forest. If you keep them in a small box and
keep it in front of your house.. ..then you will get a good result. You can normally get 5 to 10 litre
of honey from one beehive. This is nonsense. We are bringing honey from the
forest since so many years. We will leave that and start
using this useless thing. I don’t think he understands
what we are trying to say. We are telling you. There is no need to tell me. He is right. There is no need
to do good for the village. Do you remember when sister
Jayanti’s husband.. ..climbed the tree to remove the
honey and he fell down and died. What did we do? You are right.
They are saying it’s safe. Then there is no problem in
seeing it. -She is correct. Why? Has everyone said it. You are saying as though
they are new. They are helping villagers by
running the trust since years. What they do will be in
our best interest. Sir, continue to tell us. We will
do what you say. That’s great. He is a born leader. That’s great. It’s collected well. You are right. The honey is
collected as they had said. It’s great. Why? The honey that we go
to take from the forest.. ..we get food and other things too. They said and you agreed.
Foolish people. Look, he was against yesterday. Today his mother is standing
first in the queue. Don’t move from here. Kadamba, go quickly. Go! Give it here. Take, run. Run. Give it. Uncle! Run away. Did you see the strength of Amazon? Amazing! It’s very delicious. Yes sir. Sir, I am sorry. I didn’t understand what
you said the other day. Sir, our group has not seen
so much money until now. Yes. This is just the beginning. Our trust will do a lot for you’ll. Please come. Please come in. Wow! The place is very good. It feels good here. Come on.. I want to run. Let’s go behind. I will broom behind you. Mother,
there is no need to go home. We will stay here. There are so many toys here. Alright! Hey! Where are you going alone? Yes. I will tell you. Hey! What is this? This is very intoxicating.
It’s enjoyable. Mr. Suresh gave me while at work.
I am drinking since one week. It’s very nice.
-Drink it. Drink it. Yes! Drink it. Drink it. Drink it. Give me more. Who ran away stealing my clothes? I will surely find out who it is. And remember, if I find him. I will tear his clothes and
wipe my face with it. And I will mop with it. Butterfly, listen. What is this, grasshopper? That’s great.
Eat to your stomach full. Eat it. Slowly. Take more. Eat it. Nice uncle. It’s was amazing. Amazing. The goats have come for sacrifice. Did you see the goats eating
their own food? Look there, the biggest fool. Brother, the work to get the
mountain people has started. What will happen if you start it? It will be good when
the work will end. There is a good news for you’ll. Such a wall, concrete ground. And with the facility of bathroom,
you will get one house each. Wow! Wow! Look there.
It’s so beautiful! Ours? -Yes. Not only this, you will get school,
hospital near your house. You will be very happy. Yes. Look there. One house is worth 30,00,000. How will we get that amount? No. No. You don’t have to pay. Our trust will bear
all the expenses. And yes. This house will have tv,
mixer, grinder. Electricity, gas stove, everything. Sir, is this for us? A strong house at the mountain. No. Not up. But down.
Below the mountain. I don’t understand why will
we go below the mountain. We live on the mountains. Why will we leave the mountain? Yes. -Why will we leave?
We won’t leave it. I told you he is a born leader. Sir, what are you talking? You are talking about sowing
a tree to another place. We didn’t expect this from you. We considered you a god. We are doing this for your welfare. You will get a good house down.
You will have a good life there. What will they do by staying
on the mountain? What facility do you have here? If there are no facility.
It doesn’t matter. Life can be spend without it.
But you won’t understand it. You did a few favours on us.
Will we listen to whatever you say? Listen to me. If you go down your
children will go to good schools. They will progress in life. We want to help you. But you.. How will you help? Removing us from here and robbing
our life, is it called help? You got me released from prison.
And gave all these people to eat. That is why I am letting you go. But if you are seen on
this mountain again.. ..then I will bury you there. Actually sir, they got very angry. We tried a lot. But what happened
is.. Nothing happened, sir. Wait! We tried to show them greed.
But it didn’t affect them. We thought we could appease
them easily. But sorry sir. I don’t think they will get ready
to leave that mountain. What if we make a dam
for the animals? It’s a good idea. Prepare to send the notice. Sir, if the government finds
out it will pose a problem. Nothing will happen.
Just start the work. What is it? -Since you like fish.
Kadamba send this for you. Don’t show that anger on me. Show it on Kadamba. Sister, tell him about me. Or it will be bad for him. Brother! Brother, stop. Brother, stop. Listen to me, brother. What did she say? You send fish for my sister. She is your sister not mine. I will kill you if you speak
more than enough. Hey! Hey! What.. I will not let you go.
What do you think of yourself? Leave me. Leave me. -You send fish. Stop it! Hey, I will not let him go.
Come here. Come here. Hey! Come on. Come on. Hey, come. Come on. Hey! Take your son from here.
Go. Move back. I will tackle you. What will you tackle? Calm down. Calm down. Is everyone here? I think so, sir. Shall we read the notice? Okay sir. Listen, from North Puliverai
mountain to South Kadai mountain.. ..from west Vitti Murgan mountain
to east mountain.. ..a dam is going to be
build for the lions.’ What is this? Your group is coming
in between the plan. So you will have to
leave this place. Did you hear? If anyone comes to Shakargand or
towards the forest to take honey.. ..I will shoot them. It’s the governments order.
-Vacate this place quietly. We won’t. What will you do? We were born here.
We will die here. This place has given us shelter
during winter, summer and monsoon. Staying here is like living
in a mother’s womb. You can’t separate us
from our mother. This forest is ours.
The mountains is ours. We will not go from here. My ancestors lived here. My father is still here. My future generation
will be born here. Do whatever you want to do. This was our last attempt to evict
those people from there. I think that has failed. They didn’t move from there
even after the notice. It means they won’t listen to us.
-They must be about 200 people. Let’s break their bones
and send them away. I had told on the first day. Yes brother.
Why aren’t you speaking? How will you send them
away from there? Collect all the people
who are with us. Give all the weapons with
the uniform to them. Mother. Goddess. We are locals. You will have to save
us from our troubles. Hey! -Hey! Why are you hitting him? Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! What is happening? What have we done? Stop it. Stop it. Mother. -Get lost! No. No. Wait. Leave her. Leave her. Ah! Leave my child. Leave! Don’t beat them. Hey! Hey! Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Please be seated. The big project that
we have started.. ..you get the credit for it. Thanks for your cooperation. And so.. I should also be thankful. And thoughtful about you all. And as this company will develop. We all will earn. Come on, let’s party. I am feeling hungry.
Give me to eat. O Lord, we have to bear
this in your presence. “Sorrow has surrounded us.” “What kind of moment is this?” “Where are you?
Everything is so lonely.” “Listen to my prayer.” “Where do I go?” “Have mercy!” “Where are you, Lord?” “My heart is crying.” “I have no destiny to go
nor do I know the way.” “Give me a direction.” “You are the only support we have.” “Without you, I have no support.” “Oh my god!” “With whom do we share.” “Why we remember the
people we loose?” “Sorrow has surrounded us.” “What kind of moment is this?” “Sorrow has surrounded us.” “Listen to my prayer.” Kadamba, forgive me. We troubled you so much. But.. You still saved my life. And I couldn’t tellyou anything
despite knowing everything. Your forest was stolen from you. The ranger is not the only
reason behind it. The owners of the cement factory.. ..Mahendra brothers are
the real culprits. They came here.
Made you leave this place. They are the real reason
behind confiscating.. ..the mountains and the forest. A whole group is working with them. Showing you help in
the form of trust. To make a dam for the lions. It was their plan to outset you’ll. From the officers to ministers,
everyone is with them. You can’t do anything to them. To send you away.. ..they send 300 people
with weapons. No one beside you is here. No son, these must be those people. Awh! AWh! Awh! Awh! Awh! Awh! Awh! Kadamba, you are back. Father! Brother! Didn’t my husband return? Kadamba, what about my son? No one else came. What wrong did we do to anyone? That officer ruined our
life in just one day. We have to live like thieves
in our forest. That forest officer is not the
only reason behind this. A whole group is working for this. And it is not in our favour
to live such people alive. Who are they?
We don’t know about it. How will we search for them? We need not search them. Collect all the dry coconuts. Why? You said there are few people.
This is business. We have invested millions
of rupees. Do you know who much
we spend from the.. ..ministers till officers like you?
-You are giving us the news. That all the trucks
are confiscated. Sir,
what will they do with the trucks? A thought came to my mind. They
can’t even put the truck on hire. As the original RC book is with us. What will you gain
by slapping them? The truck are confiscated.
-So did everything end? How many people are there in total?
About 30 to 40 people. We have more servants than them. Go. And solve the problem. Small issues take place
in business. Be cool! Why do you worry? Look what I
have for you to play with? Look. Eat it. Take. Eat it. Eat it. Take, you eat too. Param, look there.
We are better than him. We sleep somehow in
summer or winter. We don’t have a family.
That we will be inside the house. How do you take care of them all? Look at him.
Everyone is shivering in the cold. But he is thinking
of this even now. Mother-in-law. Oh no. Stay away! Kadamba! Our problems are solved. Why are we staying here? Let’s return to our place. This is not the end.
It has just started. I feel someone is plotting
against us. Sir, I don’t think this tree
has fallen here on its own. Someone has blocked our way. Let’s go sir.
It is not safe for us to stay here. Sir! I am with you. Don’t listen to them. They must have forgotten the past. I will deal with them severly now. It is right to be severe. But whose? His or theirs? Come up, start the jeep. Come on, let’s go. Get away. Go. Drive. It is not starting, sir. Move away. Move away. Sir! They kidnapped Mr. Tarun. I know. I thought they would
leave the place. But they are hiding there. So they are waiting for us. This is a GPS watch. Go. Our people will follow you. Once you are caught,
we will trace you. And end their affair. Run away from this
mountain quietly. Or.. my brother will kill you all. Not only your brother,
even if your father comes.. ..he can’t do anything to us. Hey, stop.Stop! Zoom it. Zoom. Zoom it. I send the whole force inside.
I tried to find out about them. Now trying is not helpful.
Search and bring them to me. Yes sir. Hello! Hello! Hello! Can you hear? Yes sir. The mountain is very dangerous
because of the rain. We cannot go further than this. Mother! Mother! Look at the eyes. Looks like
his father. -She is nice. Look. Look. Look, your sister is here. Wow! My angel. Look. We have a daughter. Everything will be good with us. Sir. Which place is this? This.. Sir, this is reserve forest.
Elephants area. It is 40 kilometer away. Send 10 men at this
place immediately. Last time you send 300 people. Even then we couldn’t
kill all of them. Do what is said to you. Yes. You wanted a daughter. After all you have done it. Our population is because of you. Look how happy he is. Where is Kadamba? He is on duty. They found out about your place. Run away from here. Be quick. Do one thing.
Throw the bomb on them. Sir,
our people will also be killed. You are very worried
about our people. But their death makes
no difference to me. It is very important for me that
these villagers are dead. No one must be saved. Kill them one by one. Hey! Mother! My sister. My baby! Mother! Mother! (crying).. Sir, we searched everywhere. But we didn’t find Tarun. Take him with us. It is hurting me. My daughter was just born. How did it happen? No one of us will lose
life after today. Listen to me.
Where can my brother be? Only he can tell me. I did a mistake by sending him. Sorry. He is dead. I know where your brother is. Hey! Hey! You can save your brother
only if we are alive. Where is my brother at the moment? Do you really know about him?
-I know. How much money do you want? Sir, we don’t’ want to die
by fighting with you. We want to stay alive. Like you said,
build a house below the mountain. Give job to live. That much is enough. Kadamba is responsible
for everything. He has kidnapped your brother. Come with me. Sir. After I find out about my brother.. ..kill everyone. Kill these people at the same time. Yes sir. Kadamba, don’t be stubborn. You don’t have the people
to face them. Nor any weapon. This is a forest. And the forest is our strength. “Our goal is far.” “Fighting is important.” “The lord is with us.” “We have the guts.” “We have decided.” “Our destiny is with us.” “Our focus is on our goal.” “We will win the challenge.” “Thisis the truth.” “We trust our strength.” “Being firm is not difficult.” “We are burning with anger.” “I am going towards my destiny.
I will climb the mountains.” “I will make things bow.” “If we are facing the enemy.” “No matter how clever he is.” “We are firm, we will not lose.” “Our goal is far.
We need to fight.” “The lord is our support.” “We have the guts.
We have decided.” “Our destiny is in our hands.” Where is my younger brother? Wait. I will get him. So you want to ruin our forest. We played this game so
that you come here. Shoot! Run! Run! Run! Whooa! No! No! Don’t think you have won. Thousands like me will come here. If thousand people like
you will come here. Then millions like me will
stand against them. This is just a forest. What will you do by saving it? A human was born in a forest. It takes care of us
just like a child. Will you finish it? Thinking of destroying it.. ..means destroying your
mother’s womb. Got it? Doing that will not kill
just your mother. Even you will die. You cut trees for your greed.
You kill animals for your greed. And you destroyed everything
for a few rupees. There won’t be land for
the future generation. What? If you think we are wild because
we save the forest. Then we are wild. If we are alive only then your
generation will grow. Until I protect this forest.. ..till then I won’t let you
take even a fist of mud.

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  1. Abhinandan ab Pakistan ao gy kya 🇵🇰❤️
    Abhinandan nahi sir Pakistan k name sun k pent Gili ho jati h 🤣🤣

  2. Villain is hero in this movie and hero is comedian what a shit….!! And who picks this dumbo for hero of this movie…no looks, no acting and no action…

  3. Hame to jangal me hi rahana pasnd aor jinhe v pasnd h wo like kare kyu ki nahi waha gari ,chahiye aor nahi pesa bas ek dusare se mil ke rahana

  4. पागल कर देने वाला. Movie हैं. यार मस्त Movie हैं.. 😅

  5. This was in full used nature and
    Director told nature and animals
    Leaving status to day we smash everything that is true
    We are the educated fulls
    We dont animals value and trees
    This is super..I see this fully surprise …😉🖤 nature lover like this movie I am like that

  6. That woman is extremely irritating. Without woman it could be bearable but story goes haywire due to useless woman.

  7. अरिया की हर मूवी हमें बहुत प्रसन्द हैं कृपया करके हमें हर मूवी देखना है कंहा से मिलेगी

  8. One of the best movie ever seen.. very close to nature. The real fact about the forest. A man has destroyed our own home for money..

  9. interisting movie…but,,,,,no english subtitles..how sad….,,,

    i really inspired those indian keep moving head while talking..😁

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