Kannada New Movies Full | Ashoka Kannada Movies Full | kannada Movies | Shivarajkumar, Sunitha Varma

Kannada New Movies Full | Ashoka Kannada Movies Full | kannada Movies | Shivarajkumar, Sunitha Varma

CBFC Start. No Balarama. No! Donít
kill me after listening to others. I was always at your side,
I accompanied you. No Balarama… donít kill me. Please let me go.
Please let me live. Fear! I want fear. People should get scared of me. What do you say?
-Yes, fear! Everyone up to Delhi is scared of me
and I have contacts in… the underworld.
The day a person stops fearing me, that… the underworld. The day
a person stops fearing me. will be his last day on Earth.
Balarama is behaving as he likes. What is the Police Department doing?
Yes! Yes! Is this why weíve given you power?
What are you doing? There is only one Don for Bengaluru.
Nobody can do… anything to my brother.
We donít fear anyone! We donít fear anyone! No!
Balarama is on a killing spree and… and what are you doing for
the public as public servants? What? We are asking you only.
Tell us Balaram! Balaram! Balaram! Murder on every road,
raping the girls and even kidnapping. People are talking about him everywhere. Is it the peopleís rule or a rowdyís rule? The Government has ordered us
to take him into custody. Go, search for him and arrest him! Who is this? Whatís your name? Balarama! Hello,
-Subbiah. Balarama is very dangerous. Have an eye on him,
I need to produce him in the court. Ok sir, Iíll take care of him. Hello brother. Hello bro! Hello bro! Hmm… Ashoka has promised to
mark the end of Balarama… Iím sure this is his sketch to kill him man. Venkatesa.. we are not sure
if balarama was killed by ashoka Or somebody else but, whatever happened,
these rowdies shown their colours. What do you say? The government has spent Crores on constructing jails,
appointing officers and theyíve Also provided you with guns…
now that rowdy was murdered in the jail itself… im asking you if asoka has hit him,
you people Say you donít know anything…
what does this mean? The Press And media are creating a nuisance here,
im asking you… and you people
Donít even care to respond? Hello, Thougali.. Release ashok. Grandpa.. ashok is being released… Now he will be the Don of Bengaluru. Ashoka..
I was slaughtering the sheep in The mutton shop and
got called by the underworld don of… Benguluru… Ashoka what’s the matter? You are fiaz alias kurp From shivaji nagar..
your bussinessís are prostitution, land Dispute dealing, brothal house full control.
You collect six lakhs Per month illegally and bribe the police.
Altogether you save three Lakhs and spend three. Right? Collection from the goldsmiths, junction of the livebands,
collection of ten lakhs, besides… commission from the police. One lakh for the debts
and four lakhs for the functioning, right? Skill game, meter budding,
auto finance, weekly collections… single handedly seven
lakh rupees collection… marine transportation,
visiting the brothel house and… accomodation and… to finish Mariam of Maldi Road… seventeen lakhs. You are a rascal as you kill people in
the name of sacrifice. Why should you guys suffer
and collect money out of which… three fourth of it gets
spent for the police and… your liquor and you are
just left with a little change. Why should you live life
getting tensed in the sense? Iím telling this for your safety.
Here after stop all your business. What is your plan? Itís not my plan, itís an offer. The business I am into
is like water which flows. Iím not a flower in your garden,
I donít agree with you. If the rowdies stop,
the police will have no work to do. Theyíll fall on the normal people for money. We can neither sleep nor
eat food without being rowdies. All this canít happen. Look guys, what Iím saying is for… your own good and for your familyís safety. You people fight between yourselves… get killed in the process,
get caught by the police and… if a case is filed,
youíll have to spend money on… the police, lawyer, etc. Do you guys need all this? Think properly. In the underworld,
one rowdyís life isnít assured. You donít know when
youíll die and when you live. You have to live with an
undercurrent of fear within you. You canít lead a peaceful life.
But, if we have unity among us… we can even earn and also
have security for our lives. What do you say? You are correct sir, correct! What man? Whatís right in it?
Heís trying to… make us believe him
and is playing double games with us. Come, letís go. The deal is good, Ashoka. Okay. We are with you. Fine. Iíll tell you what you have to do. Who is being chased as
there is a chase for bone, forty years of independence. Who is being chased as
there is a chase for bone, forty years of independence. A chase for the rowdy,
a chase for the corrupt politicians. A chase for the bribed officials. a chase for the ponce and… a chase for the spot… forty years of independence. Donít know how much of bad stuff to hear. To hear about the bad rowdies
and the bad government. Hey man, this is Ashokaís land.
Remove your tent. Iím just a cobbler.
Why are you troubling me? Just leave me.
– Get up. Even Iím of the same might. Leave, show me, just donít talk. I will just leave. Nothing is according to law and order. Who is it whoís occupied my land?
This is my property. This is Ashokaís property. You uncouth fellow! You donít become a Don
just by having four small rowdies. Are you Ashoka Chakravarthy? Ashoka Chakravarthy left
his bungalow for the sake of war but… this Ashoka will make a war for his housing. Vacate the place immediately. Iím not leaving this place. This site belongs to me. Throwing money buys
you not just the site but also… the Vidhan Sabha. Who is the original
owner of this property? The MLA has given
you this property and… you tell a beautiful story. In the year 1981,
Raghunanthan had bought this land from… Veerbhadracharya
and this is the sale deed. In the year 1989, Raghunathan
who left for London died… in an accident.
The MLA of this area knew this and… as he is the MLA has
created duplicate documents. As is usually done,
this land was illegally registered and… was registered on your name. Ashoka, illegal registrations
of land is quite common with dons. Coming to the point… this is my property and nobody can… change this fact. Do you know him? This is Raghunanthanís son, Rakesh. In the year 1995, this property
was transferred to him. These are the related documents. Guess you can see
the colours of heaven. And this is the sub-registrar
of this area, Mr. Manjunath. This is the sale deed which
Rakesh has given me. Check it and tell him
to whom does this land belong. This land belongs to him. Listen to me. Send your wife
and daughter out of town for some time. Okay sir, will leave now. Ashoka, MLA is in Delhi.
Let him come. Let his dad come. Hey. Hey! You are a cheater. I am tsunami. Zameer brother… how Is your travels business going on??
– What to Ashok brother… my International travels business
has been taken over by Balarama. He has joined hands with Nimshamba ,
paid a lakh and Has taken over the travels business.
I donít have business now. i need your support. How much did you pay?? Rupees five lakhs. How much would you earn? Rupees ten to fifteen lakhs. David, everyday one to seven
lakh people travel in Banglore… out of which every minute,
77 buses, 60 buses of Verme… 45 buses of SVK and 77 buses of Bhavani
and Sanaputta Travels… make a profit of 80 to 90 percent. That means Jammir Sahib is… the owner of 60 percent of the profit. Apart from this more than 250 to 300
buses travel from Bangalore to… other states. Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 is charged for each seat. Apart from adding the amount
spent for diesel, driver charges… and for the finance. There is a profit of Rs.50 to 100/- .
40 seats in each bus which means… there is a profit of Rs.40000/-. He has 60 buses running and… thus he makes a profit of
Rs. 2,40,000/-. If we take 30 percent of the profit
then he makes a profit of Rs. 77 lakhs. Zameer brother,
do the accounts tally? Every business has its
accounts calculated in its own way. Yes. They have to. Manja. Yes brother… From this moment… I want International Travels
of Bangalore to be number 1. Did all this happen when
i was out of station?? Yes brother… when you were out of town
lot of things happend. Anyways we belong to Balarama side
just say a yes and i will see his end. Just arrange a sitting with him… i need to speak to him. Talk… Who was the one who
brought up Balarama? Iím the one who killed Balarama. How dare you kill Balarama? Oh yes, I did it. Iím the MLA elected by the people. I am the Don selected by the rowdies. You donít know about my area. You have a limited area. For me, entire
Karnataka is my area. I struggled and acquired that land. I liked it and acquired it. Hey… what are you Thinking?? I’m MLA carrying 5 lakh
votes in my pocket. Look at this!
Look at this, 37 stitches! I ran 3 miles, look at this. Look at this,
How dare you argue with me! You started it just now. I was brought up in this field,
how dare you! Hey Manda,
unload the lorry, attack him. Donít behave the way you like. This is not the assembly,
it is Ashokís den. Iím going to kill. Iím going to kill Ashoka. By killing Balarama,
Ashoka has become the Don. Now by killing Ashoka,
you will be the Don. I will help you to kill Ashoka.
-Thank you. Brother… kill them all.
– Okay. Brother. Respect brother,
I respect you a lot, brother. Iím just meeting you but I know you. I respect you a lot, just ask me. I will kill them. You have been with them
since 10 years and… you are ready to kill them. I just know you since 10 minutes. Is there any guarantee that
you will not kill me, brother? Sorry, trust me. Brother. Sorry… -No, I donít trust you. trust me. Why are you doing this? Brother… The money collected
from the charity for parents… building funds and donations
is quite less and… besides the building is closing down. From where do we get the money, sir? -Yes sir, the parents. Are you not ready to give money? Why are they not ready to give? Listen man, our school is
the best school in this city. Even now all the people
long to join this school. I want to use that popularity. Parents are not ready to
give money without a good reason. Hey! Who is going to pay
for the building maintenance… computer maintenance and lab fees. One more thing. From this year, the books,
uniform, shoes, A-Z… should compulsorily be
bought from our school. Make it a rule. If anybody talks against that issue
then T.C. and remove him… from the school. Is that okay? -Okay sir. -One more thing. If anybody has ideas for ways
to earn money, do come and tell me. We will implement that as well. What say? Yes sir. Go, go… Stop, stop man, stop. Cars are not allowed to enter.
Stop it here, I will take him inside. Why are looking at me?
I am not going to be afraid of you. Just move the car, I will go inside. Stop it here.
– Okay sir. Bye daddy. Bye, my dear son. Pay the fees for the entire year. What kind of injustice is this, sir? Fees are paid term wise in
other schools but in this school… you ask the fees for the
entire year at once. I am just a middle-class person,
from where can I arrange all that money? When it comes to money,
you say that you are middle-class. Why did you admit your kid
in a high-class school? This is the school’s rule. I’ll pay for 6 months. Ah! Next, next. Move on. How many times do I tell you
not to bring rice to school? Get pizza, burger. What do I do miss? I told my mom but in spite
of that, she sent this. If you don’t get pizza, burger,
sandwich, you better not come. If you don’t get those, I will send you out of class. Listen, uniform, books, shoes,
socks, everything should be… bought from school. From this year on, this is the rule. How much madam? Rs. 4500/-. It Ìs quite expensive, madam. It Ìs only Rs. 2000/- madam. Oh yes, it is in the other schools.
You had better go and join there. We don’t have money. Let’s admit her in another school. Another school? Do you mean
a corporation school? Why? Don’t people study
in corporation schools? Did Vishweshwariah,
Dr. Rajarammana, Devagouda… study in convent? Didn’t they shine? I don’t know anything. Our neighbour
Padma’s son studies in Baldwins. Radha who stays around the corner… her son studied in St.Joseph’s and… Sitaís son is studying in Poornapragna. How do you expect our son
to study in a corporation school? I want our son to study
in this school, thatís it. I donít have money. You donít have money? Take this and get the money. Our son will study
in this school only. Thatís it. You didnít pay the fees.
What do you expect me to do? Sir… since four years, my daughter
has been studying in your school. I have never once delayed the fees… but this time… I had to pay all the debts at once. Please sir, give me some time. I will arrange for the money,
Iíll ask money from somebody and give you. If you canít pay the fees on time… just go and admit your daughter
in a corporation school. The uniform, shoes, food,
everything is free there. Sir, I ask your sympathy, sir. Please, sir. Iíll somehow pay the fees. Donít waste my time. I have already written your T.C. No sir, I am not going to accept the T.C.
If I accept the T.C… it will harm my daughterís future, sir. Just give me one opportunity sir. I have no one sir. Nobody. My daughterís future is
very important to me, sir. Donít torture me.
Ganesh! Sir?
– Come here. Why did you let them in? Donít you know
what the principal said? Is something wrong with your mind. They have neither the bank statement
nor the donation receipt. Send them out.
– Please sir, please. Why are you eating my brain.
Move out, move out. Please Sir, please Sir, Move out. Hello. Welcome to the morning news. Headlines. A student of Royal Education Trust and… her mother committed suicide
this morning by jumping from… the school building as they
could not pay the donation fees. Such incidents have become
quite common nowadays as… they are not able to pay
the high donations, say the public. In response to this incident… the school management and
the education department claimed to be… not responsible for this incident. Ashoka? Why do you need these details, Ashoka? The earnings from live-bands,
brothels and disco is less money. Do you know that more
money is earned from… schools and colleges? The most profitable business
of the underworld right? The schools and colleges… and from now, I will enter that business. Hello. Vidhyasarathi! Who is speaking? Itís none of your business.
If you wish to live… give me Rs. 50 lakhs. Why should I give? Rs. 75 lakhs. Who? Who is speaking? Do you know who I am? Police, I will complain to the police. Rs. 1 crore. Nonsense. Who are you? What are you doing? Kidnap. If you give Rs. 1 crore,
I will let you live… or else… Why should I give you the money? You will have to give. Your name is Vidhyasarathi. Educational qualification sixth class… have started schools all over Karnataka. In each school, there are 160 students. For each student, the admission fee is Rs. 10600/-. On the whole, you make a collection
of Rs. 1,71,93,200/-. You have a staff comprising of 24 people. Eight drivers, five watchmen,
three peons, board, chalk… duster and extra maintenance cost you
Rs. 3 lakhs and… the remaining Rs. 1,67,93,200/-
is the net profit. You have 27 schools all over Karnataka.
This deal is for a crore. Does the information satisfy you
or do you want more? Why are you taking a role call? When you take, itís donation
and when I take… why is it called the role call? I will give you. Sir… Sir, today he has asked you
for Rs.1 crore… tomorrow they might ask you Rs.5 crores. File a complaint with the police. If I file a police complaint,
that rowdie Ashoka will kill me. So will you give all the money
that he asks, sir? Is there no other way out? The suicide in our school… What are you looking at? You got your file right? Just leave now. Okay. The reason for the suicide
of the student and her mother… in our school is said to be
donation asked by us. Due to this, the underworld
has itís eye on us. The only reason
is the donation we take. Let us stop this donation
for a few days and… the torturing rules and regulations. This is the only way out. Donít leak this out
to the police for any reason. Donít tell it.
– We will not sir. Please take a seat. Mr. Vidhyasarthi… a rowdy named Ashoka kidnapped you… Ashoka kidnapped you and you paid
a ransom of Rs.1 crore to not kill you, is that true? No, this is all trash. Someone has given you
wrong information. Right information. Iíve got it in writing. Mr. Ramiah! Hello madam. He is the watchman of your school? Yes madam. Speak. A rowdy named Ashoka
kidnapped our principal…. and sir gave him Rs.1 crore to free him. A rowdy like Ashoka
should never be left unpunished. Take an action against him
and punish him. Are you out of your mind? You are a watchman. I have
given you that job do your duty. Leaving that, why do you
want to do a CID job? Sorry, sir. I filed the complaint for your sake. You are not trustworthy. I just canít believe you. You are unnecessarily hesitating
to complain against that rowdy. Donít worry. I will give you security.
Accept it. I will be answerable if
something happens to you. Sorry, madam. Your police security… couldnít protect the life of
the countryís Prime Minister. How will they protect me? When the situation comes,
I will come to you myself. Give me the money. How much?
– Rs. 7/-. Rs. 7/- for this?
-Yes. This man has got a
Reserve Bank in his pocket. Take this. –
What? Why did you give me Re. 1/-? You guys spend 50 paise
on Vishadanta cooldrinks… one rupee on water packets,
thirty rupees on a peg of whisky… Rs. 50/- on petrol… and spend thousands
on your kids donation… and you bargain with the
cobbler, Leave. I can earn my living. Get lost. Why are you speaking like that? Get going.
– Going. – Just move. Rs. 25 lakhs given to Pooja Trust… free books for the poor students… Rs. 51 lakhs from the box
at Tirupati Balaji temple. Lord Balaji, your time is good.
Your life is settled. Royal Education Trust has
stopped taking donations. The tiger has stopped hunting? This school has stopped taking donations? Thereís something wrong. Hello, doctor. What are you eating?
-Nothing, doctor. What is in your hand?
– Sweets. Give it to me. You should not eat sweets,
you have diabetes. You can eat, doctor? I can eat, I am a doctor. How many did you eat? Two doctor. Nurse, come and give him
4 injections. Doctor! I have a severe stomach ache. Appu. Daddy! Hello doctor.
-Your kid is very naughty. How does his mother manage him? He doesnít have a mother. I am for him and he is for me. God has given us crores of… property but that does not fill
in the space of his mom. Dr. Ramaya, I want to go home. No Appu, you will have to wait here
for another day. Lab reports have come. There is a final check up
and then Iíll discharge him. No, I want to go home. Tomorrow is my birthday. My friends will come home. You shouldnít speak like that. You have to listen to what the doctor says. No daddy, I want to go home. Ramaya, I want to go now. Okay, you want to go home
just because it is your birthday right? Celebrate your birthday here. Call all your friends here. Thank you, Ramaya. My dear daughter, Pooja… What sin did I commit? Oh my God! What sin did I commit? Why has this happened to my daughter?
What did I do? Dear son, look at my daughter.
After many sacrifices, I… sent her to the office. What do I do? I want my daughter. I want my daughter. Suresh… where is the money? Rs. 1 lakh. Mother, take this.
Keep this with you. Thank you.
Oh my dear daughter… Hello, who is this? I am Band banja. Why are you calling
and disturbing me? What do you want? I want you. Listen, I am just a dancer
and I only dance. I donít go to people. You go to Ashoka and me,
you donít come to me. You are acting like a good girl? I am not coming. Hey you Bengali baby!
You must be knowing the Kingari girl. I was the one who ruined her. Do you want the same thing to… happen to you? You had better come.
Iíll give you half an hour. Come to the pub. If you come,
you will have oil bath or else… you will be on the footpath. Tell me. Bandbanja asked me to come to his party.
He is linking you and me. When I told him that I wonít,
he is talking nonsense. He is speaking trash in front of me. I am not such kind of a girl.
Please save me. Look, he is calling me again. What did you decide? Are you coming or not?
-Tell him that you are coming. Hey talk girl. Hey you there. I am coming. See you have changed
in this half an hour. When I asked you
to either come or get perished. I was very sure
that you would come. Just watch the movie.
Why are you disturbing others? Ashoka, no!
Donít interfere in this matter. This is between me and her. What is between you and her? This is an issue of blackmail and kidnap.
You are harassing her. Everybody sit, quietly sit.
Everybody sit quietly and… watch the movie.
Nobody should move from here. Everybody sit, sit silently. Why are you hitting me, sir? I will kill you, you bloody idiot. You are the worst creature. First learn to respect the mother
who has given you birth. Do you think
that dancers are all bad girls? They work for the sake
of your pleasure and their problems. Even they have wishes, desires and aspirations. Even they have a heart
and a thousand desires. Do show some humanity. Donít you dare look at her. If you do so,
I will rip you apart. Even they are humans. Where is Githire?
-Gone to get tea. -Okay. Nancy!
-Yes doctor. Where is Appu? He has gone home.
-Gone home? How can my patient get
discharged without my permission? He didnít get discharged, he died. Last night, his health worsened. I was there. I and the
other doctors attended to him. We gave him treatment
but that didnít work out. Where is his body?
-It is in the mortuary. Appu, cut the cake. Appu, Appu, get up.
All of us friends have come. Get up and cut the cake, Appu.
-Hey Appu, please get up. Oh God! The body has changed colour. Ruellboxy-500mg. Who adviced you to give this? Dr. Theena. What’s this? Whatís happening in this hospital? Why are you all playing
with peopleís lives? Ruellboxy injection was banned by
the Medical Council Of India. Due to that injection,
a patient lost his eyes… another patient lost his kidney
and today a small child lost his life. I already told you about
the side effects of this injection and… told you not to use this and in spite
of that, Dr. Theena has… prescribed this injection. I am going to take up this matter. Dr. Ramaya, all these
incidents are common in hospitals. Why do you want to get
involved in unnecessary matters and… question the management? Just go and do your job. How can you tell that sir? Wonít you react if… the same thing happens to your child?
-Itís not my child. Does that mean that only
your son should be considered and… are the others not people? What do you expect? Tell me. That child was my patient. Prescribing a medicine to… my patient without asking
me is the first mistake. Without knowing his problem,
prescribing a banned medicine is… the second mistake. When I wanted to… take an action against this case,
you spoke irresponsibly. This is the third mistake. I donít want to commit… the fourth mistake.
I am going to the police to file a complaint. I want to give justice to that dead child. Dr. Ramaya, do you
know whom this hospital and… drug company belong to?
It is Kingmaker Malliahís who… has the entire government under him. Do you think he will let you live if
you complain against him? Come on, tell me. Spending lakhs on
getting medical seats and… crores on construction
of hospitals is not for all this. It is for business, Business! Do you understand? Anacin that costs ps. 50
and Saridon that costs Rs. 100/-… cannot be given for a headache. We rather refer them to a
C.T. scan which costs us Rs. 600/-. That helps to run the hospital. With gastric problem which… will be solved by using
Gelusil costing Rs. 10/-… we refer them to Angiogramy that
costs Rs. 10000/- and… Angioplasty that costs Rs. 100000/-. These are all business secrets of a hospital. Donít philosophise. You canít do anything, you canít change this. If interested, enjoy or else resign
and leave the hospital. Hello… Hello. Dr. Ravi? I am sending you a dead body. Do the re post-mortem
and give me the complete details. Yes… complete details… Ashoka. According to the post-mortem… the reason for his death is
Ruellboxy injection. It caused a chemical imbalance
due to which… the artery of the heart contracted which… stopped the blood circulation
and caused a heart attack. According to the forensic lab reports… Ruellboxy injection in his
body has been confirmed. Madam, the drugs banned for
10 years by the Medical Council Of India… is supplied by this person to the hospitals. This drug has affected a personís eye,
kidney and a child died as… it affected his heart. This is known by the doctors
prescribing them, the suppliers… and even the management. Only for the sake of earning money
they are doing this. Itís very harmful to peopleís lives. Kindly take action before it harms more people. Please, these are the related
investigation reports and… evidences. Everything is in this file. Be it a king or a king maker… a person who makes mistakes
will definitely be punished. This is a very challenging case
for our department. Take this complaint and file the case. You are the perfect person to handle this case. This is, this is the true mind of an MLA. but… When they have a problem during election… they ask for my help in collection
and the minister calls me to help him. They call me for promotions also. They need me for help and funds. The government officials also need me. Malliah, Malliah, they want
Malliah for everything… but… there is nobody for Malliahís help. Answer him. Canít you handle
a silly case being the D.I.G.? Is this the reason we struggled to give you that seat? Sorry sir. Sir… Vaijayanthi will never go
against law and order. She will not listen to anybody. She is mad. Not her, I am madder than her. When she handcuffs my hand and… dragging me… all through the streets… will you guys stand and
laugh looking at that sight? No, sir. Shut up. A girl who has a stethoscope in her neck… and a file in her hand is creating
a nuisance in front of my hospital. In stead of shutting her up,
you guys have come to… complain about it to me? Home minister… my hospital is worth Rs.1500 crores… if even one brick of my hospital is disturbed… your Government will collapse!
Go tell your CM. If this matter is leaked to the Press
and a case is filed against me… I will kill you and… print your death Certificate. By today evening,
that file has to be on my desk. It has to be there. You take care of the ACP.
Iíll take care of the doctor. Come on, hurry up! Who is inside?
Who is inside? Come out first. Hello, whoís in? What inspector, youíve come at this time? Come on. Fast, hurry up.
Go upstairs and search. Yes sir. 420, go to that side. 407, follow me. Hurry up, search everywhere. Come on, you go there. What, inspector? You are under arrest! Constable… why am I being arrested? DIGís order! Where is that file? I need it. I need that file. Search everywhere.
Come on, move. Iíll complain to the commissioner!
-Go complain. Move. Leave me. Iíll complain to the commissioner. Give me one good reason for arresting me, I say. Stop this. Leave me. What? Vaijayanti madam is arrested?
Why sir? Open the door. Open it. Break it, man. Where are you running to? Go and catch her man. Hello, Ashoka! Iím being chased by rowdies. What are you people looking at? Catch her! You guys are wearing 1 to 1 and a
1/2 kg of gold around your neck… and having a piece of metal in your hands and… you people run away when
the police get involved because… you guys are scared! Iím not afraid of anybody or anything! You weld a vehicle,
but I weld the heads of the people in the city. You guys are street rowdies and,
I am the DON of this state! To kill you, I donít need any weapons. My hands are enough! You want to kill? What are you; a big rowdy? You want blood right? I also bleed. Kill me, kill me. I donít want humanís blood,
I need animalís blood! Ashoka… Ashoka, Ashoka, weíve been searching for you. Why? What happened? Tomorrow, I have to produce
my Degree certificates to L&T. That Reddy has taken my certificates. He is not returning them back to me
even after I asked him. Why? Because he has signed a contract
with us saying that… heíll work here for a period
of one year, thatís why! Okay but he has got a good job now,
a permanent job. His life will get settled. Please help him by returning his certificates. No, I canít do that… I was the person who made him sign
the agreement and gave him the job. According to the agreement, he needs to work for me for… 6 more months otherwise ask him to pay back… all the salary I paid him till now from
his joining and take back his certificates. What are you saying man? He worked for you and
you paid the salary for that. How can you ask him that money now? He made an agreement for
1 year and is trying to… leave within that contract
in just six months. What does that mean? Who will work for the rest of the period? Hello… you will find many people
to look over these accounts… but the offer he got,
itís a very rare opportunity. Look, if he stays here and does the job itís okay… else I will burn his certificates. Do you know the value of those certificates? He had to struggle for 15 years
to get those certificates. His parents had to struggle
day and night to pay his fees. Thatís his life and his future. You are saying youíll burn them. What! Youíre telling me stories. Get lost. Just return his certificates. Will you give them or not? No sir, please leave me. Iíll give you the certificates! Ramaiah… Yes sir. your sonís IPS application has come
for verification from the D.Gís office. Is it sir? Your son has all the qualities
and qualifications to make a great Police Officer. 1st rank in M.A, good sportsman… sharp shooter in NCC. Very good… Ramaiah! You being an ordinary constable… you made your son an IPS officer. You are very selfish, Ramaiah. Right from when he joined school… he wanted to become
a big police officer, sir. He wore a Policemanís get up… in preschool for a fancy dress competition. I spent my whole life in
making him a police officer, sir. He always wanted to become
a great police officer. My dream is fulfilled, sir. I will definitely make
your dream come true. Ramaya. They say that your son is
short tempered. Is it true? Will be done sir. Itís natural that all good
police officers are short tempered. Who is this? Let me sleep. Oh dad… itís you. You come and sleep
at 1 in the night and ask me. Am I a story, then even you are a story,
let me sleep you horrible, story. I am a horrible story? Dad, brother is still sleeping. Heís not exercising. Come and have a look, dad! As you arenít watching him,
he has been sleeping. Wait, I will tell dad
and show you the right thing. I will box you. Box, let me see,
dad come fast dad. Do it correctly brother. Yes dad. What is this fight
early in the morning? He started it. Oh, what happened?
-My leg. Why did you come here girl? Iíve been exercising since 2 hours
continuously. Iím tired. Itís alright because I stepped on your leg.
What if I had dropped a dumbbell on it? What is with you? Move now.
-No dad. He is… Hey, thereís nothing there. He is our dad. No God, no jiggery, he is our father.
I am kumar shree… you Are Malla shree, I mean Pooja shree.
Donít you know that ë Kí. K?
– That dad, short form for monkey. Dad see dad. What is this dear.
– You are Mata sri. Why are you breaking
your head in this dad. Father, how are my biceps?
– Very good! Hold this.
– You said you need some money know. Yes. Give him, give him.
Give him all the money. I asked you for a dress, you are
yet to buy it. You are cheating me. Oh my baby, why are you crying for this?
Itís just one dress. Let him become an IPS officer.
Heíll buy you Mysore silk sarees. Yes of course. Ashoka, I forgot to tell you something,
our Govindrajan sir… has passed your character certificate..
– wow! After seeing your educational qualifications
and certificates he was so happy. He blessed you saying
that youíll definitely become an IPS officer. Seeing that i was as happy as
becoming an IPS officer myself! Oh yeah, donít forget to give
him juice and Boost. Iíll leave now. Look at your face,
Why do you need juice? Hey chudidaar… Oh! Sorry brother..
sorry brother. Okay..
– 100 rupees extra for you.. Thanks brother..
– Okay go. Get me some juice. Check what he wants. Basu? What the heck is this! Your boss told me that Iíll be staying
in a five star hotel and… you bloody bring me to a slum area.
What is this man? What do you think I am? What are you thinking about me huh? Iíve done fifty… 50 murders till date. Call up. Call up your boss right now.
– Sir, just a minute. Listen to me.
You are out of jail on conditional bail! This is the only safe place for you to stay. You tell me this is safe and you want me
to lick some soap and stand here? Look at me. From bottom to top… you want me to stay here, right? The top portion of that
building is the place for you to stay. You just go and relax.
Iíll get whatever you want. Hey lawyer, come here. Do you know Chandra layout? Chandramma? No, I donít know… Okay, go get her to me.
– Okay Basu. Hey Ravi, Ravi…
Fast, fast. Catch it! Catch! Where did she come from? Doctor, Iím alright!
You can leave now. Hey Ashoka, donít you have sense? Why are you so irresponsible? You expected me to say all this? I do know you canít dare to.
-This… this is what I like about you. I like that style of yours. You taught those fellows a good Lesson. He warns Suresh. Now This has become a way for his life. I am very happy,
you did a very good job. In this happy mood, let’s go. Yes, let’s go.
-Okay. Let’s go. Hey, where are you going?
-Weíll also come along… where you’ll are going. I’m going to love her. Weíll have some romance, weíll kiss.
Do you want to see all that? God save us! Hi.
– Hi. Hi. Ashoka… we donít know why
this man is to be seen in… the rich look these days,
whenever you see. Heís with Rayban glasses, gold chains,
a car and imported watch. Hey, thatís all underworld money man.
He belongs to Mangalore Shetty! He does role call, monthly collection,
supaari dealing for him. Lots of money!
Why donít you join him as well! Why do I need it man?

– Play man. What man!
Looking great these days. I am actually working with underworld Shetty for
earning money right now. Heís very excited. So join me, Iíll give you a gun.
You can also start earning. Even I like riding a horse very much. Hello, heís not talking about a horse,
heís talking about a gun. Oh please, Iím out of it!
I donít want underworld or rowdies. Iím happy with my L&T job. Ashoka, it seems some rowdy gang
is creating a nuisance… in front of Shastriís home all night. They even threw condoms there. When Shastri asked them about it
they broke a beer bottle on his head. Heís admitted in
the hospital right now. Hey, canít you see, rascal?
– Why are you shouting? Shut up and go.
– Ashoka, this guy also belongs to that rowdy gang. What did you say?
– Who are you to ask me? Brother.. Brother, brother, leave him.
Brother, I beg you, Please leave him. Get the hell out of here! Brother, Iíll kill you. Go.
– Brother… why are you so short tempered? For every fight you get involved in,
dad feels bad and has to face the consequences. Is this the way you respect your father? That day… your friend Suresh and
you had a fight with that builder. You know what he did? Whatever you say Iíll lodge
a complaint against your son. Please sir, I beg you.
Please donít do that. Itíll spoil the career of my son.
Itíll become a police case and… my son wonít become an IPS officer. He hit me. I will lodge a complaint! No sir. Please, Iím begging you.
Please forgive me. Dad was begging at his feet that day. He asked me not to tell you
anything about this. You keep fighting with everyone. Does he need this at his age? What ever you say! Im sorry be as you Like.. no.. im coming.
Do you even know where dad is right Now? Do you even know
where dad is right now? At the police station. No. His duty is at his officialís home now. What man? What? Is this the way you wash clothes? Look, look at the sareeís colour. Itís lost its original colour. You know the worth of that saree? It costs more than your monthly salary. Madam,
I didnít wash this saree, madam. If you didnít wash it then who washed it? You donít know how to wash clothes. You donít know how to polish shoes. Without knowing how to work,
why did you even join the police? Look, I donít know what you do. The saree has to get back to
its original colour by evening or else… see what Iíll do. Iíll hit you with a slipper! What man!
Why were you so silent when… she was screaming like that? You should have told her
that you didnít do it. Didnít you get angry? Even I get angry man. Even I have self respect but you know why
I stood silent? My son has to become an IPS officer. I can tolerate anything for that
and even fall at their feet for that. I have to see
my son in the police uniform. I have to see him wear the police cap
and I have to salute him. And with that I can forget all these pains… till then I will wait and bear all this. Ashoka, Pooja…
why is it so quiet? Dad, brother is in his room. Ashoka… Ashoka… Why are you so sad? Nothing dad!
– Okay, come, sit. You asked me for jogging shoes right?
See, I got them for you. The model you asked
for is only Rs. 480/-. That wasnít good. So I brought you these.
These are the ones S.P. sirís son uses. Come, Iíll help you wear them. Dad, Iíll put them on.
– Look, my son. When you were young,
I used to bathe you, clean you… help you with your shoes,
etc. and even now Iíll do that… because no matter how old you grow,
you will remain a kid to me. Show me your legs.
– Dad… Ashoka, whatís wrong my son?
Why are you crying? Why did you fall
at his feet because of me, dad? Whose leg? If youíd have told me one word,
I would have fallen at his feet. Oh that office issue!
Look, I want to see you as a police officer. So what if I fall at someoneís feet? No, donít talk like that. No, dad. You are struggling a lot just… for my sake. I saw it with my own eyes, dad. The way that officer’s
wife spoke to you… no dad! From now on Iíll do
whatever you say. I wonít fight with anybody. I swear on you, dad! Asshole… what? You are a big hero in this area? Listen, stop it. Hey, get down, man! What? It seems you hit my son? Stand here,
hit him now… hit him. What happened? What?
Your meterís on now. Are you getting scared? What happened? Your meter’s not working today?
Hit me. Why don’t you hit me? If you have the guts, hit me now. No, leave him. Leave him, please. Ask him to be careful with us. Hey, if you again come into this area again,
I will kill you. Donít, donít for God sake.
– I will kill you. Tell him, tell. Everyone listen. Anybody who…
messes with us, be careful! This incident will repeat again otherwise.
Go, letís go. What are you staring at me for?
Come on. Be patient, Ashoka.
Be patient. Ashoka… Ashoka, an intelligent
and a brave person can… achieve anything in this world. You also have control
over your emotions. I know that youíll definitely pass
the IPS exam and fulfil my dream. Ashoka IPS. Ashoka IPS.
Congrats! Congrats, my son. My dream has come true. Until now, you were called… a constableís son
but from now on Iíll be called as… the father of an IPS officer. Great. Great, my son. Dad, I still want to be known
and called as… Constable Ramayaís son, dad. Oh my son! Parents should be known
because of their children and not vice-versa. The learner should
succeed his teacher and… a son should succeed his dad. Thatís when they are really happy. Everyone have some sweets. My friend Ashoka has
become an IPS officer. What Mari? Whatís up? Why did you come to Bangalore? If you are the Don of Mysore… I am the Don of Bangalore! Our boss didnít give us 1 paisa till now. Heís offering you lakhs. Single payment. Whatís the deal? You donít even know the deal and… my boss is paying you Rs.10 lakhs? Brother,
I gave him the money. Heís asking what the deal is about. Give him the phone,
Iíll tell him. Hello! Fifty, listen to me. Keep the money in your account. Whom do I have to get killed? The guy sitting in front of you. Heís paid money to get me killed. What, Macha?
Whatís the deal with you? To kill you! Catch him. This is my 51st murder! How far will you run? Come, Ramaya. Hello, sir. Ramaya, your son has qualified
for IPS and being in… the police department,
we are feeling ashamed and… I canít offer him the post! No sir, please donít do so. If you want the post for your son,
take back the FIR of… the eye witness
complaint on rowdy Raganna. Sorry sir, I canít take it back. Donít you have sense, man?
Your dad has struggled to… make you an IPS officer.
Just go and enjoy your posting. Why do you want to risk
your posting and… your life with that complaint? Sir, I saw a person getting
killed right in front of me. Being a higher official,
you are asking me to… take back my complaint. Is this lawful? The guy who died was a rowdy.
Rowdies kill and get killed. Why do you get involved
and spoil your career? Itís against the law to kill a person. The same law gives
permission to encounter criminals. Do you know that? Sir, the law is for the
policemen not for the rowdies. Fine, I donít care about anything else. Iíve given the complaint
and Iíll speak in the court. Ashoka, listen to me. Dad, please donít stop me. Even I know about law.
Iíll become an IPS officer and… also continue with the case. No, my boy. Sir, sir. Please, sir. I tried to convince him,
but he didn’t listen to me. He is the main eye witness
in this case. Now, if he stands strong on this case… and youíll face the danger of reopening
of all the previous… cases and youíll be in serious danger! Ashoka! Ashoka! Ashoka… Ashoka… you look like a gentleman. Young blood. Look at him… Heís got guts… I like it! I really like it! You do one thing. Join me. Tell me what you came for. Mysore macha is my man… I want you to take back the complaint
you lodged at the police station. Who are you to tell me that? Who am I? Iím not a minister… but I am more powerful than a minister. I am not a police… but I have the range of a DGP! I am not a rowdy… but all the rowdies
in this state work under me. Then, youíll beThe first person
i kill in an encounter! You havenít been posted yet and youíre
already talking about an Encounter? After I take charge as an IPS officer then
Iíll talk to you not here but at the police station. Youíll not get posted
anywhere until Iím alive. Hey… I know… that all the criminal activities
in this state are being… Until now youíve seen
a normal Ashoka. From the next time youíll be
seeing Ashoka IPS… Assistant Commissioner of Police… Ashoka… Dont shout! The ministers are on your side
because of your money… but I am not one of them! Be careful!! Ashoka… If you really love your family,
listen to me. Iíll give you postings wherever you want. Iíll find a good husband for your sister. If I donít listen to you? I will be the proposal for your sister. I’ll kill you. Ashoka! You made a mistake… You made a mistake… You made a mistake, Ashoka. I will not let him… I will not let him become the IPS. I will not. Ashoka! Why did you do that? You spoke the wrong thing to a wrong person. Do you know who Malliah is? All the officers in our department
stoop down before him. Is he Mahatama Gandhi or Subash Chandra Bose
for the officers to stoop down before him? You donít worry… He won’t do anything to me. Brother… the way he spoke,
Iím very scared now. Nothing will happen. Even Iím scared. You said
the wrong thing, Ashoka. You said the wrong thing, son. Brother-in-law! Bother-in-law! He doesnít know who i am,
show him who i am. Please leave me, i beg you, please leave me. What girl, your brother can insult my brother… Why shouldnít insult you? For God’s sake leave me. leave me,
please leave me. Leave me, please leave me. I am going to strip you
right in front of the temple. Let every body see!
– Brother!! Ashoka… Pooja… hey Donít, donít… Pooja… My dear Pooja, Pooja…
– Pooja. Pooja… Pooja… Don’t leave me, Pooja. hey!! Donít touch, donít touch… You killed my daughter. I donít want that sinner
to touch my daughter. What are you waiting for?
Kill me as well. Father. Donít call me Father. You donít have the right to call me father. All the hard work I put in
has turned to dust. Your anger and short temperament
Has ruined our family. Your not my son. You are a sinner, Murderer. You donít deserve to be
in the police department. You are a big rowdy, rowdy, rowdy… Pooja… Pooja… Come police, Come. This rowdy killed my daughter,
I saw it with my eyes. He killed, he killed.
Take him with you… he is a big rowdy, he is not
Fit for the police department. he is rowdy, rowdy… Sir, Vaijayanthiís father has come. Where is he?
– He is in your Chamber. Okay fine, Iíll handle it. Tell me. My daughter is arrested… where is she? She is neither in the station… nor have you produced her in the court. Neither have you let her out.
– What? Your daughter has been arrested? Who arrested her? What? You are asking me ,who has arrested her. You have arrested her.now tell me. Sir. Vaijayanthi is a strict officer
of our department… why would i arrest her sir? I think, may be something
is wrong with your mind. There is nothing wrong with my mind… there is something wrong with your mind. On that night, instead of arresting a rowdy,
you arrested my daughter. Now you are telling that
you didnít arrest her. She is a sincere officer. Who is ready to give her life for her duty, if she herself has to face such a kind of situation… then i cant guess the fate
of a normal person in our country. You might think that justice no longer
prevails in our country. but i believe that it is still alive. Look, look, look at me. It has been 72 hours since you are here… my file is with you, Now please… Give It back to me. I will not give you. Why?why?why?
why will you not give it to me? I have killed 500 people. I can make the… 1500 crore rupee hospital into a graveyard.
hey. i am the one who Made the government
into a graveyard. Will i hesitate to make one for you? I am not going to get scared of
your threats. Hey ,this does not frighten her. Hey… There are no police records of
you being arrested. Nobody knows, where you are. Vaijayanathi doesn’t fear death. Raping and murdering a person
Is very easy for me. Look… I’ll give you a dayís time. The file bears your life and even my life. The choice is yours. The choice is yours… Ashoka! Ashu! Who are you? Why aint you answering me,
when i am Asking you? I am asking you the
same question. Who are You? I am Dr.Ramya. You ask me who I am
in my own house. Okay, so you are Dr. Ramya? Okay, Isnít Ashoka here? Why? Personal problems.
Canít be told to everyone. He isnít there. I’ll wait till he comes. He will not Come now,
it will take time. I’ll wait for him till evening. When i Told you that he will not
come now, why are you waiting. Okay..okay… No problem cool. He loves you and i love him. Hello! Who are you? Why are you standing here? Leave, leave this place. Leave, leave this place. This is Ashokaís house? Who told you that… this is a childrenís hostel? Leave this place. Ashoka was staying here. Who knows that? Leave. Leave this place first.
– I am leaving. I am leaving.
– Leave. People just come looking at innocent faces.
– I am leaving. If something happens,
who will be answerable? I am Sethu Ram, sir. I know all the matters. I am coming. Welcome Sethu Ram, from Intelligence. Sir. I finished all my investigations.
These are the related files. Sir. Ashoka is not an underworld Don
as the public and… the Police department think. He is a Leader who is considered as a Don. Sir. What I am telling is that
the difference is that… we have uniforms and he doesnít. Ashoka stands alone equalling
our entire department. He marked an end to the
nuisance created by… rowdies in Bangalore, spoke to them
and ended it once and for all. Some people illegally occupied his land.
He explained it to them and… took back the property and
got it registered the right way. He didnít give a chance
to the highly influenced guys and… thus controlled the land mafia. He stopped the educational institutions
from taking donations. He has profited the Government
by putting an end to travel mafia. Hospitals which people
consider as Temples and… doctors as God, have
cheated people by… giving them duplicate medicines
and forced operations and… playing with the lives of the patients. Ashoka taught a lesson to these hospitals
and changed their minds. Sir. The property and money earned
by him was used for… the public and thereís nothing in it for him. Kingmaker has made the government
his tool and got it registered the right way. He has made the Government
and our Department beggars… and made us helpless, sir. To eradicate such a
person from the society… Ashoka is the right person, sir. Ashoka might be a rowdy
in the eyes of the law… but he is a leader in the
eyes of the public, sir. Sir, it is my sincere request,
sir. Please donít punish him and… by hook or by crook, try to get him out. How can it be possible Sethu Ram? In our department, they donít consider
our decision and… besides, you have risked your life investigating and… uncovering things. If you arrest him, you will get
medals, promotion and… media exposure. You will get popular. No sir, medals and promotions
are not important to me. The society is getting ruined.
Only Ashoka can stop it. That is my only desire. Ashoka should get selected in the IPS. Itís not necessary for him to
render his service to the department. He has got a good qualification… he can work in a multi- national company
and earn lakhs… but he wants to render his service
to the society. He has concern for the people
and the society, sir. Ashoka is a legend, sir. His thoughts are different, he is great, sir. Ashoka… Ashoka… Dr. Ramaya had filed a complaint about… the illegal happenings
in the hospital to my daughter. My daughter asked the DIGís consent and
permission to arrest Malliah. I donít know who played a trick
and he changed the case. That night, my daughter who is
a sincere police officer was… arrested and horribly dragged
through the street and taken. And the police officer who had arrested
my daughter now says… that he did not arrest her. My daughter who believed that
duty is God was very sincere in the department… and… the same department is taking
her life as a sacrifice. When I asked him as to
why he had arrested her… he said that he did not arrest her. He says that I am mad. I have no trust on any department… neither do I want to trust anybody, son. I want my daughter. As a father I am asking you. I want my daughter. Bring her back, son, bring my daughter. You go and bring her.
-Yes sir. Hello.
– Please take your seat. The owner of the most popular company,
Lifeline drug company Malliah… on the basis of evidences and
witnesses was arrested for the illegal happenings in the hospital
as he is proved responsible for it. The others who are related
with this incident and… helped Malliah, Kotiprabhakar and… the land mafia rowdie Bandmanja
will soon be arrested as… the police are on the lookout for them. Ashoka… there is one more thing to do. I will show you who I am. Hello, who is this? Malliah. Malliah of this place… alias Malleshwara Prasad, the kingmaker… now… in slippers. You threw me on the footpath… and you want to behave like
King Ashoka Chakravarty? Even you will have a fall, definitely a fall. Even you will come to my position. Hey man, I talked to your son. No… I have no son. I have no son. Why are you staring at me? This is my original get up. If you are the Ashoka Chakravarthy for rowdyism then… I am the king of the footpath. I need to tell you one thing. This was a royal place once but… now it is a K.S.R.T.C bus stand. In this place, I was put in a cradle… and sang lullaby but… my two eyes made me see the bad world. I used to sell beedi and
cigarette in this place. It was the first time I picked a pocket. Where do you want the ticket to? This is the same place where… I, for the first time, killed a person. This is the place from where… my life started,
all my businesses to a rich man… the king maker… you brought me back to
the same place, the footpath. In this place… I will kill you and get back my status. Everybodyís journey in life
starts from this bus stand. Everybody travels together to the same place and… reaches the same place but some bad people like you… travel the wrong way, reach
the wrong place and do wrong to the society. I will not let others travel in your path. I will end your journey in the same place
from where it started. Waves start forming in the water
when touched by air. That does not make it a sea. This Ashoka is equal to Tsunami. It will pull and take in the fraud. Iíll kill you at your place. Ashoka… Hey, stop it! How many more people will you kill? How many more peopleís
sacrifice will you take? I never knew that you were
a blood wanting evil. If I would have known that
I would have cut you into pieces. Do it now father, do it. I am not happy. Take this and do it now. Very well said! I am ashamed to say that
you are my son. You are a rowdy and I will not let a rowdy live. They have no right to live. Stop it, Ramiah. What are you doing? I wear this uniform to give justice
and to stop injustice. But that is not happening, why? Because all the higher officials
in the department are corrupted… but do you know who made it possible?
Your son made it happen. He could do what the department couldnít.
Whom did he kill? Not the nation linkers nor the ones who… help in the betterment of society. He killed the notorious criminals
who ruined our society, our country. An official from our department
without any reason, arrested me at midnight and supported a criminal like Malliah. The reason I am alive today
is because of your son. I asked your son to help me complain against… the illegal happenings in the hospital
and the duplicate medicine business. Because of it, many peopleís lives got effected. He helped me and besides that
he built ashrams for he effected people… wiped out the tears of many
innocent affected people. Ramaiah! Being a sincere constable, it is very sad that
your son could not become an IPS. He never had any intention
of going against you. It is because of Malliah that
your son was in this situation. Your son was never in the wrong way. His way was for the good. You should be proud of
being Ashokaís father. Father, I never wanted to
do bad and be bad. Maybe the way I chose was wrong… but its goal was good, sacred. We donít want the bad
eradicating the bad called murdering. I need a weapon, I need it. Son… to see you crowned by Ashoka Chakra… I named you Ashoka… but you proved that you are
Ashoka Chakaravarthy and not Ashoka. I wanted you to become an IPS officer… but you became Subhash Chandra Bose,
Subhash Chandra Bose. Subhash Chandra Bose.

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