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Kannada New Movies Full | Monalisa Kannada Movies Full | Kannada Movies | Darshan, Dhyan, Sada

Censor Certificate Dear students, all these years,
all of you have studied in this… college and have become graduates. All these years, you have had fun,
hit on girls and… you have enjoyed the
golden college life. From now on you will start working. Here! What is this? What is happening?
This is a college function. No madam, this is a celebration
for us on being released from the zoo. Shut up! This is a zoo, because you are all animals. You all are late to college,
late to the function. Zero in sports and a big zero in attendance. We have passed in the exam,
that is more than enough. Just passed. No distinction,
no rank, not even a first class. Madam, me? Stupid.
This fellow got spoilt because of you. Always going to the disco, pub… Edge road, Brigade road… Lal bagh, Cubban park, theatres. Shut up! On every road you look
at girls wearing skirts, mini skirts… and hitting on girls. You are all Romeos, roadside Romeos. See you guys will never come up in life. Monkeys, you monkeys. you are fit to be on the trees. Stupid fellow. Dear students… life is like a National highway. There will be many curves and traffic. You might meet with accidents and… you have to be very careful as
you are the drivers of your vehicles. So you have to be cautious. Once again I am telling you students… life and respect is very important. One has to keep up their respect. Thank you. Excuse me. Yes please. Do you have coconut oil? We have from coconut oil to massage oil,
from cassette to DVD… from dress material to make up kit,
everything is available here. No, I just want coconut oil. Which brand do you want? Parachute. Whatever you wanted is right there.
You can take it. Thank you. Sorry, sorry, That doll has fallen on my back.
Can somebody remove it? Your dad has stopped the business
and started a movie. Yes. And it is another type. What is this dad?
Right in the morning and in the open? Stop it and lift this. What happened uncle? Oil has leaked. From where?
You? Hey , not from me.
It camefrom madam. Not mine, it’s the coconuts. It’s you who said that one has to keep
up and protect their respect. What say guys? Yes!!! Shut up!! Mr. Ramakrishna,
your son is a total waste. Why madam?
Is it because I lifted my dad up. Look at him, the way he speaks. Whatever you say, our son has passed,
that is enough. Even to acquire a lower KG seat,
55% is not sufficient. Who is going to
give our son a job? Let them not give him a job. We have a shop. He will take care of that. Yes he will. He doesn’t know Hindi.
He doesn’t know anything. Oh yes, you know everything. Hey! Just shut your mouth. You keep quiet. Don’t you know Hindi?
And other languages? That is mom..dad in the shop… That is, in the shop, there is no
need to know Hindi and other stuff. I will come and work in the shop,
is what he is saying. Right son? That is a good thing. Why to waste time working. He is growing old taking care
of the shop and business. He has grown old? Stop it! Listen to me, he has
completed his degree. Why don’t we search for a nice alliance
and get him married? Shouldn’t I like that person? Why? Just because you are
very new to this? You are very experienced. Enough of your arguments. Listen to me son…. in this position, I am alone… and I am not able to do all the work.
If we get him married, I would get company
and a little help. I want the same too. No dad! I just can’t marry a person suddenly
without knowing her. I want to know her, talk to her,
I must like her. And most importantly, we need to understand
each other and only then will I marry her. You mean love before marriage? Yes. What stories you are telling me. You don’t have support. How can you acquire love? Love doesn’t need support. Hey man.. all these years he was in
the college and he couldn’t get a girl. Sitting in shop from now on,
how will he get a girl? Why won’t he? Don’t worry, I am there
for you. I will come along with
you and show you… Aishwariya rai.. Rani Mukarjee, Preethi Zintannnaa… Preethi Zintannnaa… Kareena Kapoor… Shammi Kapoor… Grandmom…
– Yes. Shammi Kapoor.
Look lady… Shammi Kapoor is an agent.
He is Kareena Kapoors grandfather. Look daughter,
all these figures are in my bag. You select whoever you want,
I will set you both. I don’t like any of them. Without looking why are you saying
that you don’t like them? First, take a look. She will handle it
if you don’t like them later. she can even get divorce for you. Yes your mothers divorce
case was the first case. Leave it mom, she is 19th century lady,
she doesn’t know my taste. Nonsense, i am an ever
green lady. I know your taste and
also your father’s taste. I know rascals
and also know innocent people. Do you want a rascal
or an innocent person? Select from this album. All of the are hindi heroines. Aren’t any Kannada heroines there? Who is remaining?
Radika is gone into tamil industry. Rakshitha is gone into telugu industry. Bhavan is gone into the hindi industry. There is only one remaining, Sridevi. Is she the actress Sridev?
– No, no… serial Sridevi. Listen,
we don’t want any Sridevi or Bhoodevi. We just want agood
godess like girl. Look at this girl,
she is very pretty and cultured. Beautiful like Aishwariya
and wonderful like Bipasha. This is your photo. Even I went for the auditions
for preethi prena movie. Are you married? No… I am dating. Leave about me… look at this you will like her. She is the only daughter. Only mother. Shut up. I was giving her respect. Very simple. Look at her, isn’t she good. Oh yes. We are blessed in this life. You agreed it,
but even my daughter should agree, right? What? You daughter likes, Sharukh Khan,
Aamir Kahan, Hrithik Roshan. No, no, she likes… Dara Singh, Arnold,
Mike Tyson, Mohammed ali… Malli, Malleshwari.. Good mornig.
– Good morning. Every body teach their
daughter to sing and dance… but i taught my daughter to fight, karate,
boxing and weight lifting. Since there is water problem in banglore… she is gaining strength To fill water. Right? No, no.it is to handle murder and
to escape problems. She is the state champion in weight lifting. Gold medallist in boxing. And the national champion in wrestling. What?
– What happened? Sorry, I have only one daughter and
I have a business of one crore. I have a bungalow, car, Bank balance.
I have everything. Don’t think.
Accept the proposal. Accept?
I haven’t even seen the girl. Hello old man,
oh… hi hero. Hi. Why are you standing?
Sit down. Please sit down. You guys are getting tensed
because my daughter just kissed? Oh come on,
this is all common abroad. What say? She has studied in an English school.
She watches all English films… and she goes only to M.G roads
and Brigade roads. She is very fast.
– Right. By the way,
what will you have? Coffee, tea anything will do. Dad…
– Yes. I want a small peg. Don’t add soda,
with a little ice will do. Do you drink alcohol? No no, not every day.
Only with friends during parties. Sometimes.
And just one peg. No problem. Many people from abroad want to marry
my daughter and are… torturing me via the internet. But I don’t want to send
my daughter abroad. Cigarette? Oh dad… lighter. Do you smoke too? Not all the time.
Only when she drinks. No problem. Is that okay for your baby? I like him.
– Fine. So when shall we get them married? Sorry sir… before marriage,
I want to spend a day with your daughter. I want know her likes and dislikes. Only one day?
Let’s spend a week together in Ooty… Konark resorts room no.
26. It will be fun. Where is mom and dad? Ooty. No problem. My daughter has grown with obedience.
She has no mother. So I have raised her very strictly. We want to see her. Yes yes, Roopa… She is greeting you, greeting you.
It is our custom right? You told me that you have
brought her up in a strict and in an… obedient way and this daughter falls
on the feet when she sees them. Hey, how is the girl? Mom I want to ask her something. Shut up. She is a goddess. What have you studied? 7th grade. Why didn’t you study further? She wanted to. I didn’t let her go.
These days things don’t go right. Love and stuff going on.
It is a big tension. Right, right. All these guys
and girls hold each other on motorbikes… colleges and parks.
It is such a horrible sight. These children don’t
have shame and respect. This is not the 19th century.
It is 2004. We want enjoyment. You get married and enjoy all you want. Do you know to sing? Yes. Sing a song. I told you that she is a 19th century lady.
She doesn’t know my taste. I told you this and you didn’t listen to me.
One is a beast, one is super fast and one is waste. When I agreed, who had money?
Why didn’t you? Are you giving me the money?
See I know very well what kind of a girl I want. Please don’t
interfere in this matter. Bye. God knows,
who he is going to select and… who is going to come to our house. Yes.
– How much? 300 rupees. Thank you.
– Thanks. Good morning uncle.
– Hey, good morning Suren. One thing, I am going to the bank urgently,
please take care of the… shop till your friend comes. Okay uncle. You go. Aunties might come. Don’t worry,
I will ask them if they want your number. Hey! I will take your leave. Okay.
– Thank you. Wow…keyboard. Why are you staring? Talk. I will talk. By the way,
what is your name? Ramya…
I like to dance to ‘Choli ke peeche…’ I know.
You dance really well. You play the keyboard well. Thank you.
What do you want? VCD. Do want Micheal Jackson’s or
Prabhudevas’s. No…
I want Mysoore Mallige’s. Okay…
Mysoore Mallige. Yes. Thanks. It is in my personal collection. If you have the time,
call me. Okay. Thank you. Maybe she has urgent work. Hello.
– Rascal… I asked for Mysoore Mallige
and you have given me… a blue film. My father, mother, brother,
sister, aunt and the… entire family has gathered to watch this
and you have given me a dirty film. How dare you do this?
I will come to your house… and set you right. What kind of a person
did you take me for? I thought she was fast
and things would work out. No, she is a bomb. There is a saying that all
love stories start with fights. No, it is the rule. What ethics and principals
are you talking about? Newton’s theory guru… every action and
reaction are equal and opposite. Do you know the theory?
My fate is really bad. Why what happened?
Didn’t you like any girl? How will I? When I asked one for love,
she said she wanted to fight. When I asked one to talk to me,
she said she wanted a room. And one, when I asked her to sing,
she sang this song. Everyone is of my parents taste.
None of my taste. What is your taste? Beautiful face, wonderful eyes,
nice figure and delicate as butter. And she should wear minis and micro minis.
I don’t want a bob-cut. I want a boy cut.
When she walks with me… all my friends should collapse right there. That is how I want it to be. Excuse me!! Yes.. How much is this? 49 rupees. Thank you. Is it for your lover? No loafer. Give it to me then. That is why I say,
just keep quiet and sit. How should I know?
I thought she was a girl. Hello, Teen’s Kemp. Who is speaking? It is me. I am our dad’s friend.
There is a girl from America, she is an NRI. She has come to India for the first time.
She will suit you pretty well. Why don’t you see her? Sorry, I don’t want to see any photo. Hey, hey, what happened? My dad’s friend says there is an NRI girl
and he wants me to see her. Then why don’t you? Sorry… these arranged marriages are a bore. You shouldn’t get disappointed
about small things. If you like her then she is
for you or else she is for me. Give. Hello… I will see her today. What is the address? Hey man, why is it taking so long. You were the one on the phone, right? Yes sir. I was on the phone.
Wait she will come. Wait for some time. Some time?
It has been 45 minutes. Hey, who should have a problem,
me or you? I am sorry. Look man… The girl is super… is she the one? She is the girl’s mother. Mom is of this range. Hello.
– Please sit. Hello… Hi. Sorry, I got a little late. My daughter is shopping here close by. She will be right here.
What would you like to have? Coffee? I don’t want anything. Hey you shouldn’t
say no when somebody offers. 7 masala,
7 apple juice and 7 rasugola. Hi mom.
– Hi baby. This is my daughter Monalisa. Hi. Hi. Hello. Hello. So Mr. Dhyan, how is it? Beautiful. I was asking about the dosa? There is a lot of oil in the dosa. What are you doing? I have completed my degree. What are you planning to do now? To get married to a girl and have kids. By doing that, our country’s
population has become 105 crores. I am asking you your plans for your life. Business. What do you mean by business? We have an A to Z shop. That’s it? I thought you have a
big business like the Tata’s or Birla’s. She just thought, that’s it.
It’s not necessary. She will get adjusted. Okay, do you know
how to dance or sing? Sing? He sings very well and his dance is superb
and he does the best rangoli. Is the girl okay? I like her. But I didn’t like him. Why dear? Is he not good? He looks okay.
But I need to know his likes and dislikes… and he needs to know
my likes and dislikes. For that? I want to spend one whole day with him. I like to enjoy life?
What about you? Balloons, oh God! I just love balloons.
Dhyan I want balloons. Stop, stop, stop. I like balloons a lot. Can i get one? Okay. Please come fast. Yes. Increase the speed.
– Okay madam. Come, lets get balloons. Give me some balloons. How many do you want? Sachin… I am not Sachin, madam.
I am Nithin. No, no, no. You are Sachin. Madam, this is my problem. I am not Sachin, I am Nithin… who looks like Sachin
and everybody thinks I am Sachin. They eat my brains asking
for an autograph. When I give autographs,
my boss says that he will fire me. Madam these balloons…
this heart asks for more.. Give me one. One? Not one give me four. Four. Take this… one more on your right side. Okay.
One more. One more. Come on Dhyan hold this.
That one. Dhyan this is nothing.
Give that green one. Hold it properly. One more.
– One more. Okay.
Thank you. Mona save me. Mona save me.
Moonaaaa..pull me pull me. Hey… my balloons. Mona, Mona pull me. Catch me mona.
I’ll leave it, I’ll leave them. Oh God! Oh man. Where am I? Just a minute, I’ll get popcorn. Okay. Hey! if you want to watch the movie,
sit and watch or… take the girl and go to a park. How dare you ask me? Say it again? Leave it. How dare you ask us to leave?
-Keep quiet. Hey come out! Come out.
I will deal with you. Hey, what come out?
What do you mean come out? Not me but my boyfriend
will take care of you. Ha, Mona, Mona please.
Mona please. Come, let’s go. Please Mona, Please keep quiet. Can’t you do this for me? Come come. Please Mona, listen to me. Come on Hero. Sorry, sorry,
I apologise on behalf of her. Dhyan, what happened Dhyan?
So sad, Dhyan… Nothing happened, right? What are you doing? Idiot. I thought you were a hero.
I thought you would give him 6-7 punches… …and spoil his face.
I thought you would be a fighter but you… …turned out to be a kid. Shame on you. You don’t respect me. That guy told us something
and you didn’t even bother to hit him. I am talking to you and
you are not bothered at all. That’s… that’s the spirit. Now, turn the bike,
go and show him who you are. Come on. Why did you put
down the stand. What is it? One minute. My God, go. This is going to be my plight,
if I marry you. Don’t laugh. This never happened. Now it has stopped, right? What do I do? What can you do now? Stop, stop, stop, stop. What? This is my hostel.
I stay here with my friends. Bye bye. Excuse me. What? You didn’t say anything? What do I have to say? About me and our marriage. Marriage? This is my answer.
Good night. Bad night. I am running late for the shoot.
I want the payment. Thank you. Everything is good.
You have taught him a good lesson. Not only that he is totally
crazy about me. Look he is coming. Hello. Me? No, that NRI girl. It was for you. Me? What? I love you. What? Didn’t you understand?
I love you. Aryan. Come here.
-Me? Yes, you.
Come here for a moment. Do you know who this is? Who? My husband. Husband. Then why did you try me?
For a second setup? Shut up. I will break
your mouth if you say that. What do you think of your self?
Are you a hero, doctor, engineer or… …the MD of Wipro or Infosys?
You have a degree and you claim people… …are not beautiful, their character
is not good, they are short… …they are dumb. You go to
the girl’s house and eat and… …then you comment on them. Just move man. Hey, left. Are you a hero? No. Are you a doctor? No. Are you an engineer? No. Are you the MD of Wipro or Infosys? Not at all. Is he your husband? Let’s greet with our legs. Hey Aryan. Hey… Just because ‘Aryan’ was written on
the jacket, you tried playing with me. Do you know who he is?
He is my childhood friend. Before we even started
wearing underwear. You tried playing with me?
I tortured girls, right? What did I do?
Don’t I have to like them? Don’t I have to know them? Monalisa, I don’t know if
you are an NRI or Indian. I don’t know if you
liked me or not. But I liked your style
very much. I like your look a lot. More than all this I like the
smile when you say your name. I like you. I love you, Monalisa. My situation has become worse.
Instead of working in a nice place… …I am working for these
uncensored creatures. Stitching clothes for women
is my job. Damn. Look at this. What were you saying? My time is not good. Oh, this is your work.
See what I will do now. Wow you dance very well,
like Madhuri. Even you play
very well like Rehman. When music and dance
come together, it is like… Shankare Barnam movie, right? Yes. Ahh. What do you want? VCD. Which one? Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry? Is it for your children? I am not yet married. Me neither. I am single ready to mingle. What happened? Nothing happened. Nothing happened.
That’s okay. Who wants Tom and Jerry? I like watching Tom and Jerry. Me too. I like to listen to Tom and Jerry. Rat… Let me see. Wait.
Wait a minute, wait. What happened? I got hurt on my eye. The doctor will come now.
Remove you clothes and wear these. I got hurt on my eye, why should I
remove my clothes and wear this? Whether it is a problem in the eye or
kidney, we have to check the… entire body. This is the
rule of this nursing home. We need to take an X-ray.
Change your clothes. How was it? Damn. You? You? Why did you come here? Why did you come here? I am the doctor. I am the patient. What is the disease? Are you blind?
I have got an injury on my eye. For that, you changed you clothes? Your nurse changed it,
I mean she asked me to change. First cover your Tyson body. How did it happen? That… actually.. Excuse me. Yes,you? Yes , it’s me the national champion. What do you want Madam? I want a VCD. Which one? Triple X. Watch this and enjoy. Ha… you… You gave a triple X VCD to a girl. No… Triple X means English action film. Even she misunderstood
but later she apologised. Oh… sorry. Where is your doctor? Donít open your eyes for 15 minutes
and it will be fine afterward. Okay. Take care, okay? This is my area. He is my brother. The G.K. gang tried to kill him. Please do an operation fast
and save him. Now! This is an attempt to murder.
You’ll have to make a police complaint. I will give you as much as you want,
please save him. I want him alive. Listen , I can’t do this. Why? I have just completed the course.
The doctor will come now. Wait for an hour. He will come and treat your brother. I donít know all that.
Operate on my brother. That’s it. I can’t do this. Your bother is there for you.
Nothing has happened to you. I am sorry. He is dead. Hey, hey, chitti, chitti. Hey , what are you doing?
Please leave me, leave me. Hey won’t you attend?
Now I will attend to you. And you will never be able
to perform operations in your life. Leave me. This is my operation.
I will show you how to operate. Help. Dhyan… excuse me. Yes… Do you have another
pair of roller skates? Why? I want you to drop me to the hostel Can you drop me? Bye. Good night. The gate is locked.
The watchman isn’t here. What do I do? If you don’t mind,
I can take you to a place. Welcome to Teens’ Kemp. Wow! Excellent Thanks. But there is no
bed nor bedroom for you to sleep in. No problem. I don’t need a bed.
It is only for company. Just a minute. My dress has become dirty.
I will change and come. Okay. Hi Monalisa! Action.. What are you doing Dhyaan? Just for fun. For coming to my shop. Am I Miss India or Miss World? No, Miss Beautiful Smile. Your mother and father, who have
given you such a nice name… …can I call him a male Monalisa or do
i say Male Monalisa who is good. The first one is correct. May I know who the lucky ones are? Sure. Dr. Vishwanath and Chandeka.
They are in America. Hey, are they real? Not duplicate right? My dad is a famous psychiatrist
in America and mother is a lecturer. And I am the only daughter.
He likes America more than India… …and I like India more than America. Good. Welcome to India, Mona. Hey I can tell the future… Is it? Tell me. Not by looking at hands. Will you tell by looking at my legs?
You can tell by looking at palms, …the name, date of birth
and also by the signature. You are the first one looking at feet. That is my specialty madam. Hey, what are you doing?
Hey Dhyan, don’t! It’s tickling me. Okay, okay sorry. Your feet say that… What ? Your future is in India. Is that what the feet are saying?. Yes, i am saying what is
written on your feet that your future is… …going to be in India.
You will stay in India, not in America. I will stay here anyway. Okay fine. It is because
you will find a person who… …loves you a lot, in India. Okay. Who is that nut? No no, not a nut. Just a little mad that’s all.
He is not as good looking.. as you are. He is not rich like you,
he isnít a doctor, engineer or MD. He has just got a small A to Z shop.
That’s it. But he loves you a lot. Will you marry him? He
will take care of you like a Goddess. So… You will choose love over parents, right? Wrong. I will choose my parents. Really? Superb. What a prediction I made! No, the Moniqueís dress. If you wear it,
you will look even more superb. What is this? You are playing
this box like Aamir Khan. This is not a box, this is guitar.
– Guitar… This is not by Aamir Khan… …it is sung by Shahrukh Khan. There are so many Khans,
I can’t understand which one. Let it be. If you keep
playing this, what will you eat? I am tired of this work.
– It is enough. Don’t worry. I have a set up for that. Set up? What? Now see. See where? Who is this Disco Shanthi? Aunt, she is not Disco Shanthi.
She is modern Madhuri. The one who stole my heart. Son, isn’t it enough that I
am taking care of you? And now I have to take care of her too? She is my wife. I have married her. You married her? Just one thing remains. What is that? Our first night together. Sharan… it is getting late. We shouldn’t waste time
on the first night. I am very sorry Ramya. Why? That is… that is… What happened? I will tell you.
You won’t divorce me, right? Sharan. I’ll say it in your ears. Why would I give you divorce just for that?
It will be fine… if we get it operated. Operation? What are you doing,
I am getting wet. Donít! Happiness! Don’t. I am very happy. What happened? I will tell you, I will tell you. Your beauty is like
Jonty Rhode’s catch. your eyes like Brett Lee bowling… your smile is a Sachin sixer. I love you darling, I love you. What happened to you? Are you
imagining me as a young girl. Anyone who sees this will think
she is my daughter- in-law. It is for that, mom. Mom, you want a daughter-in-law, right? Come, I will show you. Mom, she is a real beauty.
You will lose your senses looking at her. Don’t just build-up her up.
Show her to me first. Ready? Ready. 1,2,3. Where is your sixer beauty,
my dear son? Something is wrong.
Let me check. I shot it with a lot of effort
and it didn’t get recorded. You said that she was a sixer and
she got bowled in the first ball itself. Hey, it’s a no ball. This stupid cassette could not capture
her awesome beauty… and so it didn’t get recorded. I will present her right
in front of your eyes. You see for yourself and tell me
how your daughter-in-law is? I am getting very scared. There is no need to get tensed.
Go without fear. Nothing will happen. Okay bye. Take care. Where are you going? America. Are you leaving me,
don’t you have any feelings for me? Dhyaan, please don’t misunderstand me.
My dad has got a cardiac arrest. He is very serious. I got a phone call.
That is the reason… …I am leaving urgently. Will you come back? That depends on my dad’s condition. That means, you will forget me. No Dhyaan, I will not forget you.
I can’t forget you. Can anyone forget
their loved ones? I love you, Monalisa. I love you too. The operation is successful.
The patient will be active. But my alarm is not active. Alarm? Yes doctor, my friend bought a watch for me… …with an alarm from Bombay
and that watch is missing. It’s only a watch.
Ask her to get another one. I can get another watch doctor but
what about the patient? What is the connection between
the watch and the patient? The watch is missing in
the patient’s stomach, doctor. Nonsense. Wait till
we get the money out. My watch. You will get it next time. When? During postmortem. Hello. Where are you daughter? I am coming dad. I want to talk to you before I die,
come soon. Please dad, don’t talk like that.
Nothing will happen to you. Whatever, come soon. No, no, nothing has
happened to my Monalisa. She will definitely come back.
She will come soon. Hello. Can I speak to Dhyan? Yes. I am Dhyan. I am Monalisa’s dad.
I am speaking from America. Oh hello sir. Due to your ill health,
Monalisa left yesterday for America. Hasn’t she reached? She didn’t come.
She met with an accident… …while coming from the airport.
She has left us all. What? What is all this? What happened? Accident. What happened to my son? Don’t, don’t, he hit a Tata Sumo. It would have killed him. I was coming the same way
and treatment was given at the right time, …so i could save him. The doctor said that there
is nothing to worry about. He has given him an injection to take rest.
When he gets up… …he will be fine.
I will leave him inside. Slowly. Sarsu, Sarsu, Sarsu, Sarsu. Drink son, drink.
It’s okay if anything happens to mom. But you keep drinking. Drink. What happened to mom? Seeing your condition yesterday,
whatever had to happen to her… …has happened.
She collapsed when she saw you. When your friends brought you
after you met with the accident… …she collapsed
and lost consciousness. We admitted her in the hospital.
You are the first one who is killing… …your mom because of love.
I haven’t seen anybody like you. Mother… Mother… forgive me mom.
Forgive me. Please, get up mom. Mom… mom… I will not drink again mom. I will not do anything that
hurts you mom. Dhyan, do you give me your word? Yes. Not just one, ask me
for a hundred promises… …and I will give them to you.
I want you to be fine. I just want you. Give me your word that
you will marry. Promise me Dhyaan, for your mother’s sake,
so that nothing will happen to her. Accept it. Accept it. I agree to your wish mom. Good. My friend ACP
Mahender has only one daughter. Will you meet her once? No dad. I don’t want to see anybody.
Whoever you select… …I will marry her. Not that son. Welcome sir, please come. These people have no sense of time.
They are late in everything. Coming… come, come, come. What is this? Let’s not waste time talking.
Come on, come on. I will leave dad. I have brought you up with lot of love. Just because I am a police officer,
you shouldn’t get complaints, okay? No dad. I won’t. Take care of everybody, okay. I have never said no to what you asked. Come dear. Be happy, okay? Take care. Before I start a new life with you,
I want you to know something about me. Monalisa, my dream, my ambition,
for the first time in my life, a moon came onto the earth in her form.
Her talks were like pearls and her eyes, stars. Just as all love stories start with a fight,
even our love story started… …with a fight. Arguments
turned into love and love became life. Her dad had a heart attack
and so he asked her to come to America. While I was waiting for her,
what came instead was news of her death. I don’t know whether it is
the curse of love or a punishment… for my wrong doings.
I have heard of two people looking alike but I… …havenít see that.
I have lot of questions in my mind. I have no intention of hurting you.
I need some time to start my life… …with you.
Please give me some time. I hope you understand. Everyone who goes for
their honeymoon for 3 days, …doesn’t return for weeks
and they have come back in just three days. We should have gone
for our honeymoon instead. Oh God , why do you
need a honeymoon now? It is only for our son and daughter-in- law. What kind of a rule is this, the son
and daughter-in-law can go… and not the mother-in-law
and father-in-law? Something has happened to you. Nothing has happened.
The coffee is a bit short of sugar. Dhyaan..Sandana.. Spandana.. Mom towel. Mom. Mom, where is the handkerchief? It is in the left cupboard of the wardrobe. Mom I want two idlis
and a little chutney please. Mom, mom, mom… if you ask mom for everything,
then what will your wife do? Correct. Aren’t you smart like your father? You keep quiet. You donít tell me.
I am not asking you. I am asking him. I am not even fit for this.
I understand everything. After marriage, the wife is everything. Ask Spandana for whatever you want. Since 25yrs whatever I wanted,
I have asked my mom. Why are you leaving without eating? Mom… I will meet my friends after work. I will be late in returning home. Sachin. Hello. What are you doing
here instead of playing cricket? Brother, I am not Sachin. I am Nithin. Keep quiet sir. Why are you joking? I am not joking.
I am Nithin who looks just like Sachin. Nobody believes it when
I say that I am not Sachin. Everybody eats my
brains asking for an autograph. And when I give them my autograph,
my boss says that he will fire me. For a living, Sachin plays cricket and I… Whatever. Sachin Tendulkar is my life. What is this happening in this country?
This guy can’t stand… …that guy and that guy cant stand this guy.
Nobody can stand anybody. On the whole, nobody can prosper.
A country without a future, …a garden without nature,
a school without a teacher, a party… …without a leader. A family without
planning having dozens of children. Sachin, I am different.
My style is different, my talk is different,
my nature is also different. Be cautious okay. Be careful. I like it, I like it. Mixture of beauty and intelligence.
There is no dream… without art, Sachin.
Whatever you have done on my head, the creativity
was hidden till you did this. I like it. I like it. Why are you crying dear?
Women shouldn’t lose hope. All these days I misunderstood you.
Please forgive me mother-in-law. I scolded myself. Why did you do that after I left?
Be the way you want to be. I want you to be happy. Sarsu.. Yes. Haven’t you finished your lecture? I am coming, wait. Spandana, can I tell you something? Yes mother-in-law,
I will listen to what ever you say. My son’s heart is like a flower.
Whenever the son does wrong… the mother gives him advice
and corrects him. He is not bad. You not only have to
be his wife but also his mom. What is this dad?
You have taken all the luggage. You came late last
night so I couldn’t talk to you. Your sister called from Canada.
She is pregnant after 7 years and so… …the condition is delicate,
she has been advised strict bed rest. So me and mom are leaving for Canada. Why should you go?
Ask her to come here. It has been a week
since you got married and… you are not behaving properly with her. I just did what I have
been doing since many years. What did I do wrong? Fine! Let it be. Are you a
small child to hold mom’s saree… and walk with her?
For a few days can’t I be with my daughter? Who said you can’t?
Your daughter, your wish. What do you think?
I can’t live without you? Damn… Hey, wait for a while son.
Drop us on the way. Bye Spandana. Why are you crying dear? In today’s generation
where people don’t care… for the first time I am seeing
a girl crying when her… mother-in-law is leaving. For so many days, I thought of
my mother-in-law as my mother. And she left me and went. You silly girl, she left
you so that you become a mother. Mother? So many days he wanted
his mother for everything and now… …because she is not there,
he will want you for everything. He will get close to you
and you be his mother and… …also become a mother. That is the reason she
left you and went far away. To fulfill her desire is your job. Sorry. Sorry, I forgot to lock the door. Sorry, I should
have knocked the door. Mom, I am getting late. Food. Sorry, mom is not there. Sorry. Hey, that is juice. Sorry. One moment. Sorry. Can we go
watch Sanjay’s movie today? Sorry, I have work.
You go and watch it Hi. The mistake is yours,
you didn’t hold it. Sorry, sorry it is my mistake.
I will give you another one. Dhyaan, you can’t think
about the past and spoil your life. Death is small and life is big,
that’s how life is lived. Forget everything like a bad dream. Listen, now you are married.
You have a wife now. She is my problem. If someone
else would have come as my wife, I would have at least tried to forget it.
My wife is the… …exact copy of Monalisa.
I am not able to forget her… …no matter how much I try. It’s as though she is
right in front of my eyes. Think of Monalisa as Spandana.
Show Spandana the same love… …that you showed Monalisa. If you live with a person
and love her thinking she is your lost love, …it’s not called love, it is prostitution.
I cant cheat a girl. My heart doesnít accept that. So, will you keep away
from Spandana till you die? I don’t know that. I donít know. Whether I will keep away
from her or go far away. I have had enough of all this.
I have got enough of sacred merit. My wife is trying so hard to
be your disciple. Everybody is done. How many rounds do you have left? Just one round. Saying that, you have finished 100 rounds. I am not going to accompany you anymore,
you carry on. What is this? Please. Stop, please.
Everybody is looking at us, please stop. He is ridiculing the temple,
let us beat him. Hello. It’s me, your father-in-law from Canada. Father-in-law, How are you?
How is mother-in-law? We are all fine. How are you?
Are you doing good? Yes I am fine, father-in-law. You and mother-in-law are
taking a lot of pains because of me. Its nothing like that,
we did it for your good. Give it me, will only you talk? Spandan… how are you dear?
Is he talking to? Talking… he did talk to me. Is he taking care of you? Hmmm… See, if he doesnít talk to you,
you donít keep quiet. He will get bored. You talk to him.
You ask him whatever you want. If he says something wrong,
don’t get angry on him. No mother-in-law,
I will do whatever you say. Hey… what happened to you?
You look like a dead body. Did you meet with an accident? Not an accident sir, the
‘Chole-ke-peeche’ greatness Chole-ke-peeche? I’ll tell you what happened. Laugh, laugh nicely.
(all you want.) I have a life threat. ‘Chole-ke-peeche’ has become a rat. The rat bites all the parts of the body.
But this Chole-ke-peeche… …whenever it is played, this girl dances.
When music and dance… …combines I thought it
would make Shankara Barnam but… …it rather became an AK-47 movie. Hey, no, no, hey. Enough of laughing. I will leave now. Okay, bye. Control yourself. Spandana nothing has happened.
Stop crying. Doctor, how is he? Donít worry. He is out of danger. But it will take
sometime for him to recover. However many days it will take,
I will take care of him. I will give my life and protect him.
This is enough for me. What happened?
What is happening to you? What is happening to you?
Say something, talk. Grandmother…grandmother… you were saying that you were… …standing in the queue
for a Preethi Prema film and… …now you have taken a
ticket to Paris and left? You said you will leave and
you left before our first night. What happened grandmother? I don’t know where all you
went to get your commission? Which banks you had deposits?
You left without saying anything. You left without even leaving some cash.
How could you do this? Devil, devil. You creatures of hell, how dare
you call me devil? I am still alive. You cry asking me why I
haven’t left money for you. You ask me my bank balances.
Let me hit you. And you are, dance ko, ko, ko. F.D,
you people want FD. I will give you that. Spandana, what happened
to you Spandana? Spandana, Spandana, look at me.
What happened Spandana? Spandana. Mr. Dhyaan,
you are going to be a father. What? Yes. And your wife is very weak,
you have to take utmost care of her. Or else you will have
a problem during delivery. These are the medicines.
Give it to her without fail. Okay, take care. I am sorry. This happened
when I was treating you. How many days will you
take to change your heart? And so, not to lose you… How many times I have
tried to stay away from her? But you have destroyed it,
I didn’t want such a relation. Nobody has insulted me
this much in my entire life. Getting married and being with her
was itself such a big deal and she expects me to
make her a mother? When I was not cautious,
without my knowledge… without giving her my heart,
she tricked me and took my body. Cheap b****. Shut up. How can you talk
like that about a Goddess? Instead of taking care of her,
you tortured her in all ways possible. For some reason you couldn’t love her. She just took one night of
all those times spent with you. You didn’t give her your love
for any of the nights you spent with her. Did she say a word for that?
You spoilt her entire life and… even after taking care of you,
the reason for your being alive… you still blame her
without understanding her? Damn! Oh God, what did I do?
The one who feels that my existence is enough, …how can I not understand her?
I never wanted anything in my life. Clothes, food, friends, work, nothing. At that point I found Monalisa.
And when I wanted her, I lost her forever. Having a girl like her right in front of my eyes,
how can I forget her? I can’t forget her and I can’t accept this girl.
What do I do? What do I do? The doctor said that you are very weak. You have to take care of
your health or else our child will be effected. I don’t have any idea of taking care of a mother,
so I bought fruits and… …all this stuff.
These tablets are given by the doctor. You need to take one every night. This is Horlicks and a protein syrup. This is for your health. Papaya has a lot of vitamins. I shouldnít take papaya,
I will have a miscarriage. Pregnant women should eat mangoes. Oh…do you have mangoes? What sir, have you lost your mind.
This is the apple season and… …then comes the orange season
and after all that comes… …the mango season. What is this? Because she said that
pregnant women should eat mangoes… …you went and brought it from the market. Pregnancy comes in any
season but not all seasons are mango season. You should have waited for the mango season and… …then become pregnant. Not only that,
even the gooseberry season. Does this mean that these
mangoes are a waste? Why waste?
I am there to eat. When did you get pregnant? Look at the way he is asking me. Spandana… I bought what I liked,
you wear it if you like it. Get ready. I brought tickets for the movie you like. Waiter! Hi sir hi madam. Sachin! I am not Sachin,
Please why are you calling me Sachin… …in spite of me telling you a million times? Chill Nithin. What drinks are available? Pepsi, Coke, Thums-up, Mirinda, Mazaa… I am not a foreigner, coconut water is fine. Coconut water??
There is only one available. S***, I’m sorry. The gift that
you gave me with so much love… I tore it and tied it to the sheep. No… first, life is important. I never knew that you are so sensitive. Every living creature on
this earth has as much right to live on it, as us. Those creatures are
killed just for our pleasure. Spandana…
all these days, I hurt you.
Do you know the reason why? I am sorry. From now on,
it will not happen. One moment. Okay madam. What did you think? Behaving like lovers?
Will I be alive or will I… …love somebody else.
I wanted death but death didn’t want me. Because death is not cruel
like people who cheat others. What did you do? You chose love as a weapon
to cheat. You wanted me… …just as entertainment,
to roam around the city. You wanted me… …as a driver. You wanted
me as a lover but when it came to marriage… …you didnít want me.
Why is that? Is it because I am not an engineer,
not a doctor, not an MD? I just have a degree
and also that I am unemployed? No… I asked you to go to India to study medicine… not to love a person. Is this why you acted as
though you were unwell? Yes. In spite of coming to America,
you have showed… your typical Indian father mentality. Listen dad, I love him and… I am going to marry him. So, for you, is love more important
than your parents? Just because your mother and
father have given birth… you should leave Dhyaan. I shouldn’t love Dhyaan because
you gave me this life… it cannot be arranged. It is written by love. I just love Dhyaan. Only if I send you back to India… there is going to be love and marriage. Your visa and passport
is in my hands. He took my visa and passport… and then called you and said
I met with an accident and died. After that… he didn’t give me a chance to speak
to you on the phone. He kept me under house arrest… and started searching
for a groom for me. One day, I found my
visa and passport. I wrote a letter saying that I will
not come back without marrying. I escaped with much
difficulty and came to India. When everyone was blessing
you after marriage… what could I do at that time? If I would have come
and spoken to you… you would have definitely
come to me. You would have accepted me. You would have broken the nuptial knot. We would have been happy. But that innocent girl would
have been punished. Who are we to punish her? Every living creature on this earth… has as much right to
live on it, as us. Who are we to change that? Just for our happiness we can’t
hurt another person. That is the reason,
I went far from you. The one I could die for.
I didn’t want to go back to America, I wanted to stay here and so
I joined this nursing home. Tell me… did I do anything wrong? If you were in my situation,
what would you do? I don’t know. Staying away from
you for such a long time… I don’t have the strength
you do Monalisa. I have a request. What? From now on, I can’t
take not being with you. I will at least try. Can I spend a day with you? Come inside. It’s getting late.
I’ll leave. Goodnight. Come inside. God has created 600 crore people on this earth,
so there is a possibility… of two people looking alike.
He has made two look alikes… in such a way that
people get attracted to it. May be we were
identical twins in some other life. Sorry I forgot to tell you who I am. It’s okay. I know who you are. That means, you definitely
don’t know the reason I came here. Maybe you see me roaming
with your husband the whole day, …and you may have come
to give me a lecture for that saying… …not to meet your husband
and trap him and to stay away from him. No. Then what? To say that Dhyaan belongs
to you and I want him to be with you. What? Yes. Impossible. Possible. Dhyaan is my husband.
I am going to be the mother of his child. But he never liked
this marriage and this child. He never accepted me as his wife… because his heart is completely
consumed by this Monalisa. Whatever it is,
Spandana has the right now. She has got the THALI tied. You have become his wife
according to culture and rituals and law. No matter who is in his heart,
he has to clear it and give it to you. The heart is not a rented place
that can be vacated and given to another. It is not her own by just
loving him without getting married. To live my husband doesn’t want me,
he wants the heart. The society doesnít care about a heart,
it wants marriage. Marriage can give me a
husband but not a lover. When a lover can become
a husband… then one day a husband
will become a lover. No. A marriage can be
arranged but love cannot. I know that Dhyaan loves you.
He loves you and adores you. He belongs to you.
From now on I will not disturb you. Be happy with him. Spandana, Spandana,
didn’t you like anything? Spandana, what happened?
Why are you crying? Both of them are right here.
Should I kill them? Hey you nut, listen to me, …I am telling you to kill my daughter’s enemy,
Monalisa and… …not her husband.
Leave my son-in-law and kill Monalisa. Being a police officer, in stead of
protecting the life of people… …you want to kill a person?
Don’t you have any humanity? Look dear, I am a father first
and then a police officer. My daughter’s life is important
to me, not my enemies. If you force one’s life, it is not called life
and one cannot live like that. No need to live like that. You have no right to say that? Dhyaan… Dhyaan… Spandana,
why did you come here? My dad did all this. I will not go,
I will stay right here. Spandana, Spandana,
What happened Spandana? My labour pains are starting.
There is very little time. Take her and… No. You escape from here first.
My dad has plotted to kill Monalisa. I heard it myself. Why?
– He feels your loving her is wrong. What re you talking about?
There is nothing like that. It is not wrong to love. No Spandana,
even your husband has no such intention. He is your love more than
my husband. There is nothing wrong in this. What are you saying?
We were in so.. Listen to me, I want you to live. My dad will try to harm you. Donít think about all that.
First you will have your delivery. Everything comes after that. It’s okay if something happens to me,
but I will not let anything… …happen to you.
You should escape from here. Nothing will happen to you,
please. I can’t take it. Come on Spandana, be brave.
Nothing will happen to you. Take a deep breath,
take a deep breath. Come on, come on. Push Spandana, push.
You need to be a little brave Spandana. Come on,
donít give up. Please Spandana, push. Come on Spandana, you need to do it.
Try. One last time. Take a deep breath. Spandana,
Spandana nothing will happen to you. Spandana, please push, try.
come on Spandana you can do it. Don’t give up. One… one last push,
take a deep breath Spandana. Come on. I love you Spandana.
I love you. I love you. You have a baby girl.

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