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  1. We had high hopes for Baz Luhrmann after Moulin Rouge, but after that 2008 debacle of a film 'Australia' there was a petition going round to have his citizenship revoked… which I signed twice!

  2. I wish they’d just skip these noname, bland interviews and let them filter down to the other shows..they always buffer some great actor with nobody’s that drag the entire shows mood down.

  3. Stephen hasn’t heard Aaron sing before? Hasn’t he watched Le Miserable? 🙆🏽
    And his duet to sing Take me or Leave me from Rent?

  4. To all the Negative Nellies…shaddup…this is an amazing show which I get to see every night. The song in context of the show is even more amazing….Baz Luhrmann was involved with creating the stage show. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban saw the show early on and loved it…I know as I watched them from the back of the theatre. Treat yourself…it's truly a spectacular spectacle.

  5. The way Aaron had his blazer buttoned just to unbutton it when he sits down.

    Also it's adorable how happy Karen is about how excited the audience is.

  6. Saw these two in Boston at the try-out and they were PHENOMENAL!!! Aaron Tveit singing "Roxanne" was one of the most electrifying live performances I've seen in theatre. And Karen Olivo is just LIFE!!

  7. I saw the performance, i hate the guy he is way too handsome and has a beautiful voice!!
    (This was actually a compliment, dont hate on it)

  8. I'm kind of upset Stephen Colbert said he hadn't heard Aaron sing before. He should have reaserched or listened to at least one of the songs from the show before they came to his show.

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