Karwaan | Official Trailer | Irrfan Khan | DulQuer Salmaan | Mithila Palkar | 3rd Aug 2018

Karwaan | Official Trailer | Irrfan Khan | DulQuer Salmaan | Mithila Palkar | 3rd Aug 2018

-Sir, I’m calling from Aaja Travel. Is this Mr. Avinash? Speaking. Sir, your father is dead. What? We’ve sent the body to you. Thank you for your time. Hello?♪ I’m toast! ♪-Shaukat, my father died.
-How? An accident. He was going
for a pilgrimage and… He was going to meet the Almighty
who decided to keep him there. How can this be your dad? Is it possible that someone else
may have my father’s body? -Where did that body go?
-Kochi. How did it reach Kochi? There’s been a mix up. Why don’t you check
if he’s even dead?My daughter, Tanya…
is missing.
-Where’s her college?
-Ooty. I’ll pick her up from Ooty.
It’s on our route. It’s a huge detour…
don’t flirt on a funeral trip. -Let’s move it, driver.
-What the…! Excuse me? What the hell
did you just say? Miss, if you cuss in English again… I’ll stuff you in the box
with your grandma. Is this guy for real? I’ll meet you half way.
Where do we meet?Coimbatore.Coimbatore isn’t half way.
She’s playing you. Never trust a crying woman
or the milkman. -Why don’t you guys bathe?
-Sorry? Cannabis has made you brain dead. How will you understand?
Junkies! Stop! Thief! Mr. Rehmat’s dogs! You show your might
on a helpless person like me. I will take you to court! Shaukat, apologise. Take one slap
and let’s get out of here. They’re no women’s activist group…
they won’t stop at one slap. You had to go act all macho!♪ This rebel heart is a wanderer ♪♪ This mind just doesn’t know it yet ♪Nurse… nurse. Why don’t we have
happy stories about our dads? People abuse their relationships…
they don’t care to nurture them.Going somewhere?I’m going to Coimbatore
to drop off a… package. For a client. I’ve tied the corpse down tightly. Even if we drive fast…
the coffin won’t budge.

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  1. Please watch Avanti, year of release 1972, similar storyline, directed by Billy Wilder….what's so ever…I liked Karwaan…..watched it in Amazon prime….

  2. love the trailer .love the flim tooo.saw with my family funny tooo .laughed tooo .but i am a bit late to see the flim butttttt. love flims .flimsfor life .wait….always stay updated

  3. ইরফান খান মানে একটু বেতিক্রম ; Irfan khan means is something different. I love him so much.

  4. What's wrong with you guys… What is good about this… Hahaha ha finding your dad's dead body is what the comedy track of the film is….. Seriously guys get a grip

  5. What is that in movie? Death bodies ko ghuma rahe hain, Enjoy kar rahe hain, Emotionless story. Father ki death hui hain , grandma is no more itna to feeling less nahi ho sakta koi. One shot for funerals how emotion less it is!

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  7. Heartthrob💙❤💙❤🤘🤘🤘 one of the finest actor, I appreciate n adnire ..i love world cinema.. #Irfan Sir n #Dulquer😍 r also class apart😍😍😍🤗 God bless u always…

  8. I watched the movie after reading the comments here! Now, I must come back and say "Just Awesome"!

  9. Awesome direction. Naturally stirred act. Far from big stars. They can't capture these roles.

  10. I think this the first time I'm commenting on a movie bcoz this is fabulous oh! sry "FABULLLLLOUS" this move deserves it with ( " " ) just lvd it …..

  11. Bollywood stop ✋ supporting movies that have star cast.😞
    And start supporting movies with good plot..cinematography..acting😙 like this wonderful good feel movie

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