Kathanayagan Comedy Scenes | Vol 1 | Vishnu Vishal | Soori | Catherine Tresa | Saranya Ponvannan

Even if we like the house… …you know, only if you say
it has good vibes, we will go ahead Is the ‘vastu’ right? It is fine – Can we do the housewarming ritual?
– Go ahead – Shall I leave?
– We’ll do it tomorrow Shall I leave? Please wait, my son has
gone up to the ATM I’ll wait even 10 minutes What happened?
Why are you running? A dog chased me – Then
– Then what? Being your son, I tricked the dog
pointing left and turning right The dog would have conceived well Confuse I’ve told you not to
blabber in English Sir, you help everyone Can’t you help him
get rid of his fear phobia? He’s joining a new office tomorrow ‘My own life depends
on scaredy cats like this’ You don’t have to be
scared of his fear one bit Only if it happens step by step
it’s good for your family deity – Grandma…?
– What, son? Careful, grandma Can’t you see the car? He might smash you to a pulp ‘I don’t think I’ll cross today’ ‘Patti’, we will end up as corpses Don’t take a risk ‘Good lord!
Jam packed’ ‘3 people are sitting
with the driver’ Get inside
Sir, my 1st day at work – Sir, my ironed shirt
– Go, right Sir, I am a man ‘Don’t stamp my foot’ ‘Tahsildar office
Thiruvottriyur, Tiruvallur district’ [indistinct chatter] Good morning, sir Morning, sir Bro is here Bro is getting off his bike Good morning, sir Move aside – Morning, bro
– The tiger is on the prowl! Tell me your address – Who is ‘sir’?
– Good morning, sir I am- R.I, new recruit as apprentice Revenue inspector?
Please sit down – It’s okay, sir
– ‘Okay’, huh? Is this your attire
on your 1st day of work? Sorry, sir Bus was crowded Crowd in the bus, ration shop, hospital Crowd in our office Even the graveyard is crowded India means crowd In India, 100 babies
are born in 1 minute When an officer is angry
you should not answer back You should bottle up your answer
Go and attend to your work – Sir, you get up and come
– Go, start work Thank you, sir Good morning, sir Sir…sir? Even the Tahsildar is scared of you Don’t misunderstand me
Who are you, sir? A television can have 75 channels But to operate it
there is only 1 remote Similarly this office
is operated by 1 remote Yours truly Good morning, anna Sir…sir? Explai- Sir, please explain clearly – Do you really want to know?
– Yes…yes ‘Attender’ ‘Attender, huh?’ ‘Please be seated, anna’ In this office, from the sweeper
to the highest officer… …from 1 to 10 is Govt’s salary The rest is what I give them ‘For interest’ He is confusing me correctly
I don’t understand After office if we booze, it’s enough You will understand clearly I already had a hair-cut last week Not cutting as in hair cut This is our slang for liquor Aiyo! My mother won’t approve We need not invite her
Both of us can go Are you a mamma’s boy
like an ‘Ambi’? My name is Thambidurai ‘Thambidurai?’ ‘My schoolmate Thambidurai’ What happened? Thambi Anna I am Annadurai Thambidurai Bro…! ‘Puliyur’ ‘6th grade’ ‘Master with the stick’ You are in the same grade
for the past 2 years You know you’ll get 10 blows
if you don’t finish your homework How dare you come to class
without doing your homework! Show me your hand ‘Enough of wiping it
Extend it’ One Thambidurai, you’ve done your homework
Why are you showing your hand? Because Annadurai is my friend Hit me instead – It hurts, sir
– ‘Three’ What now? Thambidurai is my best friend I’ll take the rest Sir, I will do anything
for Annadurai I’ll take the balance blows I don’t want Thambidurai
to shed a single tear – Hit me, sir
– No, hit me – Sir, beat me
– No, beat me – Don’t hit Annadurai, sir
– Don’t hit Thambidurai, sir Thambidurai’s father has come He has got a job transfer it seems
Thambidurai has to leave school Split them and take the boy Sir, don’t break us apart Your father is calling – I won’t go
– I want to be with him Don’t separate us – Anna!
– Thambi – Annadurai
– Thambidurai I missed you terribly I feel like crying [clears throat] It’s your first day at work – Do a sincere job of it
– Okay – See you
– Bye, anna I’ll never go away from you, Anna The chap who followed you yesterday
is right outside my house Threaten him
and chase him away Should I threaten or chase? Hold on to your options
I’m coming over to your place I will deal with him Take your time
I’ll keep an eye on him I shouldn’t have trusted you Let’s confirm and then go We have come this far
Just a bit more I will go down for your sake But don’t push me into a hell hole Uncle? Come in for a cup of coffee An ‘accused’ is hiding nearby it seems I will ‘encounter’ him and come I would love to have
the soup your mother makes Ages since I tasted it Okay, uncle – Hey! Who are you?
– Mood gorning, sir Who are you?
What are you doing here? We sell mats and pillows ‘Mats for sale…mats…mat…smat! ‘Pillow…pill…low…pillow’ You claim to be selling mats
You got just 1 mat Everything is sold
This is the last piece People here lie on mattresses
Not such mats and pillow Give it to me Then why does he want it? Take it, sir – Lift your hand, sir
– Selling old mats, get lost! I don’t want to see you here Thank god!
He didn’t see your chain Let’s scoot from here Why does he need a mat to ‘encounter’? She is ridiculing us, bro She will get it- This silly bike is
throwing a tantrum! Anna, she is my girl
I told you about Thank You, God! Turn the bike now It’s okay if there is no mat
I’ll fall flat! – No need
– It’s a matter of love! Please go, Anna The cop with our mat
has shot someone I think – Let’s escape
– Let’s learn to live, bro! – U-turn now
– Count me out Wait, bro
We’ll lose her I’ll get down Girls are like this, can’t trust them
or live without trusting them My girl isn’t like that – Annadurai, Thambidurai
– Good morning, sir Trash your wishes! Done with the verification? – Sir, no one was there
– All 10 were missing? 50% not in the address you gave
Other 50% don’t have an address I need to see your report
immediately after verification Go, man Go…attend to it ‘The mat idea for your love
fell flat on its face!’ You must try a new proposal – How much is this China set?
– What a warped face! ‘I agree, your face is a put off!’ This looks good ‘- This is WhatsApp
– I know’ Even if you know, I’ll still say it
You must keep nodding – Okay…sorry
– ‘Over enthusiastic case!’ ‘In this WhatsApp…’ …there are certain symbols
which will lure your heart Send this heart and immediately
tap the arrow symbol It will pierce and
lock her heart! I’ll send this to Kanmani
right away and lock her heart He’s in a tearing hurry! When you’re professing your love
for the 1st time, sun is scorching hot Okay, we must choose
an auspicious time Normally girls will frown
during the day But after 9:00 p.m
they will be on cloud 9 If we toss the ball then… …clean bowled! Anna, pose – He bought a new mobile
– I can see that Mr Thambidurai
S/o Subash Chandran – Please wait, sir
– Is it for me? Then is it for your father? ‘Take off your glasses
Wear contact lens’ ‘Most importantly don’t oil your hair’ Climate is cold Let me text a hot message to my girl What shall I type? To be on the safe side, let me
rehearse by sending it to bro Little prince, put this leg inside Your father never wore
briefs at your age! ‘Even now you don’t!!’ ‘If you say such things
your mother won’t like it’ ‘She was the one who told me’ But don’t share it with
anyone else, okay? Isn’t he a smarty-panty? ‘My soul mate’, huh? Shall I put the shirt on? ‘Are you asleep, dear?’ Bend your head
Wear the- ‘She’s staring daggers at me’ ‘Randy, darling?’ – Aren’t you my precious gem?
– What about amma? ‘Your mother is a pumpkin in a nighty!’ Let me send the main text! ‘I love you, sweetheart’ ‘She is mixing the dough
with such passion’ ‘Are we on tonight?’ You bet! Go to bed early tonight I won’t sleep so early Good lord!
You shouldn’t be a bad boy – I’ll only be with you
– Your eyesight will be ruined Please close your eyes
and sleep, my little prince Power outage, huh? Okay Let me text my girl – Bro…bro…?
– Uncle…! There’s a snake in my house Aiyaiyo!
Snake?! You get a flashlight
to hit the snake Why me? Ask someone
at home to lend you a hand They have gone to attend
a function, no one is at home I don’t have a torch, uncle So what? Don’t you have a mobile? We can use the torch in
your mobile and hit it How will the snake know who is
holding the torch and who is hitting it? What if it suddenly
turns and strikes me? Listen to my idea Sleep in the terrace tonight The snake will slither out
realizing no one is at home ‘Isn’t that an awesome idea, uncle?’ Good night, uncle
Sweet dreams What did I tell you yesterday? You asked me to text To whom? To Kanmani Then why did you message me? Trial, just like we warm up
before we exercise Mobile warm up You sent it to warm up My wife made me throw up! I don’t have any mistress, trust me I’m here like a grinding stone
and you’re having a ball Who is this ‘soul-mating’ on your phone? I’ll rip your soul out! – Anna…?
– I’m fighting for your sake – I just can’t understand her
– Wait, I’ll take care Liquor drinking is injurious to health! I told you I won’t drink – I don’t want
– Will you drink grape juice? This is also like grape juice
Give me your glass – Give it to me
– Confirmed…? Will taste very good ‘Drink it, only for toddlers like you,
I’ve mixed it with a cool drink’ Yuck, I hate it – Tastes awful
– In the beginning that’s how it will be If you swirl it in style
and take a sip… …it will grip you, try it Sooopercalifragilistic…hahn! Your savior is now in you
He will take care of everything 1 more Wow…! You’re helping yourself? Self driving? – Awesome!
– What about you…? You go ahead
I’ll follow you DAI…! Whom are you calling? Calling you, da – Serves me right
– Call now Call whom? My baby, my darling Kanmani! – Kanmani…Kanmani
– Did I say Goundamani? Call her…call…call Whatever it is, let’s discuss
in the morning, keep quiet now Then…? Order a grape juice On the very 1st day, you shouldn’t
fall flat on the floor! Then the bar officers
will lose their cool Listen to me, you have
had your fill today If you ask me to drink,
I should drink If you say it’s enough
I must stop at once Are you a big…big- Your tongue is twisting?
Forget it Who says I am at a loss for cuss words? You promised to give me
proper ideas for love ‘And you’re bugging me now’ Bloody nitwit I won’t spare you
without giving you an earful! Bro, you can scold the chap
who taught you to read – But can you yell at your drinking guru?
– Get lost, egg-head! ‘- Hello?
– Don’t shout, da’ What a lousy father
for such a lovely girl, huh? How was he born? Tell me, how was he born like this? By sheer accident
Forget it I didn’t mind him shooing me out But he had the gall to
ask my girlfriend to go inside I feel like strangling his- I should have crumpled him up into a heap He wants to choose a real man for a groom? Everybody wants a real man of course! What’s wrong with that? His words continue
to ring in my ears – Listen, can you hear it ring?
– Nothing Can you see? Yes, it’s really huge It’s aching in here Needles in my heart I can endure it I can easily cope ‘Gawd! I shouldn’t have come with him’ But my poor mother? Aiyaiyo! She won’t be able to bear it My mother can’t take it – My mother can’t
– Calm down Don’t cry Do you know how awful she felt? Okay, bro Can you feel that pain? CAN YOU FEEL THE PAIN? I understand the feeling No way, you can’t
How dare you lie! You can’t feel as much as I do Because she is my mother Don’t pretend ‘Gawd! My head is splitting’ Bro, shall we have a peg
and then finish the job? Close the chapter
then enjoy the quarter Bro, he is coming Bro, how did you finish
with just 1 strike? It may seem like 1 strike But 3 slashes inside Let us pounce Being Singam’s right hand
is no cakewalk! Shut up and come – Bro?
– What? I’ll drown in beer today Submerge in whatever whoever wants – Okay, bro
– You’re the best, bro Order fast Move over to the other side – Vacate the place
– Clear out – What booze do you want?
– Bro, something special today – Hey lad! Come here
– Hurry up – What do you want?
– Let him come – What do you have?
– Your usual booze, bro – What do you want?
– What? He is the sole reason for
that cotton-head rejecting me – This chap
– ‘Who?’ ‘The one with a skull ring on his finger?’ He looks like a rowdy He is a rowdy Didn’t I tell you about
the peanut seller? He is the culprit Is it him? I shall show him- Hey, listen, what do you
want to do now? Beat him to a pulp Bash him up? Don’t create a scene
without reason I shall…hit him right now
in this very spot He is staring at us
Please fold your hand Bro, he is pointing a finger at you ‘Will you listen to
your brother or not?’ – Listen
– Thambi! Can you hear me? – Not me
– Hey…! I am talking to you – Don’t shout
– Hey, listen! He seems familiar Oh! I remember, bro He ran for his life
in Vijay Kallaiyya issue Same chap, bro He’s drunk as a skunk
but he’s a scaredy cat Please fold your hand ‘You’re right’ What are you looking at?
I shall bash- – What’s up?
– Face the music – No
– Yes ‘No…no…no…no’ – You’ll get it
– You won’t! Yes, you will He says, he has an omelet You’ll get it from me ‘Please keep quiet’ – Yes
– No! – Yes indeed
– No, not at all – It is there
– No, it isn’t He says yes and you’re denying it Yes or no? YESSSS! No

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