Kaththukkutti Tamil Full Movie | Narain | Srushti Dange | Soori

Kaththukkutti Tamil Full Movie | Narain | Srushti Dange | Soori

Let the celebration begin…! Beat the drums… Once more… Why are you arguing in
a serene atmosphere Please wait… Every year we celebrate Kavadi
attam for Karumbai Amman We serve food. And everybody walks on fire If there is any problem in town,
God will help us This temple will protect us… We can’t wait any more It’s our duty to
protect that now. They dig bore well, burst in
the name of testing Methane All the other people in the district
have already started protesting We are the ones
still worshipping Wow…They nailed it… They have proved
their strength… Why is her life in misery? Kazhugu is right… – Did you offer them a glass of Coffee?
– Yes… Won’t you answer? He will go mad if I
don’t serve you well. – Hello…
– Hello… I asked you to come early,
but you have arrived late. – I have prepared Idly. Please eat.
– Offer it to them They already had – They have lost everything by giving
– Please keep quiet This drama of daughter-in-law and
mother-in-law has been going for 25 years. – I’ll be back soon…
– See you.. Useless… He is such a pain… What happened? He has started to open the bonnet.
I doubt if we will reach there We are stuck in the
middle of the road. Manjapai… There is no point in depending on him.
Let’s go in your vehicle Are we having a bad time? Let me go by bike There is no point in
going with a crowd Our work should be successful. Okay…Please leave. Even if we go by car,
they don’t give a damn Who would even consider
if we go by TVS XL? Santhanam is still the same… Do you know how a
politician should be? District chief has arrived… Please don’t take me wrong.
Chandrashtama days are nearing. It’s better to avoid conversation.
I was about to say this, but Tahsildar
called up by the time – Okay…
– I am saying it because… – Is this enough?
– Your horoscope says so… – Get in the car
– It looks like I’ll have to first check my horoscope Why don’t you change the driver? Now we are finding it
difficult to travel anywhere Why are you scolding him? I was the one who
told him to act Yes… Do we belong to majority party? We are going to attend a
meeting to discuss on Methane Nobody would even care If we go with the crowd… It will be a problem I already have one
in the house… Isn’t that enough? It is not enough. Your money and
security isn’t enough for us Who would want this stuff? Don’t you understand? They have already
got approval for testing Methane Even politicians
are on their side You can’t oppose them Why? If they dig bore well, then water
and land would get spoiled We should demand rights… Why don’t you bring a crowd? There is no point
in arguing with me What do you mean? Do you know who is
going to play now? Please hit a six. You made me wait for 3 years I am going to hit a six… Just watch… What to look out for? We
are no longer going to be onlookers for the politicians
supporting Methane We all should decide
when Tahsildar arrives. If you want to decide, then you may speak
there. But you already take a decision and talk Do we look like fools? Is there any doubt? Arivu
absconded from you all Ten runs in two balls. I wonder if it’s
even possible if Sachin Tendulkar arrives. It looks like he escaped
knowing that you would lose Why don’t you call him up
for the one last time? When will you come? I’ll come in ten minutes… He’ll come in ten
minutes, it seems You have been telling
this for almost an hour As the wicket goes, so does
Ginger getting furious I’m having stomach ache I’m having stomach ache Did you mix anything
in the tender coconut? Don’t worry. I did
not mix any poison I added only cool drinks Even a small amount of
chemical affects your health What would happen to my field if you add
chemicals in the name of Methane test Don’t you worry. If you pop
few pills you will be fine But… To change my land… What medicine do you have? My son Eleavarasan is missing… You will be blessed… It seems Arivu offered something to
Tahsildar. He is now lying near the well. I am already juggling
with life and politics The Panchayat is over.
Please leave… Let’s go… Ginger is ready to set
off after three years. – Brother…
-What? Cool drinks… Crazy guy… I’ll deal with you later Okay, Ginger. Come back… Arivu is back… If not for the game, we
will anyway witness a fight Here…Somebody hold the mic What is this? Why have
you tied a mouli? I prayed to God that I should hit
a six when the ball hits the bat. Give me… Don’t you want this? It’s only for the one who gets
hit, not for the ones who gives it Get lost… Oh God… Disgusting…I
wonder who used it Brother…Cool drinks – Did I ask you?
– Please don’t beat me It looks like the
ball crossed borders What are you doing?
Why don’t you strike? That would be easy for
him to hit a six. I only have one ball. How do you
expect me to bowl every time? Even if you pass a wide
ball, he would hit. It is definite that we will lose Try to target him Don’t be hyper that you hit
a six on the first ball It’s my brother who is bowling He would hit the stump – Tell him to throw the ball
– Dude…Just do it You’re finished Oh God…Good that I escaped It looks like somebody’s
got hurt real bad I told him to wear that… He’s fine… I wonder if he had hit the bat, he
wouldn’t have been able to hit a four Why are you whistling now? – Don’t touch me
– Your brother does what he means He hit the stump
just like you said Having played in 12 teams At Ayyakannu Ramasamy
Memorial Cricket Cup We call up on Kanandhagudi captain Arivazhagan
on the stage for receiving the award Move… Kanandhagudi district Minister
Karmegam will now give away the cup Congrats…Give me the cup… Dude…Congrats… I would like to receive the
cup from another person An important announcement: My dear
friend Ginger please come on stage He is calling you… Arivu… Come dude… I misunderstood you… Come… Thank you… It’s because of my friend
that I have received the cup If he wasn’t here I would
have won it three years back Yes. He was the one
who changed me It’s fair to drink
the entire bottle My friend dances
even when he loses He has now won it…. What is it? Pour… Did you see how has come? Who? I have seen her somewhere She has acted in the
movie Kadhal, right? You will fall in love
with her if you see her I’ll get mad in the end.
Is it fine? Let it begin… I poured a glass of
liquor, but felt nothing. I had two glasses of it,
and everything was blurred When I had the third glass, I scratched my
nose And on the fourth round, I stomped Did you hear the tale of a crow? We have a hot chic here… Why don’t you stop? My friend has
fallen for you. Why don’t you answer? This isn’t wrong.
You have no strength. She is a hot chic… Would you come with me?
Give me an answer Don’t be stubborn…
Don’t stumble. When you come close, I’ll move on.
Don’t look for me. I am not your prey and you are not hot.
I am not so easy The King of Thanjavur… As the dusk grows, would
it be fair to stay here? Oh my dear… Her love is overwhelming It’s melting my heart Oh dear…Why don’t you embrace? Green field bears the storm Would you come with me?
Give me an answer Why should I? Don’t be stubborn…
Don’t stumble. When you come close, I’ll move on.
Don’t look for me. I am not your prey and you are not hot.
I am not so easy Why won’t he dance? He’s already dancing. Do you
want him to dance alone? The party is going to come to an end.
Why don’t you shake a leg? Come on… That was amazing…Superb! Do you call that a dance? He has even changed
a fight to dance – Get lost
– Okay… Who is he? Senseless guy…Why has
he switched on the light now? Drive in between
the two lights… Come on… What’s KA? Is it
Karnataka or Kerala? That must be the initial It doesn’t matter.
We have anyway decided to hit You don’t give us water.
Why don’t you give us way? – Let me..
– Come on… – Why are you colliding with the truck?
– Do you want us to collide with a flight? They are fooling around We are talking and what
are you doing up there? We should take
down the wheels… Get down…Give me a
hand, let’s lift… Come on… Why are you raising your voice? – I’ll hit you guys…
– Come… He is showing his attitude… I can’t take it… Please don’t mistake me. I am energetic.
We should definitely perform… Come on… Let’s finish him… If they had waited any longer,
I would have thrashed them Roams like a street dog… He puts up a fight with everyone And comes late to home. Let
him come, I’ll deal with him. Why is he wandering? Please be quiet It looks like Arivu has arrived He might sleep
without having food. I have been yelling… But you are supporting him Why is the dog barking too loud? That’s my dad… Both has the same age. Where is my grandson?
Did he eat anything? If your mom was strict… He would have been in control When I hear people
call him a drunkard I feel disgusted Why does he have
to feel disgusted? My grandson will drink and have fun.
He’s got the blood of his grandfather It looks like she might
have studied law Will everything be
solved if he drinks? – Please keep quiet
– Let him knock the door I’ll deal with him… How dare he questions Tahsildar! Look… Santhanam… Sir… – I am talking to you
– Hey. Bang the door Open the door… Mr. Santhanam…. Who is it? We are your opponent… Hey…Santha…. It worked out… Your dad said he
wouldn’t open the door Now he reacts like he has opened the
door of heaven. You please continue – Knock the door
– The house might fall if I bang further I was expecting a man… Welcome… Santhanam… Don’t you have any sense? He is here…He is calling you. How dare you come to my
house and ask for me You have come to my house in the middle
of the night and pulling a fight So If I knock the door in the morning,
would you offer us a cup of coffee? Drunkards… Don’t you even
recognize your house? Even if we are drunk, we
are wearing our dress But we aren’t wearing
a skirt like you – Hobbit…
– Your parents are held responsible for this It’s better to die
than raise such a son Even I have raised a son You haven’t grown up yet, then how
would you have raised your son Go call him…
He is short-tempered and not stable. Call him before
he further argues Mom..Please go call him Please go… Rascal… Didn’t I tell you He slapped our son… When I ask you if it’s Santhanam’s house,
you should reply either yes or no. But how dare you
talk about my dad I have the right to scold him… Nobody has the right
to do that… – Dude…What about me?
– Take it Thank you… Come… Is this not our house? Why are you even talking to him? Go..Get some sleep.
Why are you awake? Why are you coming along? You are the one
spoiling my grandson Why do you keep
spoiling our family? Son of Muthusaamy…
I’ll smack you down I’ll hit you with the broomstick Good morning, bro… How dare he…! He’s drunk… Why do you want
to mess with him? Please get in… TASMAC is ruining your life – There is no point in blaming you
– Dude… As usual, she slammed
the door in my face Don’t sleep.
I’m bringing you food Dude… Let them call me Why don’t you eat? He won’t eat without me Few people fill their
appetite just by smelling food Why are you munching?
Spare that for the dogs Dogs…? How would you eat
if you’re drunk? I thought he wouldn’t eat It looks like he
hasn’t left any food Careful… What are you eating?
Half of the fish is still left out Half of the fish…? It doesn’t look like that You…She locked the window too You could be healthy even
if you consume arrack. But drinking from a bottle of
wine is injurious to health I’ve made a mistake If I had told him that his dad would become
the next CM, he would have bought me food I can smell the food yet When did he come here? Would he have come early by 6? He’s been sleeping
without waking me up Dude… Dude… Wake up Wake up… – When did you come?
– When did I leave? Why should I…..? Sit down…
Why are you leaving so soon? I am not leaving soon… I came yesterday and
I am leaving now Did you come yesterday? Why didn’t you tell me? Dude… You know your dad opens the door
when somebody knocks next door You can’t serve me food, right? Didn’t you eat last night? Then what about this? You ate those… Me…? -What do you mean?
– I don’t care But you ate it all – What are you blabbering?
– I could spare you But your grandma… The way she spoke… Even a dog would have
committed suicide When did this happen? Don’t you pretend You slapped a guy You provoked a guy against me – You even hit a truck
– What? Did I hit a truck? No… Oh…Yes… Even if I was drunk,
I did not let go of my reputation I boldly stopped the truck.
That’s why… If I had delayed even for a minute,
the driver would have been dead by now What…? If I had waited even for a
second, you would have been dead Go ahead…Let’s deal it… What is he doing? Don’t run the truck over us Please…I beg you…
May you live long… Please forgive us I said it by mistake…
Please…He’s drunk Hit the truck – Just for fun
– Let’s deal with him Please go this way.
We will drive ahead I am tamilian… I don’t care…Leave… If you have guts, so do we… He boldly pulled over it seems It was my tears that saved you What? Did you save me with your tears? I should have as well
been dead in his hands Then you should have gone alone There are ants everywhere, that’s
why I am spraying pesticides Dad… You want to get rid
of them, right? I have a medicine for it – Another medicine? What is it?
– Let me bring it What is it? Even if we want to
get rid of them We shouldn’t hurt them How many left yet? – Eighty sacs…
– Brother… This is for weighing And this is for my shop Shop? What do you mean? I’m lazy to even eat food But I have worked hard. If it weren’t
for money, then for what else? So would you sell
paddy for alcohol? Then what? Will I be able to
sell my teeth to get drunk? Why do you want to get drunk? We won the game and got drunk.
Do you think I am drunkard to drink everyday? Forget it. You don’t
have to buy me drinks Pour it… Why has he come by car? Go check it out You come here… Who is he? He is the manager He asked me for a favour That’s why I got him here What is it? I heard it’s hard to get
signal for your network I have come here to ask
favour regarding that Dude… They have already fixed Bhuvana’s
place to construct network tower They even agreed to offer 2 lakhs.
But she’s been denying. Yes, sir. Dude… If Arivu agrees to it
we could build a tower If you want to build a tower Then you should deal with me Is it fine? I’ll give you 50,000
as commission Where were you all these days? Please come. Don’t talk
about commission to him He might get mad What happened? – Tower…
– Let me explain They have come here to
fix a network tower here They have asked for Bhuvana’s
place but she refused This isn’t for him,
it’s for our people Is it? – Let’s refresh and leave
– Okay… How long will you be standing here?
Why don’t you water the plants? He looks tall. Why don’t
we use him as a tower? We have come here for a favour.
Not for me, but for our people If you start talking like this,
he would go back to water the plants You know how much our people
are struggling to speak over the phone They climb trees and terrace to
get a proper network coverage. More like monkeys… I heard your daughter is adamant
even if the managers approach you. They are going to fix only a tower
just like planting a tree But my daughter
always has a reason But we have 50,000.
Let me go call your daughter I have seen people
having goats as pets But for the first time, I am
witnessing someone raising up ants – Careful. Ants might get diabetics
– What? Come there. A business worth
2 lakhs is awaiting you. If you agree to it, you could
even buy biryani for ants Why are they here? Nothing much. They are here to
discuss over the network tower Are they here to talk
about people’s rights? Why are you answering them? Dear… Why don’t we do it for
people’s benefit? Dad…I am saying
it for their good Our village has something
to feel proud of than any other ones. Is it because we are living? If we construct towers Iora…Ashy Drongo…Munia… Brown dove…Asian openbill…Sunbird Crow…Sandpiper…Myna, Little Grebe…Spoonbill…Crake Birds like these
will vanish away Why is she talking
like a vendor? – Yes
– Dude… I don’t care even if she
isn’t giving the place But if I start listening
to her campaign I might get tired Let’s leave She is right… I came here listening to you.
Why don’t you guys walk….? We might not be able to talk over
the phone if we don’t have tower But we can live peacefully Astrologer said you would be
having a good meeting before 12 What’s up? Is Nayantara going to meet me? It looks like even he
has got such a dream The crow is coming here… He’s got poison in his heart
and now he is here to meet me Hello… Please come. I’ve been reading this
newspaper not knowing your presence Get that chair – You please sit here.
– Chief… Ganga likes to sit on my chair Look here… It is a privilege to
even sit in your balcony I know… Please don’t mistake me for what
those party members are saying. You are as much
important as politics Yes. You ‘ve been eying on me Why don’t you deal
with someone else? Chief… What is this? Are you giving a
complaint in person now? He messed it up once again What is this? They told me that you’ve
been issuing petitions – And I asked you
– No… I got you this position Are you my kith and kin? You are faithful.. You were faithful unlike others Don’t you think it’s fair to
doubt even if the faith reduces Would you resign
from the position? I didn’t know how to
prove my faith on you Forget it You are one among us We are even unable to give
industry loans but you… Even if the Government
asks to give loans Why do managers like you refuse? So what if the money belongs to Government?
We can’t be generous You are getting angry. But has any
of the farmers repaid the loans? I have decided not to
give loans for farmers So have you stopped eating? I am not the one for you Look there…Lots of files
are already piled up I can’t trust and give you loan. Please
bring someone along to sign surety They are asking for
loans and arguing. They give loans for those
who ask for crores But they humiliate us Why did she come here? She came asking for a
loan to develop Nursery. They don’t have anyone
to sign for surety – How is it possible to offer them loans?
– You can trust her She will return the money Even when they offered
2 lakhs to build a tower She refused If she is slogging for 50, 000 Then she will definitely
return the money Sir…Not that…. Let me sign for her ” I protect your shadow…” “Just like the field,
I sow your memories…” “I never looked for my mother.
I never cried for her…” We only succeed for
someone special But when they are not with
us, our purpose fails I only see mom in each
and every plant here It even looks like she
is looking after us ” With a long dhoti….” ” I made a cradle and
laughed to myself…” ” I know how much you struggled
when I was young” ” I did not learn to plait…” ” I embraced God as I was alone…” ” It’s a wonder to discover
a man with a womb” “A rooster hatching its eggs…And you…” ” A blessing in disguise…” ” One life is enough
to be born poor…” “This is more than enough for us” Why did you call me here to
the wine shop early morning? It’s my birthday today Happy Birthday…! Live long… Instead of wishing me by words, it’s
important to get me few glasses of drinks You don’t have a pocket there I don’t have enough money today Did you have 50
crores yesterday? You are even counting – I only have 40 Rs
– You can keep it here There is nothing wrong Is this what you gift
me for my birthday? Who told you so? Then…Isn’t this for me? Will I give such a small gift? I am going to drink and
think over what to gift you I don’t need anything It’s enough if you don’t mess up.
You are driving me mad. Leave…It’s my birthday… Uncle…Uncle… Please come here Why are you calling him? – He will take away everything.
– That’s why I am calling him You come here… Why are they calling me? Didn’t I
leave my house the right time? Why are you drunk
in the morning? Will the village change? We aren’t drinking everyday It’s his birthday
that’s why we got drunk I don’t know what kind of wine it was.
But we got high. When we opened our eyes We noticed this was left out I was wondering as to whom should I
give this on my friend’s birthday You arrived… People are waiting
for me in the temple Are you calling me to get drunk? First learn to respect people We have been witnessing
your stature every function – Even during dance function, they let you occupy the last seat
– What do you expect me to do for that? A lot of corruption has been
happening in the committee Expenses of seven thousand
was shown as 20,000 rupees 3 lakhs were spent
on Kumbhabhishekham But 4 lakhs were
shown in the account Have you ever asked them?
How would you? You are afraid of them Drink this… Even if 400 people
come, you will be bold You guys were born after me Why should I drink
from your money? You will now know how I
pay my respect to him He is offering a lot of money I wonder if he would sell
his house for a quarter Not a problem… Balance…. He is the only one you earned… We are already high. If we
drink more, we might puke I’ll go beyond my nature Don’t overact and
spoil the situation – Won’t I clean if you puke?
– What about shit? I’ll still do that… Look here… Ask your dad about my affection Oh God… Police… Get down…. Paint the temple Show me the accounts and I shall give dhotis.
Why are you in a hurry? The white horse is
still sleeping… Look what they have done
to such a innocent man He said he would
clean if you puke He has puked on my face… They are calling you in the Panchayat.
Please come soon Are you the one who stole – What?
– Beautiful… Is it Supreme Court? Why
should I come immediately? Get lost… Are you badmouthing
about Panchayat? Do you think he gives
a damn for this? If all of us sell our fields complaining that there is
no water and rain, then who would take care of farming? Producing methane is not easy They dig and rip our
field using bulldozers. More than Petrol,
Methane has higher fuel It seems more Methane is
available in our fields To extract it, they dig a bore well
deep down six thousand feet They take all the
water from the field Then then fill it with ocean They take out that and
they pour some chemicals It goes in depth and
starts bursting When they pour out the salt water and chemical,
our green field will become a graveyard Few parts of the Earth will begin to
crack and may even destroy temples Our sand will become… Dust bowl… Even I have taken loans
and planted them The manager humiliated me Do you think it is fair to sell the land
to industrialist and cover the loans? I wonder what would they eat Master… A Vada and a glass of tea A Farmer in Nagapattinam
dies due to starvation Farmers are in
continuous protest These farmers and press have no other job.
Starved to death it seems They offer 20 kilos of rice then
how could they not utilize it? They create hype and
start protesting Jobless people – Why are you threatening me?
– You aren’t hurt You aren’t going to die.
But this humiliation Will destroy you It’s not death due to starvation But the one who dies worrying that
he can’t serve food to others Starves to death You don’t have to
sympathize over our death But don’t you blame.
That’s more than enough I am educated as you I am a gold medalist in M.Sc. But I am determined
not to take up any other job other than farming It’s your attitude towards money
makes you speak like this That farmer who died yesterday
in Nagapattinam had 15 acre land Even if he had sold his land to industrialist,
it would have been sufficient for him But… He committed suicide only
because he couldn’t feed others Get lost… You have started looting
money from farmers… There is a limit for everything – The one who sows the seed…
– Here…. Where is he? Do you know what he has done? – What happened?
– It seems they’re honoring him for his work Ask him to go… Is it so?
Why didn’t you tell me? People in the society
are disgusted Are you pretending
like nothing happened? – Shove him off
– They might have done something That’s why. Why are you
making it a big deal? You have pampered by
supporting him every time He shouldn’t be here anymore.
Ask him to get lost – What do you mean?
– Should he leave fearing them? Why is she fond of him?
Tell him to come out Please… How could I insist
them to vote for me? Arivu…Whatever he said please
don’t take it to your heart Bold people fight. How would he
understand this? He is a coward. Don’t be bothered about him What do you do, Arivu? – Uncle…I…
– He… He owns every problem
in the society Uncle…Let me wait outside You are his father Why would you talk like this? I am forced to go to
Panchayat every time It’s tough to handle We studied together in Madurai. You came to visit me And you spoke highly about me This isn’t fair. Girl should stay at the guy’s place. Why are
you insisting new rules that a guy should stay at girl’s place? Even if you plant a tree It takes at least 4 to 5
months to hold the grip You send a girl to
her in-law’s house And how do you expect her to
understand everyone easily? Let the guy stay at her place for a month.
He would know how to behave to his in-laws He would struggle
to ask for food. He will then realize the
sufferings of a woman. Let’s leave Your judgment still
gives me goosebumps But… Do you know what’s
happening these days? Santhanam…We have lost respect for you.
What kind of a man doesn’t know his son Were you humiliated in Panchayat? What do you mean? Don’t be surprised I have got used to it They are soon going to
declare election results That’s why I leave
him under your supervision. I have no idea what you would do It’s your duty to let him stay here
until then and take care of him I’ll change him to
be a courageous man He is already like that He is going to
change him it seems Please let him be a human I am already worried
that I left him there Why are you bothered
about serving me food? Why do we care about our son?
Society is important to us You please eat I wonder what is he eating there I wonder what… Don’t worry. You please eat. Didn’t I tell you that
he would come crying? But you made a bet with me for 500
rupees saying that he is strong Take out the money 5000 would also be
worth for his weep What’s happening? While you went visiting your
party members, he reached here That’s why… Mom… Don’t ask him to cry. It looks like
watching Sivaji Ganesan in small screen Aren’t you ready yet
for the cricket match? You said you would arrive
with a winning cup? Yes. I am going there, Valli. He made me sit outside
for this match as well What were you doing until then? What…? Are you cursing me? – I am cursing myself
– Oh really…Go ahead – Didn’t I tell you not to do that…
– Please stop fighting Careful… Arivu… You won the match, not the village.
Why don’t you give way? Didn’t I? Oh…Yeah…Sorry. Do you think we get
compromised with your sorry? Is he asking for a jacket? Ask him what he wants… I am not in a mood to fight Should I always be fighting? – I am at peace now
– He usually doesn’t apologize Please leave Why are you talking
on his behalf? – He is sitting like a master
– What? Am I talking on his behalf? I am on your side… He normally gets
furious, now he is high Please listen to me. Leave. – Leave…
– So what? Will he chop my head off? Will he? Oh God.. I wonder for how long
will I get beaten up He hit me with the cup… It’s hurting… I have no idea which part
of my head is injured Didn’t I tell you?
You did not listen to me. He’s been friends
with me for 20 years But he hit me thinking
it was your leg Get lost. He at least
let you with few wounds But for me… He would see my wounds And torture me asking
how it all happened Oh God… The voice sounds familiar…. Are you showing your attitude? If I don’t lock
you up in an hour I’ll no longer be Puliyur Karupu Puliyur Karupu… Going to police station is
like visiting ration shop. He offered me cool drinks, then I
have no idea what happened after that We should first shut down the company,
we would then stop rape crime I am here for four months… Santhanam here… They beat me up so hard… Why do you take the
opposite party for granted? If he had won five more votes,
he would have been a counselor – You have…
– Don’t you have a coil? The mosquitoes are bothering. Look… There is a limit
for my patience. If he had done something,
take him to the court. But you… You have made him sit half naked Who gave you rights?
Don’t think you have no one to ask I know everything about law You should live long… They mess up the station Good evening, sir. What is he looking for? He starts calling
when he is drunk I wonder who is in trouble now Hello… Is it Inspector? Sir… Arivazhagan speaking… – Why did he call the Inspector?
– How are you? I thought of gifting you a
bouquet when you arrived But work kept me occupied He would have won a bigger award
if there was a lying competition Nothing much… There was a problem in the bar. They
attacked my friend while we were talking… – You cheat…
– One minute, sir Why don’t you talk to
my friend and enquire? I don’t want to talk. Let me go home.
I don’t want to talk Hello, sir. Yes. sir…Those guys… Five people came running
with a wooden rod… They furiously beat us. Yes, sir. Are you on line? Please file a complaint
against them and lock them up My name is…Kaarumegam Oh God…Why did I
reveal my name? They will be there in a while. Please
beat them up and shove them off And…My dad shouldn’t
know about this He wouldn’t ask anything…. He would transfer you
to Ramanathapuram He is short-tempered Thought so… – With the way we…
– Please stop including me into this Why don’t you talk
about yourself? The Inspector might have
enquired about me by now That’s why Murthy is
curious to talk to me – Hello….
– That’s the only thing left Do you have any sense? The Inspector took your dad
in his custody and beat him up I thought of convincing the
Inspector and rescuing your dad But you called up. Don’t mess up. – This has got to do with the Police
– My dad is involved in it Ask him to come to the main road Who parked the vehicle in
the middle of the road Look at him…He has
parked it on the way… Who is it? Tie him up… You shouldn’t eat until death My T-shirt has got so much power Four people might have seen my
dad inside the police station But the public is going
to see you tied up Move… Take revenge. Get
over your anger I always wanted his star.
But I couldn’t – I need his star…
– You need his star, right? You are the supreme
star from now on You are the super star Who is it? Go…Go… I’ll not let go of you… Go…Go… Dude… It’s better we part for now Either you escape or I will… Then let me escape… – Then take a right…
– Thank you. Don’t worry about me. You try to escape… Handcuff me… I knew when he asked
me to take a right That it would go wrong He would be now 4
kilometers away Look how he got me in
trouble and escaped Why don’t you sit here?
Let me go catch him What happened? Why is there a lot of cops? It’s raining heavily. What are you doing here? The cops are looking out for me.
I’ll leave in few minutes Oh…Are they looking for you? Please close the door, Bhuvana. You should get caught But still you are one among us.
Let me close the door – Leave it.
– Thanks, Bhuvana Be inside. I’ll let you
know when they leave – Is there fan inside?
– Yes. It is there. But there is no power Are you messing up with me?
You’ll regret it now – He is inside
– Come. Let’s go – Take a look
– Surround the place – He is inside
– Give me the keys – Here it is…
– You’re finished Will you encounter
him immediately? What? Encounter? I thought you would kill him
and give an interview to media – Why don’t you?
– Interview, right? I shall give. There is no one inside Do you think we are fools? No. I swear … He was inside. I caught him. – Look at her. She must be mad.
– She made us to loiter Probably she is
in love with him Oh God…Did he break
open the roof? I don’t trust even
my kith and kin You have been waiting
to get me in trouble Do you think I will trust you? So…? How dare you try
to get me caught? You are a fraud… – I am a fraud
– Yes. And you are a Goddess… I’ll slap you Don’t mess with me I am only letting you go because you are
a woman, else I would have slapped you What? – What did you say?
– You are proving it now Am I? Look what I can do What did you say? – Why did you push me down?
– Did you show sympathy because I am a girl? Let me prove myself to you Don’t trick me. Throw the rope I’ll call the police now.
Let them throw the rope Sorry… Go to hell… Don’t go to the police… Please listen to me. Bhuvana… Please come…He is here… Please handcuff him Dude…Are you bathing here? Dude…? Thank God you are here…Throw the rope… Wait.. He has befriended even cops… Hold on to it… Dude…Superb… Careful…. Don’t pull me… You are saving a fraudster.
Are you even a cop? – I’ll slap you
– Forget that… Try to abscond from here Do you have any idea
how angry he is I told you not to mess with him – Do you have any money?
– No… Wait… Oh God… – Thanks…
– You… You pushed me down, right…. I’ll deal with you later You leave… I told you not to be with him Why didn’t you listen to me? He said he would
change our lives I now understand what he meant Please get me down. Is it Police station or temple? Do you think it is fair to offer so
much milk, now that its price has risen? How dare you… Tie and beat the Inspector? If you hit me further… I…I’ll tell him that
you are one among us Shut up…Now that I am
there, you are alive If he hits, you will die. What? Goddess Naga will save me He is possessed…. Don’t worry. Nothing is
going to happen to you… He is a fraud and do you think
Goddess will take in possession? Not on me… No…My name is Antony… – You’ll know now
– I have got nothing to do with it Why did he wear a mask? Sir… Please don’t beat me…Please… Did you work in some
print media company? Please come in… Hello, Uncle. It’s been
so long since I met you – How are you?
– I am fine That’s the difference a
qualified person makes Your dad doesn’t even
bother to wish me But you are kind enough
to visit my home Forget about him We might not be
siblings in the next birth Please come in… – How is your mom?
– She is fine – Give him a cup of coffee
– Sure You please have it. Let me
go meet my party members Hello… Arivu speaking… Arivazhagan…The one that
you have been looking for. Why should I be
looking out for you? I know how to get you here Scream out loud. Your friend
should come right now – Take it
– This isn’t my phone – It’s your friend…
– Oh really? Dude…They are beating me up. You may not be able to come for my birthday
or wedding. But please do come for my death – Please come…
– You can move ahead in life only if you get hurt I can move ahead when I get
hurt, but not all the time. What happened? – Did you hear him?
– Sir… Am I Sasikumar from Nadodigal to
give up my life for my friends? I was waiting to thrash them – Anyway you are doing that…
– What? What’s the point? You don’t
even know my character… But I know you well… You were born in Nellai district… You got recruited in Dhindukal district… You then went to
Madurai district You got caught with the
Minister in Theni district Election in Karur district…
You get your bribe Kadallur district After crossing all the district, the chief
finally transferred you to Thanjavur Don’t think you can fool
us just like you did there – We’ll mess up with you
– So what if you are from Thanjavur? Why are you sweating
on your forehead? Why is it your heart
beating faster? First drink some water Drink water If you die soon of heart attack… Then they would accuse me of
killing you over the phone Please relax…
Let me call you back Why am I even listening to him? – Have only two legs…
– Please keep quiet You were talking something
serious over the phone – A problem…
What is it? Let me solve it… I don’t have any problem.
It’s you… – For me?
– The new Inspector on town… I got him here… That’s what we thought…. But he yells when he
hears your name… It’s impossible.
He is on our side… You wouldn’t believe me.
Why don’t you hear? Hello, sir. Arivazhagan here… – Regarding the district….
– Hey… If you talk about chief and
district again, I would go mad It isn’t new. I have
already dealt with them. To hell with it. I can’t take it anymore – Why don’t you hear?
– No… Please have this coffee… – Here…
– Keep it here… He took charge after prostrating on
my feet and sought blessings from me Is he bad-mouthing me? You go to the police station By the time he will
leave form the place Transfer in an hour? Dude…That’s where
your stature lies I wouldn’t have mind if it were me.
But how dare he hit you guys How could I let him go? Dude…You rock… Is this what they
call Thanjavur’s trick? Before my tenure gets over I’ll deal with you guys… Wherever you go you may
even get rid of people You have nothing on your head Dude…Devi Priya is here… For peace…. I was about to say coconut tree.
What is it? Cool breeze and clear roads… One more… Cool breeze and an
hygienic environment It’s so dusty… 10 feet deep… – Get the umbrella…
– She looks fairer in person than on screen Look at the name of the
village…Puliyurkarappu, it seems. Please help me dear God… He is here…Why do
you drive like this? I pray the minister
gets convinced… Please save my reputation Your dad is going to Chennai.
We are accompanying him. Do we have to spend for
your visit to Chennai? We will definitely
get it this time… The last time we lost
in just few reasons… Don’t exaggerate.. Even if you ask a kid, he
would say he wouldn’t win When I was in class five, public
made a hype saying he would win That’s right… – I have finished my college and ready for marriage
– What to do? – But they haven’t
allotted any seat for us. My situation is same as yours We have only got
humiliated during election When Minister came for Muthusaamy’s
wedding, he confirmed us There is a shooting
going on Puliyurkarappu What are you doing here? There is no point in talking to God
when you can’t talk to the right person Don’t you hear what
she is saying? Come here… If he stays back, he
would keep arguing Send him to Chennai and you go to Puliyur. You’re right… Did I go too far? They say it’s wrong to stop
the one going for a good work So…All the best But only if you are allotted
a seat you should come If not survive in Marina Beach Kala… – Go..Get in the car…
– Here… Hello… – Why have you painted your face instead of smearing it?
– You… Like Periyar’s grand-daughter It’s him again. We can get the
seats only if we go to Chennai Wait. Let me push you down. Did you fill in the oil? Please change a driver soon… Please change the
vehicle before… – Move…Come…
– Hi… Where you going? Give way… Let me open the door… Listen…Move… Bye… See you… Hello, Madam… They are going to
create a problem… Let’s go… Sarathy….We first pay our respect
to you for bringing her safe Hello…Sir… Please help…Leave me… Where are you taking me? Please leave me… The party knows you well. Indeed,
it has to be allotted to you. But….There is an issue… Sir… Even if the party decides to allot
you seats, the fate prevents it What? What do you mean? Gone are the days when we
held politics with experience Everyone’s been using social
media to run politics Our party too needs to change
according to today’s generation Oh God… Our Minister has decided to
give chance to youngsters – You also have contribution to it
– This is unfair Of all the districts… Did it matter? We knew we would face such problems.
That’s why from 234 districts We chose 34. Your
district was selected. 40 years of my experience
in politics This is the eighth time I
am asking you for a seat If I don’t get it this time, even people
in my home wouldn’t treat me well Please don’t think
I am being selfish Please consider me. Please have patience.
Our minister is wanting to give you seat. We thought of giving it
to Pattukottai district But our party members
were stubborn It’s them… Hello…
I was talking about you… – Will Santhanam get the seat?
– What? – For Santhanam
– Move… No, sir…It wasn’t meant to you Whoever the party selects, please support them and
make them win. This what is important for us. What do you mean? He knows nothing other than
politics. And is your aim to make him upset? You please keep quiet. He’s been working
hard for the party for 40 years. But you keep saying you want to give only to
youngsters. Then why don’t you give it to his son? Don’t you know that? Then why
don’t you give it to him? Please enquire about him.
He’s got reputation. You have lost our respect.
You kidnapped Devi Priya And thrashed my friend.
Apologize right now He remains strong to
achieve good things What do you mean?
Do you want me to apologise? I apologise on his behalf Please allot seat to anyone I’ll let them win… Santhanam… We got to know only now
that you have a son You have struggled for 40 years and
your son deserves to take the place – We are allotting him a seat.
– No… – He knows nothing about politics
– What do you mean? Some people allot seats even
when their sons are young – Why are you rejecting?
– Please be quiet The party will definitely win – Please go and help him win
– This is more than enough… – Sir…
– Go…Help him win You just escaped… What is it? Tell me…. – We came here to Chennai, right?
– Did you get it? No. They have fooled
him once again. Did you call to tell this? I knew it earlier. Idiot…First apologize… Speak later… I have a lot of work.
Why did you call? Don’t hang up… Your dad’s seat… Has been allotted to you… Uncle… What do you mean? I was just talking to my friend You will get a call now.
Don’t miss it. Please convince him… Let’s not talk over the phone. They
might record. We will speak in person. – What?
– I’ll take care of the rest Have they chosen a girl for him?
Who would trust him? What do you want? You want
me to apologize. That’s all, right? Not only for this problem… But for everything I did Please forgive me… – Please forgive me…
– Dude… – Get up
– Please forgive me… Now that you are allotted
the MLA seat… Instead of giving us a party you
are taking us just for a snack. – For now the party is at the tea shop
– Why don’t you tell him. Welcome… Surprising, he is welcoming us today…. Normally the glass
won’t be full… but today it seems to be full
and that to with pure milk! How will you make profit
if you do this? Here… No thanks. You
don’t have to pay. Henceforth it’ll going
to be like this. I get thrashed for
ordering food at home… but you are killing me with your love
by serving me without any expectation. This isn’t tea.. It’s Party! Party for Arivu who has
been allotted MLA seat. Just for the allotting a seat? Wonder what will
happen if he wins? I’m going to loose all
the respect I’ve got. With what faith in him
did they allot the seat? We are all worried here and I’m sure he
will be roaming around like a thug there! Sir, check that out. Look at those
posters and cutouts. Stop the vehicle. – Look at his pro-activeness.
– Yes the cutouts are looking real good! – Look at his pro-activeness.
– Yes the cutouts are looking real good!
Sir, sir…I was just
praising your son! Sir, sir…I was just
praising your son! Sir, sir…I was just
praising your son!
– Look at him, he already appears to be a MLA!
– Start the vehicle. Move. – Look at him, he already appears to be a MLA!
– Start the vehicle. Move. Let all the bad
omen around you…. – Yes go ahead, donate something.
– I was just tallying it. let all the bad omen go away and my
grandson should win the elections. – The apple of my eye.
– My dear grandson… Don’t stand there. Come
here and bless him. In these 40 years of
my political life…. what I never got has arrived
at your footsteps with ease… You will be victorious! Why don’t you smile at least now? Don’t expect the unexpected. You will be victorious. We support the “Shirt” symbol!
We support the “Shirt” symbol! Long live our candidate Arivuazhagan!
Long live our candidate Arivuazhagan! “Please don’t chief, he doesn’t
know a zilch about politics” Now that Santhanam’s son
has been allotted a seat… you don’t have to
compete against him. Even our house pet will win the
election against him with a big lead. Jobless fellows. We are silent because it isn’t auspicious
to ask where are we heading to. We have already crossed Trichy. We are going to see
an astrologer. Come on chief, stop
playing pranks. Isn’t that why you have hired me? True but you will always
say things favoring me. Hence I wanted an unknown
astrologer to read my horoscope. There is an famous
astrologer Kamudhi Sithar… Go to Sitthar or Buddha, you are destined
to become the agriculture minister The seat is yours anyway. Look at him sitting half naked. Greetings. My lord… Based on this person’s horoscope,
can you please predict if he will get a seat
allotted for the election? Wait and watch, he is going to
predict as what I predicted. This person will not secure seat
in this or any of the elections. A useless horoscope! Lord… That person insulted him… and he is still paying him. Put it aside and leave at once! Does he look like an astrologer?
Looks like some mad fellow! Our opponents have never insulted us
like that.I would have thrashed him. What is he doing? If he keeps doing this, it’ll
be in the headlines… What happened? Did that person
cast voodoo spell on him? Whatever Kamudhi Sittha said
wasn’t my horoscope…. It was Kaka Gangadharan’s
horoscope. We should check our horoscope only during
auspicious functions like marriage… but in politics you should always
check the opponent’s horoscope! Greetings! Please do vote for us! Wow! Looks like it is going
to be an awesome reception… Everyone is here, then
what are you waiting for? Please being the reception… Yes we’ll start right away! You guys insulted our village
by abducting an actresses! Election was the last thing you needed!
Don’t dare to return requesting for votes! Thankfully there is no loss of blood! Looks like there are no
more broom sticks left! Why is my shirt looking like
a collared ladies wear? Why is the shirt missing
from his Tee shirt! Who is this? I’m unable to recognize!
Seems like someone is missing… Oh there he is. Even after such a thrashing
his bag is still intact with him! It hurts bad! Don’t exaggerate. They hardly thrashed
you after they took care of us! Where is the driver? Oh there on the floor… it’s indeed blood. How dare the villagers
thrash you… For all the problems he has
caused, what else will they do? You guys left me and joined forces
with him. You deserve this. Yeah like if we had come with you
they would have arranged a feast! Buddy I don’t regret the thrashing… or… at least if it was for a happening
heroine it would be worth. But thinking it was after all
for a tele serial actress… now I regret that very much! You are regretting for the
thrashes we received… I am worried about the further
thrashings coming our way. I am your neighbor and I challenge you that if he secures
more than 10,000 votes I’ll leave this village for good. The fellow who played prank on me will never
succeed in even getting back his deposit. and I won’t allow that! They abducted the actress
who came to our village, if they come requesting
for votes thrash them! Just wait and watch what happens if he steps
inside the village and request for votes. I’ll thrash him as well
as his friend Ginger. He has invited troubles
from every direction! – Who is that Bhuvana?
– Which Bhuvana are you talking about? Ginger told me everything. That she insulted you in the
cell phone tower issue… The incident where she handed
you over to the police. And other day the thrashings you’ll
received during the campaign. You handle all other
issues very well but… why aren’t you doing
anything about this girl? – Will you just keep quite.
– Arivu come here. Let me treat your wound. Mom, right now what he
requires is a marriage They had no idea while sowing the
seed and now it is worthless! We thrashed that fellow who
came here campaigning… He has a very reputation
in the village… what good can he do if he wins? If our land is in trouble we can
only sit here and regret… we can never fight against
or question anyone. But he can and he will fight and question.
No matter who it is. He might be good or evil but he never forgets
that he belongs to a farmer’s family. You should have seen the way
he revolted the other day… Death due to starvation does carry the
literal meaning of dying without food… it is the suicide committed with the regret that
they are unable to produce food for people! He is the one who should
head to parliament. Instead of winning and being a
mute spectator in the parliament… we need a person who should
stand up against our problems. Arivu can make that possible. – But I…
– What a blunder? Even this Athiradi Magazine
says the seat will be yours! Did you read it chief? Chief doesn’t believe
in these magazines… They just blabber, hence I read them
only when I am bored in the toilet. Chief, it’s the party head. Greetings, Seat is confirmed. I hear that your opponent in your
district have elected a young candidate? We should be careful not to
loose to the silly fellow! He is a good for nothing fellow.
Everyone hates him. I can win this blindfolded. You are a senior. We should also elect
a young fellow to compete against him. We’ll elect young candidates
in further more divisions.. and ensure we have all
the youth’s votes. Believe me chief, my
preparations are almost done. – Forget that. I’ll ensure you get a seat in the Rajya Sabha election.
– So what about our district? I hope you know Kaka Gangadharan’s
son, who has graduated in I.T… – I’ve elected him.
– What? Ensure his victory and I’ll
ensure your Rajya Sabha seat. Chief…. Chief? In my 25 years of marriage life… In never regretted
not having a kin. But it hurts me a lot today! From a farmer’s family? Why is dad defending
without any evidence? He is rouge! – Confusing.
– My grandson won’t even bother talking to his father… That girl over there is talking to a plant.
Are you sure she is not crazy? Can you please keep quite.
She might hear you. Amidst the village crowd
he abducted the actress how can he be a good person? It is possible dear… The villagers can blame him blindly
for abducting an actress… because that’s all they can understand. But you are a literate. You are different from them. Nobody knows the truth. Please don’t hurt me. I beg
you, please let me go. – Please don’t hurt me.
– You please don’t hurt us. Who do you think you are to
advertise and sell our lands? I am confused. What
are you saying? and you will never understand. For people like you who are ignorant
of agriculture, will never understand. We watch your programs, we
enjoy and we appreciate… what else do you expect
from us further? We have sacrificed a lot for gail, chemical factories,
methane and electricity and this is what is now left. And you guys are here
to sell off that too? The land ad for which you have endorsed,
do you the history behind it? Do you even know how much quantity
of rice was produced there? How would I know? I’ve have enough
problems of my own. – Can I question you if you know about it?
– I’ll thrash you… That was a nice question… So like you said you too
have similar problems… but have I ever intruded your
house for solving my problems? Never. Then why in the name of ads, business
bulls*** you guys are entering our land? They pay for us to endorse and
we act accordingly. That is all. Right from the tea we drink to the bathroom
cleaners you people are endorsing… have we ever question those ads? Even to vaccinate
kids for polio… we’ve to encourage our people through
ads acted by their favourite actors… But for your greed why do you want
to risk that trust laid upon you? Based on your ads, one of our
village teacher Mr. Mahalingam… quit his job and started the, now
scandalized, Emu bird business. Let’s finish her off! Earlier with full enthusiasm you explained
the breeze flowing in this land… do you have any idea about the
sorrow behind that business deal? What are you going to do
with the infertile land? Look at this land, so fertile! There is no water stored
even after it rains! Very clean water just 10
feet under the ground. I’m exhausted by the time I
reach here from Thanjavur. It is just 10 mins drive
away from Thanjavur. If that land is used up for real estate purpose then
there won’t be water inflow to the surrounding lands. Then everyone will have to sell their lands and
all this is happening through your endorsement. They requested me to endorse… but we never realised that there
is such a huge issue behind it… – Forgive me please
– Even now she can’t shed a tear. Stop it. Do you thing
she has anything left? They have shed everything
in their programs… Leave that. Now go. Go ahead and
file a complaint against us. Give out interviews
to every media… Even this could be an easy
publicity for you. Now leave. Come on guys. I’m not here saying all
this for your vote… but I’m here for you. Yes, I would have thrashed you the minute
I knew you laid hands on my grandson. but he prevented
me from doing so. That’s because he
loves you dearly. So my dear daughter-in-law,
please don’t let me down. Now that was from
my grandson…. Long live our chief Gangadharan! Long live our candidate
Vasanth Balakirshnan! Long live our candidate
Vasanth Balakirshnan! Vote for our symbol “Kumkum” Long live our chief Gangadharan! Long
live our candidate Vasanth Balakirshnan! Chief… Wait. Welcome. Welcome. Now come on… So here is our new leader… Now come on, stop it.
Have a seat. This seat was meant for you… Please let me know, if you say
I’ll make sure my son backs out. No. Don’t do that. I do regret that I was
not allotted the seat. But you are helpless. The
party decided that we have to elect a youth to
compete against Arivu. Now if I refuse and ask
your son to back out… they will elect some
other young fellow. Instead of that I would be happy
that our child gets the seat. Thanks Uncle. What else do I need chief? Uncle, please don’t
mistake me… My dad might have un-intentionally
bothered you earlier… But I’ll never bother you.
I’ll abide by what you say. Come on don’t say so. I’m saying that because Arivu
is your caste member.. and he is related to you too. So keeping
that in mind please do not support him. Now do you see that! Sit down.
Young blood… showing off that he is educated. The minute
party announced you as the candidate… I started my duties for
the party right away. Even I thought about all those things
you mentioned about caste and blood… But do you know what? Arivu belongs to my caste
and is my relative… and he would abide by whatever I say.
So I thought I would invite him over… and suggest him not
to campaign… since its our party
will win for sure. And request him to give way…. so that I could help you. But look
at what you had in store for me. Don’t mistake me uncle. I just
cleared the doubt that I had. Listen, go call Arivu. Tell
him I am looking for him. Like he is going
to come at once! Thinking of absconding until the
elections are over. There he comes. Hop on. My uncle
has asked for me. Which uncle? The ruling party’s chief has asked for me.
The one whom you call chief… but for me, he is my uncle. Yep I get it. I guess you
have made up your mind. That we can’t compete, so
will join hands with them. We will join his party
and become big shots. Look at him like a beggar. Here,
take these change and eat something. Getting a MLA’s seat is a
walk in the park, chief. As I said, your time
is really good… and that is why the party head
promised you the Rajya Sabha seat! Didn’t I tell you? He is here the
next minute I asked him to come. Now that’s Arivu. Have a seat dear. Dear? Who me? Stay away from all these
family and caste sentiments. Don’t come to me in the
name of the relation. You are the chief of the ruling party and
I’m the candidate for the opposition. When it comes to family or party, I
am always on the side of my party! My father joined this party… but me, I was born in this party. So don’t order me in the
name of our relation. How dare you speak like that? I was doubtful about both
winning and loosing, but now that you called me
here for a compromise.. my victory has been sealed. I hope you are aware to
whom you are talking to? Let me make it clear. I cannot be compromised
with money or in the name of family. If you people have guts
let’s battle it out. Ok aunt, I’m starting… Mom conveyed her regards to you. What his father couldn’t do in his
40 years of politics experience… he did it in 4 days after
entering into politics. Yesterday I was his
uncle and now… he wants to battle against me. I’ll show him. It’s no more
between you and him… but between me and him! Forget all that. We will
win in our village. I am not strong enough to
take further thrashings! Again thrashings? – I’ll join you in the next street.
– Just come. Come forward you dwarf! Doesn’t look so good. What is your problem? There she comes! She is approaching. Step back! Look at that! What a welcome! Good girls… With the blessings of our
deity and our support… you will will
gracefully like a king! Oh my god! This woman? Weren’t you the one who thrashed mercilessly
other day. What are you looking at, move! She was thrashing me
like a football! It was a mistake… Looks like the election is
diverting on to a new route? And as compensation, all
our votes is for Arivu. You play a beat in my
heart with your beautiful eyes Should I sow a seed? Like a dancing sculpture,
you sow a seed in my heart Why do you rip my heart? You leave me hanging… Your memories
ripple ever day. You play a beat in my
heart with your beautiful eyes Like a dancing sculpture,
you sow a seed in my heart When you crossover my
abode, even the birds sing Your shadows and
mine wander together Like a poultry asking for a
flower, I stumbled on my way I got drenched in your blush For a while… My heart skips a
beat when I see you You are so uncontrollable I promise to protect that You play a beat in my
heart with your beautiful eyes Should I sow a seed? Like a dancing sculpture,
you sow a seed in my heart I wonder why I thought of you
when birds began singing I looked for your fingerprints
in my hand and smiled I am the paddock under your roof You listen to me and I look at you.
What more do we need? My attire…. Stumbles when I see you You redefined my love Let’s protect it forever What? You are seated on one extreme
of the well and me on the other… – what do you mean by closeness?
– then what else is this? You should see how close the
lovers get these days.. What do you mean by lovers? Did I
ever tell you that I love you? or did you ever confess? Look here, roaming
around like couples… and all those love sentiments
are not something I like! What are you saying? How dare you question me with authority?
How mean can you get? Trust them and you’ll find yourself
on the bottom of the well! Look here, concentrate
on the campaigns… and try winning the elections.
Don’t mess in the name of love! If I see you coming around with such
intentions, I’ll break your legs! Careful. – Greetings sir.
– Greetings. How are the election
works going on? Look at him sleeping
at the party office! Atrocious! He was up campaigning the whole
night, why are you abusing him? What he was campaigning? Now we won’t get any votes. – Who else should we send for the
campaign then? – Send Veeraj. I can accept the fact that
you doubt my capability… but selecting him instead
of me is too much. Look at his face carefully… Looks like a godzilla
just out from the sea… and you compare his face with me. Hmm
politics, even turns your father against you. Buddy, your father is trying to put you
down since he couldn’t get a seat. He is trying to separate both of us. That is what even I was wondering. Remember we had placed orders
for flux and posters at Tirpur? So you start today, stay there for 5-6
days and ensure those are taken care of. This is what you father said and you
are putting it in a diplomatic way! You have just being allotted the seat and you are already showing
me the attitude. If you win I’m sure you’ll finish me off! Santhanam….. I’m leaving in anger but look at them
working without paying any heed. Listen, 20 years of friendship and
he is making me do petty jobs… I’m sure when they run out of money, they’ll
pledge your ring and chase you away. Remember me then! Oh brave heart don’t breakdown… Don’t be afraid of the loneliness…. Oh brave heart don’t breakdown… Don’t be afraid of the loneliness…. He just bought me a
large on my Birthday… and you people have bought me foreign
liquor just on the day we met. If I knew this earlier, right from
childhood I would have been your friend. This special liquor if
exclusively for you. Imported from Switzerland… 60 yrs old.. What do you mean? It has been preserved for
60 years and then sold. Why do you want to get rid of
this old stuff to me then? It’s worth 35,000 rupees.. Is it that costly? – In that case, I’ll will not have it here.
– Then? I would like to drink in front of my
friends, who’ve a low opinion of me. Do as you wish… but in turn you must inform
us about Arivu’s every move. People like me work sincerely
for those who buy us liquor… so don’t worry, I’ll pass the information
without fail. Ok I shall start now. Can you lend me 10
rupees change? For what? – For buying pickle.
– Pickle alongside that costly liquor? Why don’t you get some fruits…. Now that your part is over let me bother
about with what I should have this… No matter how costly the liquor is, it can’t
be relished unless there is some pickle… forget it, you guys
won’t understand that. Anyone can provide the liquor… but only you guys can give
the company to drink it. Guess what? It’s 60 years old! 60 years… What difference does it make?
It’s still booze! Buddy… we drink almost everything and anything.
So why did they give you this? Buddy, it seems like they need
me to pass information… Just watch me passing
the information… Tomorrow they are heading to Kizh street and Kavadi
street and planning to dispose election money there. and later, at the same
place they will dispose off the money received
from Dubai Paandi. Please do vote for us. Remember, vote for our symbol ‘Kumkum’ Vote for our symbol ‘Shirt’ He is a educated lad! He is everyone’s favourite lad.
Trust me and vote for him. Please you handover it uncle. Please… – Have this…
– No thank you… Please have it… Open the box and see… They are gifting everyone
with their symbol… why don’t you guys
gift everyone a shirt? It’s unfair to bribe people
and request for vote. He doesn’t buy us, his
party men, a shirt…. – And you are expecting him to gift everyone?
– Greedy fellows! Please remember to vote for
the symbol of “Shirt” Move… Thankfully our symbol is not
that of a costly object! Please do vote for us What are you looking at? If you perform
this custom you would ask for money… But we can’t afford that hence we
ourselves are taking care of this… Stop talking or they are
not going to vote for us. Uncle… Now you decide whom do you want to elect.
Check this. I can’t believe this! When did they capture it? They have posted it everywhere! We are not bribing anyone. Nor
to our village people or others. But they have bribed their people,
so you know what that means… Do they think that you guys don’t have voting
rights or are your votes not powerful? Do something about them uncle! What? Who will vote for you, if you campaign in this
attire? Go change to our traditional style… Hey why are you guys
dressed up like the old? – Your dad told so…
– The party has selected the youths… The why this attire? So go and get changed to
your normal pant and shirt. – Listen
– Now what? Do you want us to change into shots? Everyone in this house
behaves like a politician! Dear son… – I want to see off my grandson
– Before that we have to see you off! – She is my mother
– Yeah GRAND mother! Quite, call from the head…. – Looks like its a call from the party head!
– Is it? Ok! Ok! – Haven’t you started yet?
– I’m about to… Don’t go in your normal attire,
go in our traditional wear. Fold the hand cuffs and place
some holy ash on your forehead. Do you think I’m going for a play? Just now I
made everyone here change to pant and shirt… Even you don’t understand
the trend of a youth! Won’t a girl know in which
attire a guy would look good? Listen to me and wear the traditional dress. Listen to me. Today many of our leader
in politics prefer pant and shirt. Stop it! First be a Tamilan
then you can become a leader. I am saying so because I
wish to see you in the traditional attire. Why
can’t you understand? Stop it! Stop it I say! Who allowed to conduct
Methane test in my village? – Who is he to question?
– He thinks he is the collector around! Keeps troubling us in
the name of this land. When the land owner has no
complaints, what is your problem? In the name of methane test you are going to
wreck the land. He is unaware of it but.. I am aware and I ain’t going
to be silent about it. I won’t let this methane testing
happen until I’m alive. Why are you here? To be a bystander?
Ask this man to get lost! Mind you words sir. Don’t show your educated attitude to the
one who bought food to your plate.. What makes a down trodden like you think
that you bought food to my plate? You beggar how dare you question us? You shout at us for
testing methane here… there are methane tests conducted
in the surrounding 7-8 districts. Are you going to
revolt against them too? Ramaiyya, I have planned my daughter’s
wedding based on this income.. please don’t be a hindrance. The evil outcome of the methane test… is not understood by anybody! I am unable to bear the sight
of my landing getting wrecked. Dear officers, who shut our mouth saying that
methane scheme is a development scheme… if indeed it’s a development scheme… then why would it be banned in countries
like Australia,Ireland,Poland and Canada. Ban Methane! Ban Methane Testing! Don’t snatch our lands!Don’t
snatch our lands! Save our farmers!
Save our farmers! What makes a down trodden like you think
that you bought food to my plate? Literates and officers
who are ignoring this issue considering it to
be farmers’ issue… this isn’t farmers’ issue. This
is an issue of everyone who needs food. Just like how my son Muthukumar
sacrificed his life for our land… I will sacrifice my life too
in order to save our land. Use my death as a weapon and get
rid of the methane testing scheme. Register my death as a one due
to starvation and forever… ensure that our land is not
used for extracting Methane. I am proud to sacrifice my life for
my land but at the same time… the only thing that aches my heart is
that I am leaving my daughter alone. Arivuazhagan who love
this land more than me… will take care of my daughter. We thought he won’t get his deposit
back but he is giving a tough fight. Uncle he is playing our
own games with us. Why are you so concerned about him? By the time he learns politics
you will become a minister. To my fellow land owners… we have tried our best to
revolt against Methane testing… but in vain. Henceforth, I take this drastic step
to sacrifice myself for this protest. Register my death as a
one due to starvation and get rid of the methane
testing scheme… Flop all the plans to
abstract our land. Only we can save our land! He always said he would sacrifice his
life for this. Indeed he did it! – Dear
– Uncle, hold one. I’ll be back. Uncle all these days we watched him
play… but now we will show him who we are. Father! Father! Wake up! Please! I protected you like a shadow… Just like in the fields,
I sow your memories. The land cries for the lost life! You are a god to have scarified
your life for the land! To my dear daughter Bhuvana.. Though your mother passed
away early, I still bought you up in a very
disciplined manner. but you faith was false. I am shocked by the person whom
you have fallen in love with. And this assured me that
I was a bad father. I cannot bear these people talking
about you and Arivu as a couple. Hence I am leaving to where your
mother resides. Forgive me. Yours Lovingly… There he is. He is the one. Beat him up! He is the reason for this! No one should near the body until
it is taken for postmortem. Come one. Do we have to
tell you separately. Move or you will have to
face many consequences. The police are very rude. He is the reason for the death. That’s how we manipulated
his revolt death against methane testing as death
due to your affair…. Now you know what we are capable of! Don’t you have a bit of integrity?
Manipulating a death due to starvation
into a gossip story? You don’t talk about manipulating.
You are an expert in it! Remember how you transferred our
inspector by playing with chief’s name? I hope now you realize how
much manipulating hurts! I agree it’s my fault. but avenge me for that but please
don’t insult this farmer’s death! Please somehow register this as death
due to starvation and save the land! – I don’t want this election or anything
– Get lost! Why should you run away? Why? It is now you should
stand your ground! You think my dad committed
suicide because of our love? In fact, I fell for you only
when my dad praised about you! I’ve never told you but
now I’m telling you. Right now I’ll tell.. I love you! I don’t know about my father… he was half-dead hearing
abut methane… but they insulted his death
by making gossips out of it! But you don’t worry about it… Similarly across the nation
in every direction… there are farmers dying like this. In the name of gossips and cheap stories… every farmer’s death is been insulted. You should stand against not only my dad’s
death but all of these farmer’s death! You have to win at least for that.
Why are you begging to him? Go request every one this
district to vote for you. Is it our fault that we
belong to this caste? Please finish me off like just
like how you finished off my son! What do you think of yourself? Didn’t you find any other girl apart from
that poor’s daughter to fall in love with? What good will you do
contesting in the election? Look at him requesting for votes. Leave him. What will he
do for that man’s death? You don’t even know
what the truth is! We know who is instigating
you all to do this! Now you know! He has surpassed
the chief in dealing politics! As far as I know… Arivu must have
absconded by now. Greetings. Sir, please sit down. He ain’t the same
old Arivu to attack us right away! The deadline to take back the
registration is also gone. What are you doing here at this hour? You think you are a politician by
manipulating a farmer’s death? Tired of a rich like him,
a corrupt officer like him… and a corrupt politician like him, they
allotted seats to youths like you and me. We never toiled hard for our seats.
There are lot of youths in FB and twitter who revolt
against the corrupted… They didn’t do to kill time.The revolution
that took place in Egypt and Libya… they wrote expecting the same here. But you stand apart as the crook who
sold the land that served him food! – Hold it my boy.
– Who is he to blame me? It’s fair that the loser will get angry. But we should be patient. Dear, you vent out your anger..go ahead. Not to you. I’ll go and speak
in every village out there. An honest youth should win… but if you win, the
confidence over all the youths based on your
reputation will be lost. I don’t wish to win but people
like you should never win! Karnataka never shared
the water resources…. And so did we not receive
water from Kerala. And hence we are getting used
to the alcohol from Pondicherry leaving all the fertile land dry. Tell me what kind
of species are we? Tell me what kind
of species are we?
Why do we treat
ourselves as god? Why do we treat
ourselves as god? How can we forget all those
food served on our plate? Did the nature ever leave us to starve? We ran away from paying
the interests… And so we were afraid
if we’ll ever get food. We ran away from yields and
hence we feared hunger. We feared if we’ll ever
lead a normal life. We even feared if there
will be a good revolution. Worse, we even feared
raising a girl child. Eyewash is what earns respect these days… The real values have no respect left. The sorrow of people has
become entertainment. People are brainwashed just
like the onions are peeled! How is it fair that so many
of us are dying for a living? Is it only money that will
bring the basic needs? Is starvation still
the question? Will your votes finally
give an answer? I’m not solely responsible
for Ramaiyya’s death. All of you too are responsible. He
sacrificed his life for the land. I’m not promising as a candidate. I am promising as
a farmer, that I won’t let anyone snatch our lands! We survived on greens… We survived on roots… We survived on snails and
we survived on **** too… We survived on insects… We survived on rats too… Baring rice we survived
on everything! All the groups destroying our
roots should run away… Groups that only make promises
should be feared away… Groups that helps us make
a living should reign… And all the cheating groups
should come to an end! How is it fair that so many
of us are dying for a living? Is it only money that will
bring the basic needs? Is starvation still
the question? Will your votes finally
give an answer? How is it fair that so many
of us are dying for a living? Is it only money that will
bring the basic needs? Is starvation still
the question? Will your votes finally
give an answer? Will your votes finally
give an answer? What are you doing here? Our god is with you.Don’t be worried. Why do your frown? Don’t worry
dear, you’ll win gracefully! Tell them to call later So what’s up? Are you
forecasting the car’s future? Did your folks leave you
out before the results? Attention Agents Here is the status of Varuthanaadu
district’s postal vote count The total count of votes is 851 MMK Candidate Vasanth Balakrishnan
has secured 376 votes SMK Candidate S.Arivuazhagan
has secured 390 votes. Usually the postal vote count would be in
their favour but we’ve surpassed them in it. We are already leading.
You be confident dear! What are you wondering? Even the God won’t
be able to prevent Arivu’s victory now. The winner of Pattukottai, Mr Veerasenan… is requested to come forward to
accept the winner’s certificate. Results for Varuthanaadu district’s
after 1st round of counting MMK’s candidate Vasanth Balakrishnan
has secured 11,872 votes. In comparison, SMKs candidate
S.Arivuazhagan is 3,164 votes… behind him. In elections, always the 1st round
results sustains till the last round. So get started on the thanks
giving hoardings right away. 2nd round results MMK’s candidate Vasanth Krishnan… has secured 24,747 votes and.. SMK candidate’s S.Arivuazhagan… hs secured 16,680 votes. – that’s a very big lead.
– How’s that for a lead? – It’s all your hard work.
– Don’t say like that. It’s all your son’s hard work. Listen, I don’t believe
in those who voted… but I do believe in your horoscope. Has any of predictions
come true till date? You predict everyone’s future,
now let me predict yours. Post elections you will give up your
profession and if that doesn’t happen… I’ll give up my name, Ginger. Yes, change your name to Puncture
instead of Ginger, it’ll sound great. 4th round results MMK’S candidate Vasanth Balakrishnan… has secured 32,624 votes SMK’s candidate S.Arivuazhagan
has secure 17,110 votes. The difference 15,514 votes. Get his blessings. – Long live my boy!
– Its like you’ve won! Wait and watch the lead after
the count from our area is in. Now what’s happening? The only districts left are that
of chief’s and Puliyurkarupu. I guess it’s confirm that
we are going to lose. 7th Round results… Vasanth Balakrishnan is
leading with 47,432 votes S.Arivazhagan is behind
by 11,740 votes. – Where is ginger?
– He must be at the bar. Don’t worry dear you
are the next MLA! – Has my grandson won yet?
– I’ll definitely call you. – Do you think I won’t let you know?
– Why are you getting all tensed? My grandson will return
home victorious. Now come on, that too much of
a cost for a little liquor! It’s illegal to run the
shop on the day of counting! So if you want
buy or else take a hike! This drinking habit has
caused us our reputation! And you are back here? I guessed it in the 1st round… that we are going to loose. Couldn’t take it and
hence I am here. Playfulness… has caused us everything. Damn it! Buddy… forget it. There is no use regretting now! Come on. We have seen worse.. why are you crying? I’m not bothered
by my failure… But I’ve crushed my dad’s
40 years old dream… and also let down the
protest against methane! That’s what is bothering me. Now come on… the people who let you down should regret! Finally, they made us shed tears We prostrated on their feet… yet they did this to us. If only the rich has to
win, why conduct elections? They better auction and select the MLAs. Vasanth Balakrishan is leading
S.Arivuazhagan by 22,000 votes The victory is confirmed.
Call up the party head. I just can’t stand them further! Sir,what is this man with the
mobile doing inside the hall? Ex minister, who thinks
he can do anything. Sir… – Listen to me sir.
– Just leave me. Wait and watch the
results from our area… My son’s future is spoiled! I, myself made my son the scapegoat. If I knew this would happen, I
would’ve never requested for a seat. Sir… Cruel god. You made me dumb by birth… but have I ever regretted that? But unable to console my master
today, I regret it very bad… I regret it! Why god why? Why did
you make me dumb? Haven’t you announced the
final round’s result yet? My baby is crying, so… Final round’s result for
Orathanaadu district. Everybody, the treat
is on me today! My friend Arivu… is now a MLA!! – How did this happen chief?
– Shut up and move. I said move. – What do you all want?
– Please leave. I’m already pissed for loosing
against that pity fellow… and why are you guys here,
adding on to my agony? Chief.. – What if we can campaign in 2 more wards?
– Shut up… Just leave! Jobless fellows.. If anyone comes here in the name
of panchayat, district or recommendation I’ll thrash both of you. Did you really work for the
party or just hurl around? How did that fellow earn so
many votes from our area? – Yes buddy!
– What are you saying? In the last round of counting for
puliyurkaruppu and chief’s district… you leaped ahead! Yes! We won finally! God exists. This is
a proof of that! Come let’s go… Dude, you start with the formalities.
I’ve few unfinished business. Those people from Puliyurkaruppu
who gave us lot of troubles… I’ll just go and have a
word with them and be back. I’m sure they might have
absconded the minute Arivu won. What will guys do, now that
you have won the elections? Will announce 2 Sundays for a week.
Sounds good? CHEERS! Now that we ensured his
victory, he has lost to us. Isn’t it because he was idle
he kept pulling our legs… Now that he is the
MLA, he’ll be occupied. That was the right plan
at the right time dude! Now if he has to fight, it
has to be in the parliament! Never expected our
people will let us down! I don’t know what
spell did he cast but he swept off so many votes! Stop it! Stop it I say! Do you still consider him a kid? – He is a MLA
– Like he just found out! Let him down! That’s right. Now it’s not MLA’s turn… but in fact his turn. How did you guys
deceive chief’s area? Which chief are you talking about? I’m sure he must be drinking
out of embarrassment right now! Mad fellows! You think he cast a spell? It was me who manipulated the votes
overnight and cast a spell. Chief? Politics isn’t all about
winning or loosing.. It’ all about WHEN you win and lose. But Arivu has won. He dear to us. We can
win over him anytime. But this was the only time to have
won over that crooked smart fellow! So he thinks after graduating in
I.T he’ll jump into politics.. then get my blessings and win
the election with my support.. and end up snatching away my seat. I can still forgive
him for that but… to win the election these
guys will go upto any extend. Especially what he did… “All these days we watched him play
but now we will show him who we are.” He thought I will be a mute
spectator to keep mum? The minute when someone plays
games around a farmer’s death… such individuals should never
ever enter into Politics!

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