Ken Jeong Explains Why He Took a Break from Stand Up Comedy | The View

Ken Jeong Explains Why He Took a Break from Stand Up Comedy | The View

Happy to see you guys Thank you So before we get to the new movie we have to talk about you being parodied on SNL Okay weeks ago with Eddie Murphy hosted. We have a clip of this which is fabulous. Let it take a look Diagnosing you as 100% juicy One of the rare things we’ve seen on SNL they actually used in the Asian actor Honestly the that was the coolest thing ever I was watching it live because I want me my family my what my home my wife We were watching we’re watching SNL live for it just to watch the Eddie Murphy episode and Literally the messenger thing appeared on and I liked collectively our whole family was like our jaws were just dropping and it was like the coolest thing ever and And Beau and yang who is on SNL he is actually my favorite cast member on SNL. Yeah, I was so thrilled I actually I actually Texted Bowen because we know he was gonna air and I actually texted him during the show and I said I can die now Thank you Coming into their own on television lately the movies – yes definitely but I like Aquafina when a Golden Globe Awards it is really really a joy to be Asian. Yeah Netflix, yes, and it’s called you complete me home Now you say that that’s a love letter to your wife. Can you please explain this? Yes my wife. She’s Vietnamese Doctor last name HOH. So I Married a ho I Love her so much our love is so real the pimping was Yes, she never rolls her eyes at my phone My family is in no way sick of my stupid jokes My husband and I watched it and I live-tweeted about it it is. Thank you Hilarious laugh the entire time amazing and I think like one of the most streamed on Netflix. So congratulations Who actually took a break from stand-up ten years Why did you take a break and then obviously came back in full force it yeah I stopped doing stand-up around the time when the hangover cam had to focus on I didn’t stand up in ten years, you know so I could have a baby and no I I did I Did stand up for you? I really wanted to focus on the acting and I was also on a show called community for six years had my own show doctor Ken and I really kind of I Didn’t know if I would actually come back to stand-up actually because I thought yes Stand-up is by far the hardest form of entertainment I mean I I overact Well, you know and I do other things like Bowens Bowen does my HAMP Bowen does me better than me with the hand So he’s amazing but stand-up is is really the hardest art for your naked. Anybody else’s dress That’s how yes, and I have been naked in movies but being naked on stand-up with that motion alene Akin, is even worse It really is the toughest form But it’s something that I’m kind of back in the flow and I just really love doing stand-up comedy And I just I really appreciate all the love and you guys have really supported me, you know from jumps. I really

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  1. 2:08 Why do I get the feeling that this was his inside joke making fun of non-Asian people who laugh about this cheap Asian joke?

  2. I canโ€™t believe Iโ€™m finally able to see
    Asian actors and comedians on screen. Ken is helping us break ground being hilarious. Love him!

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