KENZO Fall-Winter 2018 “The EVERYTHING” FILM

KENZO Fall-Winter 2018 “The EVERYTHING” FILM

Rose! Hey guys, welcome to
the Sonic’s release. As you all know, we have
a very limited stock. So we’re gonna keep it down
to one pair per person. I wanna do this really quickly. We can all be in and
outta here in 15 minutes if we keep this civil and efficient. So yeah, thanks for coming and
I hope you have a good time. You can try em out over there. Right there. Hi guys What sizes would you guys like? I’m a 10. I’m a 6. 6 for you right here. That’s a 10. Should I just wear them out? Oh, bold, I like it, yeah. You can swipe right there. Thank you so much guys, have a great day. Hi. Can I get a pair of
Sonic’s in size 6 please? 6, one second. Oh, we’re all sold out
on 6 unfortunately. We have a size 14. Uh, do you have like a 7? Or a 5 and a half? No, we’re all sold out. We sell out really quick. Maybe you should come a
little early next time. What about the sneakers on display? Oh, I called dibs on
those, those are mine. And then, the ones in
the window out front. Oh, aren’t those yours? Yeah. – Those are hers.
– Those are mine. You know, I’m sorry. Yeah. I want it to be like messy like this.
– You want a garden? We can have a garden but I want it to be messy like this, but not
that messy, but wild. What the fu– What’s going on? Where are your shoes? I don’t know. I literally just bought them for you. What are these? Better take it easy on those, you only got ten. You should make em pretty. Maybe red, ya know, and
pointy or french tip, I love french tips. No, no, I don’t do
that anymore, remember? It’s weird what we all do. Listen, I’m not your mother. Maybe it’s not my place but, I think you shouldn’t be
scared of the thing you can do. I’m not scared, I
just don’t wanna do it. I wanna be normal. Mom, Rosie’s home. Hey baby. Hey Georgie. It’s Mom. Mom. And that’s dinner. Well, this dinner’s really good, Mom. Can you get your grubby
little hands outta there? My hands are clean, Mom. Rosie! Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. What’s goin’ on over there? What are those? Oh, my new shoes. They’re Sonics, they’re really dope They’re so dope? They look really dope. Thank you. So, anything you wanna tell me, you wanna tell Mom? Um, no, I mean, I got new shoes. I just told you about it. So, I’m feeling pretty good. OK. You know the rules about the thing and why you don’t do it? No, we’ve talked about
this before, please. – We’ve gone over this
– Seriously. how many times, how many times? Nobody cares. And honestly, I paid for them! You paid for them? I did, with my own money. With your own money? Some of your money too. Alright, you, young lady, can do the dishes then. Why don’t you ask
Bobby to do the dishes? Gross dude. Can you leave him alone, please? Go upstairs and help Shelly. She’s with Mimi. Yeah, go check on the
princess of everything. Can you be nice to your sister please? Go on, here ya go. You know, when I was your age, I had tragically big hair? I mean, tragically big hair. Dinner’s almost ready guys. I used a can of hairspray a day. How do you know when somebody likes you? Like maybe they were your friend before and you hang out a lot, but you don’t know if
they like you like you, if that makes sense. Well ya know, maybe
it’s a touch of the hand or maybe you laugh at a joke
that really isn’t that funny, but you laugh anyway. She wouldn’t do that because I get too nervous to make jokes. So, you just tease her. Ya know, just tease her
in a way that she knows that you like her. Like flirting. I know what flirting is. I just, how do you do it? Well you know what, you can always tell how somebody feels when you’re dancing. Nobody can lie when they’re dancing. Get it? ‘Cause you’re dancing
so you can’t lie down? That’s terrible. Do you know that camping is intense? That’s kinda funny. Georgie told me to check on you. Tell her that. I’ll give it a try. Maybe they’ll try doing the worm too. It’s all about that core strength. I’ll pay to see you do that. Hey Bobby, how come
you always smell like bologna and desperation? Don’t be such a jerk to Bobby. Bobby, it’s fine if
you smell like bologna. I know, I love bologna. Me too, I like bologna. Ugh. I like bologna. You really wanna be
homecoming queen, don’t you? No. God, can’t you find someone
else to annoy, Rose? Rose, please tell
her how good she looks. You’re gonna be the most
beautiful girl there. Uh I doubt it. Frankie’s gonna be there
and she’s really hot. Could I keep this when
you’re done with it? Yeah, it’s yours. Do whatever you want with it. Wait, really? Mmhmm. Thanks. No, no, no, wait. I need to see it one last
time before you cut it up. Bobby. Ya know, if you wanna be a princess, I can help with that. Put them back, Rose. OK, alright. Seriously, it’s not funny! OK, you’re right. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s so mature. Stop it, Rose. Seriously, stop. Dude. Stop it! What did you do? Put it back! Turn it back! Yo. Help Rose! Can I come in? Of course you can man, come on. Tell me what you think about this. I’ve been working on this one all day. I think that’s my favorite. That’s your favorite? You know what that means. What? It means you got good taste, man. Are you moving in anytime soon? Uh.. You know Bobby, I’m not sure man. Things are good. Your mom is happy and I’m very happy. You guys are all good. No need to rush things. Definitely. Can I show you something? Of course man. Keep out? Yeah it’s just kinda private. You did this? Yeah. So you got the beehive which was famous in the 60s and the pompadour, which was made famous by the Rockabillies. Then we’ve got the French
twist, which surprisingly, it wasn’t invented in France. You don’t say? And then, the asymmetrical bob, which is obviously quite modern. This is pretty cool man, very uh, very thorough. Um… I don’t know, it’s stupid. What? No, this isn’t stupid. This is great. This is a great project man. No, not this. There’s kind of something
else I gotta show you. Shoot. OK. It’s finally happening. What’s happening? I got it. Got what? You know, how the thing– Puberty? No, no! What Georgie doesn’t
like us to talk about. Unbinding my feet, I let
out 1,000 years of poison. I am Ku Jen, feminist revolutionary. What’s going on over here? I let shine bright my light. Are you guys ready to go? Splendid, glittering
in the aura of its color. Alright you guys, five minutes and we’ve gotta get outta here. That the whole world has come together plucking the eyes of men to rejoice. Are you wearing
the costume from the play? Is that from school? Alas, this handkerchief
is both stained with blood and both stained with tears! Get off the table now. Really, you’re doing
this right now, really? You change, Rose. You’re gonna ruin your costume. Give me my voice back, I’m serious. Don’t make me put my foot down. Don’t laugh. I won’t laugh. Wow! That is cool, man! Touch it. It looks amazing, is it real? Of course.
Yeah? Look at that! B, you look great man. I would’ve never saw you
as a long hair guy, but– Really? Yeah, let’s see what else you do. Can you do another one? Of course. Alright, one more, come on, make it something bigger this time. Come on, you ready? That’s so cool, man. That is great! Kinda emo. Yeah it is. Well that’s another theme. Oh, it’s in the book? Oh OK, can you do another one? Let’s do one more. This one is like your perfect hair cut. What’s Bobby’s cut? I wanna see that. OK. There it is, there he is. That’s it right there. Yeah man, I love it. Come on man, let’s go show your mom. Show my mom? Show your mom. Look, I am method
acting from the outside in and I’m trying to find
myself as an artist, so I’d really appreciate
your support, thanks. Alright guys, five minutes, let’s go. What’s going on, Bobby? What did you do? Is that for real? I changed my hair. Yeah, I see that. It’s uh, it’s his thing. No. Yeah, it just happened. No, no, no. OK, it’s not happening. This could be your future, OK? Now, go change it. Go change it back. You look like, you look like the dog. Hey, hey, come on. No, it’s– Ugh, Bobby. Bobby, baby– Come here, come here, come here. Let him cool off. Just let him cool off, come on. Come here, come on. What am I doing wrong? You gotta relax. They’re good kids. I just don’t want
people to think they’re, they’re different, OK? What am I supposed to do? Listen, you’re doing a great job. You are. Look at me, you are. It’s just a hair cut. It’s just a hair cut, alright? He’s a sensitive kid
and he’s just trying to show the world who he is, that’s all. Alright kids, let’s go. Come on. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Hi. Honey. Just don’t know what to do. You don’t need to do anything. I think it’s kinda cool! Look at this! I look amazing. Mimi. Georgie, you gotta be OK with it. You have fun tonight? Yeah, you too. Look, Bobby left bobs. OK, thank you.
Could be worse. Hey. Hi! Hey, how’s it going? Good! Have you been here for a long time? Yeah. Do you wanna pee? Yeah! Cool. OK, spin. Oh my God, I am such a bad dancer. Me too. Everybody in there is so seamless. But you are a good dancer though. I’m barely even dancing. I’ve seen you dance before though. Show me your dance. Yeah, like if I could do– I thought we were going to the bathroom. Oh, right. I have to show you something first. OK. But you can’t look. Just keep locked over there. OK. After you. How did you do that? Doesn’t matter. Weird being here when no one’s here. Yeah. It’s kinda scary. Have you ever played the question game? Uh, no, teach me. Well basically you just
ask any kinda question that you wanna ask. Um, Tovo, can we cut the music there? Alright, great, thank you. It’s a pleasure, great to
have you all here Tigers. You all look beautiful this evening. We have a special guest, the Superintendent of the
school system with us, Wendy Leon, Wendy thank you. Do you have anything you’d like to say? Go Tiger! Alright, go Tigers! What’s your favorite food? Peanut butter, does that count? I don’t know. Um, what’s your favorite color? Uh purple, duh. Well, what’s your favorite kinda purple? Like there’s lavender. Ceremony’s gonna start ladies. Shells, Frankie. Also cabernet, berry, prince purple.
Grape. Grape? Yeah. Cool. Have you heard the joke about the grapes? Um, I don’t think I have. What did the purple grape
say to the green grape? I don’t know, what? You look really grape tonight. They’re starting. Go, go, go Frankie. Oh baby, oh baby, you look so beautiful. Oh, I’m so proud of you. Shelly, come on! OK, OK, I don’t want you
to miss your big moment. Go, go, go! I think I just did. OK, so if you’re half as
excited as I am for this, that’s very excited and we were about to crown our homecoming king and queen out of these incredible finalists. I just can’t believe it’s been another year since homecoming. Yeah. It feels like time is moving faster now and I feel like I just
blink and it’s another. OK great, we have everybody here. Give us a minute to get ready. Freak. What did you say? You heard me. You wanna do something about it? You freak. I dare you to get up. Leave him alone. It’s just this douchebag. Hey! Leave my brother alone! Well look here, another freak from the freak family. Screw you! Your whole family are all freaks. Look at that stupid mop on his head. Bro, you literally look like an eraser. Are those my shoes? Don’t change the subject, chick. What?
Those are your shoes! Give those back or I’m driving you and your freak brother back to the circus with your freak mother
and the 200 other freaks you live with. No. Give them back now. No. We have rules. Get back to normal. They won’t remember a thing. Mom! Rose. Come here. I’m a jerk. Yes, you are a jerk sometimes. But you’re a kid. All of you are kids. You’re just trying to
figure out the world. Let’s go cheer up real quick, OK? They need you. They don’t need me. They’re better off without me. This is all my fault. No! Georgie knew. She knew that you guys
would have a hard time. That’s why she wanted
you to have each other. That’s why she brought you all together. I don’t know Mimi. Well, I know. All of you, all of you are her everything. Now come on. Come on.

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  1. Omg why is this only a short film, I wanted it to gooo on. This could be a full length film or even more so a tv series please Netflix

  2. I kind wish this was an after math of the Inhumans disbaning and madusa ended up finding other mutant teens and makeing a family. But I think it'll be interesting cant wait to see it.

  3. i really liked it the only thing i thought was eh was the guy at the end ??like his acting seemed really forced

  4. I actually really enjoyed this as a piece of entertainment in its own right even though it’s just a 30 min clothing advert LOL. Great stuff!

  5. When I saw the ad I thought it was film and I was like when is it in odeon? Haha this is so good though please make it into something more

  6. Tbh this was underwhelming and ppl are really hyping up. It has potential to grow and improve though,so I'll support u in hopes of it getting better lmao

  7. This is a really creative short film I would love to see more I really hope Netflix sees this and does a show about it and Im 100% goimg to watch ever single bit of it.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks this looks rubbish? It's like Professor X reject school. "Oh my super power, I can change people's shoes" 😂😂 FFS. Waste of money making crap like this.

  9. 2:40 how the fuck do you go from size 6 to size 14???? seriously..
    8:46 bitch you deserve it
    17:58 is she drunk?….this is becoming an interesting show..
    23:21 :oooooooo :DDDDDDD of course they would give her something like that

  10. Everything about this is perfect: the racial diversity, the lgbt representation, the plot, the clothing…I would love it if this became a television show!

  11. This is shit… Sry but this is a real shit which I don't even watch…KENZO World – The new fragrance best clip from Kenzo!!!

    (The song is called 'oblivion by Grimes' btw)

  13. the broad in the center of the screen in the light dreess 23:41 is a terrible background actress. i'd never hire her. YOU HAD ONE JOB….. BE… STILL. smh

  14. This would make an incredible full-length movie or even tv show. It's an awesome concept, and super interesting. It's really cool because it's not exactly good vs. evil but just chill superpowered kids, almost Xmen-ish. I'm really glad I checked this out. This is it's very own piece, very original and interesting, very chill too. It would be amazing if this idea could someday be expanded on. I love this. I just wish it was longer. Keep up the good work. Excelsior.

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