KEYSTONE – Gay Movie – Film Gay (Sub Eng)

KEYSTONE – Gay Movie – Film Gay (Sub Eng)

Why don’t you train a bit, too? You might put on a bit of muscle No, thanks. It’s not my kind of thing, you know C’mon! You might even get something going with the ladies… Alex, I’m not into women, how many times do I have to tell you? If our parents were alive, they’d make you normal again Alex, I AM normal, you’re the shitty brother If you were normal, you’d be into girls, not boys How long do I have to be ashamed of you? Tell me Don’t worry, “DEAR” big bro As soon as I’ll have earned enough to afford a place of my own, you’ll never see me again At least I won’t embarrass you in company Really? Earned enough? Who’s been paying the bills until now? Me I’ve paid for your schooling and now you’re doing that useless travesty for work… That, what is it, a “Fashion Burger” Fashion Blogger, it’s called Fashion Blogger Hamburgers you can find in Fast Foods. To be precise, Influencer Right, that stuff. I don’t even know what’s the use You can just look it up on the net. Admitting you know how to spell it Marco, I don’t want you to go, I’d just like you to be like everybody else Not … Different… This is what you don’t get. I’m not ill, I’m not broken and, above all, Im not different Different in what, anyway? We’re all different in this world anyway. Even you are different from everyone else, we’re not all clones I know you think I’m not on your side, that I hate you But I don’t You think the loss of our parents was only hard for you? You think it was easy to raise a brother like this… Like what? C’mon, Marco, where are you going…? Marco! A few days later… Hello? I have a pencil, and I’m not afraid to use it! I give up! I give up! Are you a Shadow? A Shadow? What’re you talking about No, you don’t look like a Shadow Who are you? I’m Marco,but who are you? You look like Peter Pan! (Mobil Phone music message) Wizadry! You are a wizard with magic tools! No… It’s just a message Peter Pan? How do you know his name? Well, Peter Pan dresses like… strangely I’m not dressed strangely Everyone in my village dresses like this You are dressed strangely! So you normally walk around in that? You’re not a live RPG player…? Or a cosplayer? You’re talking jibberish… I’m really not dangerous, at least, I hope not… No, you don’t seem dangerous Peter Pan was the first Gate Jumper He came to our village long ago and taught the Elders of our Elders the secrets of the Portals So he named them, and all their successors, Guardians We are all named Pan in his honour And ours is the village of the Gate Guardians Hang on… are you trying to tell me that you travel through portals to other worlds? Sure thing. Never been here, though It’s odd… You exactly, what are you? We are the Guardians of the Portals And we only let who has permission through But these Shadows… They try to get through to conquer other worlds And one of them passed by here? It was just a scout And, once discovered, it went back through the portal Well, IT crossed the portal, certainly not me… I followed and ended up here That’s why I mistook you for it What do you think, Serin? Do you think we’ll finally get into the Camerlengo’s good books? I don’t think he’ll even remember your names You be quiet It’s all your fault I lost the respect of my superiors Whoa, whoa, whoa, let me get this straight You’ve never been able to catch me and you think I’m responsible for everyone making fun of you? Shut up and walk I got you this time Garrett You talk too much There, you see, he uses his brain The Shadow probably wanted to kill me and grab my pendant The shadows try to recover them by killing those who are guardians But I found it first and startled it, then chased it here So these Shadows are evil Yes. The first one is called “Queen Shadows” she recruited more to begin conquering other worlds by jumping through the Portals They are powerful and ruthless But… how do you know all these things? Easy, they teach it on the first day of school in the village. everyone knows Sure. Easy. Everyone knows… I’m leaving on my first mission tomorrow Can you believe it? I’ll finally cross my first Portal I know, but be careful Remember, if you see Shadows, don’t attack Warn the others You haven’t much experience in combat Don’t worry I might follow it to see where it goes Don’t even think of it! Don’t make me worry It’s dangerous, you can’t do something so stupid Shadows are powerful, some too much so Have you seen many? Have you fought them? Yes… and it was never pleasant They have powers from other worlds, the ones they have subdued and conquered We must prevent them from doing it again Remember, we are the Keepers and I want to spend the rest of my like with you So don’t be an idiot. Follow the rules I’ve never been good at following the rules I know… The ritual is about to start we need to get going We do, but we still have time for one more kiss… You are here, finally. You have truly caught the boldest of the Pans Oh thanks Why did you come to greet us? Where’s the Camerlengo? He is in Queen’s apartments at the moment He has sent me in his stead I’m not talking with a dark angel I want to present this gift to the Camerlengo And no other I want… I want… and what do you think the people higher than you will want when they hear you have disobeyed their orders? Shadow… the Camerlengo himself gave me orders to take the prisoner And not following his orders will not save you from an insignificant end One day… When you no longer have the Camerlengo’s protection… I will kill you Maybe Yet that day seems way, way in the future Garrett, I’ve told you, you talk too much Here is his Keystone for the queen Now allow me the pleasure of killing him Hey, hey, wait a minute You have the Keystone, why kill me? That way we won’t have to look at your ugly mug any more or your hateful smirk Pot calling kettle black… Stop Serin! The Camerlengo has other plans for our… guest Stop eh. Hear that? Other plans! Oh yeah? And what plan might that be? He wants the power of the dark angles to be infused in his head Once inside him the power will burst out at the right moment he will betray his kin and finally allow us to take over his village No, wait, what … Dark power by me created filter in his mind and leave him helpless Let time pass easy as ever until the darkness takes hold of him in front of his people And when the sun sets, the shadows will claim their tribute let innocent blood flow and so it shall be done Now go back to your village forget about who captured you and the events that have taken place here Live as usual but when the time is right, you will be compelled to do our bidding, forest Sprite Now go Free him What? We’ve been trying to capture him for years we finally do and we have to set him free? We caught him This is what the Camerlengo orders this is what you’ll do. So it is decided So it shall be done, Chandra So be it But one day I’ll get an explanation And not from a dark angel Garrett You talk too much… Take him to a portal There my power will make sure he remembers nothing . Now go Although time for us is infinite, it musn’t be wasted What happend? I was sleeping so well I had a strange dream, where… Oh, shut up already We’re taking back to where we got you from Really? Wow, great! But why? Don’t you like me? I can do a lot of things I can jump, sing, even catch Lillibeths Do you know how to catch Lillibeths? And how do you, well… regulate who uses the Gates? With these The Kesytones Ok… Peter showed us how to make them with fairy dust And that’s how we are able to control the portals… So you create portals, too? With those… pendants? No. Portals create themselves Or with some very, very powerful magic Usually, when a portal creates itself, if it vanishes shortly after We call it a Wild Portal Others stay open a long time And those are Steady Portals Every time a portal opens one of us goes to guard it Thanks for the help… So your name’s Pan, in honour of Peter Pan Yes. My brothers, too Hang on, you’re telling me you’re all called Pan? Like the Smurfs? Oh no, smurfs are all called Smurf We’re Pan Of course, logical… You mean you actually know the Smurfs? No no no… I don’t want to know. I don’t – want – to – know Uh, they’re kissing. What’s it like? What’s it like? It’s just a kiss Don’t tell me you cross portals every day, but you’ve never been kissed When two guys, or two girls, or a guy and a girl like each other they, well, they kiss It’s to make a connection, or jusy because To give someone a kiss is nice, a very sweet gesture Ah! Do you like it? Yes, very much Would you like to try it? Yes! If it doesn’t hurt No, it doesn’t hurt, silly And how is it done? Well, you just come closer… Close your eyes… And put your lips to mine. Like this… Oh what… what a beautiful thing a kiss is! Silly are you…

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