KID BREAKS HIS ARM ON DOUBLE DARE (Lost Media Special): Sam’s Movies

KID BREAKS HIS ARM ON DOUBLE DARE (Lost Media Special): Sam’s Movies

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How’s it going guys and welcome to this last Lost Media Special for TV shows, yes, this
is the final one. I’ve decided to end it here, there’s only
4 on the schedule for December and that’s it, just for TV shows, I will be doing more
movies. But if you have more suggestions for TV shows
that have been Lost, please put them in the comments and I will choose the best ones to
do in January. Because in January I am going back to doing
TV shows so that should be very good. But this is the final one, finally I’m doing
an international show, one from the United States. I usually do Australian ones because their
just so much more relateable for me, and I knew so much about the backstory for the last
three ones and they were a lot easier for me to do. But this one is pretty well known, people
know about this one. And one of my favorite YouTubers blameitonjorge
has actually talked about this in his video Top 40 Lost or Banned Episodes of Kids Shows. So the US version of Double Dare aired on
Nickelodeon from 1986- 1993 and there were so many episodes that are now to this day
lost. Since it’s airing, out of the 525 episodes
that were aired, only 380 were found and put on the internet. Because this was a really popular game show
in the 80s and 90s, heaps of people have been trying to find these Lost Episodes. There’s over 150 Lost Episodes of this show. There are so many kids who used to watch this
in the 80s and 90s who have grown up wanting to find all these Lost Episodes because they
are still a fan of this show because this show had so many fans, not just in the United
States but all over the world. We did have an Australian version of this
show, there was Family Double Dare and Double Dare. And I don’t think Double Dare ran for that
long, I think Family Double Dare was popular for a little while but that just looked ridiculous. That was hosted by Larry Endur and there were
just McDonald’s advertisements all over the set and it just looked so stupid. The Lost Media story of Double Dare comes
from a kid who broke his arm in the filming of an episode and the episode was never aired. There was another episode of Double Dare called
‘Old Timers’ that was never aired but this one is the more well known one that was never
aired. So there was a kid who came to the show that
had a condition with his bones that made them way more fragile than the average contestant. He lied about it on the application form and
got into the show of course. And you can imagine what happened, Double
Dare was a show all about doing all these physical games as well as answering questions
and it was all in this huge big studio. So you could imagine that this kid in one
of the games would break a bone. And yes, he broke his arm. The kids dad was a lawyer and Nickelodeon
were shitting themselves going oh crap his dad could just sue us for all we have. So they just never aired the episode and gave
the kid a small prize in compensation. It’s really interesting because I think it’s
more prominent with game shows never airing the episodes because someone I knew actually
went on Family Feud with his family and the episode was never aired. He went to film the show with the host Grant
Denyer and actually filmed the whole episode but it was never aired on television. So I’m guessing with most game shows, there’s
a handful of episodes they don’t air maybe even more just because there were probably
some really bizzare moments in the episode. This one’s really interesting, there’s been
speculation all over the internet to whether or not Nickelodeon still have this in the
archives or if it was just thrown out. I think they definatly still keep but in my
opinion, I think the episode wasn’t fully filmed. This is just a theory I have because the kid
did break his arm and that would mean he wouldn’t be able to participate in any of the other
games of the show and they probably stopped filming the episode and that’s why they couldn’t
air it, because they didn’t have the full copy of the episode to make it legit for airing. So I’m guessing that after this kid broke
his arm they cut filming of the episode and they were like; okay let’s get this kid to
the hospital, alright so we won’t film the rest of the episode, stop it right there and
that’s where they stopped it and they never filmed the rest of the episode. That’s just a theory, a game theory. [Clip from TheGameTheorists: That’s just a
theory! A game theory!] That’s just going to be a reoccurring joke. So this kid must have been a huge fan and
when he went on the show he did the game called ‘The Sewer Chute’, I’m not a fan of this show,
I don’t know much of the backstory. It wasn’t my time, I wasn’t old enough. I was born long after this show and I grew
up with completely different game shows, so I don’t know a lot about this show. But the game this kid broke his arm on was
called the ‘Sewer Chute’ the sewer chute, the sechewchutes sewer chutes down by the…So
he went down the sewer chute and didn’t get up for a few seconds. I don’t know if it was the host or the kid
but someone thought he died because he didn’t get up for a few seconds after going down
the chute and that’s where he broke his arm. So that’s it, Nickelodeon gave the kid a small
prize in compensation, they never aired the episode, they were worried about being sued
so they just cut it there. I hope this episode gets released someday
if Nickelodeon still have this episode in the archives they should release it, they
won’t get in any trouble because it’s almost been like 25 years since this show was popular,
I mean, it’s not going to happen. The kid’s dad isn’t going to come back and
be like; You aired the episode! I don’t think the kid’s dad even cared, I
think they just never aired the episode because they were so worried about this kid’s dad
being a lawyer so they were just like oh shit! We’re not ganna air this, this is full on. Thank You so much for watching guys, that
was the last TV show Lost Media, I’ll be back with some more movie lost media episodes,
there will probably be only 3 more movie Lost Media episodes in December. But in January I’ll be going back to TV show
Lost Media’s and some more Movie Lost Media’s, I love doing Lost Media it gets me views,
it’s good when you can find a formula on your YouTube channel that’s fun to make and gets
you views. I very rarely come across something on my
channel that’s fun to make and gets me views, I think this is the first time I’ve ever come
across a segment on my YouTube channel that does that so that’s great, yeah. Obviously uploads on this channel won’t usually
be every day they’ll usually be every second day. But I’ll try my best to upload everyday. It’s hard yeno. Thanks for watching guys…… Yeah, Cheers…… I Double Dare you to like this video…If
we can shoot for 500 HUNDRED LIKES GUYS, 500 HUNDRED LIKES, WE WANT 5, 500. Just, just stop making videos. That’ll do pig, that’ll do. (Video End-screen)

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  1. I do know of more lost Nickelodeon tv. There was the Nickelodeon Splat gameshow of which only very few clips remain. There is also the live opening of the Nickelodeon park in Universal Studios of which only part of has surfaced. Nevertheless, keep up the lost media vids and the great work Sam!

  2. No.
    The kid whose Dad was a lawyer was the kid who looked like he snapped his neck on the sewer chute.

    The glass bones kid was a different incident. He fell while running between obstacles.

    There is a good article online by the AV Club. There are recent interviews with the show 's creators.
    Still no video that I've found though!

  3. A similar incident happened with another American kids' game show in the early 90's. A girl competing on Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego fell during her sprint on the bonus round map and broke her arm (no condition this time, just bad luck). They cut tape, rushed the kid to the hospital, and let the last kid she beat run the bonus round in her place. He won, so they gave both kids the trips they asked for as their prize.

  4. i love this type of stuff

    tho i never grew up with this but the show seemed fun maybe if we can get in contact with the original viewers who remembered this maybe we can get confirmation of it happening.

  5. Hey guys, just want to clarify– at 2:36 I show footage of a different situation that actually went to air on double dare. This has no corolation whatsoever with the kid and the fragile bones condition incident as that episode has never been seen or gone to air. I just showed that clip as an example of someone almost getting seriously injured on the course. I had to clarify this as I'm guessing some of the dislikes are for that very reason. – Thanks for Watching the Video Everyone 😀 – Sam

  6. I dont think the episode COULD get sued successfully, as I believe it was the kids fault for lying on the interview to begin with.

  7. Nick should have Just Sued THEM because the Kid Lied and the Kid’s dad should would’ve understood and probably be really P?&@.:/ at his child

  8. The sewer chute is actually a completely different case, the kid went down the chute (backwards I believe) and either injured or broke their neck. The host could only keep asking if they were okay because the kid looked like he shouldn't have been alive

  9. I remember seeing this episode as a kid though nickelodeon cut out the incident part it was the only time i saw it though

  10. Okay. No.

    The kid with the glass bones got hurt in another episode. The Sewer Chute kid’s dad was a lawyer and he snapped his neck.

  11. Nickelodeon should release it also whats the worst the dad can do now hes probaly retired from being a lawyer and the kid is probaly a grown adult

  12. Some kid fell into a shoot where you fall down and crawl out………a kid snapped his neck and luckily, hes okay

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