Kid Krrish Movie Cartoon | Cartoon Movies For Kids | Krrish And friends New Cartoon |Part #2

Kid Krrish Movie Cartoon | Cartoon Movies For Kids | Krrish And friends New Cartoon |Part #2

Search … Keep searching Levitation device Well-done my boys Sun dial should also be here Who is that Who is that Who are you Roohith’s Mom Greetings from Doctor Paara You’re alive !! It is not so easy to kill doctor Paara What do you want Some of my old stuff was kept by your son Just came back to get them back Which stuff ? You do not get anything here Get out of my house right now Just tell me clearly where is the sundial If I got my stuff back maybe I will let you go Krishnaa Run Leave my grandma Grandma I will come back I will teach you a lesson Now we have to move somewhere else from here Krishna There is danger for us Wait Krishna Grandma this place is very beautiful can I go there ? Not now Kriishna First of all I want to keep all the goods in the truck Grandma can I go now ok Thank you grandma I am fine oh .. I am sorry ! That is … I can understand their language !!!! so you have collected this for Winter !! I will solve the problem now Connect this with the navigation system of the ship Are you sure that you can manage this where were you krishna Do not touch the food before hand washing grandma Why I am not like other children what !! There is nothing like that son There is no difference between you and other children But grandma Today,I Ran faster tha horses I talked with squirrels On my call the bird flies to me We all have lots of qualities The only difference is that many people do not recognize the hidden qualities in them. but the things that I can do why can’t everyone do the same may be because they didn’t realized their qualities but krishna be careful … Nobody should know about your powers I won’t tell tell anyone can I go to jungle tomorrow Jungle !!! No No krishna where are you going I want to eat food in my room krishna come back I can’t go to jungle to play neither go to school Krishna don’t do that .. don’t do this Krishna don’t go there… I can’t do anything !! I don’t have any friends You told me that
It will be great to come here but .. Ok Ok Yo can go to jungle but be careful Do not show your powers I know grandma .. I won’t do that Its time to settle the score Let us start the game After this game I will be the king and you all will be my servant let us see who will win Remind them the rules If your team will win we will be your slave Otherwise you have to be our slaves You will be our slaves and you have to obey me We will win this match It’s cheating Oh Becoming a hero Go and teach him heroism ohh what a kick Hi friend you can join our team at any time you never know me I am Swami This is Lopson and this is myinku It was an awesome kick That was unexpected Really
Did not look like that You know kunfu !!! No No i don’t Know Seeing him cheating, just I .. But you become his enemy now In which school you are studying krishnaa ? I will show you a new place Not today we need to go back to the doom can we go in the week end ?? Left

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