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‘Kidilans’ what happened to this crap ! water is not stopping Just close it man oh what’s up dude? are you fine? life is a hell man oh come on, it’s routine for you what’s so fishing now? I got in an affair love affair? you have a lot which one? Nisha? No then? you said she is your life. she was just a time pass dude time pass? for whom? for you or her? for her, hence she left me then who? is it Divya? No never, she was an hypersexual really? ya so I left her after pleasure sounds like I am leaping to a trap again is it so? it’s already too many Please understand man it’s not as usual you are nuts please man, don’t say like that then how should I? I know you are setting me up neither Nisha nor Divya then who is she? She is Laya Laya is gorgeous , good character, and good speaking so she is not single it’s four people Laya is her name I just praised her we all have imaginations while loving, right? the same will have while marrying also she is the girl of my dreams hence I decided to marry her we will live together yes you will but there is an issue go on there are some hindrances what’s that? her family is against us can you take her out? take her with me? are you kidding? I am not a man like that not with you, take her out and give to me got it? yes friendship is like that a friend indeed is a friend in need it’s not like that a friend in need is a friend indeed whatever it’s you who should take her out, not me love is not for cowards her situation in the house is not that easy to take her out, I need a stubborn like you really stubborn lover stubborn lover? me? is she ready to come with you? she is ready with her packed goods then what’s the problem? you are my gem let it be we have some one really special for this business like Puli Murukan He is the great ‘Pachalam Paili’ hit the call dude, come on Is is Paili bro? yes go on need a help tell me man a friend has an affair not interested it’s not like you thinking then? you just need to take her out please you have to in short, I’ve to kidnap. Is it so? don’t have to she is ready you just need to take her out from home so I’ve to take some one’s lover out of the cage why can’t he do that? he can only marry right? why such cowards are falling in love? it’s not like that bro there is a big wall in her home has a foreign big dog next is her Father ‘dog’ her mother is more bigger than that we have to save her from all these dogs only you can do it only you alone can do it you just take her out, we will handle the rest her house? at Eroor where at Eroor? near Church where near the Church? opposite of High school High school’s? just opposite the green painted house at first, is it? yes it is upstair? yes upstair which girl in that house? second one but she is married no never once yes married she has two children also yes she has you scoundrels ! you friend is loving a married woman, having kids? you know who she is? my wife where are you both? I am coming there

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