Killer Cam – Full Movie – sub Eng

Killer Cam – Full Movie – sub Eng

[Music] you [Music] [Music] the nurse boy [Music] gotcha now if you wanted to play house all you had to do was ask haven’t you ever kissed a girl before oh it’s easy all you do is close your eyes pucker up like this do you want to see what’s down there I’ll show you mine if you show me yours come on lover boy [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m sorry no no please do whatever you want I’m sorry I’m begging you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I don’t have a choice I don’t have a choice I don’t have a choice I don’t have a choice you could always sell drugs oh my god what are you go back to your computer I wasn’t done with my show okay then get in here and close the door and buck naked well you better get used to it it is your new business attire Oh joke all you want but it’s either this or drop out of school I thought you said your mom could swing it that’s efficient and her mortgage not without my dad Xenophon not for long well breaking news for you there are other ways a gal can earn cash besides flashing her vertical smile all over cyberspace look Pilate you’re better than this I strongly doubt your dad would approve look it’s not prostitution or even stripping there’s no sleazy men slipping singles into my g-string while copping a feel yeah but it’s porn Kylie technically but it’s not like skanky Boogie Nights porn I mean it’s just me a few unmanned cameras doing things I’d probably be doing anyways metal and glass that’s all and the whole wide world of douchebags backing off on the other side oh I gotta go have fun with your little nudie site [Music] [Music] come on boys I’m so ready for you hi you’ve reached choice malleable and Adkins please leave a message hey mom it’s me great news I got a part-time job working for one of my professors it pays really well so I’ll be a loose end use some money also I decided to move off campus with some friends this way cheaper and we more spacious than the dorms oh yeah and wait then here’s the best part I got this scholarship that begins next semester so you won’t have to pay my tuition from now on I miss you mom tucked in by Kylie Atkins or changed her mind got my aina new pair of shoes my detractors and just some smut peddler preying on the weaknesses of young with new men I say screw them the fact is I’m one of the fastest-rising entrepreneurs in America and no pimp I’m the hue heaven for the 21st century about the pay can I really expect to make as much as you said minimum anything about base salaries up to you we track every eyeball and every girl every second of the day you bring dollars you get rewarded sky’s the limit how do I make sure one of these guys doesn’t end up stalking me today girl house is the most secure technologically advanced site of its kind my team of top engineers work around the clock from an untraceable location to ensure the girl has can never be tracked or hacked team static Carly but I my team with this little baby I can monitor and control every aspect of the site 24/7 cameras microphones computers I can block it all with a push of a button Carlos is pretty much the Fort Knox of websites how much of that is required nothing’s ever the choir everything and everyone you do is up to you look when I approached Hume in the quad last brain whose because I could see you someone special I knew you had what it takes to be a head here we are home sweet home after you [Music] Steve Gary this is Kylee our newest resident pleasure Steve and Big Mike oversee security along with the perimeter wall out back there are low tech last lighted offense how often you have to turn people away Oh a few times a year some college chum fall is one of the girls home no big deal yeah especially when you’re an ex NC State linebacker [Music] [Music] [Music] shit Gary didn’t say you were coming by that’s Kat she’s well she’s Kat oh we have over 50 cameras around the house I encourage you to utilize as many as you can so like hundreds of guys are watching us right now thousands at any given moment why do they want to watch all the boring stuff like this well it gives members the sensation of actually getting to know it’s what makes us different from other sites there’s that cat these guys will fall in love with you they’re not getting just sex they’re getting a full experience it’s kind of like they live with us except each girl’s full identity has always kept secrets members can never figure out where or who you are in real life and if some random viewer does recognize you we block a delete any attempt to broadcast it to retake the tour that’s Devin our main attraction kevin is Kylie our new roommate a little on the wholesome side hey Ken which doesn’t devalue the product – thanks for competition it goes a compliment Oh [Music] that’s Jenna she’s doing a chat right now probably with a bunch of millionaire execs she’s back with the fortune 500 crowd that’s cuz I’m all business bitches this is Kylie the new girl hey girl okay boys if you want to see my spreadsheet okay this is Heather’s room she’s the wild one also the loudest in the sack when she’s not gonna go to hear about it literally a little harsh hey yeah better yet that Kylie you’re me yeah Blizzard yeah so me for that three real a station over oh god I’m sorry I forgot I’ll get on that okay all right good luck and live sexy here it is new girl always got some third floor perfect here you are hey miss Jill Kylie this is Mia my girlfriend hey hey I know I know what you’re probably thinking how do they justify a living here doing this for all those sleazy guys out there but we don’t look at it like that the members may not necessarily be our fantasy but we definitely are theirs and they’re not all creepy losers you’ll see can you all go to Selby College you kidding I dropped out when I found out how much money I could make here it’s ridiculous no college for this girl Jerry found me in the biggest thing you know making $5 footlongs at the subway no she cuts about five foot long see recently I got a selfie but that’s not where I’m I carry I was in a bikini contest in South Beach he was judging I offered to blow him for first place man I didn’t realize there was a second judge and I came in second what about you what’s your sort I am from Topeka mm-hmm siblings I’m not a child what are your parents do my mom is a housewife yeah I bet your dad he passed away I’m sorry recently you’re like three months ago but I think it’s okay boys Here I am okay remember just you and your computer no tricks but maybe a few drinks [Music] [Music] I don’t know here little junior high to me just given me so you think my heart is [Music] here for these man is some [Music] Oh yeah your [Music] just [Music] go gang [Music] Riina you know girl shrugs [Music] remove the screw would kill – OH in a minute mom [Music] [Music] dude dude dude shut up you gotta get in here to see this girl right now right no [Music] fucking way all right but as oh no dude I know that girl I’m serious that’s Kylie Atkins I would just school with her the newest creature methyls dude what are you dude they are you in love with her what snow oh my god how long can your turn does she know that works I’ll look for you by the way great handle anyone with love in the name it’s okay by me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow you are really not taking this one yo you’re about this women from now on e and you literally get to jerk off to your dream girl she goes to Selby College actually like Selby in dope mm-hm dude that’s like 70 miles free you gotta go get her I’m serious dude she’s only right around the corner she’s get a bull get a bull why cuz she’s doing porn exactly dude it’s got self-esteem issues written all over I don’t understand there has to be an explanation the Kylie was always the hottest girl in Topeka but she was never a slice how would you know that you said yourself returning to a pussy you never talk to us so why don’t you drop some fertilizer down those drawers blow your lap the season to Granny Smith go get her mhm yes gonna do that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] ladies look over there oh did you put your leprechaun nursery shirts off office [Music] he’s gonna crap out of me what are you doing here you know you’re not supposed to be here Gary’s gonna be pissed whatever I had nowhere else to go I’m broken homeless okay anyways I’m clean now so I could come back I highly doubt you’re clean and Gary’s arter place to do what you serious that’s my bed she’s pretty and nice and no heroin addict Gary if you’re watching I said I’ll be good for no one besides you need some night by not you happen here give this house on the flavor look I’m off the crank I promise just give me one more chance you sure you want to give up on this he says you can stay on the couch for now thank you so much Buffy I I won’t let you down I swear [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Hey and lastly in the flesh so I feel last night definitely got me hard the house looks nice those score when you gonna bet me over 40 no damn the other location is top secret really mm-hmm but all the guys that come over to pork your brains out they are blindfolded on the drive over you’re kidding Kiki tell her yet I’m really not too worried about her logging on and finding it out [Music] [Music] Wow Hey hi Ben Stanley what are you doing here do you go to solve it no I don’t actually I go to one North tech in Charlotte but I have like chemistry lab here twice a week mm-hmm so wow it’s so good to see you were you in Topeka this summer yeah I I didn’t I didn’t see you I didn’t my dad died oh my god I’m so sorry [Music] well I mean I didn’t know your dad but he contributed to making you he must have been pretty awesome you look different from high school late growth spurt that’s what that is yeah you want me to go for coffee sometime we’re like a snack snack yeah I don’t know I said snack yeah that’d be great cool one should we do that give me much okay but it’s not the time yeah I gotta go where oh whoa nope um no it’s okay I across campus far away call me [Music] hey loverboy sorry I’m late not this girl let’s go private cell [Music] do you want me to get undressed oh just talk okay sure I can do that what do you want to talk about [Music] um that girls say or something of irregular I like that you’re loyal what do you do for work Oh like programming how do you like that oh that’s nice [Music] thanks loverboy you too what do you mean true but sometimes you can just tell well I’m sure you’re very handsome [Music] are you sure you don’t want me to get undressed it’s okay that’s what I’m here for sorry loverboy can we pick this up another time yes we live on Saturday – oh yeah no no but Hitchcock is definitely worth the 70-mile driver yeah I’ll see you saturday see you saturday [Music] it’s Kylie I need a pickup Thanks as that exam prep going you know I think you might be the only straight person I know they turn it off when the Navy starts does beg the interesting question love straight talk shit dude I’m gonna tell her that I know that pops a bad idea dude okay um why if she knows she’ll think that you think she’s easy that any girl on a site like this must be a whore but I don’t think that it’s not gonna matter dude you want to keep this thing going then trust me do not tell her [Music] excuse me hi Wow looks intimidating in there you must be pretty smart if you know how to work all those wires and buttons I’ve always been attracted to smart men men with brains but do you want to know it’s not smart what’s not smartest coming to a job site and then sexually harassing one of the employees I saw what you were doing tongue hanging out like some thirsty dog get a good peek hmm when we’re to your boss I can have you fired next time think twice before prey on innocent women got it you got it you sick perv that’s a summer after all [Music] poor Jimmy Stewart unless you broke in love but you got the girl so it was a pretty steep price for love laughs no prices do you for love Kylie that doesn’t get right you get to me what are the odds that we bump into each other like that the other day grace well maybe it wasn’t so random I mean I am I know about girl house [Music] um I see you saw something you liked and you wanted to sample the merchandise no it’s not like that at all I don’t understand your way you don’t understand then help me Charlie I only brought it up cuz I don’t want it to be an issue moving forward porn is not what it used to be okay I mean it’s totally different now it’s mainstream and accepted thinking about sasha grey or jenna jameson there’s no stigma nobody cares yeah but shouldn’t they I don’t know what about these other guys that are coming to the house there it’s not required okay but I assume it’s a big part of the job sooner or later not necessarily girl house is different it’s not like that the guys that login it’s not just for that they feel like they’re getting to know us they develop feelings they fall in love either come on Kylie they just want to fuck you that’s all yeah that’s what I keep telling myself you know what you have no right to judge me okay you have no idea what I’m going through right now I’m doing this I don’t have to quit school my dad’s gone and my mom needs all the help she can get and you know the guys that’s the toughest part about this okay I’m hoping I can just get in there and make as much money as I can and then yeah before that becomes an issue I’ve thought this through completely I really don’t see how anything bad could happen so is this you nobody be a problem moving forward that’s how you asked me to stay the night I am extremely camera shy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] lover boy I’m trying to do I said I don’t know where she is really are pathetic tonight and then I told you that he was small and then you okay well you told me that you was small look who it is it’s another boy oh yeah lover boy I’m just curious how did you come up with that handle a lover boy you must be quite the ladies man for loverboy are you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] enjoy the show oh come on I’ve dinner name being you drive back to Charlotte we can know this awesome barbecue place you can meet my roommates how would I get back you could spend the night I told you I have study group but I’ll take a rain check because meeting your roommate was totally worth the 70-mile Joe huh funny [Music] [Music] I’m gonna joke [Music] hey buddy Ryder property can’t be here turn around now before I make you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] can I help you [Music] let me guess here four done [Music] no Heather she likes Ikey quiches Warren allowed her rooms upstairs [Applause] I mean you’re really starting to piss me off man [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah screw this on one on one [Music] [Applause] I’m gonna go but a lot of you tonight perhaps we do our piece or so your lady parts tell humanity don’t you [Music] jeez [Music] money [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you know drinking this money looks like we got close you’re gonna be good I need you to come here right now [Music] was this a joke [Music] what’s that they say about beauty something about to get David this is real is this really happening right now or is it like some gimmick to drive up I don’t know it is your disappeared ship before nothing like this nobody knows now right now do it I don’t want Kylie [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] not one one one zero word its I don’t really know um explain so I’m all this works like a girl house girl you can be so can i graphic web site following this line is for emergencies look I realize that when I’m pretty sure I’m watching a girl being murdered this is insane you there has to be some way to find them from a live video broadcast what about the website okay it has to be registered or something girls prides itself on its impenetrable edema trust me I’ve snooped around well here we know they’re in Carolina right Kylie goes to Selby and Milton so can’t be far from there that really narrows it down fucking call the cops again and do something see what they have on the website all right business records licenses tax receipts anything and then dude I need you to hop onto that computer work your magic your friggin Comp Sci major dig into your bag of wizardry inactive muffins that site are you gonna do – Nelson hopefully you have an address for me by the time I get there it’s gonna take like an hour and a half I’ll be there 45 minutes don’t let me down okay Kylie’s life may depend on this pressure [Music] mom tell us why [Music] hey are you met it oh stop it I’m trying to watch come on you buy this crap it’s called love dumbass believe it or not some people still want that please there are far too many distractions nowadays porn sites the dating sites cheating sites you really think if this guy had a girl house you’d have acted this way you’re too busy watching you [Music] Kate 20 minutes then we can five stop it stop it I want to watch some movie sorry 20 minutes is too long [Music] [Music] [Music] bro you serious you want to watch welcome like everyone else Jesus take it easy guys fuck no no no no don’t go in there don’t go in there turn around [Music] [Music] there’s probably sound you want to come in a minute okay so yourself [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hello yo anything not yet come on I’m trying yeah what’s right harder [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yo anything do she knows okay I’m almost at Selby garden for me at negative and try something else man come on [Music] shit there he is help me move this [Applause] you nice [Applause] [Music] okay come on no wait not without Devin the heli we have to get out of here you go call the cops okay [Music] there’s somebody I need to kill everybody to get out of here we have to get out of here right now calm down where is it this warehouse no no you need to tell me and my girlfriend is in there no come on okay you’ve got to tell me no no no would you like there you gotta go we gotta go Oh [Music] where are they they’re there no they’re not I’m looking at the house right now we’re gonna me [Music] yeah I got it okay where I just texted you the address right dr. Joyce I was able to hacking the girl house at all so I tried their ISP instead I got into this insurer cast grid for Davis accountant found this secluded mansion out in the sticks with a huge bandwidth trail going there that’s genius man okay Cole of a melon please and tell that because unlike me they don’t have a Stein on their team just hurry dude jinlun left [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the house to me [Music] [Music] and I’m never going to another blindside again [Applause] and I’m definitely going to need therapy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  2. DAMN stupid youngin, coulda talked his way outta that in the beginning lol, it's a grower not a shower or summin idfk lol, never give up, btw none of that ever happened

  3. Third flic on Gacy I've watched and they're all so full of false info, most all other killer flicks are spot on, and frfr the one guy that is so sick u really don't have to embellish and that's all u do? ??

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  5. ich finde dieses Video alles andere als gut da will man nur Kinder zum Mörder machen ein Video der pruallsten art aber eben viele menschen lieben ja das

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  7. I like their actions. It's a good thriller, but i don't like the sound late reaction and i dont understand the letters. for me i'm waisting my time to watch this . lol

  8. 6:12.

    Just started watching the film, but so far I am quite sure that the obese kid is a godamn psychopath who needs to be locked in an asylum. Of course only judging from that character’s opening minutes.

  9. I would probably bang that chick at the start of the film. Keep in mind, I am 12. No shitty paedophilic behaviour in this comments section. Also, her voice is perfect.

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  15. Stop bullying coz you just don't know when it will get back to you. The words doesn't match their lips. I think i'm going to like this movie.

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