Kodi – Tamil Full Movie | Dhanush | Trisha Krishnan | R. S. Durai Senthilkumar | Santhosh Narayanan

Kodi – Tamil Full Movie | Dhanush | Trisha Krishnan | R. S. Durai Senthilkumar | Santhosh Narayanan

Loading subtitle… Subtitle resynced by Shadman Saleh Shahriyar But to become the politician you wish to be… You need to speak with subtext. You need to speak with passion. And speak in a way that will captivate the public. For which, you first need to speak. For someone who can’t even speak, why are you so ambitious? To top it off, you can’t even hear. I’ll turn it up, wait. Even in a bloody battlefield, we’re but friends jostling and playing. Like the perennial Ganges and Cauvery, our hearts are forever filled with compassion. Our leader sits before us, bright as the eternal Tamizh language. Long live our great leader! Hail him! Hail him! Hail him! Murugan, your wife has delivered twin babies! Go, see them. Twins? Great! One for the family. And one for the nation. Fresh blood of The Democratic Party. We’ll name him… Kodi. Careful! Wait… Our legendary bravery is the stuff of epics. Not a single blood cell in our bodies carry cowardice. Do not forget! We’re the gutsy foxes in dry palm groves. We won’t be intimidated by your rustling sounds. We’re the gutsy foxes… We won’t be intimidated by rustling sounds, my brothers! Times will change. What are you doing? Let go of his leg. Stop… Shut up and go to sleep. Yeah, right. Are you crazy? Go to sleep. Where are we going, dad? Even the great Lord Rama went on war with Lanka to save Sita. But our Chief Minister, is a peacemaker and an alruist. Through peace-talks, he rescued our fishermen safely. “People’s Republic Party”! That party does nothing for the People. All you ever do is bicker among yourselves. Soon, my leader will put a full stop to you. Built on the honourable blood shed on the battlefield, Tamizh is our life. It’s our life. The purpose of our life. Hail Tamizh! They’ve brought toxic mercury that was banned in the U.S. 13 years ago. They’ve built a factory in our town. Oblivious to this, workers who went to work in the mercury factory… have all been unjustly harmed. The man who worked to support his family… his wife is now widowed. Girls who worked to save money for their weddings are now infertile. And those who managed to conceive… birthed babies with brain disorders, or physical deformities. They’ve turned our fertile land into a toxic ditch. Shouldn’t we put an end to this? Tell me. – We must put an end to this! Tomorrow’s rally… shall spread like forest fire and burn the power centers to ash. We should accomplish this, even at the cost of our lives. Go back, go back! Is this a work-house? Is this a work-house? Or a slaughter-house? – Or a slaughter-house? Go back, go back! – Go back, go back! Go back to America! – You don’t have permission, sir. Please disperse. We won’t back down. We won’t back down. We won’t back down. We won’t back down till we get justice. This protest is not over. Everyone, peacefully get into the van. Our party was born out of sacrifice. Our Leader grew up on resistance. This rally he leads is against the harmful mercury. This is the first voice of Tamizhs who shall arise and revolt. This is our final warning to the mute government. To awaken the people who are ignorant… To restore justice to those who have been harmed. I sacrifice myself as the first spark for the blazing fire of the future. Daddy! Daddy… Let me go! Daddy… The party… and the leader… I’ll never abandon it, dad. ‘KODI’ ‘THE FLAG’ In the elections that followed… the Democratic Party and People’s Republic Party took turns in holding office. Now, it is the People’s Republic Party’s rule. District Secretary… Will my son become the youth wing seceretary at least this time? The leader’s brother-in-law backs you. Why do you worry? I’ve got his support, alright. But that fellow Kodi’s name is on the list, too. That’s worrying me. Not just the candidates list. He’s in everyone’s heart, too. Brother, we came to politics for a living. He lives for politics. If he’s destined to get something, no one can prevent it. How are you, District Secretary? His brother-in-law’s presence is as good as the leader’s. The leader will come online by 10 o’ clock, sharp. Everyone on the posting list must stand before the leader. I’ve spoken to my sister. It’s sorted. I took him into the party only for you. Now I must do everything he says, huh? Tell him not to mess with things he doesn’t know. Go away! So you’ve got no pull? – Little brother, listen… 3 of those 4 candidates, upon hearing your name, ran away before the conference. Kodi is the only snag. He won’t listen to us. Kodi hasn’t turned up yet. Let him never turn up. The leader can’t pick a man who didn’t even turn up to the conference. Look for him. Uncle… Put it on speaker. Kodi, where are you? The school van had a flat tyre. I’ll drop the kids and come. Get down! Greetings, brother. You’re so dark and shiny like a bull, why would you block my way? There are school children in my jeep. What if they’d been hurt? What if? You’d have take the children to the hospital. And you wouldn’t go to the party office. Oh! You don’t want me to go to the party office. Oh dear. Get out of my way. Kids are getting late for school. You will have to pass over us. I don’t know how to pass over. But I can walk over you! What did you say? Wait a minute. Sit down, boy. Don’t look outside. Play video games. Uncle will be back in a few minutes. Okay, uncle. Don’t get dirt on my shirt. I’m going to the party office. Is that clear? Don’t get dirt on my shirt. Hey, I said not to get dirt on my shirt. Mind the shirt. What do you want? Rub it. Go ahead. Don’t I know shirts will get dirty in fights? A politician is one who is always alert. It’s getting so late! When did you get here? How did you get here? Bhagat… Life should be more than just existing, working, earning, hoarding. What we leave behind matters. What does that have to do with my question? When we’re in politics, we must reel off wisdom. Look, the leader. Greetings. The district secretary has recommended five names for the youth wing secretaryship. Youth wing secretaryship is no ordinary task. The future of the party lies in his hands. Considering that… and the fact that inspite of losing in the previous elections… he brought in 5,000 extra votes from his ward than usual. The child whom I named… Kodi. From now, he will be the district youth wing secretary. I request all our party members and dear friends to work in solidarity with him. If you had told me your desire, I’d have let you have it. You sent goons? The Flag… is flying high, eh? Lay out the fireworks, It’s time to rejoice! He’s our fellow, Just whistling won’t do. Now he wears a crown, How he’s grown! Everywhere he goes, There are sparklers. Hit it! Dearest son of every hood in town; He’s our very own. He’s soaring up; He’s reaching for the top. Trouble-mongers, agitators, Rabble-rousers, run in tatters. They feel the jitters, At the way he hits. When he throws a punch, you’ll see sparks flying. Wherever your eyes can see, Kodi’s flag flies high and mighty! Lay out the fireworks, It’s time to rejoice! He’s our fellow, Just whistling won’t do. Now he wears a crown, How he’s grown! Everywhere he goes, There are sparklers. He remembers his roots, He respects destiny’s rules. He carries no ill-will, He’s always kind and civil. Don’t let his form mislead you, He’s got a mature world view. Messing with him is a death wish, You’ll be finished. Don’t cause a ruckus, boy. You should just stay away. If you truly dare, Go on and lay your hand. Wherever he walks, He leaves his mark. His name will shine on, Long after he’s gone. When he throws a punch, you’ll see sparks flying. Wherever your eyes can see, Kodi’s flag flies high and mighty! Lay out the fireworks! Lay out the fireworks! Lay out the fireworks, It’s time to rejoice! He’s our fellow, Just whistling won’t do. Now he wears a crown, How he’s grown! Everywhere he goes, There are sparklers. He’s hopeless already… Now he’s the youth wing secretary? What a waste of paper. Are you siding with the rival party now? You people keep goading him and he refuses to leave the party. Come on! Every family in town lauds Kodi like their own son. But I’m unable to feel happy for my son. Since the day his father died, he was always at the party office. I thought it’ll get better with time. The day he refused to go to college and clung on to the party office… I stopped talking to him. It’s been ten years. He refuses to change. Mother, I have a doubt. What? Your own son doesn’t obey you, do your students obey you? I’ll slap you! You’ve made the same old stew! Won’t you make chicken or mutton? He eats only one meal a day at home. So I made his favourite. There are only two of you. Must I cook separately for each of you? Wait, I’ll bring you some. Is stew not enough for our body? It’s not like you work at a quarry. You work in a college. Shut up and eat. I thought you’d be the underdog for the rest of your life, like dad. Not bad. Congrats. Be proud and tell your mother this news. You speak into the mic all over town, won’t speak at home? You know we don’t talk. You don’t even talk, but mum only fawns over you, cooks for you. Imagine if you were talking… – Just tell her, man. Mr. Secretary! I’m a professor. Not a mediator. Scholarly arrogance? Bhagat, you tell her. She just tore down the poster. How could I? Unscholarly arrogance? Just tell her. Mother… Kodi has become the secretary of the youth wing. Is it worth gold? It’s not worth a thing. You can make a cut here and there if he does some politics. But with Kodi, even that won’t happen. You know that. Shut up and eat. I can’t digest this silver plate. Honest men like him and his father cannot succeed in politics. Ask him to meet Murugesan from the rice mill, I’ve spoken to him. He’ll give an accountant’s job and pay ten thousand. Tell her that Murugesan came to me about his son’s job. This useless swag isn’t worth a thing! We can’t meet a bride if he doesn’t have job or income. His father didn’t care about the family, and set himself ablaze. Now he’s growing up to be just like him. It scares me… Decide for yourself. Which egg is bigger? Isn’t my egg bigger? – Yes, miss. What? You’re wondering how a country chicken can lay such big eggs? There’s no doubt. A chick that laid such a huge egg would have died. I wasn’t talking to you. That’s how much I feed it. I can’t even eat well. I can see that. I’ll sell it for 50 paise lesser than his price. Give me 20 trays, then. Brother… Don’t break our relationship over some new girl. That egg doesn’t look like a genuine country chicken egg. How can you say that? Shall we break every egg and check? We’ll see which is genuine, and which is not? Miss! Don’t fight outside the shop first thing in the morning. I’ll take yours. You leave, boy. – Good. When you see a girl, you start tittering. You’re just like your father. Don’t talk to me like that! She’s not selling you eggs, she’s ruining your business. I’ll handle it. You bring it, miss. Such bouncy eggs. For you, this egg is free. Are you out of your mind? Oh no! I ruined one week’s business over her! Come on, brother. Don’t be mad. We’ve been doing business for generations now. I don’t even know her. You bring me the goods. I’ll show you who ‘Eggspert’ Malathy is. – He’s the brother of that guy, Miss… She won’t even listen. Stop. I’ll bring it in the evening, dear. He’s smarter than my wife! Miss, stop! Can’t you see the ‘No Entry’ sign? Get down. That man is going straight ahead. Why do you pull me up but not him? I can only pull up whomever I catch. That’s true. Just a minute. What’s she doing? Dammit! It’s not like I flung a stone or a crow-bar? Just an egg. Wash your face and get going. Thank you. Thank you very much. What a terrible day! Who are you? I want to meet Professor Samiyappan. Tell him ‘Eggspert’ Malathy is here. I’d spoken to him about supplying eggs to the canteen. He asked me to meet him. Copy this down. Sir, excuse me. Yes, ‘Eggspert’ Malathy. You soiled my face, and you’re covering yours? Sorry, sir. Your face looks… – Like an eggplant? No way! – Or worse? Hmmm… – What? How dare you smash an egg on my face… and come to my college, expecting me to place egg orders? Whom should I ask then? – That man walking over there. I’ll ask him? Is that funny? I don’t think so. No matter what you do, you won’t get our orders. Sir… – What? This country chicken egg is nutritious when consumed raw. Raw? Really? – Yes. That’s why I aimed it at your mouth. You’ll feel energetic today! – Shut up and get out. Please, sir… – Get out! Which class are you from, child? Child? Pay up 4,500 rupees. I said, 4,500 rupees! I’m a professor here. I wasn’t raised in one of those families. Mommie! It’s the loss I incurred because of you. You’re insulting me? My phone! Keep it. Give me my money and then take your phone. What? A girl hit you? You know to say, “I don’t want stew. Cook chicken for me. Cook mutton.” You couldn’t hit her back? Poor girl. She said she incurred losses because of me. And I spoke ill of her. Someone like me must have… Could it be him? It has to be him! She hit you for something he did to her. You go to her house, and tell her… “It wasn’t me, it was my brother.” And give it back to her. Or I won’t serve you dinner. Where are you going? I’m just… – Come here. Come here. I said, come. – Why? Go. Look at his face. When you dip a regular egg in tea powder, this way… country eggs are ready to fool everyone! How’s it, granny? – Superb. They don’t call you ‘Eggspert’ Malathy for nothing. You dress up even eggs! No one can find out. It looks exactly like country chicken eggs. You wretch! You’re selling off broiler eggs as country eggs? How did you come to my factory? I got here when your eggs were drinking tea. Is this how you fool everyone? – Yeah. So what? You’ll tell everyone? Tell everyone. But first, pay me the 4,500 that you owe me. I’ve not come to pay you the money. I’ve come to take my phone and give it back to you. You dare to touch Malathy? Go on. I dare you. Touch me, punk. Punk? Yeah, punk. What will you do? You broke all my eggs… and ruined my contract at the college, too. It’s all your fault. I won’t just call you “punk”, I’ll even use BEEP words. You’re scared, right? Cough up the money, take your phone and go. Come home tomorrow. I’ll give you the money. Is your house some the Queen’s Palace? Tell me the address. I’ll come. Did you hit her? – I did, mom. You hit her hard? – Real hard! Did you really hit her? – I really did. As if… you could ever hit. Mom! How could I hit a girl? It’s not right. I’ve given our address, asked her to come here tomorrow. I told you to hit her. You gave her our address? Wait and see what happens tomorrow. Mom! Someone’s ringing the bell. It’s that girl. Brother is home, right? He’s just leaving. That’s perfect timing. You wait here and watch. Don’t worry, miss. I’ve spoken to the B.D.O. I’ll sort it out. Why is the door locked at this hour? Wow! You grew this beard overnight? What do you want? I’m here. Give me the money. What money? Should I list you the details every single time? Don’t you remember getting slapped? You slapped? Yeah! And what did I do? You looked bewildered. Then you said you’ll pay up… Yes! You said you’ll pay the money. And get the phone… You asked me to come to this address? The man you’re looking for is inside. Inside? Does it hurt? All this confusion is because… You don’t have to explain. I understand everything. From one egg… two babies. Mom, she’s calling you an egg! – Shut up. Sorry. You’re innocent! I hit you! That’s alright. My brother gave you a nice smack in return. At least the one who hit you is trustworthy. This one is sly. Why, mom? Why should you suffer for my son’s mistake? Collect your money tomorrow. Okay, auntie. My phone… It kept ringing all night. One Venu called five times this morning. He’s the head of my department. Were you rude? No way. “Are you stupid, airhead? You call so often!” “Hang up”. I spoke very politely. Here. I don’t desire another person’s things. Your SIM card. Use it on a different phone. We’ve become so close, trust is important. He should have given you another smack. Pay up tomorrow and don’t forget to get your phone. Goodbye, auntie. So long! Tata! Bye! Bye! ‘I’m like a flame; Dare to inch closer?’ She’s something! She’s real talented, eh? Not just her talent, but with her hardwork from a young age… she’s grown to become the leader of women’s wing. I invite ‘Firecracker’ Rudra on to deliver her speech. My first salutations to Mother Tamil. To our leader, possessor of Bheema’s strength and his brother Arjuna’s skill; Our district secretary, sitting on the dias with sheer resplendence; The minister of education, a man of handsome words; The protector of women, the eloquent speaker. Our male lions assembled here today, and the eternally golden ladies. To all of you, I, ‘Firecracker’ Rudra, bid my warm Tamizh greetings. Tamizh just rolls out of my girl’s tongue, yeah? You call her your girl. But nothing seems to happen. It will happen. Even average chicks require a lot of hardwork. She’s one hell of a chick. It takes a lot of hardwork. At a meeting yesterday on this very stage, the opposition youth wing secretary Kodi… had spoken ill of our governance, and of me. Who is that Kodi? Just a pee-wee. Who are you? First, study politics. Then speak over a mic. If you engage in baseless slander, your party’s flag shall be ripped apart. By speaking low of us, I warn you, you’re becoming lowly. What’s this? You said in a meeting that I’m “arrogant, loud-mouthed”. So you’ll speak call me a “pee-wee”? To address a crowd like this, I’ve had to struggle so much… overstep so many people. You don’t have to struggle! Marry your man, cook meals for me, wash my clothes… and have a nice time. And take care of the mother-in-law. Find someone else for all that. I have big dreams. I will just keep going towards my destined place. Oh my, my… Am I part of that dream? Yeah, yeah. Somewhere in a corner. A corner? For me… you’re all over my dreams! In last night’s dream, you know what we did? What did we do? I can show you. Throw it away! It’ll bite you. Will you bite? Go on, bite. Listen to me… I told you! What’s happened? Nothing, I’m fine. 70% of the snakes in India… are not venomous. We fear unnecesarily… Rudra! Rudra! Rudra! Rudra! While I was enchanted; He burned my cheek with his brand. Scarring it deeper; He kept it shining forever. Opposite poles, toppling and tumbling; Now they’re tied together. The seeds were sown, a sapling sprouted; Now it’s seasoned. This bird was on the opposition; Now she’s his companion. He’s the elected champion, Planting his flag in my soul, the chosen one. Scent of this woman in the breeze; Shreds my heart to pieces. I string along; Like I’m in a trance. You’re all that’s on my mind; Sweetheart, you’re one of a kind. For the rest of time; You’ll be mine. Don’t want a life without you; Or this body, or my shadow. I only want one thing; And that’s you. I’m a roaring leopard; A deer hit me and now I’m crushed. Ask for my life; And I won’t even think twice. I’m a roaring leopard; A deer hit me and now I’m crushed. Ask for my life; And I won’t even think twice. Don’t you look like that, don’t you work me up; This brute is caught in a mousetrap. She leaned on me; And the rest is history! Scent of this woman in the breeze; Shreds my heart to pieces. I string along; Like I’m in a trance. You’re all that’s on my mind; Sweetheart, you’re one of a kind. For the rest of time; You’ll be mine. Don’t want a life without you; Or this body, or my shadow. I only want one thing; And that’s you. You’re coaxing, you’re squashing; I’m choking, I’m shrinking. I’m fumbling, I’m probing; I’m slipping, I’m craving. Seducing me, you’re so sly; And you’re squeezing me dry! I see you, filling one way; At a mere touch, you melt away. When I touch you, you wriggle; But then you prod and drill. You’re falling for Kodi; Oh, I’m going crazy! Scent of this woman in the breeze; Shreds my heart to pieces. I string along; Like I’m in a trance. You’re all that’s on my mind; Sweetheart, you’re one of a kind. For the rest of time; You’ll be mine. Don’t want a life without you; Or this body, or my shadow. I only want one thing; And that’s you. Scent of this woman in the breeze; Shreds my heart to pieces. I string along; Like I’m in a trance. You’re all that’s on my mind; Sweetheart, you’re one of a kind. For the rest of time; You’ll be mine. Don’t want a life without you; Or this body, or my shadow. I only want one thing; And that’s you. She’s a friend. She made a mistake… You’re a great guy… forgive her. Give her the contract… – Okay. Dammit! Did the birds fly away with their cage? What’s wrong, granny? Here. Advance money for the canteen contract. My baby had taken a hundred thousand from a loan-shark. We’ve paid so much interest, it’s more than the actual amount. He demands one hundred thousand more. He took the vehicle, birds, cages… everything. He spoke nasty things, too. I’ll get the money. Just come with me. Shave off my beard and pretend to be you? No way! I’m buried with work at the party office. Get lost. Please, brother. The poor girl paid him back, too. Do this for me? You feel so bad for the girl who slapped you? Don’t tell me you’re in love! If I try to help your love life, my love will be ruined. The one thing Rudra like about me is my beard. Get to work. Brother, please… That’s enough! Don’t you have ice cubes? Hello, Rudra. Welcome. He is our public affairs chief. Meet Rudra. Greetings. – I know all about her. I’ve seen her at party meetings. Even when she was a kid, this girl was real sassy! She’s so fair and radiant, eh? Keep quiet! The girl aspires to be union secretary. Public, city, operations… you’re all here. I wanted to introduce her to you. – Oh! Girl, bring us some ice-cubes. Don’t worry about it! Go straight and climb up the stairs, and you’ll see the refrigerator. Go straight to the kitchen from there. Oh, be quiet. You get it, dear. Is that how you talk to a lady? If you want that chick, throw some money at her face. All this party, posting is nonsense. She’s in politics. Just money won’t work with her. Her mother would do anything for money. What are you saying? I didn’t know that. If you were so smart, you wouldn’t have failed tenth grade. I didn’t fail tenth grade! I’m Arivazhagan M.A. – My foot! You got that University certificate using a proxy candidate. Not so loud! If word gets out, someone might file a case. Everything is ready, madam. We’ll file the case tomorrow. Fraud case filed again minister Arivazhagan. Mom! I need to be at college by 9! You could press my shirt! You only press his. I earn the money, and he spends it. He won’t even help me. And he speaks ill of my girl. As though his girl is perfect… She goes around screaming in every town… What? It’s nothing! Leave. – Sure. It’s in order. Take your cages and leave. We’ve come all the way to pay you the money. If you could return the things that you took… Drop it off there. Mister Hippopotamus. Just a minute. You broke a lot of things at her house. You could pay her for it, too. Give them 5,000. You spoke nasty things in front of everyone. If you could fall at her feet and apologise in front of everyone… Brother… Have you come to pick a fight? Why are you doing this? They’ll hit you. Let’s go. She wants to leave, go. But the issue needs to be settled. He wants to settle the issue. Jackass! I shaved my beard for you, now I can’t even look at my face in the mirror. It’s alright, brother. As long as she likes my face. Here I come…! Sit it in auto-rickshaw and watch the show. She’s so gullible. It’ll be an easy marriage. Where are your shades? It fell off. I’ll go get it. Trying to fool me? Brother! What? The shades… – Why? Thanks! Here I come! Trying to fool me? I caught you. My head! It hurts. One. Two. Three. Four. Okay? Superb! You go home. Let me finish up here. No problem. Take your time. Why won’t she leave? That hurt… Are you the action guy or the actor guy? Figure it out yourself. Give me a clue. You’re the action guy! Put everything back in its place. You, sweet swindler! My pretty, don’t you leave. How she glides! Wait up, you stealer of minds. Brimming with allure; This walking venomous flower. You’ve left me frothing; Your coyness kills me. Oh, how I devour your sweet bloom; I scream my love, in a boom. She-bird, you caught me in your beak; I’m all yours to hen-peck. If you will, let me be; And I will be. You smashed eggs at my heart; With those eyes like dart. I’m blown to smithereens; You flower queen! You, sweet swindler! You pixie, don’t you leave. How she glides! Wait up, you stealer of minds. Don’t you starve this grown bull; Let me gorge on the pasture whole. Like an inscription, in my soul, you are etched; Chopping me, with sharp eyes, I am minced! She-bird, you caught me in your beak; I’m all yours to hen-peck. If you will, let me be; And I will be. You smashed eggs at my heart; With those eyes like dart. I’m blown to smithereens; You flower queen! You, sweet swindler! Can’t you tell this is love? Don’t you know my problem? I’ll take it. – These are great eggs! Why are you saving all that money? It’s for my wedding. The dense woodland, On the banks. With the moon, Dancing on the brook. The blooming bud babbles on; While the bees burst into a song. And that busy bee, blowing kisses; Buzzing over the blossoms. It’s raining ambrosia, and I’m embalmed; Oh, it’s a storm! This flustered fish lost in a fantasy; Is he finished now? She-bird, you caught me in your beak; I’m all yours to hen-peck. If you will, let me be; And I will be. You smashed eggs at my heart; With those eyes like dart. I’m blown to smithereens; You flower queen! You, sweet swindler! In the public litigation filed against Minister Arivazhagan for imposturing… …after three months, the judgement is due today. Hello, sir. Do you want to say anything about this case? I’m fine, sir. How are you? This is all the evidence I need that you passed M.A. using an imposter. Sir, it was a mistake. Considering my age, please be merciful. Have you applied for senior citizens pension, to show mercy on grounds of age? For your forgery case, you are culpable to three years in jail. You are no longer an M.L.A. Even me? Yes. Thank you. Bail me out by evening. – What do you say about this judgement? Being a minister, how could you commit this fraud? What will happen to your political life now? Why are you not answering? Are you afraid? Are you not a…? What did you say? Want to see it? – Oh, disgusting! Following the education minister’s indecent behaviour… sources from the party reveal that his membership has been revoked. By-elections may soon be expected in Pollachi. Crowds tend to be this way. Haven’t you seen this before? Let him go, Kodi. He’s our guy. Let it go. The leader has come. Get to work. Give me that! Who is that dummy cop? Kodi! Come here. It’s the chief minister’s route. Have them clear it right away. What’s the problem? It’s nothing… A girl from our party has climbed atop a cell-phone tower to protest. We’ll take another route, leader. You say she’s a party worker… and she’s protesting atop a tower? If we were to take another route, and something happened to her…? Muthu, take this route. Who is this girl? Come here. What is her name? – Rudra. Rudra! We shall discuss your demands. Just come down now. I’m your party’s leader. If you respect me, heed my words and come on down. Greetings, leader. What is this? You’re a party worker. How could you do such a thing? Ex-minister Arivazhagan’s loss of post, is the opposition’s gambit. We must break that bogus case. We must prove the innocence of that noble educational luminary. Miss… The name Arivazhagan, Beauty of wit, is not suited to him at all. He’s a fool who flunked tenth grade. Leader… I know he’s an illiterate. Till the elections are over, the media will keep harping on about him. I’m just trying to win this territory in the elections, through this news. Miss Rudra’s appeal is extremely fair. The party shall take up Arivazhagan’s case and prove his innocence at the court. Thank you, leader. – One question, sir… Can we expect true workers like Rudra to get a nomination at least this year? We’ll follow party protocol to decide that and then you will get an official update. In the past 25 years, no opposition party has won the by-elections. This year, the ruling party has given us a chance to change that. By plastering Arivazhagan’s face everywhere, the press and media will win us half the votes. We need to select an elligible candidate who could win us the remaining votes. Who is that candidate? Leader… The person we all like, is the ex-minister, Marimuthu. He had good reputation as a teacher. He has won already, so he is a familiar face. He belongs to a caste with majority vote bank. What more do you want? Forgive me, leader. I don’t think this will work. Why do you butt in? Kodi, what do you know? Keep quiet. – Listen to elders. The leader is here, let him speak. I performed a ritual rolling on the ground at Masani Amman’s temple for you. Take it, leader. Leader? He’s sitting inside. You are my leader. You climb atop towers, you roll on the ground… and you call me your leader! Perumal from Pollachi is ripping you apart! Tell that rodent I’ll give it back. – Come soon! See? If you don’t have a party post, not even the losers won’t respect you. Yes, I told the leader loud and clear. The person I point shall be the candidate. Will the chief minister listen to you? Listen to me? He has no choice. My father is the proxy for half his property. Then pick a candidate who could be your proxy. I’ve picked one. Panneer Kumar is the right candidate. He’ll just sit there, like an oaf. Panneer Kumar says you’re a pig! I just spoke so highly of him. Look what the poverty-bred creature has done! Is Aanamalai Shanmugam in there? He’s saying you’re an unschooled clown. Everyone who was with me has turned Judas. What do I do? Don’t get worked up. Calm down, close your eyes and think. Goddess Masani Amman will guide you through the right path. Why should I close my eyes, when you’re standing before me? Panneer says you are… Here I come! I’ll get him. Flunking 10th grade or becoming the education minister was not Arivazhagan’s mistake. Using an imposter for the exam, and getting caught, was his mistake. The people or law don’t forbid an uneducated man from being education minister. We’re not running a software company, to look at educational qualifications. Kodi is in a meeting. I’ll call you back. … leaders have already proved that the will to serve people matters, not education. I am not very educated, myself. Didn’t the people vote for you, leader? There was an accident at Valparai road, he didn’t wait for an ambulance to arrive… Brother Dhanapalan saved lives by driving them to a hospital in his tractor. He can’t read or write, but likes to help the down-and-out. In my opinion, he should be the candidate. Get up, brother! Greetings, leader. There are many workers in the party. But the party works because of people like him. Even Brother Marimuthu might agree with me. What say, brother? Okay, son. Okay, leader. Let Dhanapalan run. Leader? Sister-in-law! I said I’m coming. Why do you keep calling? If I don’t answer, you should know it’s important stuff. I called you 13 times. You should know it’s something important stuff, too. Don’t get mad. Okay? It’s M.L.A. candidate selection. Yours truly selected the candidate, you know? The leader was stunned when I strategised who will be the winning candidate! Okay, why did you call? Tell me. Not as important as your stuff. I’m the M.L.A. candidate fo my party for this election. What are you saying? Really? Not just that… I’m the district secretary till the elections end. Really? How did they give you the post? You’re saying I’m not qualified for it? There must be seniors in the party… That’s in your party. In my party, talent is what counts. Look at how they’re using you. I tell you to join my party, but you won’t listen. Look, my leader knows when to give what, and to whom. Your leader got angry with the minister’s episode and given you all the posting. But it’s happened. Won’t you feel happy for me? Oh, come on! I’m really happy. Come here. Come here. You’re an M.L.A. candidate. And the district secretary, too. You’ve got a higher post than me. You could take care of me, too. I have cared enough for now. Marry me after the elections and ask for anything. That would be boring! We must do something now. What say? Rudra is the district secretary! These are your parents. Politics is important to students. Just not during class hours. Sorry, sir. Pay attention. I need the money, it’s urgent. Can you bring it to this address? The money is for this child. Her name is Revathy. She draws well. She’s smart. But I don’t know if she’ll live much longer. You asked me why I save up all that money. It’s for my townsfolk. Malathy. – Sister! What happened? I paid the money to the doctor, uncle. They’ll perform dialysis on Revathy today. This is my sister. This is her father-in-law. Greetings, son. Everyone in a village is afflicted… How? It’s not fate or God’s doing. The mercury factory at Aanamalai is the cause for this. But they shut that factory down. They shut the gates. But the toxic mercury waste was buried there. They say shiny looking mercury is the second most toxic substance in the world. A few years after being buried in ground… mercury turns into methyl mercury, an even more dangerous toxin. The soil, the fruits that grow in the soil, water, the fish from the water… and the humans who consume all this, are dying a slow death. The toxin has spread for 25km around the factory. Why haven’t you taken this to the government’s knowledge? Of course, we did. The Republic Party government resolves any issue that affects the rich. Or if it’s a majority caste in the vote bank, they respond to the issue. We’re mountain dwellers, not even known by the identity of minorities. Who will help us? This is outrageous. You could rally with the opposition? The cause for the issue is the opposition party. When they were in power… Minister Marimuthu took a bribe of 2 billion… signed a declaration that the toxic waste has been cleared completely, and closed the case. It took me five years to realise this. We walked in and out of so many offices for soil examination, water examination… and collected the documents after much abuse… and I also have the evidence given by some good people. Whom should I take this to? Several years back, a man set himself ablaze asking to shut down this factory. Even if all of us set ourselves ablaze, we may never find justice! Doctor! Daddy! The factory is shut, but the factory-waste has not been cleared. But ex-minister Marimuthu has signed a document on his letter-head that it has been cleared. Upon filing a right to information petition… I learnt, according to the factory sources, the clean-up has not happened. Kodi… I understand you’re angry. But stage politics is different from practical politics. He didn’t take the 2 billiion all for himself. Understand that. This feels wrong, leader. Look, the media says we will win this coming election. After our win, we shall clear out the waste. We shall cure the people’s diseases. We’ll clean the soil… We’ll do all this from party’s funds. Okay? Till then, this information must stay hidden. Tell him to leave those papers here. Kodi. Leave it here. Don’t you trust me? Don’t you trust me, leader? Let me keep it. I’ll keep it safe. Leader, look how he talks to you! What if he talks about it? I named that boy. He won’t ruin my name. So many children, you know. What did they do wrong? They’ve been sacrificed… so that we could make money? I spoke insolently to the leader, too. You could have just given me the evidence. Using the party, we could have set the issue on fire. So that you can warm yourselves? No need for that. We’ll handle it. Keep believing that! Shamming the people that the mercury waste has been cleared from Aanamalai Hills… Ex-minister Marimuthu has taken a bribe from the corporates and signed a statement. But the waste is still there. Soon, I shall disclose the evidence. I will fight till the affected people receive justice. You said he won’t ruin your name. He’s disgraced your name, and the party’s in the press and media. Through the opposition candidate, too. They’re party people. Tell me, why did you have to see me right away? Look, you always say love is the only personal thing we share. In party gatherings, you speak our flaws and we speak yours, all the time. This was between me and my leader. How will I face the leader now? Don’t feel so bad! In a way, this is good for you. Because of our pressure, your leader will take immediate action. We’re all working to do good for the people. You didn’t do this to do good for the people. You did it to win the election. Yes. What’s wrong in that? That is politics. We can’t stay put like rocks in the bottom of a well. To rise to the top, one must keep doing something. If you were a candidate, I’d think of ways to defeat you. Tell me, brother. Where are you? Come to the party office immediately. Okay, brother. Is there a problem, Kodi? We talked about this. Why have you done this? Leader, I didn’t mean to… No one knew about this. How did it come out? Either you’re loyal to the opposition, or you took money for this. Brother… this is not just a party to me. It was my father’s home. It’s my home. My mother hasn’t spoken to me in ten years. She doesn’t even ask me to eat. I don’t even call her “Mother”. I’m here only for the party, and the leader. Don’t say that… – Cut the act. The leader may fall for this. We won’t. Brother… Let the leader speak. I trusted you. You broke the trust. Leader… Don’t come to the party office unless I call you. If you respect my word… don’t stand here. Kodi… Brother! Kodi wouldn’t do that! – Get out. The problem is still under control. We can just say this is the ruling party’s gimmick. But if it goes to the court with evidence… Not just this by-election, we won’t win any seats in assembly elections. Sorry, brother. I dragged you into this unnecessary problem. This is not an unnecessary problem. This is the problem for which our dad burnt right before my eyes. How do we end this problem? We end him, the problem ends. Yeah, District? It’s not like we’re new to this. We’ve done this before. So? We can’t just kill the guy. Let it go, then. I’ll reveal that the leader took a cut from the amount. Kotraivel, speak. No one else knows that he holds the evidence about the factory. Let’s do as brother says. Politics means something else now. Betrayal, mud-slinging and backstabbing constitutes politics today. To survive this, you must become a worse politician than them. You can’t do that, nor will you try. You’re teaching me politics? Stick to lecturing your students. I have a guy to do the job, and to surrender for the crime, too. I’m talking and you’re just sitting there. If you can’t do it, let me handle it. Let’s go. Marimuthu… Tell me, mom. Anbu, I’ve crossed the Kovilpalayam Railway Gate. You can start now. I’ll be there, mom. I’ll go pick up mom. – Wait. Wait here, I’ll pick her up. You? Mom won’t talk to me. I can talk to her, bring her home. Wait and see, she’ll call my name ‘Kodi’. I’ll make it happen. Tries to teach me politics… The leader wants to see you right away. What? Really? I felt sad because he was angry. Where is he now? He asked you to come. He said he’ll tell you where to meet him. You go pick mum up. – Okay, brother. He’s coming. He’s turned into the lane. The leader didn’t want you to tell anyone that you’re meeting him. Tell me. – Where are you? I’m out. Tell me. Out where? – Just tell me, man. Are you alone? Yes, tell me. The way they speak about you at the party is not right. Be careful. If you’re going out somewhere, I’ll go with you. Brother Dhanapalan is calling me. I’ll call you back. Okay. Where are you? I’m on my way, mom. – Come soon. I’m coming. Hang up now. She calls so often! Could be a ghost out there… Brother… Drive to the farmhouse. – Okay, brother. Get him! Go, faster. He can’t get away. Get him! Leader, forgive me. I would never hurt your feelings. This problem should not have come out. I let you have it because I trusted you. Now it’s become such a big problem. I didn’t leak that information… Keep going. Guys, let’s go faster. Come on, faster. Keep going. Get him! Greetings! Our party’s candidate for this by-election… Come on! Come! Kodi. The heir to a true party loyalist, who sacrificed his life for the party. Greet them! Go on… No matter whom the opposition nominates, I will defeat them. I will win. If that does not happen, I will retire from politics. What are you going to do now? Will you use this chance to bring victory to our party? Or will you disclose the evidence, break my trust, and destroy the party? BY-ELECTIONS Long live the district secretary! Long live! Long live the district secretary! Long live! Brother! Is district secretary such a big post? What did you think? 6 M.L.As and 2 M.P.s will work under her. She’ll control the politics in the district. This brainless Arivazhagan’s stupidity has made her The Queen. After getting kicked, stomped over, stabbed over 40 years, I’ve just become an M.L.A. In 1998, at the Erode Convention. holding her hand, I led Rudra to the stage. She’s a very respectful girl. When she enters, she’ll fall at my feet. Watch. Hello! Big sister! Bless me… It’s fine, get up. A tigress on stage, pioneer of women’s wing, Honourable district secretary! Future minister! Hail! Hail! Hail! He’s barging into my game! Maybe he’s a threat to my post? Within the district, the party is still under my control. I call the shots. Rudra has got this respect and position because of me. Okay, bye. Hello, Rudra. Please get up. You don’t have to touch my feet! I told you, she’s a respectful girl. Watch and learn. Come on… Right! The district secretary must sit there. You make the seat look good. This is my Jayalakshmi. I’ve given her a post in the 17th Ward. Start by signing your prosperous signature on this order. We need to speak in private. Leave us alone. We’ve got a lot to discuss. Leave. Don’t ever come to my office… or to the party office, campaigns or anywhere in the district. You’re a fraud. A forger. An idiot. If the people see you face, I won’t get a single vote. Run off somewhere till the election is over. This is my first order as the district secretary. I’m the one who got you that post. You forget your gratitude, and order me around? You know, I can… You can’t do a thing. If you cause trouble, I’ll just have to scream a little. You have a reputation as a forger. You’ll be known for sexual harrassment, too. Leave. Get lost! Are you happy now? Look how his politics and hooliganism has gotten my boy beaten. What if his life had been endangered? Hello. Kodi, I’ve spotted the men who hit Anbu. Come soon. Where? Hey, let him go. He made a mistake. You’ve been on the T.V. and papers since yesterday. He came to get even. Your brother is not innocent. He beat up this guy and his men. I beat him up for abusing a girl who took a loan. If I’d been unjust, he would have filed a complaint the day it happened. Okay, let it go. He wants to make peace. What do we do? Come, shake hands with each other. He’s bought you, huh? You should file an F.I.R. and lock him up. Not broker a deal. I’ll file an F.I.R. But first, I’ll file one against you. For hitting him. Kodi, you’re an M.L.A. candidate now. Shall I file an F.I.R against you? Do it. But not for assaulting him. That’s beneath me. I’ll beat you to pulp. File an F.I.R. for that. Will you, now? Had something happened to Anbu… Just drop this. Sorry, auntie. Forgive me. This is all my fault. I got into trouble when I borrowed money for my niece’s treatment. I told him about it… He mortgaged your jewellery and gave me the money. And beat up ten people… It’s alright. You don’t have to tell my mom… You told me your brother took it! It was you? Give me those fruits. These aren’t fruits. It’s country chicken. It’s not what you think. This really is country chicken. I got it at the meat shop. I got mad because the leader got upset with me. You shouldn’t have done that. But it’s okay. We didn’t foresee facing each other in contest, at a young age. Now I understand the situation we’re in. You’ve been given this M.L.A seat to not leak the evidence. Especially in an election where there is no hope. Stop kidding me. The media says you will not win. Besides, election results are determined by the people. It’s not in our hands. What are you saying? We both have a 50-50 chance with the voters. I agree. But we are the ruling party. We have the money. I don’t want you to lose. The leader trusts me. I will win this for him. That’s all. I won’t give it up for you. No one’s asking you to. You see how you can win and I’ll see how I can win. Politics and personal life are separate compartments for us. Let’s not get it mixed up. Okay? So… What have you got to win against me? I have the truth. Who’s kidding now? Politics and truth? Politics can be truthful. Greetings, everybody. The ruling party filed corruption charges against our ex-minister on the mercury factory case… You’re going to say it’s not true. What’s new? I’m saying, it’s absolutely true. You must be the first person to admit a fellow party man’s charge to the media. I don’t just admit it. He claimed to have cleaned up the waste when he didn’t… here’s a copy of the certificate he signed. This is a copy of the F.I.R. filed by me to request action against him. No one is faultless. How we handle the repercussions is a show of our character. When I wanted to out this evidence… my party gave me an M.L.A. candidacy. It’s important that you and the people understand my party’s integrity. If I’m voted the M.L.A… I will clean up the area around the factory and give a new life to the people. Thank you. Should the ex-minister Marimuthu be arrested? Following a complaint lodged by Pollachi candidate Kodi, against his fellow party memeber… ex-Minister Marimuthu has been arrested. Do you follow? – Okay. Just get me the papers he showed the press… and you can have anything. What? You think I’ll betray Kodi because I’m drunk? You could take my life, but I will never do that. I got drunk to make you see that, you scum. You orphan! I can’t believe I sat you down and spoke like an equal. I’m not an orphan. I’ve got an identity- Kodi. If Kodi knew that you laid a hand on me… he’d rip that out of your body. Don’t be afraid, I won’t tell him. He must win. Kodi should win, become an M.L.A. Kodi will win! Don’t do anything rash while you’re out on bail. Trouble is only if he wins the election. What if he doesn’t win? Look… It’ll be very humiliating if the ruling party loses the by-election. The leadership will spit on our faces. First you stop spitting while talking, man. I’m serious here. It’s not funny. How do we win? We just need notes to win votes! Our candidate is really weak. It’s impossible to win. How do you say I’m a weak candidate? Big sister looks a little weak because she’s on a diet. Be quiet. I exposed the opposition’s corruption… and made our campaign strong. How is it strong? You said you would disclose evidence. But Kodi has done that, locked up his own party man and earned a good name. How did this happen? What are you implying? – Look! You and that boy have some connection. You’re in love. Talk about my big sister like that and you’ll be shamed. What evidence have you got? I’ll rip your insides out. I’ve got all the evidence. There are ladies here. Or I would have cussed so bad… You’re talking too much! – Let it go, brother. Tell us how to win the election! Stop joking around. Always complaining about my big sister. Not another word about her! – Calm down. If there is evidence, get your hands on it. We’ll put up posters in the morning. Shall I sign the poster “Yours truly” with your name? And a “Rest in Peace” poster for you? You’ll never get anywhere in life! Just heat up the glue. That opposition candidate Kodi seen in the poster with me… I’ve never even seen him. I didn’t even know of his existence until now. My photograph has been morphed with someone unqualified. Why is this girl speaking that way? You said they’re getting married soon! That’s just politics. You won’t get it. Give me some rice. Even meeting you has become so difficult. You called me a stranger on T.V. Even though it’s a lie… when I watched it, I felt terrible. It hurt me so bad. It must have hurt you more to say it. It did hurt. But it’s nothing compared to what you’ve done. I don’t understand. I’m saying you understand politics now. You told me our relationship has nothing to do with politics… but to get some votes, you plastered our photograph all over town? You’re saying I did it? When we’re facing each other and it’s either you or me… you couldn’t keep up your word. You’ve stooped so low just to win? Don’t talk that way. We clicked that photo in Kerala two years back. Don’t you remember? Someone dug it up and released it. Don’t accuse me of it. You had your own party man locked up to become the M.L.A. Why wouldn’t I suspect you? You’re talking to me like that? I’ll thrash you. Don’t you know me at all? Are you stupid? You are just… Darn! We’re slogging to make you win, and you come so late? From the posters, we gather where you were. Yes. We are in love. What’s your problem? I don’t understand. You don’t? How will the people vote if two lovers are on opposing parties? You’ll go off with him, you’ll be Mrs. M.L.A. But it’ll be so embarrassing for the ruling party to lose. Don’t mix up personal life and party work. There are brothers and sisters working in opposite parties, too. Husband and wife is a new thing, yes. But you can’t blame big sister for it. Looks like you’ll just pick a new candidate! That’s a good idea. Then we can hold on to the constituency. Will that work? Why do you keep cutting Kodi’s calls? He must be calling to ask what is happening here. Go on, take the call. – Go! You got scared after seeing a couple of posters? We’re not scared. Party or your partner? You must choose. Or just leave the party. Let’s go. You know the ruling party’s victory is very important in by-elections. Leaders have no space for gratitude or sympathy in their hearts. I will surely win, leader. Only you’re saying that. The intelligence agencies disagree. Their reports are unfavourable to you. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done till now. Your future depends on what you choose to do next. I’m giving you two days’ time. Everything must turn in your favour. Or I will have to change the candidate. Mom, I’m injured here! But you only want to see if he’s eaten. Why won’t you answer my calls? I need to speak to you. Come to the eucalyptus forest. I’m in a lot of trouble. I need to see you. Just come. Mom. You think dad died because he came into politics. But I feel dad sacrificed his life so that I could become a politician. You’re the most important thing to me. But let me do this one thing for dad. Rudra and I are planning to get married after the elections. You should go talk to her… I was angry, so I hit you. Forget about it. Come closer. Look… I spoke to my mom. I told her we’ll get married after these elections. Everything will be fine. Okay? It won’t. You will win. And I will lose. My party men even found out that I met you today. I don’t know how. I underestimated you. What are you saying? Are you accusing me of this, too? Do you know what happened at the party office today? Do you know the things they said to me? They said I’m a disgrace to the party, and asked me to leave. I’ve been on so many podiums since I was a child… toiled day and night for the party, paying no heed to my own joy and sorrow. Just when everything was falling in place, this happened. I don’t know what to do. I’m a walking corpse. Why? Why do you talk like that? I didn’t do anything. There’s a man with her. Kill them both. She betrayed me and usurped my position. She must not live. Kill her! Leave now. Get out of here, I’ll handle this. To defeat you… I can’t think of another way. It was not my intention to kill you till we got here. But I found myself hoping that one of these men would stab you to death… and I’d have my victory. But to fulfill my desires and dreams… I had to do it myself. The seeds of ambition you sowed have sprouted a fervor in me. I don’t know if I can be happy without you. But without the party, post and power, I cannot live. Go. Drop dead. Kodi! Oh no… He called me “mom” and said he would live happily. Kodi! I didn’t speak to you all these years fearing this… Kodi! You’re the reason he died! You’ve all killed him! Get out of here. Hold him back. Kodi! Go to sleep, go to sleep; You mighty steeple. Go to sleep, go to sleep; This is your final song. I kiss, cradle and tightly grasp, The ground that bears your footstep. I treasure your tender smile, In my heart, my child. When will those eyes open again? Just for that moment, I shall live on. You’re half a pair, half a pair; When will you awaken? You’re the fruit of my loins, fruit of my loins; When will you awaken? One of my breasts, with milk it’s brimming; Waiting for my beloved suckling. Go faster! Get out! Someone killed your brother and you’re killing everyone here! What the hell do you think we’re here for? The investigation is ongoing. We’ll handle it. Get out. You’re glaring at me? Oh, god! Anbu… I could stamp you, vermin. Let him go, sir. Get lost! Let’s go, son. – Had Kodi been here… Kodi hit the man who attacked his brother in the police station. There was some strife. The police are enquiring. To salvage the party’s reputation… we must nominate Anbu, who is identical to his brother. Sympathy is the most effective tool in Tamil Nadu politics. If you speak to Kodi’s mother, this could work out. We must nominate Anbu as a candidate to represent our party. No! I’ve already given up two lives because of politics. I must protect what I’ve got left. We don’t want politics. As someone who is a part of this family, I implore you… won’t you do this? Is it not our duty to fulfill Kodi’s dreams? He’s gone anyway. What’s the point in fulfilling his dreams? No, let this go. Mom… I shall contest. Anbu, you know nothing. Be quiet. I know everything. I shall contest. Won’t you listen to your mother? You want me to give you up too, and be an orphan? Get in! I shall contest, mom. Son… Your father and brother ignored my plea and left us to suffer. Won’t you listen to me, at least? Without you, I’ve got nobody. Don’t do this, Anbu. We don’t need politics! I shall contest. In Pollachi constituency, Anbu, brother of deceased Democratic Party candidate has been announced as the candidate for Republic Party. Bless you. Leader, let us not participate in this election. We won’t win anyway. Don’t forget to vote for The Candle logo. I swear on our milk produce, we shall vote for Anbu. Greetings, madam! Goodbye, madam. Don’t forget to vote for us, brother! Kodi helped us put up this stand. Tell me, whom should I vote for? Come here, blob-head. I told him we should withdraw. He’s going to win anyway. Why should we waste the deposit money? There were 23 independent candidates. 22 of them withdrew to save their deposit. Only one person is left. Sir? I want to withdraw my nomination. For the second time in Tamil political history, an unopposed M.L.A. Anbu has been selected without contest. Republic Party emerges victorous. I congratulate and appreciate Rudra on behalf of the party. I’ve won you such a huge victory… how will appreciation do? What do you want? Among the five people selected as Members of Parliament from the party… if my name is present, I will serve the people with utmost happiness. If you think I’m not qualified for it… I ask for your forgiveness. You’ve got a knack for politics and strategy. You’re very well-qualified. Include Rudra’s name in the list. Okay, leader. After her appointment as a Member of the Parliament… we extend our warm welcome to M.P. Rudra! Pull over, please. Okay, ma’am. What is the matter, mother? You said it’s urgent? I’m not able to rejoice Anbu’s victory or yours, dear. Why, mother? Anbu’s attitude has changed a lot since Kodi’s death. I don’t understand his problem. I went to see a doctor about it. This condition is called ‘Twinless Twin’. When one of the twins dies, emotionally, the other continues to live as twins. Once a twin, always a twin. It’s hard for the mind to accept the loss of someone… who’s been with them ever since they were embryos in the womb. The mind will try to balance the loss. Some people wish to die the way their twin died. Some others wish to live the life of the deceased, too. Your son is the second type. Anbu adapting to Kodi’s quirks and style, habits and attitude is the mind’s balancing act. This is not unusual. It’s very common among twins. There are Facebook pages… and blogs to support them on the internet, these days. In short, your son Anbu is not one person. He’s two people. Kodi was a tough, trusting boy who only did good. Anbu is a witty boy who always has his way. Now it’s as though Anbu has become a whole, made of both grit and wit. Long live M.P. Rudra! Long live M.P. Rudra! Long live M.P. Rudra! Long live M.P. Rudra! Long live M.P. Rudra! Two lives embodied in one incarnation; Two seeds sprouting in a new germination. With eyes that will daunt your heart bare; His savage ferocity will give you a scare. Dub-dub, the heart beats on; Bub-bub, boils the seething vengeance. Throb-throb, the pulse is beating. Splash-splash, the heavens are pouring. The universe works on a calculation; There’s no summation, only subtraction. Stay on, till you find your answers; Once you know, you’re a thicket in flames. Kodi! Kodi! Kodi! Kodi! Kodi! It’s time to fly my flag. Kodi! Man, I’m going to hunt you down. What’s with the formalities, Anbu? You’re an M.P. I’m an M.L.A. I’m just giving you the respect that’s due to you. Politics and personal life are separate compartments for us. Let’s not get it mixed up. Thank you. Sir, I’ll find the culprit in your brother’s murder case… He was my brother. I’ll find the killer. Sir, you look just like Kodi. Not at all like Anbu. I am Anbu. And I am Kodi, too. I’m the essence of kindness; To you, I’m the deadly noose. I’m the essence of kindness; To you, I’m the deadly noose. I’m the essence of kindness; To you, I’m the deadly noose. We’re here to take care of all your needs. I’m for official. Them, personal. – Hello, sir. I must eat, sleep and sign where you tell me to. That’s my only job. Right? It’s not like that, sir. You’re new to politics. Politics was in my family when I was born. I know politics. And I know what it does to good people. First thing, I want money from businessmen, contractors, exporters in the constituency. To be precise… I want my bribe. We usually pay the district secretary, madam. How could we pay the M.L.A, too? He’s not causing trouble. He’s only asking for money. Just give it to him. Kodi! Kodi! Kodi! I’ve got the names and transaction details on this file, like you said. It’s time to fly my flag. Kodi! Man, I’m going to hunt you down. Kodi! You can’t beat my lightning speed. Kodi! You can’t hide from me for too long. Hello, sir. Sorry, I’m ten minutes late. To them, it’s fifteen years too late. We shall undertake the treatment expenses of everyone affected by the mercury factory. But, the funds, sir…? I’ve got 7.5 milion as donation. Use that money. But that’s unaccounted money. How could we use that? It’s not fake notes, right? The notes are good, but those people… Are not good people? I’ll prepare receipts with the list you gave me. Give it to the district collector. They’ll face income tax trouble. That’s the whole point. They won’t pay a penny to solve people’s misery. But they’ll pay hundreds of thousands to placate the M.L.A. Let there be an income tax enquiry on the source of the money. The mercury waste shall be cleaned. And strict action will be taken against those who are responsible. Those who were affected… Great speech. This issue has dragged on for years. If you could tell them when it will come to an end? Three months… Respected madam Rudra has promised that the governement will resolve this in a week! Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth. I am pleased to say, our government will resolve this case within a week. So, madam? The flag… is flying high, eh? I told you to take those pills! We’re in such deep mess, who cares about the bloody pills? Brother… Why do you get so angry? – What, then? He’s going to close the case in week, you know? What will the party do? Like I said before… if I’m going to the jail again, I won’t go alone. You and the leader must prepare to come with me. I know how to shut them up. Trust me. Watch what I do. You’re familiar with this spot, eh? These cameras were installed by forest department to monitor leopards. Some bums stole it… our good inspector, belongs to my caste, gave it to me for safe-keeping. What’s your price? You’re new to power. You’re new to money. Started negotiating already? What do you want? We wanted to get rid of Kodi. It’s good that you did it for us. But now you’re causing us trouble. Anbu… He’s digging up the mercury factory issue again. He, too, needs to be… just silenced. You must. The government will undertake… What a guy! Never seen a guy like him in my 40 years of politics. Come here. I’ve only seen you around for a few months now. What 40 years? Trying to piss me off? Just general knowledge. – General knowledge? What’s on the third page? Still reading the first page. Reading the first page for three hours… You only came here for the free tea, right? Yes, sir. Just drink up and leave. You just land here… drink tea for six months or a year… and vote for the other party! Tell me, madam. Why did you ask to see me? You could have come to me with the camera. I’m an M.P. from the ruling party. I’ll be a minister someday. I can do anything for you. You missed a good opportunity. Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime. Thanks to me, you’re getting a second chance. Just think. You’re an inspector. You could become the A.D.S.P, the D.S.P. and then the S.P. If you do as I say. What should I do? Kotraivel must die. You’re such a fraidy-cat. How did you become an inspector? Madam, when he was ‘Hit-man’ Velu, he would stand before me with arms folded. He hustled his way into politics. Now he treats me like a slave. He’s from my caste. I thought he would help me out. When you have offered it to me, what more do I need? I’ll kill him. Tell me when and where. You needn’t go looking for him. He’s waiting for us now. Don’t use the police department’s gun. Use this. Hello? – Sir. The M.L.A. came by again. He yelled at us about the missing camera. What? Don’t know how to handle him? Tell him to speak to me directly from now on. It’s the M.L.A. Put him on speaker. Hello, sir. – Where are you? I’m out somewhere… Where? On my way to Pollachi from Coimbatore. I’ll reach by five o’ clock. Meet me when you’re back. – Okay, sir. He said he’s coming from Coimbatore to Pollachi, but I heard a train passing. There is no train from Coimbatore to Pollachi. Yes, he must be on the Pazhani – Pollachi route. He said he’ll meet me by 5. Judging by the time, he must be near Pazhani now. Why is he lying? He’s hiding something. Go to his house. I’ll catch him on the way. I told you to fix the problem, you want to talk now? I waited for so long! I have some solid evidence. I’ll show you what I can do. Don’t be hasty. I know when to start what, and when to finish it. Everyone knows that. I can’t hold on to this camera and trust you anymore. I’ll show the world your true colours. You want to be a central minister? I’ll send you to the central prison. What are you doing? I’ve done so much for you! We belong to the same caste. Don’t do this… Rudra, make him stop. I’ll do what you say. Please ask him not to shoot. Then burn that memory card. Quick! It’s done. It’s done! You kill him. I did as you said! Madam, when he was ‘Hit-man’ Velu, he would stand before me with arms folded. He hustled his way into politics. Now he treats me like a slave. I’ll kill him. Just tell me when and where. If I hadn’t removed the bullets from that gun… he’d have killed you by now. This is why you should never trust the middle men. We’re politicians. We must resolve our issues. Only I can save you and your party now. No more camera games. You’ll be stronger standing by my side than standing against me. Erase your prints from the gun… and leave a letter in his pocket that says, “I killed myself due to work pressure.” Shove the body aside. Let me hold on to these. ‘Pollachi inspector commits suicide’ – I’m on my way. You were the last person to call him. You threatened the sub-inspector for his whereabouts. His suicide note says he couldn’t handle the work pressure. Considering all this… we suspect that you pressured him into solving your brother’s murder. What are you doing? Madam… We suspect that he might be the reason for the inspector’s suicide. Who told you he may be the reason? All the evidence points against him. You can’t enquire a ruling party M.L.A. Ask your superiors to speak to me. Please leave now. Madam, I… – Please. Anbu, why are you so hasty? Kodi was just your brother. He was my everything. Won’t I find the people who killed him? Tomorrow, the party will announce my appointment as a central minister. Everything we wished for will happen then. You’re an M.L.A. now. All your mistakes will reflect on the party. Where were you when Kodi was killed? That day… our picture was posted all over the town. I spoke to him… No, I… I met him. I was angry… He… Where were you when Kodi was killed? Exactly like this, I was suspicious and asked him… he hit me and left. Where were you when Kodi was killed? Kodi, don’t you suspect sister-in-law! Fool! Is he Kodi? Is he Kodi? If he were Kodi… he would never suspect me. Kodi called me that day… and asked to meet. There was so much trouble… I didn’t go. If only I’d gone there… he’d still be alive. And you wouldn’t speak to me this way. Sister-in-law! You’re going overboard. Why did you ask her such a thing for no reason? I have my reasons. The inspector was dead when I went looking for him. I checked his phone, he had made several calls to one number. Believe me, I have nothing to do with this murder. I was upset about my explusion and went on a vacation to Goa. The inspector called me then. He said he had evidence that I killed Kodi. He blackmailed me and took several hundred thousands from me. I promise, I had nothing to do with your brother’s murder. I did send thugs. But Kodi beat them all up. If you don’t believe me, ask Rudra. She was there with him. You’re taking this scoundrel’s word against sister-in-law’s? We’ll know tomorrow. Greetings to all. Respected madam Rudra will take charge as a minister in two days. To celebrate that… and to increase the number of party workers… I’ve selected seven people, one for each district. Those seven people… shall receive their official badges from her divine hands. I request madam to make the day special for them. What? You look like you just saw seven devils. You’re all sweaty, your eyes look edgy, and yours hands are shaky. All this excitement for new members joining the party? I don’t know who killed my brother. Nor do I know what you have to do with those men. But I know you’re hiding something. Truth is like a child. It is afraid of the dark. Someday, it will leap towards light. When it does, think of a retribution for the man who killed my brother. It’s as though I’m looking at Kodi. I’ve lost a lot in politics. But losing Kodi, was a great loss. I will help you find the murderer of Kodi. Do whatever you want. He’s trying to find his brother’s killer… he’s so close now! You’re only talking about your problem. Tomorrow is the final hearing at the court. This evidence from environment board about the residue is vital for the final hearing. Anbu must not submit that evidence in court. They’ll do anything to sabotage it. We must get past them, and submit it somehow. Not just the evidence. We’ll wipe him out, too. Move. He’s not going to the court. He’s going elsewhere. I’m tailing him. Yeah? Watch her. She’s in the town. So, Anbu is going to the court. He must have the file. Rudra said she’ll handle everything. What is she doing? The next time he suspects sister-in-law, I’ll stop talking to him. I’ll just eat and leave. Okay, calm down. It’s him. Yes, Kodi? I’m going to Coimbatore for the court hearing. Pay close attention. You and mom should not step out for any reason. No matter who calls you. Especially if Rudra calls you. Fine. This is too much! Can’t go out when sister-in-law calls… I’ll be taking charge as a minister tomorrow. I’d really like you to be there and bless me. Where is Bhaghat Singh? But you said they’re getting married soon. Sister-in-law! What happened? Are you hurt? Check if he’s alright. If you want your mother alive, bring me the file. Velu, he doesn’t have the file. Where is the file? I asked you to come with the file. Let me see my mother first. I’ll show you the file. Kill him! He’s come here empty-handed. End his life. You kept wondering who killed your brother… It was me. I stabbed him to death with my bare hands. He stood against me, and died. You’re going to die, too. Now it’s as though Anbu has become a whole, made of both grit and wit. All this time, I thought you knew who killed Kodi. I didn’t think you would have killed him. Anbu, don’t… Kodi wouldn’t have died because she stabbed him. For some reason… he must have sacrificed his life to let her live. Now don’t make his death meaningless, by killing her. When the position you desire fails to give you happiness… and leaves you lonely… then you’ll know Kodi’s worth. Come on, Anbu. How could you, sister-in-law? Kodi was my everything, sister-in-law. My father. My mother. My family. Above all… he was my… friend! I wanted to see you both live happily together. Now it’s all ruined! Let it all go. Go to Kodi! Hey, ‘Firecracker’! Give me that! Kodi! The Beast hunts the Beast; Man hunts the Beast; Lust for Power hunts the Man.

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  5. பாவம் கீரோயினுக்கு தமிழ் பேச தமிழ்நாட்ல ஆளே இல்ல பாரு மலையாளத்து காரிய வெச்சு பேச வெச்சிருக்கானுங்க ச்சை அதுவும் நல்லத்தான் இருக்கு

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0Jey6WnN6s

    // heart touching love break up // ## watch and subscribe if it good##

  7. To be honest, i couldn’t hold my tears. My tears just burst out heavily. This scene has so much emotion in it. It was emotional.. Even I’ve watched this scene many times. I still can’t hold my tears. Good job you guys. You’ve made a wonderful movie! I hope there’s a sequel after Maari 2. I love you Dhanush 😭💜

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