Kotek – Powerful Thoughts – First Short Film Ever

Kotek – Powerful Thoughts – First Short Film Ever

“Little Cat” What’s it? this strange … it’s dark here … …is it? 😉

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  1. Great job my friend. Loved the story, the color grading, the angles, your filming. Very well done 👍. It’s always a big emotion when we do something for the first time, well this is your first short film, and it’s super. Congratulations brother

  2. Oh yes – I really really like it so much. It was only fun to watch – this film really got me! You are in fact a filmmaker. You should invest time in your potential, because you are a great storyteller & creative mind. The interesting thing: You can feel that from the first second. So pls do lots of these film. Trust your emotions and don't overthink everything too much – just get into the flow. It will be interesting to follow your filmmaking to see how you and work will develop. Very good job!!!👍

  3. I think you could have a future in the role of "Director of photography". You have a good eye for details and what looks good on video. Great job Julia! Your going to break a lot of young man hearts in about 10 years.

  4. Wow nice video and good first effort on making a short movie and yes i read the poem in description its nice too 😊🙏

  5. Yo man you are killing it with the videos lately. Great short film man you captured the emotions very well without any talking. Hope to see more like this in the future from you.

  6. Love ittttt. Really interesting and even leaves a bit up to the imagination of the viewer to figure out the takeaway / message. I'm a fan my dude 👍

  7. This was really good, especially for your first short film. Keep shooting, keep creating, and keep uploading. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Morning my friend I think you did an incredible job on this well done..this is something I'd love to do create an short film we've already written the scripts just never got to it..🙂👍

  9. Really great film. Well paced. Good storytelling. You should definitely do this more often. I really enjoyed it, man

  10. Very good BK nicely done you got to make another one thanks for sharing keep up the good work I look forward to hear from you! God bless you bye for now Ken.
    … are you still planning on coming to the states? Catch you on the rebound

  11. This was a great little film, the music and sound effects where perfect. Something I loved about it, at least for me, I did not fully understand it but I did feel like I was looking through the imagination of a child. I may be wrong on the meaning but I did enjoy it nonetheless.

  12. Wow… my whole career, I shot "Talking Head" videos… you… works of art! Dropping another LIKE on your video! Watching and Supporting!

  13. Story telling isn't a easy task. Leaning how to use a filming equipment isn't either.
    Did you ever try to make a short movie or tell a story without saying any word?

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