Krishnarjuna Yuddham 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie || Nani, Anupama, Rukshar Dhillon

Krishnarjuna Yuddham 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie || Nani, Anupama, Rukshar Dhillon

– Your package is ready. It’ll be delivered in 20 days. Get the money ready. Let me go! [GROANING] [SCREAMS] [BIRDS CHIRPING] Oh, lord! President, do you see that? What’s happening? Cranes are ruining the crop. Where the hell is Krishna? [UPBEAT MUSIC] Hey, listen!
– Huh? I think the leg brake is broken. You put the hand brake on.
– Sure. ♪I feel blessed to worship Lord Hanuman♪ ♪His blessings keep us joyous in life♪ [MUSIC CONTINUES] ♪I feel blessed to worship Lord Hanuman♪ Whatever you say, man… I know Paruchuri Brotherspenned this. You’re dumber than you look. If you say that one more time,
I’ll smack you down. Rajamouli’s father
Vijayendra Prasadpenned it. Let’s bet on it.
– I’m ready. Huh!
– Huh! Come, let’s find out. What is this, Krishna?
I asked you to be early for the play. You’re so late. Where were you caught up? I’m not a watchman to be early. I’m the King of Dwaraka. Lord Krishna! I’m supposed to be late. By the way, we were having
a difference of opinion. You’re quite smart.
Why don’t you clear the air? Listen to me first. You’re no lawyer that we listen to you. Clear our doubt first. Yeah.
– Tell me what it is. You know what? Mahabharat… You know Mahabharat. He says Paruchuri Brothers penned it. And a scholar like me says
Vijayendra Prasad penned it. You tell us who’s right. You’re playing Krishna and Balaram. And you don’t even know
who penned Mahabharat. This is a great sin. Vyas penned it. Who’s Vyas? -I’ll beat you up
if you give us a fake name. He’s just jealous of my intelligence. [LAUGHS] Hey, listen. Tell me how this poem sounds.
– Sing it for me. ‘As you flow in my
memories, Crista’ What? You’ve got a sister in this play? You fool! I said Crista, not sista. I’ll sing this poem and
grab all the girls’ clothes. That’s not happening. All the girls are angry with you. Because I’m late?
– Because you showed up. Of course. Want to know what they’re saying? It’s better to bang their
hands than do a play with you. Where are the girls? What’s the matter, huh? [MOCKING] You’re just extras and
you’re showing off already? Come, let’s go. Where do you want us to go? It’s like narrating the whole of Ramayana. And you ask me who Dharma Raj is. Ramayana doesn’t have Dharma Raj. [SARCASTIC LAUGH] Sure. He must be there.
You slapped me so hard… I believe actors Vijay Raj and
Deep Raj are also in Ramayana. Correct. I’ve memorised poems
all day and night for you. If you don’t want to act,
who do I sing the poems to? No matter what you say… We’re willing to act with this monkey. But not with you. Hey! I told you while
we were doing our makeup. Krishna’s role suits me better than you. Hold this and give me the flute. You girls have insulted me. I’m never singing my poems now. I’m leaving! Let’s go. You go. I’ve got to take her number. You want her number?
– Huh… Shame! Idiot! [TEMPLE BELLS RINGING] Whose role are you playing? Can’t you see? I’m playing Sita. You look so beautiful in this attire. I am loving you. Love? I’d rather kill
myself than marry you. What have I done wrong? What makes you deserving? You’re useless and stubborn. Why would any girl marry you? You’ve got no property or wealth. Watch your words, huh. Angels will descend to Earth for me.
Just wait. Yeah, sure. In case that happened, I’ll shave
my head and roam around the village. [SARCASTIC LAUGH] Forget it. You look crazy with hair. You’d look terrifying with a shaved head.
Look out. Go… Go… You devil! You were missing at the fields. So, President called
for a meeting under the tree. Everyone’s waiting for you there. [CROWD]: Arjun! Arjun! Arjun! All right. Let’s go ask someone here. Hi… Hi! Are you excited being here? I’m so excited. I’m dying to see Arjun. Wow! All right.
I also have someone else here. Hi!
– Hi…! Tell me. Are you a huge fan of Arjun? I love him! I’m ready to
have a one night stand with him. Whoa! Careful! Your mom must be watching this.
[GIGGLES] I love you, Arjun!
– It’s my mom. Did you just see that magic? Arjun Jai Prakash… The Indian originated Rockstar has
a huge fan following all across the world. They’re crazy about him. Arjun’s best friend cum Manager…
Brahmaji is here with us today. Sir! You’re keeping so many fans waiting. Does this mean his
entry is specially planned? I’d plan his entry and exit
if I knew where he was. Get out of here! [MUMBLING] You and your bloody questions! I wonder where Arjun’s at. I’m really nervous.
– What?! This is breaking news. Yeah, I’m waiting for him. You cheater! I don’t know what you’ll do. The concert should start in 5 minutes. Do you understand?
– Okay, sir. Hmm… Okay, sir.
– Okay? [MAN]: Yeah, I’m coming. You rascal! I better jump into a manhole
than be his Manager. I wish I knew where he’s lurking. [CHURCH BELL TOLLING] [CELL PHONE VIBRATES] Arjun! [GASPING] Arjun! Arjun! Everyone’s waiting outside. Be late when people are waiting.
There’s a great kick to it. Don’t worry. I’m not a guest to be late to the wedding. I’m the bride. Okay. Bye. [DOOR OPENS] Close your mouth, uncle. You need to knock before entering. Don’t you know it’s common sense? Get out. You come, Jessi. You! Don’t you get what I’m saying? She’s feeling awkward, man. That’s not awkwardness. That’s fear.
– What?! Why will she be afraid of you? You’re after all a waiter. He’s not a waiter. He’s Peter. My fiancé… [LAUGHS] Hi, bro. Congratulations! You know a girl like
Jessi is really rare these days. Lucky fella! So sorry, bro. your outfit
made me assume you’re a waiter. Hey!
– Chill! Chill, bro. Actually, I’m a designer. Jessi’s dress was
a little too tight and so… I’m here to set it right. We were almost done. Okay? Okay.
– Okay. – Yeah.
– Okay. Hey! You think
I’ll believe you’re a designer? You know what Sigmund Freud said? There’s no point in
mentioning it in this situation. Jessi, it’s time for me to leave. Before I go, I have a question for you. You know why these churches have windows? For the air to blow in. Wrong answer! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [ENGINE STARTS] Catch him! Move! Move! Move! [MUSIC CONTINUES] Faster! Faster! [PHONE RINGING] Ugh!!! [TYRES SCREECHING] [BRAKES SQUEAKING] Arjun! Hey, Nikki! What’s up? We just met last night. What’s wrong? Missing me already? My parents fixed my wedding. They’re forcing me to come back to India. Please talk to my family about us. Please, Arjun! No, baby. I can’t talk about this over the phone.
Meeting in person makes a good impact. Do something.
– Hmm… You return to India immediately. I’ll come after you. [SMILES] I’ll be waiting.
– Bye. Hey, bro… Are you going
to marry her or what? Hey! Like there’s no Charminar in Agra… Our villagers have no brains in their head. Krishna is taking advantage
of our kindness. How long do we keep up with this? We work our asses off. And he lets the birds eat the crop. Let him come. I’ll break his legs. What’s up, President? You held a meeting in
the centre of the village. Have you got no work to do? We are all working good. What about you? You’re roaming in the village in
the name of plays and friends. I’m trying to talk here
but you’re hopeless. Hey! Go to your mom. ♪You fill up my heart♪ ♪It’s you residing in there♪ ♪My heart keeps telling me all the time♪ ♪I can’t possibly live without you♪ Hey, listen.
– Huh? I hear romantic songs
playing since I saw that girl. It’s not just you.
Everyone can hear the song. [SONG PLAYING ON RADIO] Marriage! [THUD SOUND] She didn’t throw the slipper at me yet. I think she’s new to the village.
– Shame! There’s no point in trying to change you. You make me so tensed,
I have to buy things like this. Why are you saying crap? What did I do so wrong, huh? Hey! We gave you the
responsibility of being the bird scarer. What have you done? Your father has looted the entire village. And you’re set out to loot me. How do we get some sense into you? If men ate all the crop,
what will the birds eat? Don’t they have a right to live? That is why I set the birds free. He thinks he’s a patriot,
trying to fight for birds and animals. See that, Savitri sister? We employed him out of trust in you. And he’s talking nonsense now.
– Even I took the job out of love for my mom. Hey, Krishna… What is this? I sent you to the fields
because you mess around at home. How could you be irresponsible with your job?
– Mom, you don’t get started. This isn’t my fault. It’s not your fault. It’s your mother’s… Hey, Srinu… Listen.
– Huh? Does the President have
a young granddaughter? I don’t think there’s one. Sure?
– Sure, dude. It’s quite easy to have
kids, Savitri sister. But who’s going to raise them well? [GROANING] Hey, old man! Insult me all you want. But if you say a thing to my mother… I’m really insane. I’ll beat you so hard,
you’ll regret being the President. Got it? [FOOTSTEPS RECEDE] What took you so long?
Come. Let’s get started. Where’s Krishna?
– Look. Over there. [ON THE PHONE]: You’re superb, man. Krishna is glowing. This means he’s talking to a girl. Looks like some girl is interested in him. It’s nothing, dude. He can’t fall asleep unless
he listens to a girl’s voice. What do you mean? He’s talking to the
Customer Care Executive. Could you please be
clear about what you want? There’s a girl in your office.
Uma Maheswari… Pass the phone to her, please. A guy named Krishna would
torture her on the phone every day. That is why she quit the job, sir. Ah, poor girl! Never mind. Give me your personal number. What for, sir? What else? To share our happiness and pain. Sorry, sir. You can’t ask for
personal details and I can’t reveal them. Let me know if it’s a recharge
or networking issue. I can solve it for now. I’m not some soap opera
actress to have issues. I’ve got no problems. Just give me your number. You’ll be the first girl to
have Krishna’s phone number. He’s Krishna?! Thanks for calling Customer Care. How would you like to
rate this conversation? Listen. If you cut the call,
I’ll rate you zero. It’s up to you. I’d rather take zero
rating than talk to you. Bye! [CRICKETS CHIRPING] [GULPING] These IT girls are too rude. What happened, Krishna? Why are girls so mean? I just wanted her number and
she acted like I asked for her wealth. You’re worried that
you can’t impress girls, right? I don’t want girls. I just want one girl.
[PHONE RINGING] I’ll treasure her in my heart. Like Shahrukh Khan lost
his train in DDLJ… I’m starting to lose my hopes for girls. I can’t tell you how painful it feels. I hear songs all day and night
that none of you must be hearing. Hey, fool! Why don’t you answer your phone? Can’t you hear it? Ahem! Krishna, it’s the girl from the play. Hello, darling! How are you? I’m so unlucky, man. He looks like black ink. Even he has found love. Damn it! [FOOTSTEPS RECEDE] I’m a little busy. I’ll talk to you later. What happened? My sister says she’ll commit suicide. I’m hanging up, huh. MLA’s son is harassing her for a while now. He also behaved inappropriately today. She was going to take poison. Hey, Mani! Listen.
– Huh? Get my ride. [ENGINE VROOMING] Mrudang Rao called again. Mrudang Rao? Who is he? [CLICKING] Try remembering men’s
names along with women’s. Mrudang Rao is the
Program Manager in Hyderabad. He’s desperate to do a concert with you. Ask him to stop dreaming about me. [TYRES SCREECHING] [UPBEAT MUSIC] You just need like seconds to woo a girl. Tell me how. The person needs to see
our desire for them in our eyes. It should hit them hard like a cyclone.
[CAR HONK] That’s when magic happens. [ENGINES VROOMING] What are you going to do, man? Arjun! Arjun! [WATER SPLASHING] [SIRENS WAILING] Oh, no! Police! [BRAKES SQUEAKING] Damn! What the hell! He looks like
a Polar Bear dressed as a cop. We’re dead. You know what Sigmund Freud said? Did he ask us to leave the car and run? Look closely. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [DOOR BELL] What happened? A cop was here.
Any problem? You noticed the uniform
and I noticed her hot body. You’re unbelievable!
– Forget that. By the way, there’s no
NGO or charity on this street. How come you’re here? I know that. I’m here to meet you. You know many women and kids are being
trafficked and forced into prostitution. Around 3000 girls have been
kidnapped last year in Europe alone. We rescued most of them through our NGOs. But with more number of victims,
our funds are proven insufficient. So what? If you do a concert free of cost
and donate the money to our NGO… It’ll be really helpful to those girls. See, buddy. Ask me for
an autograph or a selfie. Never for donation. What is this? You should be
showing some humanity. If you want to be successful in life…
Never ask yourself if you’re a good man. It’s not about that. I’m running late for practice. Finish your tea and go. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Waiter! Sorry. Peter! What’s up, bro? Hey! I cancelled the wedding
to find you since 2 days. I finally got you. Is it? You weren’t home
and Jessi didn’t even tell me. What a waste of opportunity! Smash him! [SCREAMS] Don’t you know I’m the MLA’s son? MLA is a nobody for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to
smack the MPTC if he’s guilty. MLA is powerful than MPTC, man. I’ve said what I had to. I’m not going to apologise for it. Hey!!! Learn to respect women. I agree a guy can fall in love with a girl.
It’s the God’s rule. But you harassed an innocent girl. You don’t know the
value she holds for respect. [SCOFFS] [THUD NOISES] [PANTING] Here you go. [SCREAMS] Hey! Uncle, how much did the vegetables cost? 500 rupees. Pay up! Here. Auntie, how much were the flowers? 300 rupees. Here. Whose stick is this? [ROMANTIC MUSIC] Uncle, is this bus en route from heaven? What was that? En route from heaven? What are you trying to say? What is this angel doing
in this shitty bus? [STAMMERS] How much is the stick? It’s not just a stick. It’s a selfie stick. It’s not that expensive. That is why I’m willing to pay. Tell me how much. Umm… 800 bucks… What doe bucks mean? Buckets? Uh-huh… Bucks means rupees. Oh… This stick is just for 800 rupees. Keep 100 rupees with you.
I’ll pay the rest later. No! No! No. Keep it. Come on. Hmm… Thanks. ♪You’re slowly driving me insane♪ ♪I’m beginning to lose my senses♪ ♪Shall we go afar?♪ ♪Or fall into one another’s arms?♪ ♪I’m on a quest for a new world♪ ♪Meeting you kindled my feelings♪ ♪I can’t stay lonely anymore♪ ♪I want to say this to you♪ Krishna! Why are you
swinging like a monkey? I’m the only one hearing
a song since I saw that girl. Uh-huh… [SONG PLAYING ON RADIO] You idiot! Get me tobacco. Grandma…
– What? Couldn’t you find a different song? What’s wrong with the song?
– Shut up and hang up. All right. Come on! Karli is here.
Get down! Get down quickly. [ROMANTIC MUSIC] Hi, Capraharcus! Aww! So cute. It’s not Capraharcus. It’s a goat. Umm… Actually…
Goat’s scientific name is Capraharcus. Scientific name? Bye, Capracircus. Why are you confused? This is not a goat. [ROMANTIC MUSIC] Oh, man! What a smile! Like the rain in summers. [POURING HEAVILY] Thanks, Brahma. If you hadn’t come, Peter would’ve
taken his frustration out on me. You are never troubled. You always put me in trouble. Police let us go on paying a 100 Euros. If you don’t take a break from girls… Brahma, press the brake. [CLASSICAL MUSIC] Arjun! Arjun! [INAUDIBLE] Awesome weather, eh? Yeah. It’s superb. I thought you didn’t like the rains. It’s not like that. It’s a lot of fun. May I? Sure. [POURING] [PLAYING GUITAR] [APPLAUSE] The rain’s beautiful, isn’t it? But not as beautiful as you. 10 times lesser than you. Now that I’ve seen your eyes… 20 times lesser. Sorry I didn’t notice your nose earlier. I think 30 times lesser. Finally I say looking at your lips. Rain stands no comparison with you. Hello! What do you want? [SHIVERING] Anything that’ll keep me warm. What? I mean… Coffee? Sorry. I don’t drink coffee with strangers. Strangers? Don’t you think we have
a strong connection? Got it. In India, we dial 1404
to report maniacs like you. What’s the code in Europe? I don’t think you know me. I’m Arjun. Some call me a Rockstar.
Some call me a millionaire. And some people… Forget that. I own an apartment nearby. Shall we hang out? Excuse me, Mr. So Called Rockstar! I’ve come across many flirts like you. I hate people like you. No matter how many pick up lines you use… It’s a waste. [SCOFFS] Goodbye. Sexy and stubborn! I like the combination. A girl rejected you? This is breaking news in Europe. I wonder why I get to hear such news. You hit MLA’s son for sister.
But he’s a really dangerous guy. He might attack anytime.
You have to be cautious. The girl in the bus was
looking like an angel. And her smile was that
of a Bollywood heroine. What is this, dude?
I don’t get a thing he’s saying. He’s been repeating
these words since an hour. He met some girl in the bus
who smiled at him. [SARCASTIC LAUGH] Miracles happen every day. But I can’t believe a girl smiled at him. Believe me or go to hell. She was as beautiful as
Madhubala in Mughle Azam. She got down in our village only. But she disappeared in a second. I think he’s gone crazy
that no girl is impressed. You’re right. I see her everywhere. Only I see her running towards us. Doesn’t that mean I’m in love? He’s mental. [PANTING] Do you guys see her too? Start your bike quickly. Please. Hello! I’m talking to you. We’re running out of time. Make it fast. What’s happening, man? Even I don’t get it.
[ENGINE STARTS] Let’s go. Go fast. Drive! This is indeed a miracle, man. Looks like she fell in
love with me at first sight. [CHUCKLES] She wouldn’t elope with me
to get married otherwise. Let’s pick my mom up on the way. It’s her dream to watch me get married. What are you talking? Take me to Ram’s fields quickly. Naja Naja bit someone there.
It’s an emergency. What’s that? Ugh! A snake bit someone.
I need to treat them. Is that why you hopped onto my bike? Hmm… Go fast! [CASTING SPELLS] Oh, god! He’s bitten by a snake. Move! Who are you? Doctor. He needs first aid immediately. [WIZARD CONTINUES] Will you please do me a favour? Sure. I saw you smack someone in the bus. Huh…
-Smack this guy also and get him out of here. [THRASHING SOUND] More than the spells you casted… This girl’s magic has worked on me. Go home and cast spells on yourself. You’ll be perfectly all right. Bye! You were so keen on saving
a stranger’s life in an unknown village. We don’t need to know anyone to help them. Let’s go. [ROMANTIC MUSIC] Give me a minute, huh.
– Hmm… There’s a bus going to Tirupati at dawn. Why are you telling me that? You said you’d shave your
head in case a girl liked me. She is no ordinary girl. She’s an angel who descended from heaven. Shall I buy the ticket or will you? [MUSIC CONTINUES] Who was that girl? Poor girl! She’s been
after me for a while now. She said she’d commit suicide
if I didn’t love her. I told her she can’t let her parents down. That is what I was telling her. Oh… Great! Let’s go? So… Who’s Krishna in this village? I heard he proposes to every girl he sees. My grandpa asked me to stay away from him. [SCOFFS] This world can’t differentiate
between good and bad. He’s not such a guy. Hey! Stop! Stop! We’ve reached my home. Why’d you stop me here? Is this your house? Huh… By the way, I’m Riya. And you are? I am… I am… Okay. See you later. Bye. Bye. Where are you coming from, dear? I just went to catch
some fresh air, grandpa. Grandpa?! What are you doing here, Krishna? Krishna?! Aren’t you supposed to
be scaring the birds? I was on my way and my bike broke down. Okay. Get going now. She’s the President’s granddaughter. Srinu, you’re dead! What are you doing to me? I’m your friend.
I’m not your enemy to drown me. You were so sure the other day. You’re dead in my hands. How am I to know she’s his granddaughter? Let me go. Damn it! I believed you and man handled him. How do I calm him down now? [WATER FIZZLING] [CAMERA CLICK] [DIALLING] Hello…
– Hello, sir. You have to see this. I just clicked a rare species bird. Good job, Subba Lakshmi. Mail me the pictures right away. It’ll be the cover page of our magazine. I’m so excited, sir.
Thank you so much. Hey! Stop! [GASPING] Hey! Stop! Stop! Hey! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Wait, Brahma. I’ll handle him. You’re not needed for this. I’m more than enough. He stole my girlfriend’s bag. I’ll settle this. I know. But I’ve been waiting
to risk my life for you. Please let me do this. [SWISHING A KNIFE] Say what? Okay, Brahma. You go ahead this time. Why should I die for your girlfriend? You only die. You just said you’d risk your life for me. I said that before he swished his knife. You can do it. It’s easy for you. Hold this. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [SCREAMS] That will not do. Please, no! That will not do either. No! [WATER SPLASHING] Shit! I missed him. Listen. Have you got another camera? Do you even realise what you’ve just done? Hey! It’s okay. We’ll
get you another camera. I don’t want another camera. I worked towards the
magazine cover for 2 months. I finally clicked a rare species bird. It was my dream. But you ruined everything before
I could mail it. Actually, we were just trying to help you. Did I ask for your help? If I ever see you again,
I’ll kill you both! What? Will you kill us
for a bird’s picture? We’ve seen many birds. In the woods… To be true, a girl isn’t beautiful
while playing in the rain. She’s beautiful when she slaps someone. Thanks. Don’t go around telling
people that she slapped me. [CREAKING SOUND] [HEART BEAT] What is this? My heart beat
sounds louder than the creaking. Look. He’s over there. That’s the matter, huh. Hey, birds… It’s a day
of freedom for you. [GIGGLES] You beat up people usually. Why are you beating the box? That’s his job. I play music for the birds. Hey! You leave. Go buy chickpeas. Wow! Chickpeas! Move! He’s still a kid but an arrogant one. How come you’re here? Oh… I had to make an urgent phone call. There was no reception at home. Grandpa sent me here as I can find signals. I’ll take you further from here. Let’s go. By the way, where are you from? Hyderabad. I’m here to meet grandpa for the vacation. Your grandpa and I are really good friends. ‘It’s quite easy to have kids,
Savitri sister.’ ‘But who’s going to raise them well?’ ‘[GROANING]’ ‘Hey, old man! Insult me all you want.’ ‘But if you say a thing to my mother…’ ‘I’m really insane.’ ‘I’ll beat you so hard,
you’ll regret being the President.’ ‘Got it?’ Hmm… I know.
You also grabbed his collar, right? Here. Eat this. Hey! Tamarindus Indica! I know girls don’t say
what’s on their mind. But I never understand any of your words. Actually, I’ve pursued
medicine for 4 years. That is why I’m used
to the scientific names. [SMILES] [INDISTINCT VOICES] Is this some kind of a carnival? In medical terms,
the network in our village is sick. You get good reception here. The tree is our tower. You can also call the
American President from here. Hey, Krishna… I want
to talk to my husband. Please dial the number for me. You seem to love your husband a lot. Sure, I do. But he’s been away from home for 3 days. I wonder where he’s dead at. Bloody idiot! Here. Talk.
– Hmm… Hello… Why is she talking like that? This is how wives talk
to husbands around here. Oh… It’s love. You had to talk to someone, right?
– Yeah. Go ahead. Sit here. Signals are strong. Err… Thanks.
– Carry on. What’s up, man? Aren’t you supposed to be at the garage? My girlfriend was
asking for beauty tips, so… What are you doing here? Even if you pay me a lakh,
I’ll not write it again. Remember that. What’s wrong? Why are you so furious? This Balaji Recharge Point guy… I asked for my payment and
he says there are spelling errors. He only paid me 60 rupees. Can you find a single error in this? I don’t see anything.
– Krishna… Hello… Are they your friends? This is Mani. Hi… Hi… This is Blackie Srinu. Hi…
– Hi… They wanted to know their
new sister’s name. I was just telling them.
Riya… We just shook hands
and he made her our sister. Krishna…
– Huh? Actually, I don’t know
anyone in this village. Want to go sightseeing? Yeah. Why don’t you take my number? [DIALOGUE UNCLEAR] Hello? Hello! Tell me. 9-0-2-3-2-5-8-5-8-2… Why are your hands shivering? [LAUGHS] No big deal. It’s time for him to booze.
That’s why. I’m saving a girl’s contact on
my phone for the first time. That is why. Okay. Anyway, see you tomorrow. Bye. Bye! Bye… Mani, how do I spell Riya? R-O-Y-Y-A… Riya… [CHUCKLES] Hey, dude! You’ve gotten super lucky. Your future is bright. We have to party. Yeah, bro. This calls for a party. This isn’t how you ask for a party, bro. We’ll have the entire village amped up. [WATER SPLASHING] [PHONE RINGING] Yeah, tell me. I just saw Subba Lakshmi. Where? Hi, Subba Lakshmi… You’re still angry for that bird? It’s wrong, you see. Don’t irritate me. Give me your number and I’ll not annoy you. Give me your phone once. You’ve got 221 female contacts. Save yours and it’ll be 222. What a great number! Throw it! What? Subba Lakshmi! Bro, that phone was worth one lakh. It’s not about the money. Those contacts are a year of hard work. Go get the phone.
– You’re crazy. Saw that? I threw the phone away. Your assistant is off to get it back. You know what Sigmund Freud once said? Did he ask to not trust a fraud like you? Okay, let’s do something. Look into my eyes for 2 minutes. If you still don’t feel
what’s in my heart… I’ll never disturb you again. [ROMANTIC MUSIC] Thanks, Arjun. What for? If you hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t have
known how big a cheater you are. There may be a magnet in your eyes. But I’m not iron. Goodbye! ‘It should hit them like a cyclone!’ Looks like you had no effect on her. That may be true. But she sure had an effect on me. I don’t get it. When she was looking into my eyes… I thought why she isn’t in my life. Why isn’t she? What am I doing without her? That was all I could think about. I think she’s made for me. Or maybe I’m made for her. Or maybe both. Actually, I never felt this
magical with any other girl. Now I understand why.
I think… I think she’s my soul mate, damn it. You always want me to
marry a nice girl and settle down. I’m ready. She is the one! What are you planning to do now? [TEMPLE BELLS TOLLING] Why’d you bring me here? You haven’t decided to
penance for her, have you? Where’d this auntie go? Auntie? [CLEARS THROAT] [SCREECHY SINGING] Sounds like a bunch of
animals squealing in a zoo. Who is this? [CLAPPING] It is amazing! It is madness! If music were a person,
it would’ve looked like auntie. The note you hit halfway
through the song… It turned the whole song around. Really? Mind blowing, auntie. Thanks a lot. So, are you a musician? Not as good as you. I’m just a small time musician. I’ve always wanted to make a fusion
of western classical and Indian music. And out of the blue… Thank god!
I’ve luckily found you. You plan a concert immediately. Concert?! I’m a bit afraid to sing in
front of so many people. Audience should be afraid. You don’t have to be afraid at all, ma’am. What is he saying? He wants to train you right away
and send you on a world tour. World tour?! I’m ready.
– Auntie’s ready. By the way, you won’t be
called by your name from today. What’s my new name? You will be called
‘Dhinchak Roja’ hereafter. Wow! I like it! Perfect! Now that the name is set… We need to find a place to train. We can train at my place, dear.
– Huh? Like the weapons displayed
upon catching a terrorist… She has these instruments placed here. Hey! Who are you looking for? Oh… This was your plan, huh? Hmm… Smart boy! Hey! You directly came to my house? Get out of here or I’ll call the cops. You talk like a cute
puppy outside the house. But you act like a beast at home. Who let you in? I brought him home, dear. With western and classical music,
he’s doing a f-f-f-… What did you say it was?
– Fusion, auntie. He’s doing a fusion. No, auntie. He’s fooling you. Don’t call me auntie. Call me Dhinchak Roja. By the way, what does
he earn from fooling me? Do we have to fool her? Isn’t she one already? What did he just say? He’s saying he likes the tea. Thank you. Totally forgot to introduce him. This is my husband. He works in the Bank.
– Oh… Hello, sir… Listen… Shake his hand. I’m sorry but… Is uncle…? Uh-huh… He’s a little deaf. Lucky man! Uff! Thank you. So, when shall we start practicing? Master will let you know. You’re the Master.
– I can’t teach shit. She doesn’t know shit. What was he saying? He says it’s a really good time. We need to start training right away. Great! I’ll get the tambura right now. You come with me, dear. She talks like the tambura is her weapon. You get to work. I’m not my aunt to believe you. I very well know how to
get you out of here. Hmm… Good luck! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] President will kill us if he wakes up. Hey, idiot! Watch where you’re going. How can I watch in the dark? And it’s a copper mug.
It’s not going to break. It’ll not break. But the
President will break our bones. Hey! Look down there. President’s car tyre is punctured. So are you going to get
your stuff and fix it now? Good idea. I’ll be right back. You fool! [ROMANTIC MUSIC] Hey! Come here. Look at her, man. It’s all dark in here
but she’s glowing like a lantern. She looks like the moonlight to me. We can’t trust girls, man. She must be having a face pack on. Forget about the pack.
You’re mental. Look at her from my side. Wait. Let me look and tell you. You’re right, dude.
She looks really beautiful. You’re a really lucky man. Didn’t I tell you? [GRUNTING] Looks like I’m unlucky. What happened? My head is stuck in here. What the hell have you done? How’d you get stuck in there? Even I don’t know how. Do something.
– Wait. Wait. I’ll pull you out. [GROANING] You’re going to die here. People were right. We shouldn’t poke
our nose in others’ business. But I’ve poked my head in this matter. [CRYING]
What’s going to happen now? Where did all the people come from? I’m in deep trouble.
– Hey, idiot! How could you
break into President’s house? What? Me? Of course. You think I did? We came together last night. Yeah, man. We grew up together. That doesn’t mean I’ll forgive you. Hey! You start cutting. Cut this throat if possible. What?! This is unfair. Say another word and
I’ll thrash you with my slipper. You fix bikes in the day
and rob houses at night. He’s cheating me. Stealing from a temple’s offering box
and President’s house is one and the same. That is why you
grabbed his collar, am I right? It’s been ages since he let that go. And we’re going to be relatives soon. Why do you care about our rapport? Seriously? [LAUGHS] If you break into the house ever again… Ma’am, please don’t laugh. He’s hitting me harder
because you’re laughing. Touch President’s feet now. There’s no need for that. Get out of here! You’re not even worthy of
touching his feet. Get lost! You too. Me?
– Hmm… Me?! Let’s leave together. President, your car is punctured. My garage opens at 10.
Come there and I’ll fix it for free. You’re going to be relatives, huh.
That’s why. He asked you to leave, right? How can you be so shameless?
You’re always bragging about your garage. I acted so well and yet,
the old man didn’t appreciate me. You didn’t just act, bro.
You acted too much. Forget about all that.
I haven’t eaten anything since last night. I’m really hungry.
Let’s go have idli and dosa. [SINGING RANDOMLY] [SCREECHY SINGING] [SOBBING] You’ve invaded my private space. This brakeless car suits your speed better. Arjun! Will you do me a favour? Just one? I don’t like single digits. Ask me for a hundred
favours and I’ll do it. I need you to get home
a pet doctor urgently. Is auntie feeling under the weather? Auntie is fine. It’s my puppy. Puppy? What happened? I don’t know. It’s looking really weak. Bring a doctor urgently and… Doctor will be here in 2 minutes. Bye! I can’t even eat idli
peacefully in this house. Bloody life! Give me the keys urgently. Why do you need the keys? You can’t skip auntie’s training and leave. Dhinchak Roja will kill me with her songs. I’ll be the first person to
die from hearing someone sing. Give me the keys. Hey, no! I’ve got work to do. Please. Master! Oh, god! Give me the keys quickly. Hey, no! Hey, listen.
– Master! Where are you going? [CAR CRASHES] [PATIENT CRYING] Doctor! Doctor! Krishna! What’s wrong?
Why are you here at midnight, screaming? What’s the matter? Come to the President’s house immediately. His granddaughter is injured.
She has fainted. Come with me. First tell me what exactly happened. [DOG BARKING AT A DISTANCE] Where’d she go? Boo! Why do you scare me like that?
– Shhh! What are you doing here? I was afraid some thief
might barge in again. I was just keeping a look out. A thief did come. Where is he? I know you were here
with your friend yesterday. Krishna…
– Huh? Take me out, please. In the dark? Yeah. A village’s beauty is discovered at night. A famous writer said this. He doesn’t know of the dogs around here. They’ll bite us hard. Please, Krishna… All right. But you’d have to jump over the wall. Can you do that? I’m coming. Wait. Slowly… Slowly… Watch your step. Wait on. Hold my hand. Come… Come… Come… Come… Climb on to my shoulders.
[YELPS] Hey! Riya! Riya! Doctor, let’s go now. The baby has curled up.
Kaveri is in a dangerous condition. I can’t leave her in this situation. You have to stay back then. Tell me how deep the wound is. I’ll prescribe the medicine. How do I tell you? [GRUNTING] How would you treat this? What happened, Krishna? How’d you get hurt? I went to the doctor for you. He couldn’t come and
so, he asked how deep the wound was. I just showed him. Are you mad? You know
you’re bleeding, right? You don’t worry.
This happens to me every day. I was afraid something
might happen to you. What makes you so afraid? It’s okay. Riya! Riya! Riya… Riya…! Hey, Brahma! How is he, doctor? He’s in coma. We tried our best. I’m sorry. When will he recover? I don’t know. He maybe take a year. He needs shock treatment. Brahma… Mrudang Rao called.
I’m doing a concert in Hyderabad. Brahma! Hey, Brahma! Listen! I’m getting married. To Subba Lakshmi. Hello! He’s dying. He’s dying! He will die! He’s in a coma. Arjun! Music changes people. Let me try. Wow! Shock treatment. Shock treatment! You go ahead, auntie. [SCREECHY SINGING] Huh? Did you see that? Wow! Amazing! Thank you, auntie. Sounded like the Satan screaming in hell. Am I alive or dead? Doctor! Wow! It’s a medical miracle. It’s not a miracle or an oracle.
It’s murder. Stop that! Doctor, I want my coma back. I want to be in coma. What are you saying?
– I’m sorry. It’s not possible. Doctor, please! I want my coma. Absolutely not possible. No way. [BRAHMA MUMBLING]: I hope you rot in hell. Please, doctor. Please… Are you upset that I’m safe? [SCOFFS] I’m really positive in this context. I missed you this time
but that doesn’t mean I’ll not try again. Stay away from me and you’ll live. Otherwise… I want to marry you, Subba Lakshmi. How many girls have you said this to? You’re right. I’ve been with many girls. But I’ve never said this to anyone before. This is the first time. I really want to marry you, Subba Lakshmi. I was flirting the first time I saw you. I also followed you around. But I’ve completely changed now. You are my future. How do I…? Why are you fumbling? That’s because I’ve never
spoken to a girl so sincerely. There’s so much I want
to say and I don’t know how. But I know one thing for sure. You are my life. I’ll do whatever you want me to. How do I explain this? Maybe if we were in a romantic setting,
I could’ve expressed better. Let’s go then. [ENGINE VROOMING] Police station? You wanted a romantic setting, right? There can be no bigger
romantic setting in the world. Come. Hello, sir.
– Hello. He’s harassing me.
I want to register a complaint against him. I’m harassing you?! You said you’d do anything for me, right? Go to jail. Sure. But you need to realise
you’re the only girl in my life. You’ll watch for yourself. I won’t touch any girl… …or let any girl touch me.
– Hi… Hi. Oh, baby! Did you come to see me? She… I mean… She’ll be
the last one to touch me. This is your character. Listen to me. Subba Lakshmi! Put him behind bars. Hey! If you hit someone again,
I’ll beat you up badly. Get out of here! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Why’d you let him go? [SCOFFS] He can’t escape our eye. He embarrassed me in front of everyone. I have a great revenge planned for him. Krishna! What is this, dear? MLA’s son will not pardon you. Let’s leave this village. Where do you think we can go? We have to live or die here itself. Why’d you come here anyway? You go home and make lunch for me.
I’ll come. Have you ever listened to me? You’re born to make me cry. You look after all the formalities.
Call me later. Sure, ma’am. Okay, thank you. Okay, ma’am. I didn’t hit him for nothing. I know the person you are. In fact, I trust you more than
I trust myself. Please be careful with him. I managed to avoid your
grandpa’s beating the other day. This is nothing. Oh! That reminds me. I’ve been here since morning. What’s the time? 06:30, auntie…
– Alert me at 07:30. We have to take juice
to the hospital for Master. I also have to learn to sing from him. Don’t spoil by mood by
mentioning your Master and Arjun. I’m really happy after so long. Subbu… Hmm? Subba Lakshmi… Hmm?
– He’s not so bad. Why don’t you withdraw the case? [UPBEAT MUSIC] Aunt! I clicked this picture. Wow! It is so beautiful. Sir. Congrats, Subbalakshmi. How did you get this picture? You’re surprised, right? We printed the edition along with
the cover page. The picture was changed in the last moment. Who did it? Arjun. He refused to say that to you. He helped us a lot. It is hard to find such
a guy in these days. I am telling the truth. 30 people! Haven’t slept for 30 days and
worked day and night. We recovered the camera. Stop clicking pictures of rare birds. Click some pictures of normal birds. Please. It was my lifetime goal to see the picture
clicked by me on the cover page. I worked hard for it. But, after finding that
it got printed because of you… …There is no more value for it. I hate you. I hate you, Arjun. Don’t feel bad about what she said, Arjun. Let me talk to her. Hi. How are you? Yeah! It has been many many days. Krishna is here. I will call you later. Will you talk to him? Hmm. Sandeep is my classmate. He wants to speak with you. Hello. Hi, Krishna. How are you? Riya told me everything about you. I heard that you propose to
everyone in the village. What haven’t you proposed Riya? Ah? Oh! Do you already know that
Riya and I are in love? Hey! Don’t miss our wedding. Okay? Give the phone to Riya.
Bye. What did you tell him? Krishna. I am sorry, Krishna. No…It is not your fault. I loved you without
thinking about it twice. I am crazy. Why will you like me? What do I have? I am just an ordinary guy. Listen to me, Krishna.
– There is nothing left to listen. Many people told me this. A crow can never become a koel
no matter what it does. I am just a village guy
who is audible-bird-scarer. You are a doctor in the city. Why are you talking like a crazy person? Sandeep just said that. I have to be destined to have you. Everything is just useless. What are you saying? I will slap you if you don’t stop talking. Stupid fellow. Did you scold me? No! I am talking. You told me that village women here
talks to their husband in that manner. What do you mean? Have you gone crazy? What does he have that
you fell in love with him? He might have everything. But, he is not sincere. You are saying that he
doesn’t have anything. But, Krishna will risk his life for me. What will a girl expect more than
that from a guy? Whatever you said is true. But, Arjun has changed for you. Why should he do that for you? It is his necessity.
That is why he is using you. He planned everything for your property. Forget him. He hasn’t tortured me a little that
I can easily forget. Don’t say anything. My opinion for him will not change. He is a cheater, aunty. You think that he is a cheater, grandpa. But I think that Krishna will
keep me happy all my life. That might be your opinion.
But, he is very good, Subbalakshmi. Try to think about him
in a positive manner. There is nothing left to think about. The villagers would babble that my
granddaughter loves an audible-bird-scarer. I cannot take it. Get ready. A bus that goes to
Hyderabad will come soon. I will go back to Hyderabad, aunt. You cannot understand my problem. He deceived me very badly. It is my final decision. Sir! Is Riya at home? No! She is not at home. We are waiting for her. She hasn’t come until now. Hi, uncle. My name is Arjun. Is Subbalakshmi here? She should come here in the morning.
I am trying to call her. Her phone is switched off. Phone switched off? I will go to the washroom and come.
– Okay. Excuse me.
Can I use your phone to make a call? Idiot!
– Sorry, madam. Sorry. Hey! Can’t you drive properly?
– Sorry, madam. Excuse me, sir. Sir. Why did you come again? What? You gave a complaint one hour ago.
How can I trace out that fast? Hey! Who are that
who wears underwear on bottoms? Superman, sir. Yeah! Do you think that I am a superman?
– One hour ago? I came here to lodge a complaint
about this girl who’s missing. Do I look like a fool? Hey! He gave a complaint about
that missing girl from Chittoor, right? Yes, sir. He irritated us for like half
an hour. What? You changed your dress. That’s fine. Did you change the girl as well? I don’t understand what you are saying. My name is Arjun.
I came here this morning from Europe. What is this confusion
early in the morning? Hey, Chotu!
– Sir. Get me a Tea.
– Yes, sir. What is her name? Her name is Subbalakshmi.
– This morning… Hey! Don’t forget to add
cardamom to the Tea. Okay, sir. He says okay but comes back
with the same old Tea. What’s the name again?
– Arjun! Not yours. I am asking the girl’s name.
– Subbalakshmi. What’s the relation between you and her?
– She is my friend. Actually…
– Sir, Tea. You made it at last. You say, man. She took off from Prague yesterday. She landed here. But, she hasn’t reached home from the
airport. Her phone is switched off. She must have gone to her friend’s house. No, sir.
We searched for her everywhere. She is not at friend’s place.
– Good morning, sir. What’s going on, Shankar. You should come last night. But, you came 3 days late. What’s the matter? I placed my ATM card in
my pocket and it broke, sir. I went to my place to get a new one. Did you bring it? Yes, sir. I did.
– Listen. My wife took it to do online shopping. These women don’t have
another work to do. – Sir. Either they fight or do
shopping all the time. It would be great if our wives go missing
like how his girlfriend went missing. ‘I am sick of listening
to his stupid jokes.’ What if they use the amount as they wish? That is why I setup an OTP
which pops on my phone. OTP? What is that? One Time Password! Can we please get serious about this?
Please. He is saying about it. Yeah! You were saying
something about OTP, right? If someone tries to do shopping
through my card… Then, they will need OTP to pay the bill. OTP will be directly to my phone.
– Is it? That means your wife does shopping
and OTP will be sent to your phone. Are you guys kidding me? A girl is missing and
you guys talk rubbish. Who the hell gave you this job, man? I am going to give complaint to
the higher authorities. What, man? Why are you shouting? You came with one picture in the morning.
Now, you come with another picture. You are confusing us. Why?
If you talk too much… I will file that you kidnapped that girl
and put you behind the bars. Oh, yeah? Really?
– Yeah. – Sir… Talk to my lawyer, then.
– Sir! What the hell is he talking about? Sir…
– My phone. – Hey! I’ll ruin you.
– Listen to me and come. Come…
– Get out. You cannot find that girl
if you depend on us. Taking bribes is systematic here. But, they will never care about
cases that are filed. That is why they make stories that
you’ve come in the morning and afternoon. But, how can two people look alike? What should I do, Shankar? How should I find Subbalakshmi? As far as I know… There could be three reasons
for someone missing. The first one is kidnap. It is not that if you haven’t received
any calls demanding money. The second one is accident. We would get the information
if that’s an accident. The third one is trafficking. That means they force the girls to become
a prostitute or send them abroad. I guess that this must have happened. That is because we got information
that such a gang is in the city. If you fail to find her within 48 hours… Then, you can never find that girl again. What should I do now? Subbalakshmi shouldn’t be hurt. Listen! The girl hasn’t reached
home from the airport. If you directly go to the airport… We might find a clue. Yeah. This morning… Lakshman told about a car accident
and a girl. Where can I find Lakshman? There were 3 – 4 men. They hit my vehicle and
left in a good pace. Hey. Hey! Hey! Who’s that? Hey…Wait. This girl was in that car, sir. Did you see the car’s number? What do you mean? Is Subbalakshmi missing? Yes, buddy.
Someone kidnapped her in the morning. I got the vehicle’s number.
I am checking out the details. I will call you later.
– Bye. As per the vehicle’s number…
It belongs to a travel agency. Travel agency? What’s the name of it?
– Srinivas travels! It is 3 kilometers away from here. Let’s go. [PHONE RINGING] I was just thinking why
my wife hasn’t started shopping yet. She started. Tell me, Sridevi. Not me. You have to tell me the OTP. What are you taking for 2000 rupees? I am buying broom sticks for
such a cheap price. Do you need 2000 rupees for broom sticks? Is it important to shop online when you
can get them from the nearby store? Oh no! I am buying for 50 percent off. Stop talking nonsense and give me the OTP. Write it down.
– Tell me. 44…
– 44. 44…
– 44 again? Yeah! 44…19. Yeah. Did you note it? I am not sure if she’ll use the broom
to sweep the house. But, she will definitely sweep out
my card balance. Sir…Stop there. This is the vehicle, sir. There is a vehicle parked outside.
I need the details of it. Who rented the vehicle?
– Who are you to ask me that? Hello! Police… You know Punjagutta Police station, right? The SI of that station
is my brother-in-law. You know it, right? Both of them have shaved heads.
You talk to him, sir. My sister’s wedding is in a week. I need 10 vehicles for 10 days. How much will you charge? Sir! This person rented the
vehicle yesterday. Sir! Where is the wedding? Europe! [COUGHING] Not him. He didn’t drive the vehicle. How do you know? He can’t even open the bottle cap properly. How can he handle the steering? Sir! I will give whatever money you ask. There was an accident at the airport. They rented the vehicle
with your driving license. You are not the one who drove. Then, who did it? I don’t know. I bring the car by giving
my driving license. Someone else will drive the car. What is his name? I don’t his name or address. He meets me at the wine shop. How does he look? Girls these days are buying
wine directly from the store. My wife is much better than them. She will order online whenever
she feels like drinking. Boss! I heard that European
girls like boozing. There are few girls who don’t drink. Really? [>FAST FORWARD>>] Hey! He must be that beard guy
whom that old man talked about. Are you sure?
– I am cop. Trust me. Sorry.
– Hey, man. How many times should I say?
I don’t know about any girl. Why are you following me? Hey.
– He is the one, boss. Trust me. What is this sudden action, boss? [♬♪♫] Dude! That’s not just an action.
It is double action. [♬♪♫] Both of you have similar faces and
same issues. How? Silly idiot! How does a face matter? I am just worried that Riya is missing. I will get information about her even
if it takes me to kill this guy. Bro! Wait a second! The problems would increase if you get
emotional but they won’t be solved. We should have a plan. Are you constructing a bridge on
Krishna River to have a plan? By the way, where did you find him? I went to the police
station in the morning. I understood that no one really cares. I went to the bus station. Did this girl come here? Have you seen this girl? Madam! Did you see this girl? I didn’t see her. 5…6…7…8… I asked her where she got that chain from. My husband gave me. I went to meet her husband. Sir! I bought it from that merchant store. I went to the merchant from there. That merchant…
– Wait… How did you go to the merchant
after meeting her husband? I forgot about that boy whom
I met on my way. I don’t know anything, sir. I went to offer Tea to the merchant.
That is when I stole it in secret. I clearly asked the merchant. He is the one, sir. This guy mortgaged the chain. He said that this guy mortgaged the chain. Which chain? Who is that girl?
I don’t know anything. I finally found him after searching a lot. By the way! That merchant, Tea stall guy
and woman at the bus stand… How did everyone tell you the truth
when you asked them? They didn’t tell me when
I simply asked them. His flashback has suffering
more than the inquiry. Both of you just relax. I will use my experience and make him
tell the truth. Just watch. Where are the girls? I don’t know. Friends! You might faint looking at the treatment
I am about to give him. Please keep distance. Now tell me where the girls are. Otherwise, I will poke you with it. I already told you that I do not know. I am poking you. I said that I do not know. I will poke you. Hey! Are you deaf? Oh my God! It is blood. You should attack when you are in the war.
You shouldn’t say any phrases. Where is Riya? I do not have any connection
with that trafficking gang. I am asking you about the girl and
you talk about traffic and pollution. Stop…Stop. Trafficking means illegal business. They do human trafficking. That means they force the girls
to become prostitutes. If we fail to find them within 43 hours… Then, we can never find them again. Hey! I never expected that I would get into
a situation that makes me kill someone. Remember whatever I say now. All those who are involved in
this will not survive. Sir. Please trust me. I am just a driver. I will pick up and drop them
wherever they want. They do this deal on mobile phone. We wait for their call. Their number will not be seen
on the screen, sir. The money will be transferred to
my account every month. I don’t know anything more than that. Believe me. What are you doing, bro? His other leg is still good. I am finding a weapon to use on him. Sir… I heard them talking about train factory
repair couple of times. I know that they operate
to fix a rod in legs. I saw it for the first time
that someone directly thrusts it. It is better to beware with him. Alert me if I go with him by mistake. How did you get my phone? What is that girl’s name? Subbalakshmi. She looks intelligent and gentle. How did she fall for you? By the way,
you are arrogant and illiterate. She’s fallen for you, right? What did he say? We searched all the railway go-downs. This is the only one left. But, it was closed 10 years ago. There is no chance that
we can find them here. Seems like that driver fooled us.
[PHONE RINGING] I am the only one who can listen
to this song now. That means she is somewhere around here. ‘Won’t she stop shopping even at night?’ It is my wife. Why should we stay here if there is no one? We are running out of time. Let’s go. I am going inside. Come with me if you want or
else you can leave. Hey, Krishna. Try to listen to me. Arjun listened to Krishna in the epics. Krishna didn’t listen to Arjun.
– Okay… Only cops know how to open such locks. You guys wait here. I would need a rod to open it. We do not need permission
when we come with such a guy. Those people shifted the girls to a
different place from here. Where would they take them to? Hey! Someone is coming. Hey, Krishna. [PHONE RINGING] ‘Who’s calling at this hour?’ Hello. My dear wife! I am in an important mission. I am planning to buy a washing machine. Tell me the OTP. Sridevi! Try to understand my situation. My hands hurt because of washing clothes. You try to understand my situation. Tell me the OTP. Okay. Note it. 54…27…54! In cannot hear you. 54…27…54!
– Hey! Say it a little louder. Bloody you! 54…27…54!
– Okay? You are too late to say that. It timed out before I typed. I am out, too. How many are you? Police… ‘Run!’ ‘Move…Get in the car fast.’ ‘Move…’ ‘Start the car.’ ‘Fast!’ There he is.
Finish him… Finish him. [CARS SCREECHING] Have you lost your mind? You would die if I come a little late. I am ready to kill anyone or die for Riya. Your girlfriend alone is not in trouble. Killing or giving up life is easy. You should be safe first if you want Riya. They escaped from us
because of this idiot’s phone. We should hit him with sandals. ‘Sandals?’ Girls’ colleges! Shopping malls!
Software companies! Sultan Bazaar! There is one thing common in all these
areas. And that is missing girls. Their next attempt would be
at either of these places. But, there are many software companies
and girls colleges in Hyderabad. Where can we find them? This time, we won’t go to them. We shall ask them to come to us. How? There will be a huge turnout of
teenagers if I do a concert. Especially, girls. These guys will definitely come there. Will they try to attempt after seeing
what all has happened? It is written that they need 10 more
girls by 11th of this month. That means they need 10 girls by tomorrow. They should definitely come. What an idea, dude! He gave a cheap idea and
you praise him like a fool. It took me 25 years to impress a girl. Will all the girls come leaving their jobs
and business if he starts singing? Can that really happen? Dude! Do you know what Sigmund Freud
ask us to do in such situations? Who says? Siggu Fraud? I will call Mridanga Rao right away. Sir. Tell me, sir. I have to do a concert
in Hyderabad tomorrow. Do all the arrangements overnight. Across social media and everywhere else… Update the details immediately. [PHONE RINGING] Hello. They escaped. This guy is dead in his hands. You spoiled my entire plan. We didn’t get any clue. Damn! I didn’t kill him intentionally. It just happened. It just happened? Listen to whatever I tell you. You can never find Riya. If you say it one more time… You’ll see the monster in me. You don’t act like human even now. I don’t understand how
she fell in love with such a monster. Hey! Take him away from here. I killed this fellow unintentionally.
Otherwise, I will kill him. Kill me then. Can you do anything other than that? Shankar! That girl will be happy being there instead
of being with him. It is better for her to stay away from him. Hey! We don’t have much time. Will you guys keep fighting like this? Then, those girls will cross the borders.
We can’t do anything after that. It is impossible to find them
when such a fool is with us. Go wherever you want. I don’t care. Sameer! Is that work done? I will say it just once.
Remember it well. Write it down if you cannot remember. Whoever you are and wherever you are… No one might have seen
such a death until now… Your death will be that kind. Someone killed Gani. Gani? Hmm. Are they cops? No! Whoever got Gani can get us too. He has a different plan. That is why he is following us. Do one thing. Split up all the girls. Take them in two different cars and
two different routes. According to the plan, leave 2 hours early. If he comes in our way… Kill him, then. Brother!
– Yes, madam. Bring Samosa, Egg puff, Pav Bhaji,
Badam milkshake from canteen. Give it to everyone.
– Is something special? Is it your birthday? There is nothing like
birthday or something. Krishna who tortured us by continuously
making calls to our call center… He hasn’t been calling for a month. So, I am giving party to all of you. Hello. Welcome to Air Voice. Kindly tell me your name and number, sir. Hey, listen.
This is Krishna speaking. Brother.
– Yes, madam. Cancel that Egg puff,
Badam milkshake and everything. Okay, madam. What is it?
Why did you start again? I changed now. I just want details of one number. We don’t do such things. Bye. Listen…Don’t disconnect the call. This is about girls’ life
and death situation. Just tell me whose number it is. Okay. I will tell you. But, there is one condition. You shouldn’t call me
ever again after this. I will never call you.
– Okay. Tell me the number. That girl’s name is Praneetha. She was found unconscious on the road. This is definitely done by
that trafficking gang. This is the room. My dear Praneetha! Look at her condition! Doctor! She died due to overdose of drugs. This girl is very sensitive. That is why
she couldn’t withstand the effect of drugs. ‘They understood that this girl wouldn’t
survive and they left her on the road.’ Traffickers use this drug to create
numbness in girl’s brain functioning. These poor girls don’t even how many people
are there and what they do. They will turn them as slaves and
ruin their lives. Mental trauma occurs when this drug is repeatedly
used which leads to suicidal tendency. What more could be a hell
than this for a girl? The only good thing happened to
this girl is that she died early. Otherwise, it would be very
tough to handle the pain. What’s that drug, doctor? Scopolamine! It is also called as Rostroy. It is a rare drug. Rostroy? Yeah. Tell me. Do you remember that guy
who tried to sell us Rostroy drug. When? That night when we went to see
Subbalakshmi at the pub. When did he come from?
Who are his dealers in Hyderabad? I need all the details right now.
– Okay, bro. I will work on it. Tell me, Arjun. Hey! I will do the concert for your NGO
as soon as I come to Europe. Thank you, buddy. Thank you so much. Sorry, buddy.
I spoke rudely to you. Shaikpet? Okay, thank you. Take me to Shaikpet.
– Yes, sir. Come on. Go fast. Rostroy! Whom do you sell this drug to?
Tell me. Tell me the truth. Otherwise,
I will kill you right now. I sold it at Bala Nagar a couple
of times, sir. Before that, I sold it near Puranapool. Hey! Where in Puranapool? I saw this somewhere. I saw it in the train last night. Hey! Stop… I came to your concert
and tried to meet you. But, I couldn’t meet you. If you come a little later,
I would have married that idiot. Let’s go away from here.
– Who are you? Where do you want to go? Why are you talking like that? This isn’t the right time to joke.
Let’s go. Hey…What are you doing? I already said that I do not know you. Go away. Arjun! Please stop it. Take me away from here before they see me.
– Oh! That’s the matter. Hey! You think that I am Arjun but I am not.
– My name is Krishna. Don’t talk like that, Arjun. Please. Take me away from here. Hey! Am I am an eagle or
you are a chick that I can take away? Go away from here. Please, Arjun. Why are you holding me so tightly? Leave me. Go away. Hey! Stop it and see that. Please, Arjun.
– What are you doing? I told you that I am not him. Hey! Leave me. What’s happening? He is my boyfriend. Uncle! What’s happening? Nikki! Shut up and come silently. Dad! I will not marry anyone
other than Arjun. I don’t want to marry this idiot.
– Hello! Stop saying that. My name isn’t Arjun but Krishna. I even know the fragrance of
your perfume, Arjun. Don’t try to cheat me. Okay. Mother-in-law! What’s happening? You are getting married in an hour. What’s going on here? Mom! You don’t know anything. Keep quiet. Hey! Arjun and I look alike.
That is why you’re mistaken. Leave me. Arjun! You think I’ll believe if you say that you are
not Arjun even after spending three nights? Dad! What’s happening? My foot! Can’t you understand? Their family is shameless. Brother-in-law! I will not keep quiet
if you talk about my family. What will you do?
– What will you do? What you’ll do? Bro! I guess they’re taking away the girls. Shankar! You go that way.
– Okay, bro. Catch him. What did you think, Krishna?
Can I not find you if you stay in the city? Why are nodding your head like that? From the day that you thrashed me… I have spent all my days in a bad manner. And you on the other hand… Changed your attire and having fun. I informed your friends beforehand
to collect your body. I just have to kill you now. Hey! [♬♪♫] We just look alike. But, how did you think that he’s Krishna?
You son of MLA! Everyone in the village knows
that Krishna face the troubles! He doesn’t run away from them. I am already heated up with anger. If we start fighting now… Then, you will lose both your hands and
you cannot eat Biryani at Seenaiah mess. Hey! Where are you going? What did you say? I cannot stay without eating
Seenaiah’s Biryani. I am leaving. I am hungry. Hey! Hey! Kill him. They did right by stuffing your
mouth without letting you blabber. Who are they? Why did they want to kill you? Can’t you stay calm without
getting into fights? I haven’t seen a brainless fellow like you. I could’ve burnt to death. I wish I could kill you. Don’t you know that you should not mess up
with someone who saves your life? Hey! I almost got that van
where they hid Subbalakshmi. These people came and spoiled it. It happened because of you. Subbalakshmi is not in that van. What are you saying? How do you know that she
is not in that van? Hey! My bike. ‘My bike.’ Hey! Open your eyes. Subbalakshmi. Are you okay? Tell me. Krishna! Are you okay? MLA’s son told us that he will kill you
at Vikharabad jungle. We were so worried. That
is why I called you. Hey! How can he hurt me?
Nothing happened to me. Disconnect the call. Arjun! That means… Subbalakshmi! You’re surprised, right? We printed the edition
along with cover page. The picture was changed in the last moment. Who did it? Arjun. He refused to say that to you. He helped us a lot. It is hard to find such a guy
in these days. I am telling the truth. 30 people! Haven’t slept for 30 days and
worked day and night. We recovered the camera. Stop clicking pictures of rare birds. Click some pictures of normal birds. Please. It was my lifetime goal to see the picture
clicked by me on the cover page. I worked hard for it. But, after finding that
it got printed because of you… …There is no more value for it. I hate you. I hate you, Arjun. How far will you go like this? As far as you go. My house is 8 kilometers away from here. I will come. I will go to Hyderabad next week
and that’ll be 8000 kilometers. I will come. What will you do if you cannot find me
after coming there? I will search for you everywhere until
I find you. What if I die by then? Will you come to any distant for me? I will come. Will you come anywhere? I will come. What if you do not find me even then? I will search for you everywhere
until I find you. What if I was dead by then? Then, I will adjust with
Messy or Jessy. [PHONE RINGING] Boss! I got information that the courier
service vehicle is going to Goa. Shankar’s call. I should go to Goa. Why Goa? I heard them talking
about Dubai ship in Goa. I will come with you. Why should you get into
trouble unnecessarily? Go home carefully. Just one thing. My mom will wait for me in the village. If I fail to come back for any reason… Then, try to meet her
whenever it is possible for you. She will think that her son is back
and will be happy. Nothing will happen to you, Krishna. We shall go together. Let’s go and save Riya. When did you meet
Riya for the last time, Krishna? Come down.
On to my shoulders! Hey. Riya. What happened, Krishna? How did you get hurt?
– I went to the doctor for you. He couldn’t come and
asked about the injury. So, I showed him. Are you mad? Do you even realize that you’re bleeding?
– Hey! Don’t worry. This happens to me every time. I was scared that something might
happen to you. Why are you scared? No problem. Excuse me.
– Yes. The ship that was going to Dubai… Ship that goes to Dubai?
– Yes. Sir! It left 2 hours ago. What did he say? The ship left 2 hours ago. Riya might be in that ship. 2 hours? That means they’ve gone far away.
What will happen now? Excuse me.
– Yes. It is an emergency.
– I need your yacht. Oh! This is my private yacht. I can buy it off actually. Do you know the price of it? 15 crores. Do you need 15 crores? By how can we arrange
15 crores immediately? Take advance for the concert if needed. Sell the property, take loan.
Do whatever is possible. Transfer the money in 5 minutes. Arjun. We started to Dubai. This time, the girls… [THUDS] Krishna! You go that side. We’ll go this way. This guy killed our friend at the concert. He is dangerous, chief. Earlier, it was MLA’s son. Now, it is him. You cannot survive after he comes. [♬♪♫] Hey! Who are you? How did you come into this ship? Listen! You didn’t inform the cops, right? How many people are you? Riya. Where did you keep her? You’re the same person who
spoke with me on phone, right? Hey! Listen. It is just a business. Nothing personal. Tell me for which girl you are here for? I will hand her over to you. After that, you should go your way. I’ll go my way. Chief. Hey. Come on. Show me her picture. He’s saying that he shall
handover Riya to you. He is asking you to show Riya’s picture. Hey! Bring her here. Hey! Take her with you and leave. I will take that as a loss of 50 lakhs. How can you let her go like that? Our entire plan will get spoiled
if he comes with cops. Let her go. I want the other girls too. Parents foster their children
with gentle care. They make sure that they do not
have any trouble. But you try to sell them just like things. I don’t know if these girls have
parents or siblings. But, I am their brother. I want all your lives along
with the rest of those girls. Subbu! Let’s get out of here. People like you who do business
irrespective of girl’s character. You should all die before them. Hey! Has he gone crazy? He’s not crazy but he
will make you go crazy. Is it? Do you even know who I am? No? Come on. I will tell you. I have killed more than 30 people. I exported more than 300 girls abroad. Are you trying to mess up with me? Hey! Where did you come from? What can you do to me? Bro! Tell him where you are from
and show him what you can do. My district is Chittoor. My village is Akkurthi. There’s an idol in the village temple.
I am as calm as that. But, if someone disturbs me… Subbu! Take Riya with you and
wait in the boat. I’ll be back.
– Okay. Kill him. Do you know the price of it? 800 bucks. It reminds me of Riya. How much is it? How can I give it to you? Krishna weds Riya! Buddy! How is the board? It looks great, bro. Bro! Teach me English.
– Okay…Come. Let me test your English first. Tell me the spelling of collector. Ke-le-tor! That’s right. You are
my assistant from now. Okay.
– Tell me the spelling of doctor. ‘Do…’
– ‘Do…’ ‘Yeah.’ What’s the matter? You look so happy. Did you win 1 crore in a lottery? I am not happy for getting 1 crore. Thousands of money is safe in my bank. That is why I am happy.
– How is that? There is no signal in your village. I have to tell OTP to
my wife to shop something. My wife can’t do shopping
if I do not tell her the OTP. I am very happy. Get it? ‘What is this OTP?’ ‘I cannot understand.’
– ‘Did you do all the arrangements?’ Yes. Everything is done.
– Hey, blacky! Come here. Give cold drink to Savitri madam. Have it.
– No, thanks! I don’t want it. You go and give it to the guests. Go. Go fast. Sister! Lives of many girls would have been
spoiled if your son wasn’t there to help. Is there anyone here better than you? Have it. Take it.
– Yeah! Take it. You may go now.
Go and give to others as well. ‘It is not an ordinary thing that a person
like him changed.’ Congrats, Krishna. Did you recognize me? How can I forget you? You are call girls, right? Not call girls. Call center. I said the same thing. Have food and go.
For sure. Okay. Congrats.
– Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The name of the flower is
Liliaceae helianthus. I mugged up few scientist names for you. How sweet! By the way, where is Arjun? Krishna. Hey! Let’s go. All set? Wow! You came in suit. Hey! Subbalakshmi is here as well.
– Hi. Take this. What is this? Both of you are coming with us to Europe. Flight tickets. What will I do in Europe? That is because we shall work
together from now. 25 percent for me and 25 percent for you from
the earnings of shows and concerts I do… The rest 50 percent shall be given to
NGO that works against women trafficking. ♪Battle! All the time♪ ♪We live for it♪ ♪Friends! We are like glazing fire♪ Can you hear any song? ♪Both the crowd and the
climate welcomes us♪ No! That means I alone can hear the song
for the first time in my life. What should I do when both of
you work together? Who will teach music to aunt?

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