Lady Bird | Official Trailer HD | A24

– I hate California. I want
to go to the east coast. I want to go where
culture is like New York. – How in the world did
I raise such a snob? – Or at least Connecticut or New Hampshire or where writers live in the woods. – You can’t even get in
those schools anyway. – Mom! – You should just go to city college. You know? With your work
ethic, just go to city college and then to jail, and
then back to city college and maybe you’d learn to pull yourself up and not expect everybody
to do everything– – Lady Bird… Is that your given name? – Yeah. – Why is it in quotes? – I gave it to myself,
it’s given to me by me. – Lady Bird always says
that she lives in the wrong side of the tracks, but
I always thought that that was like a metaphor. But there are actual train tracks. – What you do is very baller. It’s very anarchist. – Put the magazine back. – She has a big heart, your mom. – She’s warm but she’s also kind of scary. – You can’t be scary and warm. – I think you can. Your mom is. – So you’re not interested
in any catholic colleges? – No way. I want schools like Yale,
but not Yale because I probably couldn’t get in. – You definitely couldn’t get in. – Does mom hate me? – If you’re tired we can sit down. – I’m not tired. – You were dragging your feet. – You are so infuriating. – Please stop yelling. – I’m not yelling. Oh it’s perfect! – Do you love it? – You both have such strong personalities. – When is a normal time to have sex? – You’re having sex? – I’m ready. I just wanted it to be special. – Why? – You’re gonna have so much
unspecial sex in your life. – We’re afraid that we
will never escape our past. – Whatever we give you, it’s never enough. It’s never enough. – It is enough. – (preacher) We’re afraid of
what the future will bring… (sirens) (preacher) We’re afraid
we won’t be loved… – You can’t do anything unless you’re the center of attention! – (preacher) You won’t be liked… – Yeah well you know your moms
tits, they’re totally fake! – She made one bad decision at 19. – Two bad decisions! – (preacher) And we won’t succeed. – I want you to be the very
best version of yourself that you can be. – What if this is the best version? – What I’d really like is
to be on math olympiad. – But math isn’t something
you’re terribly strong in. – That we know of yet.

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