Lady Bird Wins Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy at the 2018 Golden Globes

Lady Bird Wins Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy at the 2018 Golden Globes

♪♪ -The only person
who should speak for “Lady Bird”
is Greta Gerwig. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you to the HFPA. Thank you to my producers, Eli Bush, Evelyn O’Neill,
and Scott Rudin. Thank you to A24 for everything
you’ve done. Thank you to Barry Diller. Thank you to my cast. Oh, my beautiful cast. The goddesses, Saoirse Ronan and
Laurie Metcalf, are incredible. And Timmy and Lucas
and Beanie and Odeya and I have eight seconds left. I want to say thank you
to my mom and dad and the people of Sacramento
who gave me roots and wings and helped me to get
where I am today. And just thank you,
thank you, thank you.

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  1. Honestly, Lady Bird is the most overrated movie this year. Nothing special. Although, Saoirse Ronan deserves the Oscar for her role in the film.

  2. I was so confused when it was announced Eli Bush would accept the award but he handled it like a pro and gave the mic to Greta. Props to him to for not hogging to spotlight and props to Greta for creating a masterpiece.

  3. While this wasn't my favorite film of the year (ahem, Call Me By Your Name) Im thrilled that Gerwig will get further support. I loved her in Frances Ha and her clear passion and talent makes me excited to see her future projects.

  4. My God, I love her. LOVE HER. LOVE. HER. Her honesty, earnestness and heart are nonpareil and infallibly reflect on all her work.

  5. I love Greta Gerwig as an actress and with this solo directorial debut winning all of our hearts in no time I'll always look forward to her next movie as a director.

  6. right i'm just gonna say it

    Ladybird is insanely overrated, it's just the same coming of age cliches we've seen a million times only with more annoying characters (especially the main character who's an attention seeking brat)

    If it was directed by a man I don't think people would care as much for it

  7. I watched this live and I saw a sign when alicia vikander (a lady) and michael keaton (birdman) presented this category

  8. To those who are saying that this movie was boring and doesn't deserve to win an award..Sorry but your favourite movies like justice league or batman Vs superman could not win this category

  9. I was hoping for Get Out to win but congratulations Greta you did such an amazing and sweet moviee. #LadyBirdForTheOscars

  10. Maybe all of you should start better criticism of movie without calling it "overrated" if you want anybody to take your opinion seriously. Just saying. Anyways, you go Lady Bird!!!

  11. Lady Bird won the best picture and best actress, but both time they are rushed to finish their speech. FXXK YOU HFPA!

  12. I love both Timothee and Saoirse, and I like the fact that they do hang out together (TImothee introduced her to Armie the day before the Globes and they went dancing together, he said). Was hoping both would win, but Timmy didn't. To all Timothee fans who are upset about his loss, the TIME magazine article titled "Timothee Chalamet Out-Charmed Everyone at the Golden Globes" should bring some cheer. Yup, it's about how Timmy Sweet Tea stole the show. Like Hollywood Reporter and GQ (that said the Best Actor award should have gone to him), I think TIME had expected him to win but he didn't. They then obviously saw it fit to run the article.
    Wanted so badly for both him and Saoirse to be winners at the Globes, but I guess being spoken about in the same breath as Tom Hanks and Daniel Day Lewis (two other nominees in his category) is achievement enough. And at least he still got to be on stage with Greta and Saoirse. He and Eli whispering away … such a cute sight.

  13. Greta Gerwig is so beautiful and talented!!! Hope she gets and oscar this year!! I also think she looks very astonishing in that dress

  14. I love the genuine excitement. Not something you see very often in these award speeches, they all seem very calculated and over-prepared. Very refreshing.

  15. I gotta admit, I was incredibly salty when I found out that a movie I had never heard of won against several movies that I had watched and loved and was rooting for! I was quick to judge this movie and claimed that it did not deserve to win when I hadn't even watched it yet. So, I decided to watch and then judge.
    And you know what? I wasn't quick to judge! I wasted an hour of my life! (I know the movie was an hour and thirty minutes long; the thirty minutes of my life that were not wasted were the scenes that my gorgeous Timothee Chalamet was in! I loved him so much in that movie! He's great!)
    But omg, this movie was so overrated! Like, please, someone explain to me why it won this Golden Globe because I am genuinely confused!

  16. Get out's loss to lady bird was the most deserved loss of the night. Thank god they got it right. Disaster artist and i tonya would have also been acceptable wins. Get out and greatest showman should have been replaced with the big sick and okja

  17. How cute does Saoirse date Eileen O`Higgins look at 0:18 plus she sitting in front of Jennifer Aniston!! how lucky is she!! lol

  18. Why they don't show the announcement of the nominees anymore? It cuts the excitement only showing just after the winner be announced.

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