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  1. I’m officially the only person who thought she was saying “Bubble Roxy” when I was 15 and this just came out…..

  2. this song drived me crazy cuz it was the song everyone used in there romace amvs or just "shiping" videos in geniral

  3. Nobody:
    Literally nobody:
    Every student: dance to Melanie and Billie
    Other student who is watching them: meh
    Me: dance to Lady Gaga in solo
    Every student: QUEEN

  4. am i tripping or did she used to say "vad gör du" in the beginning too, before the man drops her off the balcony? i remember that so vividly wtf

  5. У меня бы на такое чудовище даже не встал бы… Парадоксы времени.

  6. There's 82K comments if you see this comment i'll hope to best for you your future and your family

  7. I remember listening to this when I was a child as this song gets stuck in my head 24/7

    This music video also scared me as a child lmao

  8. Remember. My guess is ends woth just C Natural. A tone.

    But, that my God complex.
    Not tp mention a great place to start life again, off the tables. Those turn.


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