Lahore Se Aagey 2016 | Saba Qamar | Yasir Hussain | Pakistani Full HD Movie

Lahore Se Aagey 2016 | Saba Qamar | Yasir Hussain | Pakistani Full HD Movie

There’s a limit to everything. If something is a hit in Pakistan.. ..everyone seems
to go a-a-a-after it. I am not like Aamir Liaquat
who will work every Ramzan. What will poor Ayesha Omar do? Item number. Javed Sheikh will probably go to India. – What will poor Shehzad Sheikh do?
– He’ll go to China. Aashir’s father is a d-d-director.
He doesn’t have anything to worry about. Poor Sam..he got
a shave at this place.. ..and Mr. Khan took him away. Now stop worrying about them. Who are you? I am a cobbler,
sewing this number 9 shoe. I am the ‘Hijam-e-Ala’ of Lahore. Then continue with cutting my beard.. ..and don’t interfere
in my monologue. My only uncle.. ..has written me a letter
in the age of Whatsapp. – Wow!
– Yes. He writes.. “Bloody swine..” I will stab you with this scissor. He’s referring to me. “You haven’t shown your
face for five years now.” “I am about to die now..” “You dog..” He’s still referring to you, right? Yes. Hurry up. My uncle has done
‘Masters’ in English. That’s nothing special. My mother did a headmaster. Whether anything happens in Pakistan
or not, but everyone gets married. Are you married? Yes. I’ve four kids. Spend more time at the shop. Or soon Pakistan will turn into China. Why? Do you work at
the family planning office? Actually..uncle is very sick,
and my condition is really bad. Conditions are really bad.
Gullu Batt is here. Move! Stop! Actually he’s my boss, his name is.. Enough! Look boss, he looks like him. But he’s got a beard in the picture. This is a beard..this
is not broccoli. Good joke. Eenie-meenie-maina-moe.. Eighty-ninety.. 100. Look boss, I think it’s time.. make contestant
no.712 to the hot-seat. – You’re right.
– I am the kill him. Why? Because we took 10 crore to kill you. Rs 10 note? Who kills anyone for a Rs 10 note. Now I am the kill him! Yes, die. I think there is some
technical difficulty. Boss.. Now try firing in the air. Who did this? Who is it? “Life..this life..” “Life is full of fun.” “Every moment is it up.” “Spread your wings..and
head for the clouds.” “If this land is yours..then
conquer the sky.” “Life..this life..” “Life is full of fun.” “Every moment is it up.” “Spread your wings..and
head for the clouds.” “If this land is yours..then
conquer the sky.” “Forget all the hassles..” “..and these confusions.” “Do something that
makes the world smile.” “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “New paths..beyond
the moon and the stars.” “Don’t just sit there.” “Don’t look back or stop anywhere.” “Go and touch the horizons.” “New paths..beyond
the moon and the stars.” “Don’t just sit there.” “Don’t look back or stop anywhere.” “Go and touch the horizons.” “What the future has in-store.” “Let it not bother you.” “If you’re dedicated..” “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “This how stories will be made.” “To steal your slumber.” “That’s how fanatics sway here.” “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree.” “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. “Carefree..” “My heart’s carefree. – Ma’am, autograph please.
– Hey, Ali. Oh, sure. Oh yes. Ali! – How was it?
– How was what? My concert, what else? You said you won’t wear
torn clothes on the stage. I am asking you something else. – Tara, good job.
– Thank you so much. – Who is he?
– See He’s the drummer. Then tell him to beat his drum,
and stop sc**** me. – Ali, please.
– Listen, Tara.. was really hard for
me to convince papa that you will.. ..continue with your
music even after our marriage. But I can’t convince him that.. will dance in front of
200 people wearing these torn rags? You’re forgetting you
bought me these torn jeans. I even bought a
traditional dress for you.. ..but you don’t wear that on stage. What do you want? I want you to wear these
clothes only in my crowd. And you should quit music,
we’re Chaudhary’s after all. – Did you watch my performance or not?
– Listen. – Listen to me carefully..
– You didn’t, right? You didn’t? You never understood me. You can never think
beyond these pants. What the hell are you talking about? I allowed you to
do all this because.. ..I thought this is just an infatuation,
and you’ll get over it soon. But you’re taking it professionally..
and gearing up for some competition. Who do you think you are?
Britney Spears? Hey..excuse me. – Do you know Britney Spears?
– She’s tight. That’s the reputation of singers. I pity your thinking. Listen, enough is enough Tara. If you want to be with me,
you must stop this music. It’s me or your stupid music! I just realized what
your real problem is. What? You never did anything
yourself in life. No education,
no business or any other talent. Everything was given by your father. – And so you can’t handle my success!
– Success! Success? Dancing in front of 200 people,
you call that success. It’s better than singing and dancing
in front of your wannabe friends. Those fools don’t know that. You don’t
throw a Halloween’s party on Valentines Day! My dad was right. I stuck with bloody street musicians!
He’s right. Do you know what else he said? This is how girl’s who
don’t have a father, get spoiled. Get out of here! Fine, I am going, I am not
interested in staying around either. Ma’am.. – Ma’am, one selfie.
– Yeah. – Thank you.
– Yeah, bye. – Nawaz Sharif.
– Munib Nawaz. Designer? The oldest in the business. look like a kid. – Will you design my clothes?
– Yes, I will. – Now?
– Not now, at the office. I won’t come to the office. I’ve heard that the designer
first tells you to let go.. And then they don’t let go. – Whose are these?
– These.. HSY. I love HSY. No..HSY. S*** Blind taxi drivers! Are you blind?
Can’t you watch where you’re going? No..I stammer. Are you hurt? First you run over me with your car,
and then ask whether I am hurt. Hello..aren’t you the guy
who was trying to ruin my concert? I am sure QB has sent you. I know guys like you really well. You always jump in front
of girls that drive expensive cars. So that you get money
for your treatment. – You’re a Lahori, right?
– Yes, so? – No..only a Lahori can be so direct.
– And you’re from Karachi? Yes, so? Only Karachi boys
fall for Lahori gals. Look, don’t get name is Moti. Moti. That’s a dog’s name. Then surely a lot of people in
your family must have the same name. What are you trying to say? – My family..
– You’re absolutely right. As soon as it’s full moon, your uncle
climbs up on the roof..(howling like a wofl) Get aside.. Listen.. Look..where are you going? Take me along, please. Actually, two goons are chasing me. It’s not too serious,
they have a gun.. ..and they are four
kilometers behind is. Why is the car moving on its own? They are here. – Let’s go.
– Get in. –
– This is car, not an airplane. – Boss..9030.
– 9030 what? – 9030 boss..
– 9030 what? Landline, mobile, pager,
Domicile, id card.. What? Boss, it’s a car. Wagon. Car. The one we came in. Curses.. That’s what I am trying to say.
Look, it’s gone. Stop, I say stop. Do you think I am a stuntman.. ..that you’re dragging me
to your village on your car’s roof. – Who were those two?
– My aunt’s sons. We were playing hide and seek. They were goons. – Don’t you get it?
– But why were they after you? They were after us..not me. – They have seen your car.
– Oh my, God. What did I get into? I wonder whose face
I saw in the morning. My day’s ruined. I am sure you saw Mission Impossible. Because that’s how you’re driving
and you found a hero like as well – Don’t try to be a hero.
– I am not trying. Shehzad Sheikh was busy,
and I was the only cheap option. Yes, you do look cheap. But
you’re wearing pretty good clothes. These are from HSY.
I took them from Munib Nawaz. And you have no shame. You’re roaming the streets
with a torn jeans and a guitar. If anything happens,
who will be responsible? What do you think..with this
convertible car, and your guitar.. ..and also bumped into the hero..
You think this is a film. Hero? Which hero? Listen everyone..listen..she’s
blind too. I’ll slap you silly..
you’ll stop being a hero. My car’s all dented because of you. I am getting late,
and goons are after me too. And you’re yelling at me. Do you want me to sing a song instead? I am being attacked..
my life’s under threat. I’ll have to go to the police station. Go to the police station. Go on. When you see Punjab police..’ll now how many
twenties make a 100 Fine, go..but you will need me. It’s just a puncture,
what are you doing under the car. Don’t tell Moti the
mechanic what to do. This is a very delicate car..I’m
looking for a place to put the jack. The other day my friend
put a jack in the car.. ..and it went right
through the body of the car. If anything happens to my car,
then I won’t spare you. This is my grandpa’s last memorabilia. If this is your grandpa’s
last memorabilia.. your mother
the memorabilia of chaos. – I’ll fix it myself, move.
– Do it. I am going, do it yourself. And anyway, Moti doesn’t
stay where he isn’t needed. Okay, bye. – Listen.
– Are you taking to me? I can’t do it. You can’t..that
means you’re helpless. Yes.. Moti always takes advantage
of helplessness like a true Pakistani. – Let’s make a deal.
– What? What? I’ll tell you. You must feed me. Okay, fine. You must pay fine,
because I don’t have any money. Anything else.. Anything else will
get stuck with the censors. – Come on. Fix the tire first.
– Come.. I’ll show you. I’ve fixed bigger
cars..this is just a tire. Now look. The onions must be
at least 2 years old. This is my first
pickle which is sweet. I am scared to taste the lentil
because it might taste like vanilla. You’re tantrums are like
you’re at your in-law’s home. What are you saying? Do you guys eat leftovers at home too? Hey hello..I’ve at
least 25 servants like you at home. Nonsense. Must be hard to look for
25 lookalikes of Tom Cruise. But I am the closest. Fine, now eat up..I’ve
to get to Islamabad. Even I am see my uncle.
He is very sick. – He’s giving me half his property.
– Half the property? – Yes..
– Where is he? – He’s in Sawat.
– Must be 4-5 mountains. More than that. Such a rich man,
but you don’t look like one. I haven’t got it yet. – Go get something sweet.
– What? Get something sweet. your uncle switching off? My uncle is not a tube-light. You were just saying. He’s my only family. So your mother had only one brother. No, my mother was the only child. Then how do you have an uncle? I just said..he’s a blood relative. I gave him a bottle of blood,
since then he became my uncle. I love him, and he respects me. Here you are, sir. What is this? I am ‘Sweet’. If he’s ‘Sweet’, then he’s got sugar. Go away. Come. He’s sweet..thanks
for saving my life. So I was saying..he’s
my only relative. We’re there.. If you move, we’ll sit here. Come on, boys..get lost. Get out. Everyone knows that my
temper is worse than your face. Son, show us a demo. Come on. that’s your temper? No..that was just a demo You want to see my anger. Oh, God. I am scared. Bhole..Rashid..look at his temper. Don’t test my patience. If I lose it.. Get lost.. I would’ve shown you
if she wasn’t with me. If she wasn’t with you,
why would we come here? Enough. Respect women..honor
your the kids.. Passengers should take
care of their own luggage. Manto Moor..Wrong number.
Jawani phir naheen Ani Karachi to Lahore, one way ticket. Come Tara, let’s go. Where are you going? You dog. Take that.. Respect women..honor
your parents. – I don’t hit women. Love the kids.. Passengers should take
care of their own luggage. Mantu Moor..Wrong number.
Youth won’t come back. Karachi to Lahore, one way ticket. – Come Tara, let’s go.
– Wow Moti, you’re so brave. Whenever a woman’s
honor is at stake.. ..every Pakistani’s
conscience awakens. Come with me. the job done? We do our job dedicatedly. And it’s our devotion. Give the phone to the other fool. Here. the job done? What nonsense. This is what you’re going to ask me.
I am intelligence Did you get the job done or not? What does that mean? Means no.. Means yes.. – So the job is not done.
– Why? Why didn’t you get the job done? Why didn’t you get the job done? Because he’s a very
slippery kind of a person. He slipped right out of our hands. If he comes here,
then it will be game over. Game..what game? What games are you talking about? You only have two days. If you don’t get the job done,
then you will be taken care of. Always coughing..but doesn’t die. That was nothing. They were only three
boys..and so skinny. I once fought with
an entire football team. – I see..
– Yes.. Then you must have beat them up. Are you crazy? I am not Shaan..I got beaten up. Tell me something about yourself. Tell you what? I’ve finished my
parents don’t have time for me. Music is my passion. I do small time concerts. But my destination is something else. That was useless. Now get to the point,
how much money do you have? Are you single or not? Sam says these two things
are most important about girls. He’s a chick-magnet. I wonder what’s wrong
with girls these days. They go around with such strange guys. By the way, all boys are
interested in only one thing. No-no..I am not interested in that. Why not? – Are you not a guy?
– No, no. I don’t mean I am
not interested at all. But that’s not my main interest. That’s nonsense.
It’s everyone’s main interest. Always listen to as they say. Stay in their shadow. And if you do something you want,
they create a ruckus. I that’s what you meant. I am not interested in that at all. I say..always keep
listening to the girls. Just keep listening to them. Yes. You are different. You take 10 minutes to
say what usually takes a minute. That’s nice.. First I saved you from the goons. I should’ve joined them instead,
and fulfilled my desire. Who’s to blame if you
want to tarnish your honor? – Get out of my car.
– What.. – Out.
– What happened, love? What happened? Cheap! Hold stuff. – Manager!
– Hello, sir. How may I help you? I need cash, manager. Sure, sir. Do you have a cheque
book or will you use your debit card? – I’ve lost my debit card.
– Oh. Not a problem, sir.
We’ll get you a new one. Did you get your cheque book? Of course, I will get my cheque book.
Not the cook book. Right, sir. What is the amount? I hope you don’t have a heart problem? No, sir. – Can you handle it?
– Sure, sir. What’s the amount? it and faint. Sir, 800 rupees, right? 800 was very valuable in those days. People would commit
murders for 800 rupees. – Sir, do you use alpha?
– Yes, I am a alpha male. – I mean do you use an app.
– App? Are you Bengali? It’s ‘Aap’ not App. I mean bank Alphala’s app.
Do you use it? don’t know. Tell me quickly. Sir, it’s designed for you. – For stammerers.
– Give me your phone. – Here.
– Sir, may I? Eye to eye. Look sir,
I’ll download it immediately. – How is your lifestyle?
– Just like Johnny Depp. Parties..addictions..
gambling..just kidding. Actually I travel a lot..I
am making Road Movie 2. Here you go, sir. The app’s been downloaded,
now we’ll always be connected. What do you want to say, manager? I mean sir, you travel so much..I
am sure you top up your mobile. – You can do that through Alpha.
– From my phone? – You can also pay your utility bills.
– From my phone? can also buy movie tickets.. – From..
– From your phone. – From your phone.
– I was saying wow. And yes..if you want
to stop for food on the way. Our location reminder will remind
you that you’ve arrived at the place. Wow! Come here. How nice. Your money. – Thank you.
– Thank you, sir. – Thank you.
– Have a good day. – Move you greedy guard.
– Come. Myself..Mutazalzal. – Your ASL, please.
– My ASL? – Your real name.
– Oh my name? Alexander. Alexander? See..but with love. Do you know Ayseha Omar? – Where you going?
– Afghanistan. He will definitely die.
I will watch his video. – Why going Afghanistan, you fool?
– For shooting. He’s a spy pretending as a tourist. Are you Raymond Davis’ brother? Who is Raymond Davis? I will beat everything out of you. I know everything about you. Do you know Angelina Jolie? Yeah, that actress. – She is so hot.
– Always talking vulgar My friend on Facebook, very good girl. Call me on my local number,
speak Urdu as well. – You from America?
– No, I am British. ‘You bloody desi..flog them to death.’ You think you will
beat the life out of us. You lay siege on our country! How dare you impose taxes on us. My fellow brothers,
what are you waiting for? Beat him..he wants to lay siege on us. – Get up..
– What did I do? I am fine, thank you. How dare you impose taxes on us,
you dogs? – AB.
– Yes, sir. What about this Barbie girl?
She is not telling me the truth. – Sir, can I talk to her..
– Leave it to me. – Give me my other guns.
– Of course. Pistol. I will drench you completely
if you don’t tell me the truth. Testing. What if there’s acid instead of water. Then your beautiful
face will melt away. Where is Moti? – What do you want to do with him?
– Marry him.. I want to kill that son of a b**** – But why?
– She asks too many questions. – AB.. – Because boss has got orders
to kill him. We just have to kill him..that’s it. If I tell you about his whereabouts,
will you let me go. Obviously you foolish girls,
don’t you watch the films. AB. – Yes, boss. I guess we’ll have to show
you the matinee show some day. – This is my card.
– Mine too. – It’s got twitter, facebook..
– Enough! He took the Gujjarwala bus. Aah.. “Follows me all around and watches
my gait, my sweet beloved.” – Let’s go to the Gujjarwala.
– Let’s go, sir. – Sir, you called?
– You are late. Now just lay down here. – Do you know me?
– No.. You don’t know me.’s you. Amazing, he doesn’t know me. Are you Wasim Akram, do you come
in every ad that I should know you? You’re getting furious. I am your Facebook friend,
remember I messaged you yesterday. Facebook? Angelina Forever Pink Jolie. Get lost you rascal. Wait, come here. – Are you Mahira Khan too?
– No, that’s not me. Get lost.. Duping me. – That’s Tara.
– Yes, that’s Tara. – Tara who?
– My Tara. – His Tara.
– Curse you. Stop the bus. Moti! – Are you okay?
– I am fine, are you okay. – I am fine. Are you fine?
– I am fine. Why did you come here? Missing me? They are still after you? Curse this bus full of dogs,
curse them. Not them, that AB and B. Those rascals are still after me. Why? Someone paid them to kill you. Paid them to kill me? Who’s got so much money? Why did you risk
your life and come here? I thought it’s my
duty as a human being. Who risks her life
for the sake of humanity? – So we’re kind of friends.
– Friends or not. Fine, we’re friends. A smart man once said friendship
is the first step towards love. And last too. T-t-t-take a step, Naina. I can’t leave you
alone in this condition. I didn’t have an appendix operation,
that you can’t leave me. – And..
– Hey mister. Do you want to discuss
everything here. No, we’ll continue in the car. Get lost AR Rehman lookalike. – Are you mad?
– Let’s go. Didn’t you ask who paid them? It wasn’t easy to give them a slip. This is bad,
I thought you were a nice girl. And you’re misguiding people. What else do you want me to do? Tell them that you
took a bus to Sabath. And your uncle is giving
you half his property.. ..and you will soon
become a millionaire. Do you know how dangerous they were? They killed an innocent
waiter in front of me. Waiter is dead? Of course, they shot him in the head.
He’ll die. He won’t get fever, Moti. Then who will take our order? Moti, he wasn’t the
last waiter on earth. Why don’t you understand?
We’re in danger. What did I get myself
in because of this girl? “I know our destinies..are separate.” “Our fates..have weaved
this web of coincidences.” “Some found unlimited happiness.” “Someone’s path is bound by walls.” “Once we start..we
won’t stop for anything.” “We don’t care about anyone.” “Just a bit..” “With someone..” “Lock eyes with someone.” “Let’s go to shores of the sky..
of the sky.” “Let’s not peak from
the windows of the heart.” “Let’s not..” “Under the shining sun..” “..we’ll walk merrily..” “Let’s hold on to our dreams..” “It’s hard to hide
the feelings in my heart.” “The ambiance is intoxicating.” “Let’s not stop for
as long as we can.” “Let’s fall in love.” “Just a bit..” “With someone..” “Lock eyes with someone.” “Just a bit..” “With someone..” “Lock eyes with someone.” – Who are you?
– Baba. – Sanju Baba?
– No..normal Baba. Babas are never normal,
they are a big.. Not a word more.. Even I can say these things. Curse you..f****** you.. – Hi, Baba. I am Tara.
– Hi, Tara. What’s clacking? – Nothing much, you tell.
– Just chilling. – Son, what are you looking for?
– We aren’t looking for anything. You just showed up yourself. Now go, let us spend time in private. Who are you trying to escape? – My..death.
– You won’t die yet. It’s still far. You’ve to feather in
the 3rd and 4th part too. Part? I didn’t get it, baba? You won’t get it. You’re new heroine. And anyway,
were doing the serial ‘Thakan’ Baba..are you a real baba. Dear, do you see Made
in China written anywhere? Tell me, Baba..will I get what I want. Depends on what you want. No, Baba..I want to be a big singer. My competition’s finale is coming up,
and I haven’t made a song yet. I can’t seem to make one,
no matter how hard I try. You will, dear. You will. If making songs were so difficult.. ..then Ali Haider wouldn’t
have had so many albums. Faakhir wouldn’t have been a hit. And Haroon.. Oh My god! Dear, you have found
something you don’t know. What, baba? Something that’s very valuable.
And very innocent. – What, baba?
– What, baba? What, baba? Foolish girl. You don’t understand. Now move..Baba has other appointments. It’s a houseful.
See you later alligator. – Where did he go?
– He disappeared in front of you. He didn’t whisper in my ears. Come on, we’re getting late. Sir, have you seen this girl? This is the same girl
that take Moti away from us. No..we don’t know her. No, we don’t know
her..we haven’t seen her. – But I’ve seen you.
– Us? Where? You look like that
guy from the movie.. What’s his name? Sherni.. This one. “I am your father..” – “The name’s..
– Shehenshah.” You got it..great. Okay, take a close look. That’ No.. No.. Boss, what is all this. You won’t understand. I’ve many things.. What are you doing? Oh no.. What a jalopy you’re driving.
It’s broken down again. Khalid Ahmed’s foxy
in Karachi is better.. At least it goes from one
graveyard to another. The car didn’t break down,
it’s out of petrol. You should be ashamed. Your car’s worth 2 million, and it
doesn’t have Rs 200 worth of petrol The petrol indicator is broken. I
forgot to get it fixed because of you. Don’t say such things to me. You should have some sense. You’re on a road trip, and no petrol. Where will I sleep now?
What will I eat? And if I don’t wear my sleeping suit,
I get rashes… See.. At least listen to my problems first. Tent. Why do you keep this
stuff in your car? Because I set out whenever I want. With family? To stay away from them. With your boyfriend then,
well everyone does. You must go with your boyfriend. What do you want to ask? I want to ask about your boyfriend,
what else. – I am not asking about your mother’s age.
– Why? – Why don’t you have a girlfriend?
– I am a playboy kind of a guy You look nice when you laugh. – I see..
– Yes..didn’t anyone tell you? If you wear some decent
clothes..nice ones.. ..with borders,
traditional ones..with a veil. You will look stunning. And boys will fall for you. Did I say something wrong? I don’t want boys to fall for me. I
don’t want to wear traditional dress. – Who are you angry with?
– No one. There’s definitely some story. Let it be, Moti. one tells
me about their feelings. – Where do I begin?
– Right here.. I was very young. would always travel. America..Europe. Papa loved to travel. We would travel around
in Pakistan as well. Then one day another
girl entered in papa’s life. Mom was so insecure that
she went into depression. Then one day he stopped coming home. And mom’s depression got so worse.. ..that she started seeing that
woman’s face in the maids as well. My happy family was jinxed. Papa never meets me. He does call sometimes. And always talks about giving
me money, which I don’t want. It’s okay, dear..give it to me. Don’t get physical. Back in school I broke a girl’s nose. – Do you want to fight?
– Come on. – Come on..boxing.
– Yeah. I was called Laila Ali in college. – Even I was called Tyson.
– Tyson. Tyson and Moti are names of dogs. Listen.. What is this music? I think the director
wants to create an ambiance. Tara..I want to say something. Do you hear that music? I think it’s a party. Let’s go take a look. Come on. Ohh Daddy! There is a solid party going on down here Party in the jungle…
Music in the monsoon… Come on, Lets go! I know you’re wild tribesmen. You eat human Rascals..freeloaders. Sorry..I wanted to say..please
don’t fry this girl. You won’t get anything out of here.
She’s too bony. You can only make soup. Look, we were just passing-by.. ..and Moti thought it’s a party. What a liar. Not me, she thought it’s a party. I told her it’s a wild party, but she
barged right in like a party animal. When did you say that?
You heard the music. You wanted to get in the
party and listen to the songs. – Now go on.
– What a liar. I never go to such parties. – You brought me here, fraud woman.
– Me? Have you ever seen me
go to such a cheap party? Yes..I haven’t.. – Forget it. Let it be.
– Yes, forget it. Zatashaaaaa! That’s my cousin’s name. Is your entire family coming? Be quiet, girl. – You’re telling him everything wrong.
– You speak Urdu well. I am not from Africa. – I am a Kashmiri.
– Kashmiri. But you’re so black. Even Munna Mustaq’s black,
is he African too? – Point.
– Search! He’s lying, he didn’t find anything. What did you say?
Huh? I didn’t hear. What are you saying? – We’ve been partying for 20 years.
– Such a long party. Continuous for 20 years. For 20 years,
on every full moon night, we party. We celebrate. But only people from the Hakura
tribe are allowed to attend. Or if they are Yousuf Salli’s friends King Hakura is like our brother Sorry, I don’t sleep.. But.. before the party, I.. What did you eat? They live in the jungle.
Must have eaten a cat or something. He got it. He took a Disprin. What nonsense. Stop this Formula One. I won. My racer boy. Mine too. Boss, who organizes this party? Obviously The Freiha Altaf – Oh hi, guys.
– Hi. Oh my, God. Who kept these wires here? You fool,
move the wires, someone will fall. Vinnie..Iraj..where are you guys? Emraan Ali..whose car is this? T-links CEO’s. Tell him to move it,
I don’t care. Okay. Sorry, guys. You guys continue your party,
we’ll go. Hold on! Now you’ll say we can’t
leave without a competition. How do you know? Because I’ve seen many tribal films. In fact, I’ve seen you
in a few of them, as an extra. – Uncle.
– Be quiet. Time to start! This is a musical night. I don’t believe in violence. So the competition
will be musical as well. On this M-M-Moti. Stop pushing me..fools. And on this corner..Zinkara! “Stop me..” “Stop me..” “Stop me..” “Stop me..” – “I am free..
– Stop me.” – “There’s a fire in my heart..
– Stop me.” – “No one’s with me anymore..
– Stop me.” – “The night’s so dark..
– Stop me.” – “My obsession for pain..
– Stop me.” – “Blood in my eyes..
– Stop me.” – “I can’t find peace..
– Stop me.” “But I won’t stop.” “Old jeans and my guitar.” “Those rooftops and my buddies.” “Those..keeping awake at nights.” “And going home..jumping
over the walls.” “Smoke a cigarette in the street.” “..and trying to clean
the teeth all the time.” “Always getting to college late..” “..and the sir saying
get out from the class.” “Going out and saying..the
system here is bad.” “Going into the canteen..” “..beating the table
and singing with friends.” “Just memories..memories
is all there’s left.” “Just small incidences.” “Just memories..memories
is all there’s left.” “Just small incidences.” “Just memories..” “Loneliness..tormenting loneliness..” “Brings backs your memories.” “That spring has come again.” “The one that has lit up
the lonely path of my heart.” “Lonely heart..” “ heart cries.” “ heart cries.” “Shanno’s eyes are intoxicating.” “There’s a mole on her cheeks.” “Shanno’s eyes are intoxicating.” “There’s a mole on her cheeks.” “And her attitude..has
stolen my heart.” “My heart says..” “Move into the beat.” “Move into the beat.” “In my dreams.” “In my dreams.” “Call out to you
in my dreams every day.” “My silky veil..” “What do I do with
this restless heart?” “My silky veil..” “What do I do with
this restless heart?” If I had a girlfriend,
she would’ve shown you. Go on, you win. Go live your life. Go on..I said go! “Wherever I look, I see you..” “I see you..” “Wherever I look, I see you..” “I see you..” “Your bangles tinkle.” “Your eyes have a twinkle.” “With a shy smile, pass by me.” “How about a dance before you leave?” “How about a spin before you leave?” “Wearing those red extensions,
sway a little.” “How about a dance before you leave?” “How about a spin before you leave?” “Wearing those red extensions,
sway a little.” “You have American goggles and U.K.
accent on.” “I got your information
from the Facebook.” “You have American goggles and U.K.
accent on.” “I got your information
from the Facebook.” “Your photographs are a trap,
they threaten our heart.” “You make us yearn,
you make us burn, yeah!” “How about a dance before you leave?” “How about a spin before you leave?” “Wearing those red extensions,
sway a little.” “How about a dance before you leave?” “How about a spin before you leave?” “Wearing those red extensions,
sway a little.” “There’s no one like us.” “It’s celebration time.” “The world’s going to sway with us.” “The stars are going
to shine all night.” “Emotional saga..but
courage still strong.” “Who is going to win this time?” “Show me your courage,
show me what you got.” “Who’s going to emerge on top?” “Everyone’s here to blow your mind,
and have fun.” “There’s no one like us.” “How about a dance before you leave?” “Her eyes are intoxicating..” “Her eyes are intoxicating..” “How about a dance before you leave?” “How about a dance before you leave?” You dance really well. – dance really swell.
– Wrong. He danced on four songs, and
only gave me 1 1/2 song to dance on. You..are so eager to dance.. if you’re Maivish Hayat. You were no less Rhan Ahsan Khan. By the way, if we dance together.. ..we can get an award show. Yeah, we’ll make a great team,
isn’t it? Yes, of course.
Like Faisal Qureshi and Aijaz Aslam. – Do I look like Faisal Qureshi?
– No..Aijaz Aslam. You don’t like a hero either. You look like Fawad Khan is sick. I don’t like girls. Listen.. Moti..did you ever fall in love? Yes..every day. Twice a day..every day. She..used to study in my school. – Then?
– Then what? She passed..and I didn’t. You say. Honestly speaking..I
never found true love. Me neither..never. What is true love? They say when the eyes meet.. ..bells ring in the heart. What are you staring at? – Our eyes have met?
– And bells. I can hear that too. – Ding-dong.
– Yes, ding-dong. Yes, ding-dong. Ding-dong. – Moti.
– Tara. Moti.. She died at the nick of time. Hello, sir. Switch on the AC and call Kentucky. It’s a big order. Sir, he’s never here. What are you saying? Just yesterday uncle
KFC was sitting outside. Sir, how may I help you? Do you have cash? – No, sir.
– Then how will you help me? – Now write down the order.
– Yes, sir. Write..hello, Deat f-f-f-father. – What, sir?
– Just kidding. zinger for me,
one for Tara. No, she’s from Lahore.
She’s got a bigger appetite. Four zingers for her. By the way, who is Tara? No personal questions. Your sister-in-law. If she’s my sister-in-law,
then fries are complimentary. Okay. Was that all? As crispy as Zinger. Who do you think you are, Dilip Kumar? Now hurry up. Moti. Moti. Moti. Moti! Why are you screaming? Are you my wife? Huh? I mean no. Where is everyone? Who? Those tribals. They only had permission until 6am. And where did you find
these in this deserted jungle? This is Teen Canal’s property. Deserted jungle. And there was a KFC as well. There’s a KFC everywhere
in this world. It’s said there’s
no oxygen on the moon.. ..but there’s a KFC branch up there. By the way,
thanks what you did yesterday.. ..I won because of that. If you..b-b-b-b-become.. girlfriend for real..then
I can conquer the world. Did you say something? – Nothing.
– Eat. You..if you honk again
and bother my wife.. ..I will take the
engine out of your car. Fake John Abraham Moti knows how to protect his wife. There’s no need for that,
I was going to give it anyway. I don’t have an ATM,
because I don’t have any money. – Moti, my boyfriend..
– Why are you telling him? He won’t stop chasing us, cheapster. Owns such a big car and
snatches our phone. Shameless. What is it? Why are you following me? Because I know you
can’t live without me. After what you did yesterday,
it’s all over. So why are you following me now? Come on, T..this isn’t
the first time we broke-up. Look, I know you love me. And I wouldn’t have come
this far if I didn’t love you. Only I can understand you,
and keep you happy. Okay, now come with me. It’s all over between us, that’s it. T..I was really tensed yesterday. You don’t get it,
dad’s been pressurizing me a lot. And for that..I am sorry. Please. You know how much I care about you,
and only you. And my music, this torn jeans. I bought these for you. Like I said, I got furious. You can wear whatever you want,
do whatever you want. It’s your life. Come with me. Yeah. And my concert? You will take me to the concert? Yes, because I love you. Just a minute. – Moti..
– N-n-n-no need to tell me anything. I was going to tell you. But then you thought why don’t
I lie to Moti and make him a fool. He’s so stupid. That’s not true, Moti.
You are very nice. That’s what everyone
says and leaves me in the end. You could’ve given me a hint. Girls like you should never
get too frank with guys like me. I am sorry.. We must end our journey here. Will you manage? I will..don’t worry about me. – Listen..
– What is this? Keep some money,
it will come in handy. Sometimes humans are
more valuable than money. And you know that
better than anyone, Tara. Take care. You too. Don’t worry about the car. I’ve told my driver,
he will pick it up. Dog. Hey children’s Adnan Siddiqui..
give me booze.. Adnan? Booze? You think I’ll have buttermilk
at this point of my life. This is a betel-leaf shop,
we don’t sell alcohol. “Give me some love..sweetheart..” How are you, buddy? “I am floored.” Chewing betel-leaf without your
mouth turning red is no fun at all. I don’t chew it.
Whatever you call it. Betel-leaf.. Who are you roaming
around in Meera’s nighty? Me? Balla. One and only, Balla. D-d-d-d—Balla? Guess I’ll have to take
him to the palace of fun. Will there be fun? Come with me. Of course. Come with me. Looks like a jail. Come on, prince. Come on. Chic piece I’ve been noticing you look
lost since I brought you back. I wonder how Moti will get to Swat Moti who? – He doesn’t even have money.
– What money? – To get to Swat
– Who wants to go to Swat – Moti.
– Exactly, Moti who? Poor Moti,
I shouldn’t have left him alone. Chic Piece.. We don’t want it. Oh my, God. I said.. We don’t want it, the window is clean. Where is Moti? The Moti who doesn’t even have
money to get to Swat? Sure he will come here. He’s going to Swat – He’s going to Swat.
– What, sir? Here we are struggling.. – Why did you told him?
– ..and he’s on vacation in Swat – Come out of the car the both of
the you too? – Come out. Come out. Madam. Come here. You, you did help
our target in the past. So? – have a past.
– What are you saying? – And what about your past.
– No. Tell me everything about it,
and fill the blanks properly. – This is for 5 marks
– Sir, I don’t even know her. Her car broke down,
so I gave her a lift. There was a boy with him. – He didn’t take it.
– I didn’t give it to him. Who will refuse if a
girl like her asks for it? What? You don’t know me. – You just gave me a lift?
– Yes, of course. – What is your name?
– What is my name? – You..
– Tara. – Tara.
– Why did you hit so hard? – You hit him really hard.
– I can hit even harder, darling. O tormentor.. No madam, you’re your only Adam,
look..manners.. Get lost. Tara. Excuse me. Excuse me. Did you see some boy here
who has problem in speaking? – That Moti..
– Yeah, that’s him. That b*** dumped him. – He’s looking for booze.
– Mind your language. – I only feel for him.
– Did he tell you this story? No..I guessed. Only those with a broken-heart
drink at this hour in the afternoon. Fine, stop guessing.
Can you tell me where he went? To Noorie Bai’s brothel. – How do you know?
– I go there too. I mean..he went to Balla’s scooter. – Whose scooter?
– Balla. He’s a famous guy. I mean manager. You should stay away. Fine, can you tell
me where I can find Balla. Just follow this music. You
will arrive at Noorie Bai’s brothel. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Hey Pheeno. Shahji called for you Shahji? Which schmuck took my slippers? – I’ll take you to Kashmir.
– Take your mother. – Doctor, I can’t see anything.
– Now open your eyes slowly. You brought me to Napier Road. No sweety, this is Ronak Palace. What? Ro-nak Palace. Welcome to beauty street..
and I am Lord of the rings. Love you. Come on, prince. Sit down comfortably. I must introduce you
to the queen of beauty. Leave me..leave me.. My father is a big man. Leave me. Where did you call this wretch? She was having fun with
Mushtaq at the guest house. I complained to her father. – Prince, she’s a real beauty.
– Get lost. You’ve got no taste. If this is what you got for me,
then I am leaving. Did I come here to forget my pain,
or watch such old models? You? Father beat up
Mushtaq because of you. I won’t spare you. Leave me. She killed my ‘Munib Nawazi’. How can I watch the program like this? Son.
There’s no way I can fix this face. But I’ll get you out of your clothes. – I mean..I’ll get you new clothes.
– Yes. Excuse me. Did you see a guy here?
His name is Moti. He stammers.
He’s got a beard..wears long boots.. – Sister, I am ruined..
– What are you saying? Save me, sister.
These people are going to sell me. – Put me on rent.
– ok ok I get it. Tell me what I should do. You must wear these clothes and dance. – Wear these clothes and dance?
– Yes. You can wear less..
but you must wear some . I have two problems. First of all,
these clothes are not my size. And secondly, I have no song ready. – Sister..
– Fine, don’t worry. These clothes are my size,
and I am prepared. – Sister.
– Now you leave. – Fine..
– Listen.. – Here’s some money, keep it.
– What will I do with this? Nothing, just keep it. Okay. Okay, sister. Munib Nawaz’s clothes,
he left them here. When is your beauty going to show up? This cheap booze is
affecting my eyesight. Balla..that’s my name. Shift some alphabets..
and that’s your designation as well. At least change my view. Cheers. – How long have you been here?
– Me? I’ve seen you in some films as well. I am Shama Rani. My youth never gets old. If I take a look at anyone,
he melts away. Here, chew some betel-leaf. Your entire family sells betel-leaf. No, no, no..we sell beauty. Beauty. Doesn’t your husband mind that
you sit with such shameless people? Where is he? He was my companion,
but I didn’t love him. He was a doctor.. ..but he didn’t have a cure for me. My , my, my..same old story. But what is your job description. I am the ‘Shama’ (Lamp). And as long as the lamp burns.. ..’fireflies’ (fanatics) like you
keep coming, and coming and coming. Along with mosquitoes
and insects like you. How long is it going to take, Balla? She’s fairly new,
it’ll take some time to burn. Look, here she comes. Prince, you go too. I am completely in tune.
Just have problem with delivery. You just pretend,
and I’ll sing for you. After all Shama Rani is my sister. Balla Udho? “He must have..stopped in the way.” Great! “Someone must have..stepped
out of the heart.” “One that’s hiding in the darkness..” Hiding where? “..must be scared of his shadow.” Wow! “I wonder what you’re
looking the paper.” “Not everything
available in the market.” “Just care to ask with a smile.” “I’ll give you my life
and not just my heart.” “Your words are misguiding.” “Your tresses are like a web.” “I don’t want to
get entangled in them.” “Keep your beauty to yourself.” “Your deceit is all I can take.” “My heart’s a daredevil,
I wonder what it’ll say.” “Those who don’t know its value,
keep chasing it.” “Someone’s loyalty..” “Other’s value someone’s loyalty.” “My heart’s a daredevil,
I wonder what it’ll say.” “Those who don’t know its value,
keep chasing it.” “Daredevil heart..” “Daredevil heart..” “- The world’s crazy..
– They are crazy.” “- Lovers follow me..
– It’s difficult.” “These sharp eyes..
and the lethal looks.” “- Takes are spun.
– They are lies.” “- Money flow..
– They are fake.” “Don’t keep taunting me.” “I’ve tested you once.” “I’ve seen your true color.” “What looks sweet like honey,
I’ve tasted this poison.” “I won’t let you influence me.” “My heart’s a daredevil,
I wonder what it’ll say.” “Those who don’t know its value,
keep chasing it.” “Someone’s loyalty..” “Other’s value someone’s loyalty.” “Your heart’s a
deceiver..its makes stories.” “It lies about loyalty,
what can one say?” “- Don’t leave me in a haste.
– Let me go.” “- Make me yours..
– Let it be.” “The nights hold my hand.” “- I am really amazing.
– It’s a lie.” “- I am all yours.
– It’s a mistake.” “My beloved..I accept defeat.” “You’re like the breeze of wind.” “You’ll find away
when you get the chance.” “Your claim of love..
is nothing more than deceit.” “I am at the right place..” “Your heart’s a deceiver..
its makes stories.” “It lies about loyalty,
what can one say?” “My helplessness..” “Someone take notice
of my helplessness.” “My heart’s a daredevil,
I wonder what it’ll say.” “Those who don’t know its value,
keep chasing it.” “Your heart’s a deceiver..
its makes stories.” “It lies about loyalty,
what can one say?” You dance really well. You must go to parties
with your boyfriend. I don’t go to parties. Only private functions? No, this was especially for you. Why me? To say sorry. If everyone says sorry like this.. ..then my mother would look so strange
saying sorry on tuttyi-fruity – Is your mother alive?
– She my heart. Oh..I am sorry. Just sorry.
Where’s your dance? I’ve decided I will
take you to Swat myself. And your competition? That’s tomorrow night. Then why did you set
out two nights before. I haven’t prepared
a song for the finale yet. No lyrics, no composition. I thought I’ll get inspired
by something on the way. And.. Then did you find your inspiration. I guess I will. See, a girl and a
boy can never be friends. First you call me your inspiration,
and now you’re hitting on me. I am talking about
these beautiful valleys. yourself. – I wish Zeezo was here too.
– Zeezo who? Wajahat’s son.
I wonder where he’s getting bored. “Without you..I can’t live.” “Without seems useless.” “Without you..I can’t live.” “Without seems useless.” “Not just my heart
or the heartbeats..” “..I can forsake
every breath I take.” “Just for you.” “Your happiness..your obsession..” “..I can give it up for you.” “Just for you.” “You’re my life..” “I can give up every
happiness for you.” “You’re my life..” “I can give up every
happiness for you.” “You dwell in my breath,
in my memories.” “Only you.” “Without you..I can’t live.” “Without seems useless.” “You’re in my thoughts,
you’re in my questions.” “You’re all I think about.” “In whatever I think..and
on unknown paths..I see only you.” “You’re my support..I
am calling out to you..” “’re the reason I am alive.” “You’re my love..I
am addicted to you.” “You’re my prayer.” “You’re my life..” “I can give up every
happiness for you.” “You dwell in my breath,
in my memories.” “Only you.” “Without you..I can’t live.” “Without seems useless.” Why did you have to dress
up and come to the jungle? I thought I might
find some inspiration. You look like one of those those gypsies. You look like one of those
pathans with balloons in the fair. Where’s your gun? Hold on. What is that sound. Is it the goons? – Run.
– Run! Moti! Tara! – My leg’s stuck, you go.
– It’s okay. Come on. – You go, Moti.
– I can’t leave you here.. Tara, be brave. My leg’s stuck, Moti. Jamaal Shah. Sister, why are you running so fast? No need to be scared of me. You forgot your change. You dog, couldn’t you call out to me. You tore all of shawl. Look. And I thought goons are after us. I thought we’re being
chased by wild boars. And you got scared. Here’s your money. – No, keep it.
– What will I do with it? What do you mean?
No one wants money here. Thank you. – Come on.
– Come. Moti. Hear that sound. What sound? That music. You’ve a musician’s ear. – Come on.
– Come. Inspiration. Beep. Is this your uncle’s home? Yes. Looks more like a museum. My uncle’s an antique piece too. Does he know we’re coming? He knows about me, not you. You didn’t tell him about me,
so I am not going in. – Come on, enough of your charade.
– Leave me. And take this cap off.
You look like a cheap musician. Uncle! I thought Gabbar
cut off your arms too. Nephew, you took the
blanket off in this winter. – When did you arrive, nephew?
– Just now. – Hello, aunty.
– Hello. I am sure you didn’t cook any meal. We’ll adjust with tea. No nephew, coincidentally your
aunty cooked a meal herself today. Serve the food. I can’t believe it, uncle. Uncle, my friend has a throat ache,
please give her some medicine. The pain’s unbearable, let her sit.
Come, sit. Moti, won’t you introduce me? Oh..I haven’t introduced you two. This is my friend T-T-T-Tara. He’s bad at introductions. Move..I’ll introduce myself. What are you doing, uncle?
I like this girl. Careful. Who wouldn’t like this girl? Move. Uncle, you’ve played
the good guy so far in 900 dramas Why are your expressions
turning evil now? Son, after eating 900 mice, I am
finally letting go of my restraints. Now move..let me hunt her down. Uncle, you know..who hunts down cats. You rascal, are you calling me a dog? Uncle, you’re very old. Move aside.. – I wish Gabbar had cut off your legs.
– Move! Hi, my self..Bahadur Ali Mogul. You’re a Mogul? Yes..but I am not one of those
Moguls who hold woman captive. In fact, we treat them as queens. Moghul uncle, now you’re joking. No-no-no..don’t
take Moguls so lightly. I am one of those Moguls
who dragged the British out of here. With their merriment. I it was you
who drove the British out. And now we’ve to get visa every time. Yes, if it wasn’t for us,
they would still be ruling over us. And you would be living
the life of a slave. I am not exactly the minister
at Parliament right now. Great. – How did you find my friend?
– How? Very nice. (whistles) Aunty. Food is served. – Come.
– Okay. – Come on..let’s eat.
– Come. Come. What are you doing? Yes. Where are you two? We’re riding on the bikes of
a stranger looking guy of the area. Boss, why are we shaking? You’re right. Stop! That stammerer is here. I am the come there. No need for you to come here. Now I will play this game myself. Boss, what happened? She wants to play games. She is a sport lady. Nephew, I want to discuss
something important. Uncle, I am in no mood
to discuss about property. Who is talking about property? What about this girl? She is very nice. Even I know that? What about marriage. Aunty will kill you. She will poison your food. I am talking about me. – Have you seen her face?
– Yes. She’s much more beautiful than you. That’s what I am saying. We’re no match for each other. I can’t say a single
sentence properly. And she sings in front
of millions of people. I have no goal in life,
and she has huge goals. Uncle, don’t think vulgar. I have no one, and she.. Who says you’re alone. I am there. Who else do I have in this world? I have no kids.
You mean everything to me. And this..all this property is yours. Go..rule this world..with Tara. That’s not done, uncle. There’s no saying where she
will go after winning the competition. And..everything I will
have is what you will give me. Uncle..both the wheels
of life should be similar. Otherwise the journey
will become unstable. Like when you would walk
after aunty would hit you. – Shut up.
– By the way, aunty has hit you a lot. Shut up. Tell me something, do you love her. Moti loves everyone, uncle. You too. – So should I marry you?
– Listen.. What about her? There’s a huge difference
between love and sympathy. Look nephew, if you really love
her..then you don’t have much time. True love is hard to find. You must tell her, so tell her. What’s the worst that will happen?
She will reject you? But at least you will
get a burden off your heart. Say it..and He will handle the rest. This is between us. If you weren’t my nephew,
she would’ve been your second aunt. – Where is she?
– Uncle, where are you going? Be brave, and say it. Thank you. You scared me to death. I’ll punch the life out of you. Did I ever joke with you like this? Fine, stop it now.
I am going. – Where?
– I have a competition. Are you coming with me? I want to, but.. ..I’ve to solve uncle and
aunt’s personal differences. What do you mean?
Will I sing alone on stage? We’re not Strings..that
we’ve to be together. Shut up! I love them. Then take them with you. Come on, Moti. Please. Why do you want to take me along? For time-pass? Time-pass? Did I bring you here for time-pass? Look, you wanted
company until Islamabad.. ..and I wanted a lift till Swat We both got what we wanted. Now stop attaching these ‘Strings’. You’re joking? Moti.. I can’t believe it. What’s wrong with you? You’ve changed because
now you own all this property. were
so sweet all the way. Now..when there’s a girl with you.. ..anyone will try to
create a romantic atmosphere. And you were showing such attitude. Now after seeing my’re
getting so close for comfort. Even you turned out to
be like the rest of the guys. I was a fool..I
thought you’re special. Yes..I am a special child. Fine.. I am going. Go on..Moti doesn’t need you anymore. I am no longer the Moti
who needs your old jalopy. See those mountains far and wide. All of them belong to Moti. I will construct a society
here called Motiya Gardens. Moti Café. Moti Cinema..Tea/coffee available It will all be mine. Thank God I find
out the truth about you. A man that changes for wealth,
no one can be shallower than him. Yes, get lost. Did Moti..lose this pearl? It’s okay, dear. If ‘Tara'(stars) and ‘Moti'(pearls)
stay in their places.. ..they will still shine brightly. Broken stars don’t shine, Mr. Mogul. But thank you so much. Bye. Hello, Zeezo speaking. Zeezo there’s a problem. Are you in love? How do you know? So the girl wanted to take you along,
but you broke her heart instead. So that she doesn’t love you anymore,
and now she’s gone. Yes, but how do you know? – It’s my father’s film.
– What? – Just kidding.
– What should I do? It’s impossible to explain her now. You just let a gorgeous
gal slip out of your hands. How do you know? Did you see her? I just told you it’s my father’s film. Now go to Islamabad immediately
and tell her what she means to you. – What?
– What? What? You will tell me
what she means to you. If I knew, then why would I call you? “Stop being shy, open up your heart..” “..don’t look here and there,
just say I love you.” That’s right. Zeezo over and out. Thank you, Zeezo. Thank you. He hung up. Nephew, this is the document
to my entire property. And..according to my will, you
are 50% owner of my entire property. 25% from the remaining
property will go to Edhi Trust! And the rest of 25%
will go to your aunty. Only 25%? You will get money for
Your monthly expenses..separately. Nephew, sign here. Uncle, I came here to say that
I am not interested in your property. What are you saying, uncle? Uncle, technically speaking
I am not your real nephew. And I..keep travelling around. What will I do with this property? All I want is some love..whenever
I’ll need that, I will come here. I give all this property to aunt. What are you doing? You’re giving this to the one.. Who gave me love. And this is my property..I
can give it to anyone I want. You don’t know.. Quiet, uncle. I came in such a haste,
so I couldn’t bring a gift for you. We actually came to Lahore,
to stop a marriage. But when I found out about uncle,
I came here too. This is my mother’s last memorabilia. She’s no more. Both your ears are fine. So you wear them. No-no..these tears are more valuable. Don’t waste them. Uncle, that girl is angry. Take some love.. All you’re giving me is love. Will I give kisses
to the bus conductor? Give me 1000 rupees. No 1000..take 5000. And must
bring daughter-in-law back. Don’t worry at all. I’ll go now and.. Uncle.. Go. Your pen.
You have to sign fake cheques. Fraud uncle. Thank You! How are you feel tonight
hanging down from the tree ..downside up, you greedy dog. – Let me go. I must get to Islamabad.
– Why? Do you have a seat in the VVVVIP.. ..and the dignitaries
in the Parliament in Islamabad? Do you speak Urdu? No. Only English..and Pukhto. Both have a bad scene. Pukhto Darzi. Darzi? (speaking pushto) Not so much darzi… Good evening, ma’am. Ma’am, we’ll need a few things. Driver’s license, a color copy of
CNIC, scanned copy of the passport.. ..four photographs
with a white background.. ..character certificate
from your local police station.. ..original documents of the car.. ..affidavit..and if you
don’t have a Bay form, then let it be. Can I know the reason
behind all these formalities? Look, ma’’s hard to
say what’s inside a car these days. And there’s a this car. – Bomb?
– Yes.. You’re nothing less than a bomb. Come closer. Great.. You’re lucky Moti that we
don’t have electricity in jungle. But we can poke you. Keep standing until
we don’t tell you to sit. This is a police station,
not your home. Understand. AB. – Yes, boss.
– Shut up. Poke again. Who dared to touch my nephew? Aunty..don’t dance before these dogs. It was him.. No, it wasn’t me. Not me. AB and B..your work is over. You are a very dangerous lady. (speaking pushto) Our game is over. How can the game be over? How can the game be over? Hold this. Look aunty.. one is born as a criminal. The world makes him a criminal..the
situation..coincidences.. People like him. What? Go and take the signature of the man,
who wrote on my hand.. ..that my father is a thief. Whereas my father was a cop. Shut up, AB. Okay, sir..but I won’t keep quiet. Even if I was born in China,
I would’ve still been like this. Listen, if you were Amitabh
from China, then how would you say it. Show us. I.. Like.. Aunty.. (doing Amitabh impression
in Chinese accent) He turned out to be
China material, stupid. (speaking Pushto) I will not leave you woman. But how did you get here? Stay away from my aunty. This matter is settled. But nothing is settled between us. He has destroyed my image. My ultra-villain image. My hetro-metro homo-sapien’s image. I will not leave this guy. You will do no such thing. I will. Boomrah And this way I found
out that you will be here. Forgive me, nephew. I always doubted you. That’s fine, aunty..but
how did you find out the location. Nephew..your aunty, has seen every
nook and corner of these mountains. She spent her entire life jumping
and prancing around these mountains. She also has the
title of Mountain Queen. Stop it now. Oh my.. stop. Uncle, I know you
have many more stories.. ..but I don’t have any time to waste. I’ve to get to Islamabad.
Tara’s concert is due. I wonder if I’ll get a bus or not. Nephew, right now you
need your uncle..not a bus. Yes. If I ride you,
it’ll take me two months to get there. – Tell him.
– Nephew.. I..have.. ..a jeep. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome
to Bank Alfala’s Rising Talent Finale. Our first judge. “Yours and mine..mine or yours..” “Loved by all.”
Shiraz Uppal. And sitting right next to him. She is ‘Babule She is Sheeray’. She’s Subabe Malle..Komal Rizvi. And last, but not the least. The man who has inspired
the youth of our sub-continent. From to Jal, Jal to Dil hare. The apple of our eyes.. Johar Mumtaz. I love your eyes. – Excuse me, is your name Tara, madam.
– Yes. Thank God,
do you know how late you are? So sorry, I.. – Go and change quickly.
– Okay. You’re pure. I liked your spunk,
but not your melody. I think it’s too much spunk. Even Humayun Saeed didn’t
show so much spunk in the film. Melody..was..less.. ..and there was no rhythm. And..melody was lacking. Nephew, I think I am forgetting
the road to Islamabad. Let’s ask someone at the
next turn..for directions. Aunty, isn’t uncle’s
real name Bahadur Ali. Yes, Bahadur Ali. Sounds like a guard’s name. I will punch your face
in and break your nose. Calling me a guard. “I invested..five years in you.” “My investment didn’t mature,
it got wasted.” “You created trouble for me.” “I think I was the fool..bloody fool.” “You sc**** me..” “You sc**** me..” “You sc**** me..” “You sc**** me..” By the way,
if we can add a tuner to this song.. ..then it can be a hit. Nephew, we have arrived.
We’ve arrived. Stop. I think you should spend the
rest of your life in Swat. Nephew. This isn’t right! You.. I mean bad, very bad. Uncle, look at your health. What’s wrong with my health?
It’s absolutely fine. I am hale and hearty. I only made an excuse so
you come to Swat to meet me. I wanted to meet you. Yes, I am absolutely fine. I eat four raw eggs every day. – Uncle, you’re turning into a serpent.
– Serpent. Come on, the concert’s started,
we’ll miss it. You guys get in the
front and watch the concert. – I’ll go backstage.
– Yes. Yeah! Wipe your
look like little commandoes. Okay, fine. Tara Ahmed, you’re next. Are you ready? I can’t do this. – Can you hear me?
– I can’t do it. Coming up next is our last contestant. Tara Ahmed from Lahore. – Where is Tara?
– Ma’am. – Where is Tara?
– She ran away. What do you mean she ran away?
Is this a race? I mean where did she go? – She didn’t tell us.
– Find her. Dog..who does he think he is? First he got goons after me. Later..he got me stuck with tribals. I danced to save his life. Spent the entire night in the jungle. What’s more, he took me to a brothel. I even danced for him. And I am so crazy,
I took him to Swat Took him to the mountains. What did I get? Did I? No..I didn’t get anything. To hell with these guys. And to hell with this competition! I don’t want anything. And these singers.. S*** Soap. That’s enough..thank you. It’s only making noises,
but the flush isn’t working. Good.. Ali..what are you doing here? What are you doing here? This is a gent’s bathroom. Sorry. – Towel.
– Please. Thank you By the way, I am sorry. There wasn’t much to
do inside so I overheard you. The guy you were talking about
seems to be an interesting character. Interesting? – You don’t know him.
– Yes, I don’t know him. But from my experiences in life,
I do know this. You meet two types of people in life. One..who stay with you forever,
but never gives you any happiness. And the second, who come
in your life for a brief moment.. ..and give you all the
happiness in the world. It’s our job to recognize them. Just like it’s our job to recognize
who we are, what is our destination.. ..what are our dreams. And small things..small affairs,
why did you set out from home? – Me?
– Yeah. To sing. Then sing. Tara Ahmed to the stage please,
Tara Ahmed. My name’s being announced, can I go? No..that’s my name. That’s your name? Then go..people are waiting for you. Yes. Go..only big singers make people wait. Go. – Thank you so much.
– Go. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Yes, Katrina. I am coming, just two minutes. “The breeze is starting
to blow slowly..” “ something touches me.” “Prayers coming from
my heart..feels like a dream.” “I found someone on the way..” “..and made a place in my heart.” “Filled a new color in my heart..” “O crazy..” “Live this moment to the full.” “O crazy..” “Make this world yours.” “O crazy..” “Live this moment to the full.” “O crazy..” “Make this world yours.” (singing in Punjabi) Moti, you? What’s this? No manners. You didn’t recognize me. Who let you in here
Sania Saeed with a beard? Look at my face, try to guess. I bury it. You should
keep a dead body out for so long. I helped you guys. Do you look like someone who can help?
The cause of Black jaundice. I am being nice,
and you’re misbehaing with me. Have you lost your mind?
Can’t you see..I am Chaudhary? I let you in the wedding, no one lets you in at a funeral. You sell the biryani you get at funerals
and eat sweets with it. I offered you a meal
you hiccup of Algebra. Please move your head carefully.
Something might fall out. Go. (singing alaap) Wow! You should be singing inside. Singing.. Listen..are you telling the truth? I swear. Go.. Moti..go..O Moti. Singer. “Keep these memories in your eyes.” “Write these sweet nothings
on the walls of your heart.” “Try to see..happiness
is somewhere around you.” “The feeling that you might
lose this moment is special.” “May this day never end..or
this evening ever fade.” “May life float like a cloud.” “Without a clue of
which path you’ve taken.” “O crazy..” “Live this moment to the full.” “O crazy..” “Make this world yours.” “O crazy..” “Live this moment to the full.” “O crazy..” “Make this world yours.” Yasir, come.. Come, Yasir. In the centre. Hello..1-2-3.. Tara, I am sorry. I got over my head
because of the property. Who gave you any property?
– Your father did. Tara, you sung this song so well.. ..that all the judges
are looking at you. Not you..Komal. You know..when I heard
this song in the mountains.. ..I didn’t like it at all. But now I love it. And I would also
like to tell everyone. Especially brother Shiraz,
because you’re looking at her. That she is my item.. ..copyrights 2016. Penal code. And I want to..tell you Tara.. ..that I am also..your item. And I.. Just say I love you. I.. It’s so simple, I love you.
Just say it. It must be for you..because
you say it every day. Komal, be careful. – I..
– I love you. Same to you. And the winner is
Tara Ahmed from Lahore. Cong..Cong..Cong.. Congratulations. Thank you. You should be thankful that you won
this trophy because of my good luck. Otherwise..they were
giving it to someone else. No one could’ve taken
this trophy from me. Because I sung this
song from my heart. No need to over-do it
because you won the trophy. What are your future plans? It’s the same.. We’ll go to Swat and settle down. You can go to the fields
in the morning and work. I will bring your food. But you don’t know how to cook. Okay, so aunt will make it. You fool, she isn’t aunty. She is Rubina Ashraf, even she
doesn’t know anything just like you. Are you going to.. all your life? No, I’ll fix a bulb too. Will you ever leave me? Will you take care of me? Always. But will your friends
joke about my stammering? Will they? Moti, I don’t have friends. What if you did? Then I would’ve punched
them in their nose. You care so much about me. I will.. I will take good care of you. No, I will keep this in my house. Great..I do the hard work,
and you take the award. Great. You just gave it to me.. Yeah..I gave it in
the heat of the moment. What do you think that means? I will really give it to you.
That’s not done. But you loved me.. To hell with love. Do you know the hard work and
dedication one needs for this trophy? You can’t even speak properly.. My throat’s gone sore
from all the singing. And I strummed the guitar so hard..and
that’s when I got this trophy. I will never let it go. Allah..even Aisha
Sana were never so rude. Okay, fine Moti.
You decide you want the trophy or me. Trophy..girl. I was saying the trophy girl. You’re in love with a stammerer,
so try to understand the pauses. I love you, Moti. I love you too. I will never leave you. You can leave me sometimes. I am not a small kid. Will you ever cheat on me? I will..if I get
my hands on Mahira Khan. Moti..what did you say? -Wait? What did you say?
– Nothing. What did you just say? Nothing.

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