Läkaren – Swedish psychological thriller short film

Well, that’s a very good trait in our field of work But… Could you tell me more about yourself? Well like I said. I love people. I flourish in social situations. I love to tutor other people and help them reach their goals. I’m a great listener. I will always give the speaker my full attention. I’m also very forgiving. If something happens I will never hold a grudge. If someone gets hurt, I will always be there and do my best to help out. I also love to have cozy movie nights and I love to invite people over. Because it’s always nice to socialize over a glass of wine. Some people… They say I hold abit to hard on others But… No one can be perfect. This sounds great! I think you will fit in here, can you start as early as Monday? That sounds great! I really think I will like it here. *Willhelm Scream* Are you alright? That was beautiful. Can we see how it turned out?

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