Lakshmi | Full Movie | Nagesh Kukunoor, Monali Thakur, Satish Kaushik

Lakshmi | Full Movie | Nagesh Kukunoor, Monali Thakur, Satish Kaushik

Gidde, I’ll tell you a joke. Listen. A furious tiger is
passing through a jungle. He spots a rabbit. He catches the rabbit and says.. ..who is the king of this jungle? The rabbit says, you are, my lord. Then he moves on with full pride. He spots a jackal.
He catches the jackal and asks. Who is the king of this jungle? You are, lord! He says the same thing. He asks all along the way
until he gets to an elephant. He says who is the king of this jungle? The elephant says,
go away or I will crush you. He doesn’t give up. Once again he asks,
who is the king of this jungle? This is my last warning to you.
Go away or I will crush you. Listen to me.
Wait. Why are you telling the joke? I am telling the joke. He asks for the third time. He turns around and hits him. He is hurt. Mom! Dad! And he limps back home slowly. Then he goes back to the start.
The rabbit. He sees the rabbit.
He catches him and asks. If you don’t know you should say so. You don’t get it? What kind of a man are you? Crazy fool. Who repeats such long jokes? Get down. Get down, everybody. Go sit over there. Next to that tree. Next to that tree. Hurry up. Not there. Behind. Behind. Thanks, Babu. Water. I urinated in it last night. You’re staring? You dare to stare at me? If you stare I will hit you! If I punch you once you
will come to your senses. I am not hitting you
because you are an investment. Not from that side,
but I will hit you from this side. Scoundrel! Everybody, listen. There are only two
huge things in Hyderabad. One is the Charminar and
the other is Chinna’s prick ????. Hello, brother. Why did you bring them in a lorry? The new policeman
wouldn’t accept a bribe. Three checkpoints have been increased. I had to come 100 kilometres
through the jungle. You can’t do anything properly. Can’t do with you, can’t do without you. Have you lost your mind? She is a small child. Don’t you know the
rules of the business? Go. Get in the first car. I want to go with them. The place where they’re
going is not a good place. Get in the car. Take the others. Let’s go. The picnic is over. Come on. Let’s go. Hurry. Come on. From which village do you come, child? Ibrahimpatna. Who do you have in your family? My father and two sisters. Saraswati and Parvati. Who is it? Lakshmi. Get up. Feed her and put her to bed. It has been a bad day. “Listen, silly girl, pray for yourself.” “You have nobody.” “The one whom who
think is your saviour..” “ not yours.” “The body is your room..” “..and the mind is your house.” “Your breaths are your toys.” “Stuff the sun in your hair and walk.” “You will not find any night.” “Listen, silly girl, pray for yourself.” “You have nobody.” Drink milk. Scrub your body when bathing. When the dirt comes off.. ..the pretty Lakshmi within will emerge. My mother used to say
the same thing, ma’am. Reddy Garu will get
you new clothes tomorrow. Reddy Garu is very nice,
isn’t he, ma’am? Even yesterday he.. Talk later! Have a bath first
or the water will become cold. Reddy Garu.. ..may I live here? I will do your work. I shall help ma’am. The fish curry was prepared by her. Okay. It is good. This week’s.. Don’t stare. Eat. Thank you, brother. Eat slowly. Show some respect for the fish. Yes, brother. What is this dressing? It is in fashion, brother. What have you worn? When will you trim your beard? You look like a goat. May I eat a little, brother? I am not afraid of injections. This one is very good. You see the white marks.
It is due to vitamin deficiency. As it is you are very weak. This injection is for energy. Don’t ruin it. Let it dry. It is such a horrible design. This was the design at my wedding too. Who liked this horrible design? My husband. Ma’am, where is your husband? He died? I wish he were dead. I’d be better off. Ma’am, you should speak
respectably about your husband. What are you applying? It is horrible. Stand. Sorry, Reddy Garu.
I won’t apply henna hereafter. I will only work all day long,
Reddy Garu. Sit. Sorry. Sit.
– Sorry, Reddy Garu. Sit! Sorry, Reddy Garu. I made a mistake. I won’t do it again. Reddy Garu.. Sorry. Quiet!
– Forgive me. I won’t do again. Put your hands up. Sorry. Put your hands up. Up! I won’t do it. Forgive me. “Listen, Sugna.” “Wearing silver anklets on your ankles.” “Take your mother’s blessings with you.” “Listen, Sugna.” “Wear the veil of your mother’s house.” “Go and settle in
your husband’s village.” “Smile with the henna on your hands.” “Wearing your beau’s
ring on your finger.” “And hum a song.” You knew. You knew right from the start. “Listen, Sugna.” “Wearing silver anklets on your ankles.” “Take your mother’s blessings with you.” “Abandon all the household chores.” “I shall help you cross the Ganges.” “I shall help you cross the Ganges.” “You will have an adoring
husband all your life.” “I will help you make up with God.” “I will help you make up with God.” Why don’t you understand? Wait a minute. “Wearing silver anklets..” I’ve told you this joke so many times,
I am confused. What did you not understand? You have the brain of an eggplant. Okay. The rabbit is first,
the hyena comes next. Come along. And then the elephant. Rascal, don’t ask such questions, man! I shall tell you another easy joke. You know Mr.
Ahmed. There’s a joke about him. Mr. Ahmed goes to London. He desperately needs to
piss near the Queen’s palace. So he looks here and
there and finds a wall.. ..and takes a leak at full speed. A policeman catches him. He fines him fifty pounds. From there he heads to New York. Again in New York he needs to urinate. He feels like urinating time and again. No. Just a minute. Come on. Well, I have arrived. Not New York. Dharam Vilas. Talk to you later. Hang up. Jyoti. New girl. Prepare her. Today? No. At the next festival of lights. Meanwhile we shall
teach her to do things. If there is one day’s delay,
it will come out of your salary. You are so fair. I am aroused. Who is alive? Seema. Let’s go. Come. What is your name? Lakshmi. Lakshmi. Come. Look in front of you and walk. Come. This is your room. That is Suvarna. When she wakes up she
will explain everything to you. Get some sleep yourself.
You have to stay awake all night. Take that mat. Sleep. Your food is kept there. Eat it. Suvarna, your mechanic is here. Send him to Priya, sister. That maggot! He doesn’t bathe for weeks.
He stinks so much, it rots me. You take him. Don’t squander it.
It has to last the whole month. Take it out of my income. Take this. Get ready. I am eating. Yes, your highness. This isn’t your father’s hotel. Five minutes. Get ready quickly. Haven’t you ever draped a sari before? Let it be. Slip it out quietly
when you get undressed. Hold it. Sorry. Did I slap you hard? One loses one’s temper
very quickly in this business. But you will have to learn in time. Only one patron today. As you get used to them
we shall increase them. What will he..? He will shove it. But don’t worry. He won’t do any dirty things. No, sister.
It hurt very much the last time. You are very pretty. Sister.. The wound.. It still hurts. Show me. Show me. It’s nothing mysterious.
I have the same stuff as you. I shall help you. Show me. Raise the sari. Raise it. It is okay. Just a little swelling. It heals faster at your age. Apply this. It will slide in easily.
And it will hurt less. You will go to hell. That’s what this is, my dear. If she says you aren’t
using this condom.. ..I won’t give you a girl next time. I am entirely clean. Sure. The toilet here is also clean.
Will I sit there to eat? Go, give him a lollypop. Okay, sister. Look, it’s your wish.
Either you take the condom.. ..or you take your money back. Okay. Alright. Stop. Go inside. No, sister. Go inside.
– No, sister. Go inside.
– Don’t oppress the poor girl. Come, girl. Nicely. Come in. No.
– Just a minute. The more you squirm
the more he will enjoy. Give it to him easy.
Why are you giving him pleasure? Go. Sit. Have a bath. You will feel better. Sit here. She wishes to file a complaint. What’s the complaint? I.. With men.. forcibly.. ..bad deeds. Wait. Drink this. Drink it. Easy. Tell me what happened from the start. I was abducted from my village. Chinna. He is called Chinna. He has a brother. Reddy Garu. He is very rich. I was sent to his house. After that.. You are very fortunate. No slut ???? has sat in
my brother’s car so many times. Good thing you ran away. Now you know how powerful we are. I will go. I will surely flee. Keep talking. Keep talking.
It makes me hot. Jyoti! Yes.
– Jyoti! Enough of her bullheadedness. Send her all the customers that you can. If there’s five you send five.
If there’s seven you send her seven. Damn her! Listen! Who is alive? Aruna! Come along. Don’t let her leave the room. Hey. Each time a girl runs away from here.. ..Chinna beats Jyoti
and the girl like an animal. Bastard!
???? He doesn’t touch the face.. ..else we would get off. Look, I understand your agony.. ..but even you need to
understand Jyoti and my agony. Promise you won’t run. You won’t run, will you? No? Hey. You won’t receive any help from there.. will get it from here. Swallow it. Alcohol is a very bad thing. My father was always drunk. He was sensible.
There isn’t much time. Drink it quickly. Good girl. What are you waiting for?
Swallow it quickly. Full glass. Nandu. Hero! You should invite
the customers like this. Look. Look out. Girl. Come in. And listen, wear this sari down.
Put it down. No.
– Let me teach you. Look. When you stand here,
you should stand like this. If possible you bend a little. Show me. Bend a little. Good girl. You will learn in time. And listen. What are you listening to? And when you talk to customers.. keep your head
down and your eyes up. Head down. Eyes up. Let’s go. My customer is here. Later. Let’s go. You’ve come after a long time.
Didn’t you miss me? She is fourteen years old. She has only had one customer so far. I won’t come down even one paisa. You proceed. I’ll bring her. Sir. How about a bonus
for your wedding anniversary! Thank you. Come. Don’t forget to put it on. Let’s go, junior. There are two more. No. Did you think I asked you? Stand up. Now. Shall I call Chinna? Wash up. Get ready. “Let me bring..” “Let me bring..” “Let me bring..” “Let me bring..” “Let me bring you some toe rings,
mirror.” “I would do your make-up.” “I would do your make-up.” “With your friends
singing marital songs.” “I would bless you.” “I would bless you.” Maria! Maria! Maria!
– Maria! Jyoti, see. “Listen, Sugna.” “Wearing silver anklets on your ankles.” Your room. – “Take your mother’s
blessings with you.” “Smile with the henna on your hands.” “Wearing your beau’s
ring on your finger.” “And hum a song.” Please stay today, mother. I paid the security guard.
He will let you stay at the hostel. No. Who will pay your fees? Your boss is a nasty man! He doesn’t give you
an off even on festive days. It is difficult to get
offs especially on festive days. That’s when we get the most customers. People make purchases
even during festivals, mother? Very much. When I come to the shop..
– Become an Engineer first. Yes, mother. Then I shall fight with your boss. You will never have that pleasure. When your studies are over,
I shall resign. My hands are very dirty. Who told you to sell toilet products? Give me some more food. How are you, sister Uma? How are you, Bindu?
– I’m good. How is everyone? Take this.
– Sister Uma. Survarna. How are you?
– I’m very good. Hygiene kits for everyone. These contain Dettol, band-aids.. ..and most important of all. Condoms. I hope you are using them. Take this. Distribute it. I have also brought
chocolates and lollypops. Take this. I am Uma. My name is Lakshmi. You think I am a child so
you are giving me this chocolate? No. I thought you like chocolate.
Like I do. I am not a small child. I raised my younger sisters.
Father used to go to work. Really?
– Yes. Father loves us very much. He drinks alcohol sometimes. I cook very well. Father says, even better than mother. Wow! May I be frank? I love chocolate very much. Take it. Take care. We shall meet soon, okay. I am keeping accounts, mother. I will return all your money. Liar! Once you start earning
you won’t know your mother. Auto! How could you say that? We shall see.
– Wait and watch. Nampalli? Go. Take me to Chirantan College. Go carefully. Fatima, two gold flakes. Aruna, your newspaper and grams. Bindu, your betel leaf,
betel nut and tobacco. You rascal, you drink more
than half the bottle yourself. I am honest. I could mix
water in it like Govind does. Do you want rum mixed with water? No need. Here’s your bonus for
being a loyal customer. Wow! This is wonderful, my boy. My Shahrukh Khan. You know what? You can open your account
with me when you grow up. Free. What do you say? What do you say? Tell me before you leave. Stop. Chotu! Hurry off. It’s right? It isn’t? Lakshmi, who will repay
the earlier debt? Your father? Write it in my account. “Pick up the broken stars.” “Make a moon out of them.” “Pick up the broken stars.” “Make a moon out of them.”
– Yes, boss. “Make every corner
of your sari into the sky.” “The sun is a palanquin.
The shade is a bride.” “Don’t stop loving yourself.” “Stuff the sun in your hair and walk.” “You will not find any night.” “Listen, silly girl, pray for yourself.” “You have nobody.” “The one whom who
think is your saviour..” “ not yours.” “The body is your room..” “..and the mind is your house.” “Your breaths are your toys.” “Stuff the sun in your hair and walk.” “You will not find any night.” “Listen, silly girl, pray for yourself.” “You have nobody.” Who wants to go with
me to Suberu’s tomorrow? Raise your hand. I’m not going anywhere with that swine. Would I ask you to do something wrong? Raise your hand. You sit, Bindu. The stage will break. Almas, you.. You know how to dance, right? I see. The new one wishes to go. You stay this time. Next time. The old monkey will be happy. Why didn’t you raise your hand? He cannot go without me. Suvarna, get the girls ready. Yes, boss. Raise your scarves. The other side. It’s right there. Look over there. Suberu is a lovely old man. He feeds us delicious meals. And he has all varieties
of alcohol, right? He even tips us well.
Without Chinna’s knowledge. He can’t do anything. If you move yourself he will be pleased. He removes his clothes
and lies on the bed. Five minutes with the hand
and one minute in the mouth. No, not even that much.
Thirty seconds, right? “My heart is in the blouse.
My heart is in the veil.” “I will give my heart to my beloved.” “You have many fans.” Get down, princesses. Get the bags out. Got it. They’re afraid of you. Where are you going, you bitches. ???? Hello. Come here. Enough of the games. Let’s go. Come. Take the bags and get ready. Move it. Why are you in such a bad mood? Give us a smile. Make the old man happy
and then I’ll smile at you. I shall do cartwheels. “What is behind the blouse?” “What is behind the blouse?” “What is below the veil?” “Below the veil?” “My heart is in the blouse.” “My heart is in the veil.” “My heart is in the blouse.” “My heart is in the veil.” “I will give my heart to my beloved.” Rao Garu, if you enjoyed yourself.. ..won’t you give me a bonus today? Thank you. Yes, tell me. Rao Garu, may I? Go. Rao Garu. Let me give you a drink. Mine too. Yes, deliver it to
the brothel in Guntur. Yes, okay. Okay. Where is Lakshmi?
– She’s gone to the toilet. When?
– A short time ago. Will you flee? I will beat you if you move. Don’t move!
– No. Don’t move, bitch! ???? No! No! No! No! Damn you! You dare to flee! Survarna! Clean the blood
and get her into the car. Why did you run again? That’s it, that’s it. One day. Give me one day. I’ll get her to work tomorrow. I swear. Enough of her drama. When she has to sleep
with six men in one night.. ..then she will come to her senses. At least let the doctor examine her. Who cares if she
languishes here or dies? Just bandage the wound or
the customer will get nauseous. The poor girl can’t even
sit up straight, Chinna. She doesn’t have to sit. All she has to do is lie down.. ..and spread her legs
every fifteen minutes. If you open your mouth once
again I will break your arse. Get her ready. Rao Garu. What’s the matter? Where is the girl? Chinna promised me he would
give me a young girl this time. – Yes. I paid one week ago
and I have been waiting. Where is the girl? The child is unwell. But you will surely have her. Please be a little patient. I can wait, not him. I shall reason with him. Have you lost your mind? Your cave is in ruins. Rao Garu, one doesn’t
need youth to lick, does one? Let’s go. You must give
me a discount this time. Take it as a gift for
the festival of lights. “Listen, you silly.” “Listen, you silly.” “Listen, you silly.” “Listen, you silly.” No. Younger than her. There is none younger than her. Go, girl. Okay, I’ll go elsewhere. Return my money. Hold it, boss!
Hold it! Hold it! I have one that you want.. ..but she is unwell today. I just want a hole.
That is okay, isn’t it? The girl is very young. It will cost an extra 500. Age? Fourteen. Let her be, Chinna. Follow me. Wake up, princess. You have to work. “Happy birthday to you!” “Happy birthday to you!” Brother.
– “Happy birthday to you!” “Happy birthday to you!” “Happy birthday!” “Happy birthday to you!” Suvarna. You look like Hema Malini today. Thank you. Aruna. When will you reduce your weight? I don’t see Lakshmi. She is asleep, brother. Bring her. She is asleep, brother. She is a little under the weather. Which room is she in? Brother. Brother. Motherfucker!
???? What have you been doing? What have you been doing?
What have you been doing? I made a mistake.
– You want to lose the investment. Where is the cane?
Sona! Where is the cane? I will shove your
cane into your arse! ???? I made a mistake, brother.
– Are you crazy? I made a mistake. – You don’t know
how to conduct business? You don’t know how to conduct business? You don’t know how to conduct business? I will kill you, scoundrel!
Scoundrel! – I made a mistake. You have no brains! I made a mistake, brother.
– Talk, scoundrel! Talk. Who do you think you are? Scoundrel! Scoundrel! You have no sense! Rascal! Chinna. Come here. Does it hurt? A bit. Drink some water. Ram Reddy, we’re arresting you both.. ..under the Immoral Trafficking Act. I’ve been through this before,
Inspector. You’ll search, you won’t find anything..’ll get frustrated. Sir, I planted the camera in that room. Brother… He came here yesterday as a customer. Thank you. I’ll get her. Dear.. “O heart… grow some
wings and let me fly away.” Not anymore. “O heart…grow some
wings and let me fly away.” “I miss the courtyard of my home.” “I miss the courtyard of my home.” “Why do you cry, o heart?
Let’s go home.” “Why do you cry, o heart?” “Let’s go home.” I know you women
have been through hell.. ..but I need someone
to testify in court. Without a witness these
guys will come back.. ..and destroy more innocent lives. I don’t need an answer right now. I just want all of
you to think about it. “I’ve weaved my dreams
on the broad paths of my dream.” “And hopped and skipped on it.” “Wipe your tears and keep moving on.” “Walk towards the dawn.” “Let’s go back to the
courtyard of my home.” “The courtyard that I still remember.” Sister… You have got up, my princess! My, my you look radiant! Sister, he had come to my room. This is Mr. Mohan… He’s the one who rescued us. He is a social worker… We are at a Women’s shelter… These people are good, my child. Let’s check the wound. Come… Kiddo! I felt today you would be better. I mean properly. You went totally crazy.. ..getting drenched in the rain. Where are the others? Dharam Vilas is open again. They went back to work. They don’t allow it. But I sneaked it in. I was waiting for you
to get better so I could leave. No sister…don’t leave me and go. You have Mr. Mohan here. He’ll take good care of you. He’s a man. You’re a brave girl,
but the others aren’t. I’ll leave. Sister, you’re back! How are you?
– Fine. Once a whore, ???? always a whore ????
that’s what I keep telling.. ..the cops who want to rescue you all… The poor, unfortunate whores. ???? You need me to run this place. And I need money for
my daughter’s education. Just bring her here
and save us this pretense. What will you do with her Chinna? Just like all of us
you like dick ???? too. Bloody bitch! ???? -No…No…No! Should I just knock all your teeth out? Do what you must with me
but my daughter is off limits. The ‘dick’ ????
comment is going to cost you some day. I know. Get the machines oiled..
the factory is closed. What are you doing? Chinna is right… I’m not good at anything…else. I can bring any man to his knees.. ..just so he could touch my body. I can make him cheat on his wife.. ..just to spend a little time with me. I can make him sell his mother.. he could spend a night with me. This is what I know to do
and this is what I should be doing. We can make a new life for ourselves. Doing what? Weaving baskets like beggars? We’re worse than lepers. Our families won’t accept us,
our friends refuse to recognize us. And society hopes
we get buried somewhere. Whatever happens.. you can’t go back! Look… I have five, maybe ten years. After that even the scumbag
customers won’t want this body. Then maybe I’ll weave baskets. You’re the last one. Would you like to leave too? I want to go to court. No. They are really bad people.
– I agree. Bad people should be punished. You’re right,
but a court is no place for a child. I have lived in Dharam
Vilas for six months. Mohan, Avinash is an amazing lawyer.. …but he hasn’t practiced
since many years. He suffered a nervous breakdown.
– What? Don’t worry. The best thing about this
guy is he cannot be bought. Nothing here too. No precedence here. So no point of SITA. Sorry PITA. Who is Sita… and Pita? Suppression of Immoral Trafficking Act. SITA! Which was later changed to PITA. Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act. It was a law designed
to protect girls like you. And how many times have
the Reddy brothers been saved? Four times. And you want me to try
and convict the Reddy brothers.. …with this little girl? Have you gone mad? What do you want from me? I stopped practicing
because of such cases. You want me to have
another nervous breakdown? Sir, we think..
– What do you think? What do you think? You think that she’ll hold
up in court for even two minutes? You have that much faith in her? Our best chance is to go for rape.. ..but there is no point.. was done months ago and there is.. police report…no
medical evidence. So that leaves us with PITA,
under which there has.. ..been no conviction in this state. So what do we have? A small child. Who won’t hold up in
court for even two minutes. We’ll do all the work and make efforts.. ..and at the last
minute she’ll back down. I won’t. They’ll scare you,
threaten you, defame you.. They will..
– Rip my strength and dignity to shreds. Okay… I’ll take this case. Little girl,
will you be able to do all this? Don’t talk to her! – Don’t push. Don’t talk to her. Don’t talk to her.
– Think about it. Whatever the consequences
will not be my responsibility. Last chance! Let me tell you, I’m terrified. Me too. Case No. 432 Oh crap! Okay.. Are you ready? Are you ready? Give it to me. I’ll take it. – Fine. What’s your full name? Bangaru Lakshmi. How old are you? 14 years. Do you know those two men? Yes. They run Dharam Vilas. What is Dharam Vilas? It’s a brothel house. I object, your honor. Objection overruled. Is this the one you’re referring to? Yes. You were brought to the girl’s hostel.. ..which you are calling
a brothel house… What did you do in the hostel? It is a brothel house. What did you do in the hostel? I just explained
everything to Mr. Avinash. Please explain again. Chinna forced us.. ..forced us to do things with men… ..dirty things.
– Things like what? We.. We had to…have sex. Describe it. What? Sex. Please describe it in detail. You would know the meaning
of sex as you are a grownup. Exactly! How would a young
girl like you know the meaning of sex? What happened at Reddy Garu’s house? How long did you stay there? Three weeks. On your own free will? Yes.
– Did he take good care of you? Yes, but.. And he nursed you back to health? Yes, but then one day he attacked me. He brings you home,
nurses you back to health.. ..and then he attacks you? Seems really strange. Anyway…how did he attack you? He…he… ..threw me on the bed… …he… he raped me. Silence!
– Rape? That’s another big
word for a little girl. Describe it. Objection! Firstly, there is no medical
report for rape charge. Secondly,
when I ask her to describe sex.. ..Mr. Avinash objects. When I ask her to describe rape,
my colleague objects. Both these accusations
were made by his client.. ..on my client and
they are very serious. And I want to make sure.. ..she knows the meaning
of these accusations. Proceed. You were describing rape. I don’t know how to describe it. But, it happened to me… ..many times. Only the person to
whom it happens, knows. Your honor,
Dharam Vilas is such a hostel run by.. clients for runaway
girls like Lakshmi. It’s a charitable organization. What the girls do
in the hostel on their.. ..own time are beyond
my client’s control. See the greatness of Reddy Garu.. ..he gave Lakshmi shelter in his house. He took care of her.. ..and how does she repay him. The horrifying accusation of rape. Lakshmi. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you in court. Go. Dharam Vilas is a ladies hostel. We do social service. We give shelter to destitute girls. Last year we had given shelter to…. 24 girls… 24 girls were given shelter,
food and clothes… Reddy, get out of here! It’s a public space. You don’t scare me. It’s not you who I’m trying to scare. It’s my investment you have in there. Till when will you hide here? Tell Lakshmi, that even accidentally.. ..she shouldn’t open her mouth. If she must, open it for taking it in. Not to speak in court. This time you are trapped. This sting operation was carried out.. our organization and the police. And how did you record this footage? I stuck a pen camera in my shirt and.. ..went to Dharam Vilas as a customer. You can see in this video that Chinna.. taking money from me for Lakshmi. Is this the same pen camera? Yes. Your honor, let me explain. My clients place their
hostel girls in different jobs. And then take an advance
from their salary.. ..and that’s what they were discussing. And we know how easy it is.. ..these days to make such a video. Special effects. This time we have all the proof. Videos, marked notes. How can they escape this time? What do you think?
Others haven’t tried before? What’s the point of Lakshmi’s courage? It helped. You rescued Lakshmi. But those brothers will not spare her.. ..and her family will not take her back. Where will she go? A 14 year old girl.. ..talks about sex and rape. This is the problem of our country. Children grow up too fast. Learn too much too quickly. Now this entire case hinges on the.. ..testimony of one 14 year old girl. A girl whose character
is highly doubtful. ..who is not as innocent as she looks. I request your honor
to dismiss this case. I want to show the tape. No. I have run out of options. Can you guarantee it will work? No. They can dismiss it as a fabrication. Didn’t we already show the tape? Another tape was made,
for real evidence. Of what goes on in Dharam Vilas. It shows what happened
to you in your room. I have to appeal.. the judge’s sympathy and humanity. Nothing else is working. Okay. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Seven times in one night. As you saw this was rape. Not sex. Rape. And she was running a high fever. This is the inhumanity
that I’m asking you to punish. Give me your hand. Until today I never asked
you more than was necessary. But now it’s time. The judge will have
to take us seriously. This is our only chance
to punish all the culprits. You need to tell me the
truth from the beginning. Lakshmi! What a beautiful name. You are so pretty. Come. Wait here, I will be right back. Rs. 30,000. Thanks. Wait here with Radha,
I’ll be back with the bus tickets. Rs. 35,000. 50. You’re charging almost double. Your brother wanted a young child. It took me a lot of
trouble finding this one. She is there. Trying to run away. “Listen, Sugna.” “Wear the veil of your mother’s house.” “Take your mother’s blessings with you.” My father sold me. Your honor,
I would like to add Bangaru Raju.. the list of accused. Is this the lady
your father sold you to? Yes. Your honor, I would like to add.. ..Corporator Radha
to the list of accused. Order. You’re the bravest girl in the world. Next hearing of this
case will be on 27th May. Mr. Faizal you will
ensure that Bangaru Raju.. ..and Corporator Radha
Rao are in the court that day. The court is adjourned. I’m truly sorry, madam. Forgive me. I had told you,
that my name should never come in this. Then how did this happen? Ma’am, our options
right now are very limited. We can’t bribe this judge. Why is everyone getting carried.. ..away with the truth all of a sudden? Bribe the girl.
Get her to retract her statement. And don’t send this
ignorant brother of yours. You go personally. Lakshmi. My child. Are you upset with me? I know what I did was wrong.. ..and I feel terrible about it. Please forgive me. Look at me. I am an old man.. ..and completely shattered.. I realize my mistake. If you want we can send Chinna to jail. He is the evil one. He made you suffer. But forgive me. Please, forgive me..
you have a forgiving heart. There must be some
place for my forgiveness. Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Ms. Radha, I couldn’t convince her. I tried my best. Hello. Hello.. What the.. Sister. How are you? Fine. The Lakshmi vs Reddy Brothers.. ..court case in the
Andhra Pradesh High Court… ..both the sides have
finished making arguments Lakshmi, you have a visitor. The courage of young
14 years old Lakshmi.. ..against the powerful corporator
Radha and Reddy Brothers.. Can you ever forgive me? No. I know. I can help you. You want to call another witness? Your honor,
we were not informed of this witness. We didn’t have any option, your honor. We’ve kept the witness
a secret because every.. ..witness has been
bought or intimidated. Alright. Go on. We call Dr. Muralidaran
as our next witness, your honor. You are Mr. Ram Reddy’s personal doctor? Yes. For the past 8 years
I am his personal physician. Last year..
between June 11th and July 2nd.. ..did you see my client Lakshmi.. Mr. Reddy’s place last year.
– Yes. What were you called there for? To give some injections to Lakshmi. What kind of injections? Estrogen injections. What are Estrogen injections? They are hormonal injections given.. girls so they can develop faster. To make a girl look like a woman. Please describe it in detail. These injections make
girls develop faster. They grow breasts faster,
and the menstruate cycle starts earlier. On the Reddy brothers saying.. you give such injections often? I mean, is it a common practice? Objection, your honor. I want to hear this. Go on. The practice has become
common these days. The demand for younger
girls has increased. I see. What happened on July 25th? I was called in to treat the girl. What was she being treated for? She was molested. Did you find any proof? Yes. There was vaginal tearing
and signs of forced entry. I see. Is it correct to say
that Lakshmi was raped? Yes. Order. Order.
– One more question. Tell me.. ..what are you treating Mr.
Ram Reddy for? I object, your honor. How is this relevant to the case? If you’ll let me continue.. ..I’ll prove the relevance, your honor. Proceed. Dr. Murali.. ..what are you treating Mr.
Ram Reddy for? AIDS. Order! Order! Now…please tell us how is
this connected to my client Lakshmi? There is a belief that.. ..AIDS can be cured
if the infected person.. ..has sexual intercourse with a virgin. An adolescent child, right? Yes. No further questions. Your witness. I will announce my verdict on 6th June. Sister! Is this Chinna’s religious day? How else do you think I got out? All the girls miss you. I miss them too… especially you. We see you on the news. You’re quite a star. Really? I brought some makeup
for the next time you’re on TV. But I cry a lot in court. The makeup will get ruined. Then make sure that you do all your.. ..interviews before
entering the courtroom. Okay. I know how to use this Chinna, don’t! Please don’t! All whores ???? get out! Nothing goes on here
without your knowledge. How did the camera
get into Lakshmi’s room? No! No, Chinna. I know how to make you talk. Mother… Are you okay? I just love family reunions. Mother.
– Go. Leave this place at once. You go. Is it true, what this man told me? Yes, it’s the truth! She is the head madam here. Imagine, your mother. Forgive me. Forgive me. Mother, is this what you do? No, dear. Don’t hate your mother now. In a few months you’ll be an engineer. Then your life will be set. After that you can hate me all you want. This is such a dirty place. Asha! Asha! Asha! That was such a wonderful scene.
– Asha! Now let’s go to your room
for the rest of the movie. Tie her hands. Chinna, don’t do this. Let go! Tie her hands! No, Chinna!
I’m sorry, Chinna. Forgive me. Relax. Please let me go. Forgive me, Chinna. I made a mistake. She was a little girl.. ..that’s why I agreed
to put that camera. It was a mistake, Chinna.
It was a mistake. Forgive me. Let me go, Chinna… No, Chinna…don’t! No, Chinna…don’t! Extinguished. One more. I’m your investment Chinna,
don’t destroy your investment! Leave me. I got my brother’s blessings
to destroy this investment. Chinna, sorry! I will not do it again. Chinna, let me go.
Please! Please! Let me go! Chinna, let me go. Forgive me, Chinna. Leave me. No! No, Chinna! Cigarette smoking is injurious
to health. – No, no, no. Hold her down. – No, no, no. Please don’t do it… I never thought I’ll see this day. I want five minutes with Lakshmi. I apologize. No. I know where her father is. This is 30,000 which I paid your father. And here is another 50,000 for you. That is more money than
you’ll ever see in your life. I promise to change my ways. All I’m asking is that
you leave me out of the case. You can have both the Reddy brothers. Punish those rascals. Punish your father. He sold you. Take it. It’s your choice, Lakshmi. If you want to take the money,
I’ll understand. Take it, child. Get these useless heroic
ideas out of your head. What will you get
by sending me to prison? I’ll be out in a few
months but where will you go? Your own family won’t take you in. The court won’t award any
money to victims of trafficking. The state doesn’t
recognize you as a citizen. You won’t even get an ID card. Even dogs have tags. You’ll have none. If you continue this case.. ..the whole world
will know what you are. A life of anonymity is better
than a life as a prostitute. ???? Take my money and start a new life.. ..somewhere with your sisters. Take it. You’re absolutely right. I would have taken your
offer if you were a man. But you’re a woman. How can a woman do this? All these years, and the problem was.. ..staring me right in the face. Sometimes in my mouth,
sometimes between my legs.. ..but it was right there.. ..and I couldn’t see it. The disease and the
cure had the same solution. I’m sure you appreciate
the humor in this situation. The disease and the cure.. stroke to solve everything! I’m strong enough to
survive you and this world.. But who should I live for? Chinna. Chinna. Chinna. Shall we? It’s time to go. All charges against the
accused have been proved. The accused are found
guilty under section 4, 5 & 6.. ..of the Immoral Traffic
Act and section 376 of the IPC.. ..are sentenced to 10 years in prison. Furthermore, they are ordered to pay.. ..a compensation of two
lakhs to the plaintiff Lakshmi. All their assets will
be seized and liquidated… pay as compensation for
the other plaintiffs in this case. The court is adjourned. Thank you. “The small flower
of the garden knows.” “Half the story was still pending.” “Small things were happening.” “Childhood was still there.” “That was targeted.” “Come on,
let’s return to that house.” You guys are celebrating without me? One more.. small piece. I thought the case will never end.
– “Let’s return home.” Did you notice Reddy Garu’s expression? “Let’s return home.” The media is waiting
to talk to you outside. Me?
– Yes. What happened? Let’s go out and talk to the media. The tears won’t stop. They’re ruining my makeup. “Fly away…when you want to fly.” “Fly away…when you want to fly.” “You don’t need wings..
when you have courage.” “Let time create its own saga.” “Don’t try to stop it.” “Stuff the sun in your hair and walk.” “You will not find any night.” “Listen, silly girl, pray for yourself.” “You have nobody.” Ma’am. How do you feel?
You’re a hero now. “O Lord.” “O Lord.” “O Lord.” “O Lord.” “O Lord.” “O Lord.” “O Lord.” “O Lord bless us with Your grace.” “O Lord.” “O Lord.” “O Lord.” “O Lord release us from this debt.” “O Lord…give us relief.” “O Lord…give us relief.” “O Lord…You’re the benevolent one.” “O Lord…
shower Your benevolence on us.” “O Lord…You’re the benevolent one.” “O Lord…
shower Your benevolence on us.” “O Lord…at least give us..” “..the right to live.” “O Lord…You’re the benevolent one.” “O Lord…
shower Your benevolence on us.” “There is a Goddess in everyone.” “There is a Mariam in everyone.” “There’s a Radha
in everyone…and a Sita.” “But where isn’t there
a Ram…or a Krishna in us.” “What’s this reality?” “They have to pay
a price every moment..” “ every lifetime.” “They have equal rights.” “But all they get is a strand.” “They are mere toys for you.” “So why play this double-sided game?” “They sky belongs to them just as much.” “Even they have a right to
walk with their head held high.” “O Lord…You’re the benevolent one.” “O Lord…
shower Your benevolence on us.” “O Lord…at least give us..” “..the right to live.” “O Lord…You’re the benevolent one.” “O Lord…
shower Your benevolence on us.”

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