Laung Laachi Full Movie | Ammy Virk | Neeru Bajwa | Amberdeep Singh | Latest Punjabi Movie

Laung Laachi Full Movie | Ammy Virk | Neeru Bajwa | Amberdeep Singh | Latest Punjabi Movie

“I am like a delicate sparrow..” “I am as agile as a peahen..” “I have tiny feet..” “I have tiny feet..” “I have mesmerizing eyes..” “I am like a delicate sparrow..” “If you are like a delicate sparrow,
a golden tiger..” “Pink lips on a bright face..” “Pink lips on a bright face..” “You get them as dowry.” “You are like a delicate sparrow..” “Just before sunrise,
I saw the moon shaped like a ring.” “That’s why I am
singing joyous songs..” “That’s why I am
singing joyous songs..” “And having a little fun.
It is called a ring..” “It is called a ring..
But it binds us together.” “While taking wedding vows..” “While taking wedding vows..” “Tell me,
how do I control my excitement?” “Just before sunrise, I saw..” “You adorn my name
drawn with henna of love.” “She wants to ward off all evil..” “She wants to ward off all evil..” “My mother awaits us at the doorstep.” “She will keep you happy..” “She will keep you happy..” “The margosa tree
provides a good shade.” “I will fulfill all your desires..” “I will fulfill all your desires..” “Just enter my abode.” “You adorn henna of love..” “Freshly crushed cardamom
is always good I say.” “I ask God for you in my prayers.” “I ask God for you in my prayers.” “The blue mountains
got coated in silver.” “When I saw you, I was bewildered.” Our boy Mehnga finally got married! Go to sleep! Only if you
sleep will the kids stay awake. Hello. Hello. If you don’t mind,
can I lift your veil? Please forgive me for any errs. It slipped. Yes, I saw. You are so beautiful. I am in trouble. You are so much better than me. I don’t understand
how will I treasure you? You are so beautiful,
how will I keep you safe? You cried a lot when
you left your parents house. All girls cry, I know. But you looked like you were asking your
father what have you gotten me into? Really?
I hope it’s not so. I am not making big promises to you. I have a acre of land,
one buffalo, a few liters of milk.. ..and a small house
and you will be its queen. I won’t be able to fulfill
many of your dreams.. ..but I will try to do my best. I have just one desire. That I should be given
a chance to cook for everyone.. ..and my mother-in-law
should love me like a mother. You will get that. Well, even my mother has
never loved me like a mother. I hope my get that
from my mother-in-law. It’s okay,
we will survive by sing and dance. I mean with each other’s company. Why not sing and dance? I heard that you sing well. – No.
– I know. Someone told me. Hum a few lines for me. – I will switch off the lights.
– No. Okay, I will sing. “Come brother,
let me secure our bond.” Wrong relationship, wrong song. Don’t bother! She is missing her brother. She is quite loyal to her family. What kind of a song is that? Don’t you know any romantic song? I only know songs which
describe brother-sister’s bond. No, please sing a romantic song. No. Please. – No.
– Please? – Then I will switch off the lights.
– No. I will sing you one. Go on. “My mother found me a
husband who is half-blind.” If you intend to sing
then sing for all of us. I borrowed 75,000 from
the grocer and got them married. I didn’t bring her
here to entertain you guys. – Take me along.
– I think everyone is awake. They never wake up
for religious purposes. Let’s go. Let’s go, everyone. Okay. She will sing something.
Sing. Should I sing instead? – No, let her sing.
– Okay. They want to hear you.
Go ahead. Sing. I.. I have written this song. Okay, so you write them as well? She is going to sing
something she has composed. “You are Laung and I am Laachi.” “I am lost in your love.” “Your love stole
my delicate heart away.” “I am the shadow produced
by the mountains of Chambe.” – “I hide your name in my eyes.”
– She sings so well. Open the doors. We too want to sit
inside and hear her. There’s enough place
for a few of us to sit inside. The bulb got fused. Where’s the bed? Give me one kilo sugar. Boo! This isn’t your age
to play hide and seek. No, but I can play
catch the thief, can’t I? You are the thief and I am a cop. Where’s my interest? In order to pay your interest.. ..I have started taking tailoring
orders from far and wide. I cannot see well either. I cannot even make out whether
you are standing here or there. I will pay it, I am not running away. Try running away. Boy, get the ledger.
Let’s take her house. She is running away!
I am coming! – I am coming at the speed of 100.
– Come. I am coming at the speed of 100. Boy, get me some water. “Wanderer came..” Why are you running, sister-in-law?
Grocer stopped you again? Right. I never ran so much
when I was young as I run now. He’ll get you one day. – Laachi?
– Yes? Stop with drawing these flowers, dear. There are plenty available outside. It’s been a month
since you got married. You aren’t my daughter-in-law.
You are my daughter. Start stitching cloths
with me from today. – We need to pay off the grocer’s loan.
– Okay, mother. Okay. Come on, dear. Should I just you now,
or after I deliver him the lunch? Go and deliver him lunch.
He must be hungry. It’s not as if the
grocer will follow me home. I’ll handle him if he does,
that knucklehead. Oh my! – What are you staring at?
– At Mehnga’s good fortune. From the time he got married,
no one in the village eats.. ..but he asks for
lunch three times a day. All wives should be like her. You feel like taking her
to the hospital even if she sneezes. Look at him talk like that. – You should die drowning in shame.
– I died the day I married you. Now I only need to drown. Such women can even make
Anna Hazare break his fast. What have you made? Lentils. Lentils?
Again? What other option do I have? God help you. Have you.. Have you ever loved someone? Yes. My mother. – The other kind.
– The dirty kind? Why is it dirty? It is dirty. Haven’t you witnessed? When two
lovers are caught, how people react? “They are so filthy!” They want to make their
videos and upload it. No, like the old school kind of love.
The good kind. No, no, no. Love was the
same in the old school as well. People just didn’t have
mobile phones back then. My uncle had fallen
in love when he was young. He got caught. He still cannot walk properly. If there is any problem
in the village.. ..everyone’s hands
and legs shiver but.. ..for uncle, only his hands shiver. Poor thing. Why are you asking about it? Just. Have you ever been in love? No. You are so beautiful. I am sure someone must
have been in love with you. No. There must have been
a few who’d stare at you. There were many. Someone has rightly said: Never ask how the journey was,
to guests. You should be grateful
that they are here. But we girls are used to ignore them. Okay. Fine. I really wanted to fall
in love and then get married. – You are regretting?
– No. Actually, I used to think
that we live as humans only once. If both my desires
would get fulfilled.. If I could fall in
love and then get married? Who knows what animal
I will be born as next? True. Then only one of your desires will
get fulfilled. They don’t get married. They only love. Bloody animals. But we can still fulfill my desire. Who do you want to
fall in love with now? With you. Why with me?
I am already married. You should’ve fulfilled all
your desires in your paternal home. I used to wash my
father’s turban every day. I had thought,
I’d fulfill all my desires.. ..with the one my father
gets me married to. How will we do it?
I don’t understand. How? Assume that we don’t know each other. We are complete strangers. We don’t know each other? This is not how you
behave when in love. This is how you behave
when you have borrowed a sum.. ..and you don’t want to pay it back. “We don’t know each other.” My mother is an expert at that. Let’s give it a try. Assume that you belong
to poor family in this village. You are average looking. I am a beautiful rich girl
from the neighboring village. – Okay, I am average looking?
– Yes. And you are beautiful.
Then love is impossible. There are bound to be some difference. But where will you stay? We will stay in the same house.. But not as husband and wife.
Like strangers. And if you make me
fall in love with you.. ..then we will stay
as husband and wife. I had a doubt whether
we were really married or not. Who says we don’t know each other?
We know each other. We got married.
We have photographs to prove that. We have a video of our wedding! It is so nice.
You are sitting like this. And there is a song playing in
the background. “Listen, my beloved..” “The sweet melody of love.” – Okay. Fine.
– “I chose you.” – I won’t.
– “You too choose me.” We are married! Hey! Laachi! What? The day you got married,
you said you didn’t have any desires. You had just one desire, that
you should be given a chance to cook. Should we expand this desire a little? Should we have a feast instead? I didn’t ask you to fulfill
any desire which needs money? I didn’t ask for gold or silver. You cannot even give me the
happiness which is available for free? Happiness which is available
for free doesn’t seem like happiness. You always have to
pay a price for happiness. If happiness was available for free.. ..then my father would
have been staying with us. He wouldn’t have left us. He didn’t have to
pay us to stay with us. I have heard that
fathers are like banks. My mother would have held
her head high in the village. I would have been educated. What if I make you
not miss your father? Okay, so from now onwards,
I am your father. From now onwards, your mother will
hold her head high in the village. You will never be sad
again as long as I am with you. Oh yes, don’t worry, and let me
know if you want to thrash somebody. Papa. My papa is so beautiful. If my papa were so beautiful.. ..we would have been
well respected in the village. People would have
invited him home for tea. They would have told me.. “Mehnga, go call your father.
Let’s have some tea and snacks.” The whole village would
have been crazy about my father. Okay, enough of this. Now your father needs to go
and stitch clothes with your mother. Okay.
We are strangers henceforth. I don’t know you
and you don’t know me. Okay. How are you, buddy? Buddy, my foot! How dare you tease a girl like this? You want to me to get my sandals out? Is this how anyone
talks to her husband? We are strangers. “Let’s live our lives as we please.” “You live only once, sweeties.” Yes, mother. I am very happy. The whole family is very nice. They are well respected
across the village. He too is very nice. He takes good care of me. I don’t think I will ever
get upset and go back there. If I ever miss you.. ..then you are with me. Yes, I was getting the blankets out. To keep them under the sun. He doesn’t have a good one. I’ll call you back. We don’t have good blankets? Do you have your mother
hiding in the blanket? You are here with me.
Your mother is hiding in it? You won’t understand. Yes, I don’t understand you at all. Actually, my granny was married
very far away from her family. Whenever she used to miss her mother.. ..she used to take
this blanket and hug it. Then she passed it on to my mother. I have seen my mother.. ..hugging this blanket and.. And I will pass on this
blanket to my daughter. This blanket has never.. ..let a daughter
be away from her mother. But who knows whether or not
I’ll be able to give it to my mother? Why? Why won’t we? We aren’t that pauper. I am yet to fall in love, get married. Let’s see what happens. She pretended to be my father
for a few minutes and trapped me. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able
to be a father to future daughter. “Hey boy,
if you want to check out my gait..” “Get me a silver water pot!” – “And watch my waist..”
– Enough, uncle. Don’t move your waist a lot,
your hip bone will crack. Well said, nephew. – Uncle..
– Yes? I wanted to ask something. Go ahead. You were in love, right? That’s why I am like this. – Right.
– This world hates love. Specially the bottom half. It breaks it. Oh. But why do you ask? Just. I.. Enjoy the meal. Uncle, this love..
how does one do that? How does one express it,
please tell me. Here you go. During our times,
we used to first find a girl. Okay. Steal glances at first. – Okay.
– Then stare at her. Okay. Stare at her at someone’s wedding.. Stare at her while passing by.. – Stare at her at someone’s funeral..
– Okay. You spend five years doing that. How many? – Five.
– Five years? Then you learn what
lies in the girl’s heart. Okay. Then you need a pigeon. Why a pigeon? Because it’s hot? I’ll break your.. Because it can fly! To pass letters. You deserved to get your legs broken. – What..
– You make pigeon do your dirty work. Shebo’s buffalo’s unwell. I’ll go and inquire about its health. You take care. Is this how you steal glances? How else do I do it?
You are clearly visible. You should look at me.. ..but I don’t find out
that you are stealing glances. I didn’t understand, but I’ll do that. You shouldn’t find out that I saw you. “I saw you! I saw you! I saw you!” Look.. At least look at me. Sometimes you say look
sometimes you say don’t look. How do I look?
Should I look like this? Okay, let it be. I’ll do it and show it to you. Come and sit over here. I am a boy and you are a girl. You are a boy and I am a girl. Yes. Do some embroidery. Okay. I am coming. I am sitting right here. – Here, I saw you.
– Okay. And here I didn’t see you. – Here, I saw you.
– Yes.. Here I didn’t see you. Damn, it’s hard to
make out when you do it. Here we looked into each other’s eyes. – And I looked away.
– Why? Girls love this. They feel that the
boy’s mother is very good. She has taught him not to
look at girls will ill intentions. I understood. Listen, my mother too
has taught me the same. That one should not to look
at girls will ill intentions. But she didn’t demonstrate it. “Son, here you saw the girls,
and here you didn’t see the girls.” “Son, here you saw the girls,
and here you didn’t see the girls.” “Son, here you saw the girls,
and here you didn’t see the girls.” Oh no. – There my mother has seen her son.
– Oh God, when will the sun set? Has mother gone to sleep? Yes. Has she switched off the light? Yes. Bring, water. What are you doing? Here, I saw the girl. Here I didn’t. Here, I saw the girl. Here I didn’t. Here, I saw the girl.
And her father saw me! Here I didn’t. Here, I saw the girl. Here I didn’t. You are really that naïve? I am feeling pity on you. We can move things forward. How? You call me up by mistake. Benefit? We will start talking to each other. To strike a conversation
is the toughest part. Sometimes it even takes five years. And you still don’t
get a chance to talk. Did you meet my uncle too? I won’t take that long. – I will call you up by mistake.
– Do that. Start. Hello? It’s a wrong number. Look over there. Hello? Hello. Hello, who is it? Who are you? You called up. You tell me. I am Mehnga. What’s your worth? I have 15 rupees balance in my phone.
So you can do the math. How did you get my number? How? I went to the bus depot. Your number was written
on the bathroom’s wall. What? It was written to contact on this
number if you want to donate eyes. I want to donate my mother’s eyes. I think Sikha did this. She must have written
my number on the wall. She is jealous because
I am more beautiful. Who is Sikha? Sikha who stays in Nandnagar? Yes. She is very beautiful. If you agree to meet then
I can decide who is better looking. Good answer. I liked it. Really? Thank God. Hello? Hello? If you liked that,
can we meet in the morning? Hey, how can I just agree to meet you? First, say something about my voice.’s a little distorted. Wrong answer. She is scoring me? I never talk to strangers
who dial wrong numbers. I don’t know why I am talking to you. You liked the things I said. Stop troubling me. We have a mansion in Sundar Nagri. I will go to college at sharp 8:30am. Don’t you dare come there! I am warning you. Okay. Okay, I won’t come
there at 8:30am. 8:30am. I had to go on the
fields early but anyway.. Recognized me? Wrong number? You look like a wrong number. I don’t need to recognize you. You are no good at this. Move aside, I need to go to college. You will go walking? Then let me accompany you.
You will have company. No, I have a scooter. Where’s my scooter? Where’s my scooter? – I found it.
– Where? This is a scooter? Yes, everyone in
my family has a scooter. We are very rich. My father has a government job.. does my mother,
my brother and my sister-in-law. When we leave together on
our scooters, villagers shout.. “There’s a hundred
thousand burning away.” Everyone is jealous of us. Don’t follow me on a jeep. Okay, you are on a scooter,
so I will follow you on a jeep. Okay. What should I pretend to be my jeep? Wait. Who parked the jeep on the wall? My servants are so careless. It’s yours? No, my friend’s?
I wash and clean it for him. Oh God. Let’s stop it, it feels stupid. Hey beautiful, where to? I am going to my big college to study. What do you study in your big college? Social Studies. What have you learnt
from the society then? That one shouldn’t talk to strangers. You can’t talk to strangers.. ..but you can sit with a
stranger on his jeep, can’t you? Hop on to my jeep. Come on.
Here, sit here. Come on.
Come on. I’m racing it. You’ll hit something, be careful. Don’t you didn’t tell
me that we own a jeep. You should give me a lift sometimes. Seasons change by the time
I walk home from the bus depot. It’s okay, our whole family
will go together on the no moon day. Don’t worry about me. Just help
your mother cross the grocer’s store. It is like Rajasthan’s border for her. We have reached the college. Whose goats are roaming freely? Boo! – And the rest?
– Let’s play tomorrow? – Today.
– Let go of my plait. Otherwise, I will lodge an
eve teasing complaint against you. You know how to behave
like a lady whenever convenient. But who will pay my interest? I won’t lose my plait
for a few pennies. Ask for the books,
I will give you my thumb impression. Hey boy, get the books. Let’s settle this today. I am doing such a big thing.
At least offer me a cold drink. Cold drink?
Just one? Drink two.
Hey boy! I am coming!
I am coming at the speed of 100! I am coming at the speed of 100!
I got you! I got you! What if I owed him money? Thank God she has started working. Good. Good. Good.
Let’s go this. Let me go work it the fields.
We should help mother out. – Okay?
– What? What fields? And what are you doing
in my college canteen? – This is a canteen?
– Yes, can’t you see? These are my books.
Exams are approaching. And my coffee is getting cold.
Oh no. Okay, okay, okay. So those are buffaloes.
They are your professors hanging out? Don’t trouble me. You know exams are approaching. My parents have warned me, if I fail
this time then they will get me married. Get married to me, and you’ll
get freedom from these books. I would rather fail than marry you. I will be like a
traditional girl and marry.. ..into an affluent family
chosen by my parents. You keep talking about being rich. I too am from a rich family. I work in the fields just for fun. We are moneylenders of our village. Whenever my father passes
through the village.. ..people show him respect
and address him as Mr. Bansal. They salute him. My father has 1000 notes of 100s. My father lends money
to everyone in the village. Young or old,
everyone fears my father. My father has killed an old hag. I
will make you covered gold and silver. If you have any other desire,
if you wish to watch a movie.. – ..if you want to have tea and snacks.
– You lazybones! You didn’t tell me
that you had two father? One is dead and the
other is taking loans! Come here!
I will teach you a lesson. Don’t hit me,
you are under father’s oath. I will teach you a lesson.
Who do you think you are? You lazybones!
You have ruined such a nice girl. I wonder what you keep
making her do all day long. Hey girl, go pay your parents
a visit and also meet your aunt. Go deceive her. I regret the day he was born. He is dead but he left
this trouble behind for me. God, please make her go out of breath. You two love dancing, don’t you?
Make me dance as well. They make my blood boil. She is out of breath. “We are locked in a room together..” “And mother is sitting outside.” Sitting is fine,
I just hope she hasn’t fainted. What are you doing here? I came here to hide from my mother. Now you have come to
our college’s hall as well? We have come so far? We are doing a dancing
practice over here. Yes madam, I am coming. “I refuse to know anyone like you.” “You and I, we are no match.” “I can sell away for scrap.” “I can sell away..” What are you? You love to sing,
dance and do drama, don’t you? Did you dance in your house as well? Dance now if you want to.. Don’t
go home and kick the kitchen fire. What do you mean? I asked you a question
and you replied with a riddle? I used to dance at weddings. You used to perform at weddings? Relative’s weddings. Oh yes. That’s the only place
where girls and oldies can.. and vent out their anger. There they say this.. “Dance now if you want to.. Don’t go
home and kick the kitchen fire.” Neither the father nor the
brother nor the uncle stops you there. You must have seen
how women dance like crazy? It is because of this saying.
They fulfill all their desires. I am a poor man,
I cannot offer you gold or silver. But I can promise you one thing.. didn’t get
married and come here. You are here for a wedding. You are a guest. This isn’t a house,
it is a marriage palace. My mother isn’t my mother.
She is the DJ. Dance if you want to
or kick the kitchen fire. Do whatever you please. No one will stop you. You know, I used to wonder
why I was named Laachi. Maybe I was destined to
find a partner, a Laung like you. Why Laung? It is because I am dark? Yes. “You are Laung and I am Laachi.” “I am lost in your love.” “You are Laung and I am Laachi.” “I am lost in your love.” “Your love stole
my delicate heart away.” “Your love stole
my delicate heart away.” “I am the shadow produced
by the mountains of Chambe.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “My feet are so pretty.” “You keep going to the city.” “I don’t ask for too much.” “Just buy me anklets that
don’t cost a lot of bucks.” “My feet are so pretty.” “You keep going to the city.” “I don’t ask for too much.” “Just buy me anklets that
don’t cost a lot of bucks.” “They are easily available
for a low price.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” He keeps her so happy. They keep laughing all day long. I too would’ve kept her happy
if it was me instead of Mehnga. I would have also build
a proper wall here.. that no idiot watches
us loving each other. “My dry hair soar,
without you I feel alone.” “Take me into your arms,
hide the sun with your charms.” “I leave a message
for you in the skies.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” You want some good news? – I have started liking you.
– Really? – But..?
– But? But my parents send me abroad. To Canada, for further education. Go. It will take two years. Go. There’s my plane! Leaving already? – Listen?
– Yes? Don’t put your hand
out of the plane’s window. – Go.
– Okay. See you!
Keep your hands in! Face in! You are out? – You didn’t leave?
– I have come after two years. You are still standing here? Two years? Okay. Well, just. Once I stand for something,
I keep standing. But I am not standing
at the same place. I was studying and then later,
I started working there. I met a boy at work. He started liking me. He told his parents
that he wanted to marry me. We both are from affluent families. We both have a sedan. Well, my parents
accept their proposal. I couldn’t say anything to them. You couldn’t say anything? You didn’t think about me? I was thinking about you. What were you thinking about? I thought that I will convince you. And you will understand. What makes you think that
we are so easy to understand? You should have tried
convincing your parents instead. What could I do? I found him to be fine. Otherwise,
I would have made some excuse. – You found him to be fine?
– Yes. Let’s stop with this drama. No, no, no. This is not a drama. You found him to be fine. No, no, no. Enough of this. Go home and make the greens. If you don’t cook it
well then you’ve had it. Why are you getting so angry? You only had told me..
I am a guest here. Dance if you want to
or kick the kitchen fire. Then go kick the kitchen fire.
Why are you kicking me? What am I a clay oven? No, this is not possible. It was just a drama. You don’t value things
if it is easily available to you. That’s why I was saying that. I would pretend to go out with him,
watch movies with him.. ..and you would get
drunk and sing sad songs.. “If you had fallen down,
I would have helped you up..” “Now how can I help when
you have lost my respect?” Or this song.. “You will get infested by worms.
You will die a dreadful death.” “You deceived me.” That’s it. This is all it was. “If you had fallen down,
I would have helped you up..” “Now how can I help when
you have lost my respect?” Okay?
I saw you laughing with him. You are cheating me, aren’t you? Yes, I am cheating you. So what? We are going to get married. Why don’t you believe me, uncle? I heard him say that
you are cheating me. She kept saying.. so what if I did? So what if I did? Anyway, it is your family matter. I shouldn’t be dancing like this. But uncle, I knew it that
he won’t be able to handle her. It is a wrong match. He is fine. He is not so bad. Yes, the girl is wrong. We should break the
legs of such girls. No. Why break anyone’s legs? Break the hands, crack the skull. – There are a million places
you can hit someone. – True. She must have strayed. Hey, this is a limit, uncle! What’s the fault of
such a beautiful girl? She should have been matched
with the right partner. Fine, some is unfortunate. But who got lucky? Nobody got lucky,
our family got unlucky. It should have happened
in the neighborhood.. that the things would
stay in the neighborhood. Yes, it could have happened
anywhere in the neighborhood. Yes. Laachi! Laachi! Come here. Coming. – Yes?
– I have been watching the two of you. You two keep busy within yourselves. What’s the secret? I lied to him that I am cheating him. He didn’t hit you? No, I am right in front of you. You keep watching us stealthily. He keeps following me around. Sometimes he gets sweets
and sometimes snacks for me. He wants to win my love back. Okay. Coming! This is the only way
to make them value you. Listen! Listen up! Come here. No, I won’t. I will give you some shocking news. I too will give you
some troublesome news. You have been troubling
me since forever. What’s new? Kids, go and play. Yes, tell me, what is it? Sometimes both the husband
and the wife are good. But.. You end up liking someone else. You are absolutely right.
When a person.. You start liking someone else. Tell me, what is so troublesome? I have been hiding something from you. I kept wondering when do I tell you. And I ended up hiding
it for ten years. I am having an affair. An affair? Hook up? Amour? I think everyone’s
gone bad in this village. When you used to go to the fields.. ..he used to sometimes get ice creams,
sometimes get fritters for me. And sometimes both. What could I do? I gave in. Why give in? I’ll look after you. Let’s go inside. I’ll get fritters for you. Let’s go. Go on. I’ll get spicy crispy
fritters for you. Go on. She is Gamma’s daughter-in-law.
Lock the door. An affair?
Have you looked at your face? – Damn you!
– Who will look at you? You had a hook up? I am doomed! She wants fritters! I never got fritters,
neither in love nor in deceit. Damn you, Laachi! Where are you taking us?
Aren’t we going to the village? You know Jagtar Maan,
the artist, don’t you? – Yes.
– I work for him now. – Okay.
– You know Jagtar Maan? – Oh come on now. – He is bound to
know him as he works for him. We are here. Get down. – This is his office?
– Yes. Let’s go, sister-in-law. – Where is he taking us?
– Hello, brother. Yes? – He’s my uncle’s son.
– Hello. – Hello.
– She is my sister-in-law. I had told you that she sings well. Okay! She is the girl who sang
well on her wedding night. Yes. – You weren’t never out of tone.
– Yes. Considering how nervous
one is on his or her wedding day. And you sang so well.
Anyway, have a seat. – Have a seat.
– Come here. It’s a pleasure to meet you. You are such a big artist
and yet you work in the fields. You are so down to earth. All big artists are like that. No, I am not. I am watering them for the songs. Water and songs?
I didn’t get you. Look, one has to sell
land to fulfill ones dreams. I just watered three songs. Two are upbeat and one is sad. If you are going to sell
them then why water them? That’s what’s called
a well placed strategy. Strategy? We click selfies while
pretending to work. – Right?
– Okay. Then I get comments that
you are very down to earth. Yes. That helps you regain
your lost respect. Okay. I hope you are not into singing too. No, I don’t have enough land. I just have ¾ acre of land. That is our means of income. Then it’s fine. As per my experience,
including likes and comments.. Yes? I have concluded that
a square meal is what you need. All artists think the same. That’s what she says as well,
a square meal is enough. – Right. – After all she is an artist,
even if she stays at home. So.. show me what you have got. – Sure.
– No. – Sing, we are all like your
family members. – Yes. There is nothing to feel shy about. – Sing.
– Don’t feel shy. – No, she is not shy.
– Okay. She is shy till she doesn’t sing. She sings care freely.
Sing. – Go on.
– Sing. – She is a little shy.
– Yes. “Being with you..” “Our conversations have changed..” – You are amazing, sister-in-law.
– She is great, don’t you think.. Yes. – “Mirror..”
– Enough. Will you sing? I already sang. No, I am not talking about that.
I mean will you sing with me? No, mother will thrash me. No worries. Don’t mention your name in it. There is a solution
to everything these days. Yes. Look, all the girls who have
delivered hits charge 100,000-150,000. And I am on a shoestring budget. I can only pay you 3000. You will pay 3000 for sure? This is strange, I am not that poor. After all I am an artist. I have promised 3000
so I will give you 3000. You can take 1500 as advance. Dance now if you want to.. Later don’t complain that
you kick the kitchen fire. “Back off, don’t act smart.” “Don’t make a wrong match.” “Even the ones who act like studs..” “Are ready to fulfill
my every whims and fancy.” Hello. Yes? Okay, you want her to sing? It is difficult. 3000 is a very huge sum for us. We are having trouble keeping it safe. I don’t know how to tell
mother where we got the money from. Yes, thank you. – Thank you. – “Let me spend
some time with father, mother. Laachi.. You looked just like that when you came
here the first time after marriage. You forgot? I am yet to get married. God bless you! When are you getting married? You gave up so soon? Is this only how much you loved me? True lovers kidnap
the bride from the wedding. Do one thing,
get dressed in your wedding attire.. ..and I will come and get you. No, I cannot wear that dress
and get married to someone else. Thank you,
you at least have that much sense. Do one thing, then wear this one. You are sure? – I cannot do it.
– Why? I am not liking it. I cannot marry anyone else. Anyone else? Who? We are just pretending, right? Hey, I never know it with you. You wanted to do it
when I didn’t like it. Now when I have come prepared.. I know what I have
to say and I will say it. So let me do it. I will hit the drummer
and break his drums. You sit. You sure? You know what beautiful
things I have memorized to say? Get ready. Sit down. I am coming. What are you doing? I have done so much for you! My gifts and your false promises. Hats off to you. Hats off to you. You are getting married for
the second time and I am still single? Okay? This is not possible. You cannot deceive me. You cannot marry him. Today I have realized
how much you love me. But I am helpless. I have already taken
two vows with him. It’s okay. You took two with him
so now take two with me. – You will end up taking four vows.
– No! Instead of taking two vows
with you and two with him.. ..I should not belong to any of you. – I’ll jump into the well.
– No! I thought why I should
take the trouble of coming back. I should ask you whether
my dress is ready or not. – Your dress is ready.
– Really? – Do you know how to swim?
– Yes. Then catch some fishes while in there. – We will eat them when we
will feel hungry at night. – No! No one will stop us. Why did you stop? See for yourself. She will kill me. Get me down. Let me go. I.. Mother.. Shouldn’t we put a door there? That we will know who comes in? Sure, I’ll get it locked too. That way,
everyone who passes by will knock.. ..and also pay you
for entertaining them. My daughter’s wedding dress? What have you done? Don’t worry, aunt.
She will take it off. – Take it off.
– No way. She has ruined it for her. My daughter had bought
the dress she desired. It is worth 2000 rupees. It’s okay, she just wore it. No way!
What will I do with this dress now? I want cash. Two thousand rupees. There, you wanted to play right? First I used to keep running
away from the grocer’s shop.. I will keep running
away from her house. You want me to run from
the entire village, don’t you? No, don’t cry. I will be right back. Is it real? Yes. See you, sister. This is a limit. What will I tell my daughter? From where did you get so much money? We didn’t tell you
out of fear, mother. We know that you’d yell when you’ll
learn that we have this kind of money. – Mother, I..
– No. – Let me tell her.
– Yes, tell me. – I have..
– No. Let me tell her. – Tell me!
– Go on. Mother, I sang a song with someone. Using an alias. You sang with someone? Didn’t you feel ashamed? I don’t want this nonsense
happening in my household again. Happy that you told her? We won’t, mother. We got another call today. They said they would
pay 5000 if she sings. I told them that we aren’t
interested in this nonsense. Once was enough for us. – How much did you say?
– 5000. – 5000?
– Yes. – There is so much money in
this fifthly business? – Yes. Then it isn’t nonsense. Sing. She will make 5000.
You will make 3000. And I will make 2000. I too will sing. Mother, it is difficult to sing. It can’t be more difficult
than stitching clothes. I just have to do this. We will together earn 10,000 a month. Okay, mother. When we will leave together,
there comes the singers’ family. “Being with you..” “Being so close to you..” “Being so close to you..” “Our conversations have changed..” “My mirror..” “My mirror..” “Your eyes have become my mirror.” “Your eyes have become my mirror.” Ga-ma.. Gamma? She never called me
out when we were young. Now she keeps taking my name. “Now my nose ring
shines even brighter.” “I feel excited when
I think about you.” No, no, no. At least 3000. Her voice is precious. Hello? You can’t hear me?
Can you hear me now? Now? Now can you hear me? Now? Okay, let’s meet in the middle. Let’s finalize at 2900. She will do it then. Dear, there’s another booking. Attend it. God bless you, dear. Stay blessed. “Your eyes have become my mirror.” Ga-ma..
Ga-ma.. Don’t, dear. Don’t… Ga-ma.. Sa-re-ga-ma.. Don’t. You have to face God one day. “Look, I have found my beloved.” “People lie when they
say that love is hard to find.” “People lie when they
say that love is hard to find.” “There are so many
more things to be said..” If 3000 is too much then
you can get it done in 2000 too. My voice is a little heavy,
but you can hear me out. – “Your eyes have become my mirror.”
– Is 3000 okay with you now? Okay, then she will come tomorrow. You owe me a lot. You should keep paying
me in installments. Okay? Catch her! Catch her! Catch her! Shut up!
How much do I owe you? 75,000 in the principal sum. Let me check the interest. It must be another 10,000. You were troubling someone
else’s wife for 95,000? – No, 85,000.
– Okay, take 85000. – Okay.
– Whatever. Come over tomorrow and take
the money and have a cold drink too. And villagers, this is for you. If you need money, come over. My doors are always open for you. Charge me for this as well. For this as well. Laachi has made delicious
carrots and peas dish. – Mother..
– Yes? You know the song Laachi
had sung.. about moustaches? They are making a video on it. They want Laachi to act in it. – They will pay well.
– No, no, no. It is not a respectable thing to do. – Mother, are you drunk?
– No. You are drunk! I have been patient all my life. So what if I got drunk today? I am happy. Then be more happy. Drink some more. Video.. I told you,
it is not a respectable thing to do. We have made enough
money to repay the grocer. We have to do respectable things. We will stitch clothes for others. – We will do manual labor.
– Yes. We will work in the fields. Yes, we should stick
to our respectable jobs. “We will spend the night together..” Go to sleep, ma’am. – “I hope this night never ends.”
– Sleep. I had come at the speed
of 100 to take my money. Your mother went inside
but didn’t come out. Don’t worry, sir. – It’s her house, she will return
when she wants to. – Yes. We have been waiting for
you since morning. This doesn’t look
like a mouse’s burrow. We have been robbed! We are ruined!
We have been robbed! What happened, mother? We have been robbed, dear! Someone dug a hole under
your father’s feet and stole it. He drank himself to death. I got drunk just one
day and I too got ruined. Mother, what will we do now? Grocer is sitting outside. Shall we get leave from here? We will have to tell him the truth. Mother, I’d suggest
that we should leave. They didn’t spare anything, son. They took everything. Calm down. Calm down, mother. We have been robbed. No one is dead. Why are you crying so much? Someone stole our money.
He will get punished for his sin. We have been robbed. Right. It is a good scheme. First invite me home. Then say that you have been robbed. No, I am telling the truth. You can see for yourself. The thieves have dug a hole
as big as your stomach in the wall. Look at her making excuses. I had my doubts. How can you manage
to arrange such a huge sum? You are such a pretentious woman! Sir! Don’t insult my mother. Mother, why did you have to announce
to the village that we have money? This village is full of poor people.
Someone must have stolen it. Fine, I believe you
that you had the money. So, can you tell me
the source of your income? No, mother. Let it be. No, mother. Let it be. Okay, tell him. Tell him, dear.
Tell him what all songs have you sung. “I hide my face from the elder and offer
milk to the younger brother-in-law.” That one.
And then this one.. “I rule your heart..” And then this one.. “Your beauty makes the traffic stop.” No, I sang the song with sedan. Yes, it was about cars. Stop playing games. I think the whole family has gone mad. Listen to me very carefully. If you don’t pay me
my money back in 15 days.. ..then I will take over your house. I am sure it must be 60,000 at least. It is worth 100,000. Have you ever seen 100,000 cash? “It is worth 100,000.” Mother, I hope you are
not going towards the well. I am going to sit down. Dear.. You can do a video
with whomever you want. You can dance wherever you want. People will talk about you. That she is involved
with this or that singer. She is stuck with that person. We just want to make money. So that we can teach
that grocer a lesson. We have to make him dance. Get this done and over with. I want all the respect that
I have lost, back in five years. I want to be the
headman of this village. Isn’t that too much, mother? Yes, bro. Hi. Shooting is taking place near yours. If you could come then it
would help me get some respect. I just want a selfie with you. The audio’s response is
good that’s why I took this risk. I am sure it will be
a great hit in no time. No, I have five songs in it.
Yes. People invest their last hope
I’ve invested my last piece of land. I have spent a few hundred
thousands on the lead. Yes. Try to understand. Be a bro and come here.
Okay. Laachi, move a little
towards the left. Yes, no. Correct. Move a little towards right. Nice, very nice. – Very good.
– Yes. Is the frame not right? Frame? What you see here is called the frame. It doesn’t look like
family entertainer. Laachi, move towards the right. Stick to the right. Action! – Look at her! She is hot!
– She is hot! – Very beautiful.
– Very. – Who is hot?
– The one who is dancing is hot. Don’t you have a sister
or a mother at home? We make them stay at
home and not face the camera. She is an artist.
Show some respect. – You should worship her.
– Who are you? I am her husband. “Back off, don’t act smart.” “Don’t make a wrong match.” “Even the ones who act like studs..” “Are ready to fulfill
my every whims and fancy.” “You think you are someone great?” “People like you are
available a dime a dozen.” “You think you are someone great?” “People like you are
available a dime a dozen.” “I am a brand in itself.” “Don’t mess with me, let it go.” “I don’t say this, but people do..” “I am priceless.” “There isn’t enough in this
world to put a price on my moustache.” “There isn’t enough in this
world to put a price on my moustache.” 200,000 view in 24 hours. 1000 likes without any dislikes. Yes. Look at this. Now our time will be change. Shall I call them. No, no, no. Now we won’t call him,
he will call us. You just wait and watch. Here.. “I have been pampered to
the core by my parents for sure.” “I am adept and skilled,
I know how to get my work done.” “Don’t assume me to be easy..” “Only a fortunate one will
adorn this hand with bangles.” “You think you are someone great?” “People like you are
available a dime a dozen.” “You think you are someone great?” “People like you are
available a dime a dozen.” What are you staring at? Nothing. Laachi, you are very good. Really. When you danced for the video shoot.. ..I couldn’t believe
that you are my wife. Why are you saying that? What do you mean by why?
What else should I say? What’s the status of our drama? How far has our story reached? Do I stand a chance? Answer the phone. – Hello, who is it?
– Who are you? You are the one who called.
So, you tell me. This is Ajaypal. Oh.. I’m Laachi. Who is it? Mr. Ajaypal? Give him my regards. Sorry, I think dialed
your number by mistake. I was listening to your song. So, I think that’s
how this call happened. Sorry, I will hang up now. No.. It’s okay. It’s not a problem
if it happened by mistake. We can talk, right? Sure, we can talk the
whole day if you want. When I had heard your voice, I had
thought that you’d be very beautiful. But when I met you, I realized you
are more beautiful than your voice. Thank you. You being such a big artist
are showing such respect to me. You know I was very happy to meet you. I was wondering,
would you sing with me? – Sure.
– You are a very good singer. Okay then, come over and
we will discuss the details. – Sure, I will sing with you.
– How about a festive song? But not folk song. Okay then,
I will wait for the dawn to arrive. – Laachi, you are..
– Okay, I will come over. He is here. – Hello.
– Hello. – You are looking very..
– You are looking very.. You are looking very beautiful.. You are looking very handsome, bro. Yes. The brooch is very beautiful. It’s a wedding gift from her family. You two too are looking fine. Please have a seat. Sit. Congratulations on the song.
I had told you that it’d be super hit. This song is a super
hit because of you. No one knows that idiot. Let’s come to the point.
We want to do a song with you. Let’s do a small contract before that. You will get 5% for every show.. ..and a fee of 800,000 for a year. – How much?
– 800,000. We accept it.
We accept it. I want to discuss something. You see, these companies
are very annoying. We want your pair to be a hit. But for that, it is necessary
that your pair is broken off. What do you mean? You got scared?
No, that is not what I meant. Look, the thing is that if
people learn that she is married.. ..then they won’t accept their pair. I won’t divorce her
for 800,000 rupees. Who is asking you to divorce her? You just need to refrain from
publicly saying that you are married. This is just a small paperwork. We will make a new contract next year. We don’t have to say it publicly. – Okay, we can do that.
– No, we cannot. Why not? Sometimes people anyway
don’t believe that we are married. I have to show them our wedding video. It’s okay. We accept the condition. Do one thing, get your things
from the village in a day or two. And shift into my apartment. Then we will start
working on my album. We just don’t need to say it publicly. We will stay as husband and wife. Okay. Hello? This is Jagtar Maan. I had sung a song with Laachi? I thought of giving
her another chance. She sings well. I will give her 5100. No, dear. Laachi no longer
sings with small time singers. She has been booked
for a year for 800,000. You should go look for someone else. Get them read by someone
else if you want to. It’s okay. It just states that we aren’t husband
and wife in front of people, right? What’s the big deal in that? Go ahead. Yes. – Tell me, what can I get for you?
– Nothing. – My life?
– I was just.. – He is my lyricist.
– Hello. Out of all the songs that I have done,
95% of them have been penned by him. He will tell you the lyrics today. Let’s begin, brother?
Please have a seat. Please have a seat.
Go ahead. The song and the lyricist from Kokia.. “When I saw that you were
alone near the village square..” “I too all alone busy on my phone.” “When I held your hand..” “Your villagers came after me.” “After me!”
Very good. “I bashed them up.” “All their clothes..” – “All their clothes were
soaked in blood.” – Very good. – “Desi Crew! Desi Crew! Desi Crew!”
– Excellent! – Bless you.
– It’s a hit. It’s a hit. Super hit! No. No, brother. Something more suitable
for family audiences, huh? I change this to make it
more suitable for family audiences. – The bloodshed will go down a notch.
– Okay. Recite it. “When I saw you with your
family near the village square..” “My family too was there.” “When I held your hand
in front of your family..” “Your family came after my family.” “My family bashed them up.” “All their clothes
were soaked in blood.” How was it? No, it’s okay. All the
six lines were soaked in blood. I will make sure that it
is a decent song. Don’t worry. Brother, it is full of bloodshed.
Let’s skip it. Let’s increase the family strength.
The bloodshed will go down. “Family, my family, happy family.. – “Family..”
– Forget it. – We will do another one.
– Okay. Go. Count it. It’s 50,000. Do you want me to
sign any other documents? No. Do you have a problem with not publicly
announcing about your marriage? I mean, I hope you are not worried. No.. We often keep saying
that we don’t know each other. Why? It’s nothing. No, is there a dowry
issue or something? No. Actually, I have told him that.. Oh God, how do I explain this? Actually, I told him, that we’d stay
in the same house, but as strangers. Assume that I am sitting
at home doing embroidery.. You should pass through
my house and tease me. Make me fall in love with you. Has he made you fall in love with him? Not as yet. – Shall we play the same game?
– No. I cannot play it with you. Why? I.. They have been in there for quite
some time. Laachi hasn’t come back. They must be selecting songs upstairs. Can we see how they select the songs? Sure, why not.
Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. My uncle too is a writer.
My mother is learning. I was telling him about
the pretend game that we play. He then was being stubborn like a child
and insisted that he too wants to play. You know, you should see like he was. Okay. So, you taught him? I have signed the documents. Once you are free from here,
we’ll go for the meeting. Let’s go. We’ll stay here tonight.
We don’t need to go home. Come soon. Bye, brother. It’s such a beautiful house.
Isn’t it? Yes. Ajaypal is such a nice man, isn’t he? He had changed our world. Yes. Ajaypal. – No, Ajitpal. Yes.
– Why Ajitpal? – I keep saying Ajaypal!
– Yes. – I hope I don’t cast an evil eye on him.
– Okay. You know, I told him I would do
a song suitable for family audience. But his lyricist could
not write such a song. He kept on singing about bloodshed. Right, they don’t
know what family means. Don’t say that. They gave us 50,000. Can I see the money? Yes, sure. If God wills, one day you’ll be on a
real jeep and I’ll be on a real scooter. Then we will go on rides. Okay. You must be tired.
Go and have a bath. I will make us some dinner. Okay, father. – My son is back.
– How brings him here today? This is my family. – Hello. – From here we will get a
song suitable for family audiences. She is the main verse of the song,
my grandma. The inner verse, my mother. The sad verse, my sister-in-law. Small beats? Here’s the drum. Here’s the big drum. He has all instruments at home. Back off. He has turned
his family into an orchestra. Bloody harmonium. Son, who are they? Grandma,
he writes family oriented songs. I’m Baldev Singh Parvarkar. I am very family oriented.
I have three families. Two in Ludhiana and one in Moga. And this beautiful girl? – That’s Laachi. She’s a singer.
– Hello. And who is this ugly fellow? I.. I am her.. Her manager. Okay, the one who handles the money.
Like an accountant? No.. You should do some manual
labor at least. Like polish shoes? I too was wondering that such
a beautiful couldn’t be married. She is so beautiful. I am so happy! – Grandma!
– What is it, son? Have you never seen
a beautiful girl before? Mother, how’s your cough? – My cough?
– You weren’t coughing. Who was coughing?
Father, how’s your cough? What is wrong with me?
Oh yes, I have a sore throat. Meet me alone and I’ll
tell you what meds I am taking. You don’t take care of them? – I spoke to them over phone.
– Okay. He was coughing.
I don’t know who coughed. Bye. I wanted to write a family oriented. Tell me about your life. Which life is better? Before
marriage life or after marriage? Look, at first I thought that my life
would get better after I get married. And now I feel that my life
was better before I got married. So do the math. I have always had
it tough, before and after marriage. I liked your family. They are very nice. You brought me here to say this? No. We didn’t have to say it
publicly that Laachi is my wife. But why did you have
to hide it from your family? You made me her manager? You know my father
is a newspaper reporter? If he learnt the truth, the news will
spread all across Punjab like wild fire. He has never written in my favor.
Instead, he leaked two of my songs. Ajju! Coming! Dear, should I tell you
how naughty Ajaypal was as a kid? He used to play dollhouse
with his sisters. Once he got the neighbor’s doll home. And he hid it.
She was just like you. Just like you. Stop peeling these carrots and peas.
Come, I will show you the fields. Let’s go. Go, dear. Where to? We were going to the pumping station. – I too will come along.
– What will you do there, son? You guys go. Let him come along. I wouldn’t mind dear, but three people
shouldn’t leave the house together. – Come here.
– Let’s go. Go. Come here, son.
Come, sit over here. Here, peel the carrots. Son..
How is her family? Why do you want to
know about her family? What if I want to bring her home? Her family is nice. – Okay. – Okay.
– Yes. Her family is into manual labor. – Okay.
– Yes. The dancers who dance at the weddings. He is one of them. Her mother too is
very self-respecting. As there was no food at home,
she refused to stay. Then it is a very bad family, son. Very bad?
I don’t know. I don’t interfere. Tell me about it. She has so many sorrows in her life.
But yet, she is always smiling. Grandma, such a girl should
be a part of our family. She will hide our
sorrows behind her smile. Your family too is
very self-respecting. I sometimes just want
to give up singing.. ..and start working
in the fields with father. And my wife would help
my mother in the kitchen. Then we would get
separated after some time. Why? Why get separated?
Your family is so nice. You liked my family? So, I should never
get separated from them? Never. We should stay together, right? And never interfere
if your parents fight. But then I wonder, who will that
poor girl cook for so many people? She will be hassled. Why? What’s difficult in that? If they keep her happy then
I am sure she can cook for them. And what if they eat a lot? Let’s play the pretend game? You pretend to be a married woman
and I’ll pretend to be a crazy Jat. Hello. Hi. Do reporters need to have a gun? Who told you that
I am a news reporter? Where did you read my article? Your son told me
that you are a reporter. He is lying. Why would he lie to me? He is a liar.
He cannot be respected or trusted. Leaving his 100 acres of land behind.. ..he dances at other
people’s wedding for 800,000. What’s 800,000, peanuts? Bloody loser. 800,000 is nothing. You can buy a cycle with it. It’s not such a small figure either.
You get tired counting. Have you ever seen 800,000? Still, is it a respectable thing to
dance at anyone’s wedding for 800,000? If he doesn’t care
about his reputation.. ..he should at least
think about his father’s. Don’t make me talk.
He talks about respect. Son, he brought home
someone’s betrothal. How can you compete with my grandson?
He is so decent. Mother, he only looks decent.
I married someone’s betrothal. He will marry someone’s wife! Why? Why would he bring
home a married woman? No, son. Why would we get
him married to a married woman? Right. – There he is.
– We will bring someone like her home. – Why her?
– Why, is she your daughter-in-law? You don’t want my
grandson to get married? How did you like our fields, dear? They are good. Only religious
organizations have so much land. I want to know about your family. I want to bring the
family together in my song. I have been married for 27 years. I still couldn’t
get my family together And you want to do that in
a song that’s just three minutes long. In three minutes, you won’t even
be able to get a W-I-F-E together. Want a drink? Sure, a family size. Your gun will give me the strength. They aren’t good people.
They look good. – Ajaypal, he..
– Why? What did Ajitpal do? Ajit.. Ajaypal.. – Laachi..
– Yes? – Go to sleep. Good girl.
– Okay. Laachi.. – Be careful..
– Shut up. Who signed on the documents? Let me know if you feel scared. Why would she tell you? Are we dead? She will tell me,
she will tell my son. Mother, when a person is scared,
he can tell anyone, right? Shut up. Got it, grandma.
I got a nice family oriented song. Recite it. I cannot recite it
in front of the family. I can only recite
it when you are alone. Mr. Parvarkar,
what such family oriented song.. ..have you penned which you
cannot recite in front of a family? There are many such family
oriented songs, father. “Brother-in-law,
you are eyeing your wife’s sister.” Here they are talking about Brother-in-law
and his wife’s sister, right? But you cannot listen
to it with your family, right? What are you saying? That’s not the song. It’s.. “You are eyeing your
wife’s sister, oh brother-in-law.” You duffer, it’s not that.
It’s goes like this.. “Brother-in-law,
you are eyeing your wife’s sister.” Brother-in-law comes first. – Father, first it’s the wife’s sister.
– Brother-in-law comes first. – First it’s the wife’s sister.
– Brother-in-law comes first. I say so from the
experience of my life. Shut up. You have great experiences.
You don’t have any shame. Listen to him blabber.
There is a young girl sitting here. You should have recited it there
itself. Why did you make me come here? What such family oriented song.. ..have you penned which you
cannot recite in front of a family? I would have recited
it in front of a family.. ..if I had penned something down. Brother, I am begging to you. Taking your family’s
situation into consideration.. ..forget me, even Baba
Bulleh Shah would write this. “The time has come, God.” Dear, sing us one of your songs. No. Hey, why are you
looking at the manager? I will break his neck
if he says anything to you. Dear, sing us one of your songs. “You are Laung and I am Laachi.” “I am lost in your love.” “Your love stole
my delicate heart away.” “I am the shadow produced
by the mountains of Chambe.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” Very good. It is a very good song. – Let’s sing this song together.
– Really? Yes, a song which you can hear with
your family is a family oriented song. Yes, it would be great. Did any of the family members
found any word objectionable? Well, the song is good. But she has used shackles
in the song twice. – I hope no one misunderstands it.
– Shackle don’t know. Shackle is like a leash. Forget it if you don’t know. Dear, it is a very sweet song. You should sing this song. Your album should
be called Laung Laachi. You are Laung and she is Laachi. Yes. It’s great, isn’t it? “You are Laung and I am Laachi.” “I am lost in your love.” “You are Laung and I am Laachi.” “I am lost in your love.” “Your love stole
my delicate heart away.” “Your love stole
my delicate heart away.” “I am the shadow produced
by the mountains of Chambe.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “My feet are so pretty.” “You keep going to the city.” “I don’t ask for too much.” “Just buy me anklets that
don’t cost a lot of bucks.” “My feet are so pretty.” “You keep going to the city.” “I don’t ask for too much.” “Just buy me anklets that
don’t cost a lot of bucks.” “They are easily available
for a low price.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” “I hide your name in my eyes.” The pair of Laung Laachi
is a hit in the music world.. ..but when will they
get together in real life? Everyone wants to know. At the moment,
we are very good friends. We have a lot of work to do together. We have a tour in Canada next month. – I’m late..
– Who are you? We then have a few small jobs. – You didn’t recognize me? I am Mehnga.
– Next, we will.. We don’t know whether you are
cheap or expensive. We don’t know you. I am Laachi’s husband. She isn’t married, stop lying, man. I will keep giving you updates. Laachi!
Tell them that I am your husband. – Laachi, tell them.
– Let’s go out. Come on. – Laachi! Laachi! Laachi!
– Let’s go! Next question? Laachi? Why didn’t you tell
them that I am your husband? Oh no.
You are still stuck at that? What else could I do?
I should have gone against the law? They would have gotten us arrested.
For fraud. Then at least tell the one
who pushed me that I am your husband. You are only thinking about that. You didn’t even notice
that I am going to Canada. I noticed. That you are going alone. Why are you not taking me with you? You’ll have to buy a ticket. It costs a few hundred thousands. He is taking me along.
Isn’t that enough? I will get a chance to go to Canada.
And I will also make us some money. I have never met such
nice people in my life. I don’t know when you will understand. No one is nice. Good that you got a visa only for her. It’s a 45 days tour. We will have fun. Hello? Why do you look so sad? We will take you along
when we got to Sri Lanka. Bye, Mehnga.
See you after 45 days? Take care. And don’t you worry.
We will take good care of Laachi. Bye. Take care. Bye. Take care, okay? Have fun. You too take care
of yourself and mother. I have made carrot and peas,
make sure you eat them. Okay. Listen.. Don’t put your hand
out of the plane’s window. Okay, I won’t. What can I say? My words won’t
be able to express my feelings. Now you have to make me the headwoman. As long as the compensation
is considered.. ..I’d give 500 for the
trouble of casting your vote. Okay? Aunt, you don’t need to talk about it. He is my guide. I will vote
for the one whom he asks me to. As far as I am concerned,
I have never voted. All my votes belong to you. Then you alone have 20 votes in hand? Thank you, brother. Brother? I never stood a chance. It I did, then I would have scored. I made a mistake.
A very big mistake. Why didn’t I try? Hello? – Hello?
– Yes, Laachi. Laachi, I couldn’t get through
your number. It has been three days. I was traveling.
You didn’t go to sleep as yet? Well, I.. it’s afternoon out here. It’s nighttime there. It’s night over there? That’s why these two
countries are so different. Can I call you back?
Ajaypal is in my room. Oh.
Why at this hour? We are preparing for the function.
That’s why he is here. I’ll call you back in some time. Okay, but.. Here’s another song for you.
The song and the lyricist from Kokia.. “Where did you go after
hurting my feelings?” “Where do I throw your ring?” “When I pondered,
I realized that you are a cheat.” “I was scared of losing you.
But you ended up deceiving me.” “I was scared of losing you.
But you ended up deceiving me.” No, we cannot blame the girl. She might be innocent. She might have been trapped? No one is innocent here.
It takes two hands to applaud. What do you have to do with an
applaud? You keep singing sad songs. I live for applauds, sir. Very good.
Note it down. It has pain,
but it didn’t have any words in it. Wonderful. There’s one.
The song and the lyricist from Kokia.. The rockets fired by Russia doomed us. The rockets fired by Russia doomed us. You take flyovers now, while
I am doomed by the railway crossings. Can’t it be while I am
doomed with your pretense? Feeling sad at the pumping station. You know what? I’ll tell you because you came. Today I learn for whom he
waited for two hours at the shooting. He is not a good person. That’s why he is wandering in Canada. He has no future. Can I give you a good advice? Sister-in-law went to Canada
by implementing a great formula. At least save whatever you can. Shall I sing a sad song for you? No thank you, brother.
I’ll go home and hear one. “If you don’t want to come back..” “Then send me a phone
after you go to Canada.” What an appreciate
song for the situation. Oh my! How’s my Laung
and Laachi doing? Son, I want to talk to Laachi. – I too want to talk to her.
– Oh my baby, my child.. How are you, son? Do you want to talk to father? – He doesn’t.
– I am not eager either. We were longing to talk to you. Really? Okay, okay, okay. “I am fed up of your daily excuses.” “I dissolve your memories
like ice in my drink and get drunk.” “I dissolve your memories
like ice in my drink..” “And get drunk.” What are you staring at?
I look different, don’t I? Yes. A lot. You too have changed a lot. Yes, I have. But I am still standing there. How are you, brother? I am fine, bro. You are looking good.
What’s the occasion? Are you going for a wedding somewhere? How were the shows? They were great.
Laachi, tell him, how were our shows? – They were great.
– Everyone was cheering for us! Laung Laachi! Laung Laachi!
Everyone from Englishmen to Japanese. Once they saw us sitting together.. – ..they said that we look good together.
– Yes. In fact, we have also been offered a film.
What is the name of that movie? Oh my dear, what have you
done to yourself in my absence? It’s the name of the movie, bro. What have you done to
yourself in my absence, dear? Yes. Shooting will take place
for 30 days Canada and 15 days here. Yes, we will be going back to Canada. Yes. We wanted you to give
the clap of the first shot. Open the boot, brother. You are very happy. Yes. My Canada’s tour was very good. I didn’t really realize
how quickly 45 days got over. Go to sleep.
I won’t fall asleep so soon. Why? Oh no.
I am used to that place now. When it’s night here,
it’s daytime over there, right? I know. The first scene of the movie.. At the ruins at the
outskirts of the village. Get out of the ruins already. We need to shoot the maximum
movie in Canada. – Talk about Canada. – Sir, then we
will shift the ruins to Canada. Okay? Hello. – Hello.
– Hi. We all were missing you a lot. We didn’t sleep last night.
We didn’t even eat. We were working on
script’s narration for you. – Oh really?
– Yes. Sir, the best scene in the movie. Both
the girl and the boy are in Canada. What’s the use of making
the movie if she can’t go to Canada? Keep quiet. You don’t know anything.
You keep interfering for no reason. Here are your dresses.
See, which one do you like. This one is better. Pink.. I think so is better. – Pink is very nice.
– This is nice. Pink suits you. – Whatever Ajaypal says.
– This one is very nice, Laachi. – No.
– Pink is very nice. Pink? Try it on. Check it out. Come for the shoot tomorrow morning. What’s the name of the movie? Oh my dear, what have you
done to yourself in my absence? Yes. That’s a good boy. He remembers. Oh my dear, what have you
done to yourself in my absence? First shot. Get out of the frame! Why are you walking
in front of them? Go back! Move to the side! Get out of the frame!
Action! Go! I am tired of holding the mike. Enough. Laachi! – Who is he? Why is he interrupting?
– What is wrong? We are just pretending. This is acting? When you were doing
it with a wooden doll.. got scared and came back to me. If you are still feel
scared then you can come to me. They got it, they won’t let it go. Give me a hug and go back.
Then you can exchange the rings. What’s happening? I am her husband! Who is he? – Move him out!
– Please take him out respectfully. Someone get us some snacks. – Yes, take him out.
– Laachi! He said respectfully. – We are being respectful.
– Otherwise, we would have thrashed you. Okay. Action! – Let’s go!
– Laachi! “You walked all over me,
without a backward glance.” “You treated me just
like grass under your feet.” “My sighs question me..” “Where do these beautiful
paths disappear to?” “You walked all over me,
without a backward glance.” “You treated me just
like grass under your feet.” “My sighs question me..” “Where do these beautiful
paths disappear to?” “I kept clearing
obstacles from your path.” “I kept worshiping you.” “I kept clearing
obstacles from your path.” “I kept worshiping you.” “You still sometimes
come in my dreams.” “In the morning I feel
your presence as heartache.” “My sighs question me..” “Where do these beautiful
paths disappear to?” I have told mother so
many times to install a door.. You didn’t sleep? Sit down. You are drunk? Sit. I’ll.. Let me.. What is wrong with you? What are you saying? I am not going anywhere. I don’t want to work anymore. Don’t leave work. Leave me.
It is easier. I will convince mother. Dear..
You are leaving without meeting me? Here I have made Pinnis for you.
Take them with you. Share them with your colleagues.
Here you go. Dear, during elections we
will sponsor a sport on your behalf. Then see how people will vote for me. Where are you going? The buffalo won’t leave
you won’t feed her once. She is leaving.
Meet her. I already did. Bye, dear. Bye, mother. Vomiting? Did you too get drunk
with Mehnga last night? She ate.. Mehnga, you are going to be a father. And I am going to be a grandma. Come here, it’s time to celebrate. Take these Pinnis and distribute them. – Okay.
– You too have some. – And tell them there we are
expecting good news. – Okay. Go, son. Okay. Son, I’ll go and get the
sweets from the confectionery. Maybe mother is mistaken? Or it must be because of
the food you cooked last night? Here dear, I distribute
sweets in the village too. I have got something sour for you too.
It’s very sweet. Here’s tamarind for you. Maybe it was because
of some wrong food she had. You should be happy. You are always getting
drunk with your friends. Why should I be happy? You didn’t let her go for shooting.
She’s a working woman. ‘Khalsa belongs to Lord.
Victory belongs to Lord.’ ‘Mrs. Tej Kaur is
expecting good news.’ ‘So, she has donated
500 rupees to the Gurudwara.’ ‘The whole village congratulates
her on becoming a grandma.’ Mother has lost her mind.
She is thinking too much into it. Brother,
do you have an infant at home.. ..or a child who is
less than 5 years old? We are here to administer polio drops. No, we don’t have
any child living here. You keep looking
for kids in the house.. about giving polio
meds to the ones on the streets? He is irked. – Hello?
– Congratulations. To you too. Everyone is celebrating here. Everyone is very happy.
They are dancing outside. And what about you? I am bound to be happy. What about you? I too am very happy. I don’t know how to handle this. Child is important and so is the work. Do as you feel fit. I am with you. I knew that you’d understand me. Don’t worry, I handle it. Okay. Come here.
Come close to me. Look at that. Look at her. Laachi.. boo! You are eating tamarind stealthily? I knew that I am right.
That’s why I took good care of her. You are going to be a father. Right, Laachi? Yes. The tea is almost ready. What is wrong? What is wrong? What do you want?
I will get it out for you. What are you looking for? Your family blanket. We won’t this now. We will give it to our daughter. That’s it. Don’t fool me anymore. Not our daughter, your daughter. “Child is important
and so is the work.” I know whom you were
having the discussion with. He is from an affluent family. You both are in the same line of work. Canada? And I kept waiting for you over here. And you never came back. – You are mistaken.
– Enough! Enough of your drama. I won’t be able to tolerate it. Your cheap happiness is
proving to be very dear to me. Go back to your parents’ house! I am done with you! Listen to me. I.. Go! – No!
– Go away! “There are still so many
left incomplete, unsaid…” “Why can’t I forget
the things you said…?” “Why can’t I forget
the things you said…?” “There are still so many
left incomplete, unsaid…” Mehnga!
See, what’s wrong with her! Say something, dear. What is wrong with her? – Is my daughter fine?
– Yes, she is fine. There is nothing to worry about. – And her child?
– Child? – She is pregnant, right?
– No, she isn’t. She kept saying that she wants to go. I didn’t like it.. ..when they dragged you outside. You know.. My mind was in the village
even before you went back. But.. They are big, affluent people.
I couldn’t just refuse to work. When I decided I
couldn’t take it anymore.. I came back to you. And you asked me to go back. I thought I’d make an excuse. If I’d make an excuse of a headache.. ..then I could only stay
here for two days at the most. I gave it a lot of
thought over this act. Even law can’t interfere
when it comes to this. I was very angry when you doubted me. And our daughter’s blanket.. Forgive me. I misunderstood you. Forgive me as well. I was so lost in my acting. Your acting will
get us killed one day. No more acting inside
the house, got it? Henceforth,
you can only act outside the house. You have made me
fall in love with you. Stop with the acting, I am.. Love? You fall in love with me. Let her go, bro. Do it at home. Yes. So, shall we begin? I won’t say it. It’s just one dialogue.
Please say it. It would wrap up the movie. We have brought all
the equipments here. We know that you are not well. But it’s just one dialogue.
Please you could please do it? Bro, please tell her to do it. She is unwell, but.. She can say one dialogue. These poor people will
be able to wrap up their movie. Fine. But first,
you respectfully take Ajaypal outside. It takes two people to do that. Fine, then push him. Push him? Her condition is such
that she can say anything. He is a nice man, why.. Laachi? And he has his guards with him. Okay tell me, what’s the dialogue? I am pregnant with your child. Can’t it be anything else?
“I am going to be an aunt?” “I am going to be an auntie?” Please? It’s just one dialogue. Say it. I am pregnant with your child. Drop the attitude. You are not the father,
you are the mother. – Try to understand the scene..
– Her condition is such.. I am pregnant with your child. There, I knew it.. That she is pregnant.
The doctor lied. She isn’t pregnant with my child.
She is pregnant in her movie. What? She isn’t pregnant with your child? No, she is pregnant with my child. She is pregnant in her movie too. Movie? She is pregnant everywhere, right? Bro, this reason calls for it. I have a fresh song.
I’ll sing it if you want me to. Go ahead. “People take care of their girl..” “I value my moustache more.” Anyway.. It’s been so long,
we haven’t taken a selfie. You are great, touch yours. Do this. Status? Like this. “Go and drown yourself, you wretches!” “You are not destined to be with us.” “Send someone who
understands our sorrows.” The story should be good.
Money is not a problem. We can earn money
by singing and dancing. Yes, and we want a good director.
Someone like Sanjay, Singh, Bansali.. Yes, someone like them. Ma’am, is the costume okay? Don’t you think it’s a little dirty? No actually,
ma’am, it’s for the riots scene. – Really? Then it’s fine.
– Yes, ma’am. – You are shooting the riots scene today?
– Yes, sir. Can I say something? I wish we were born when
there was just one Punjab. You wouldn’t need a visa
to go to Punjab from Lahore. All you needed was an excuse. We would have belonged
to different religions. Then we would fall in love. Enough. I am tired of
pretending to be in love. Next, you will ask me to be a cart.
I won’t do it. No, we will act for long in it. – When we fall in love..
– Yes. It’s 1947. Riots take place and you get murdered. Then I marry someone
from my own religion. Greetings. Oh, I forgot. I get murdered as well. My uncles would kill you. She wants to get married
after getting our boy murdered. Which religion would I belong to? “I saw an angel as white as milk.” “She changed my life completely.” “I was carrying a
radio on my shoulder..” “She winked and called
out to me stealthily.” “I was carrying a
radio on my shoulder..” “She winked and called
out to me stealthily.” “Impossible..” “You have been trying for so long..
You are so dense.” “Where are you from?” “Where have you come from?
Where’s your village and family?” “Where have you come from?
Where’s your village and family?” “I spend the entire day thinking
about the moment I met her.” “Her bangles are delicate,
my bracelet is heavy..” “She filled my heart with happiness.” “I was upset with the world.” “And she made me forget
everything in no time.” “I was carrying a
radio on my shoulder..” “She winked and called
out to me stealthily.” “I was carrying a
radio on my shoulder..” “She winked and called
out to me stealthily.” “You are like cheap liquor..” “You are like cheap liquor..” “You taste bitter..” “You taste bitter..” “You make me go crazy.” “Why do you step into my
heart without my permission?” “I feel like I am dead
when I hear her voice..” “I feel like I am dead
when I hear her voice..” “I jump with joy,
like I have hit a jackpot.” “I can feel the love in the air.” “There is a reason why she
plaits her hair as she does..” “She sways it to distribute her love.” “I was carrying a
radio on my shoulder..” “She winked and called
out to me stealthily.”

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