Learn English with Movies – The Martian

Learn English with Movies – The Martian

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  1. Rachel!!! 😀😀:-)
    I am wondering if you make 1 hour video that includes all reduction in American English.

  2. very good . خیلی از شما متشکرم ، من از ایران برنامه شما رو دنبال می کنم خیلی عالی هست

    همیشه خوب و خوش و سلامت باشید


  4. The more I watch analysed scenes the more I can understand what's being talked.
    May I recommend a scene of "TROY" movie?

  5. great lesson. perfect clip because the guy speaks clearly and not too fast so we can easily hear (and repeat) what he's saying

  6. Hey, as always an awesome way to teach us and by the way, I am glad that you got 2 million subscribers on your channel you do deserve it because your channel is perfect, so peace and keep going.

  7. Hi, Rachel. I'm from Mars that makes me a martian alien (illegal of course) but I really want to say thank you for your efforts to teach us your beautiful language.
    With love from mars to earth.
    An illegal marcian green guy.

  8. Hi Rachel I'm glad to see you again your videos are very important and helpful to me
    Thanks a lot and have a lovely day my dear teacher 😉🇧🇷

  9. This is even more insightful. Great way to teach English to polish our listening comprehension. I’m sure you will get more followers every day with this new gig. I love it.

  10. Congratulation teacher Rachel. I`m surprised with your videos.I`ve never seen it this way. Very,very good!!!!!

  11. How to pronounce the word star … in american way n in british way plz tell and give more similar word in your video thanks rachel

  12. It is better when you put the English subtitles and I would like that you put Spanish subtitled too.

  13. I love this kind of Ben Franklin's exercises. This really helps me improve my pronunciation and understand American movies. Thank you.

  14. Dear Rachel
    Thanks for this great video.
    I have 2 questions for you.
    1-Why do you call it BEN FRANKLIN exercise?
    2-Could you do me a favor and analyse a random conversation from the popular sitcom 'Friends' ? 🙂 Again Thanks from Iran.

  15. Thanks so much for your videos rachel. I’ve learning from you since 2015 and I would love to meet you in person. I’ll send you a big hug from Dominican Republic!

  16. Thanks a lots Rachel ! I am Vietnamese. I have learnt American accent from you since I was 15. Now I am 25. And I am still watch these videos everyday 🥰🥰

  17. 정말 감사합니다 원어민이 자기 말을 설명해주니 마치 안개가 걷힌 느낌입니다

  18. Thanks for this great lesson! I love this type of practice!
    I'd be awesome if you made a lesson on The Matrix movie – Neo or maybe Morpheus's monologue. Or, even better, their dialogue 🙂

  19. know somebody of us can't get the whole dialogue. My advice is that: set in youtube the video speed. For example, I in a few occasions I have to put it in 0.25 x to really understand what that heck say Matt Damon, because If didn't that, probably he would speaking in martian. Regards

  20. is „get to“ the same like „got to“ and „gotta“? I know that gotta is the reduction of got to but I’m confused with get to🙈 When to use which one?

  21. Thanks well done Rachael. This Latest Teaching Method is the best. It's really good and can speed up one fluency. It's suitable and working for people like. I wish you keep on this Series.

  22. Now i feel I've become a Hollywood actor. Thank you!

    I've been practicing my english skill by read and speaking script from a movies….you know.

  23. Thanks for every thing Rachel .I really appreciate your style of teaching .But I'd be grateful if you explained the difference between vowel sounds in words like saw and father / jaw and car. my kind regards to you .

  24. Why the word "this" ending with"z" sound but when linking that become "s" sound? I'm confused about that!

  25. It's super helpful to master American pronunciation. Thanks for that, I really like it cuz it's an enjoyable session as well.

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