Leaving Neverland (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

Leaving Neverland (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

Everybody wanted to meet Michael
or be with Michael.-(CAMERA SHUTTERS)
-♪ (SOMBER MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ And then he likes you. WADE ROBSON:
I was seven years old.
Michael asked,
“Do you and the family
want to come to Neverland?” JOY ROBSON:We’d drive in,and you forget about
all your problems.
You were in Neverland.It was a fantasy. SAFECHUCK:
The days were filled with…
magical childhood
adventure experiences.
Playing tag, watching movies,
eating junk food.
Anything you could ever want
as a child.
ROBSON:It’s like hanging out
with a friend
that’s more your age.Just kid things.
They were just doing kid things. He just came across as a loving,
caring, kind soul.It was easy to believe
that he was just that.
Out of a storybook, right?
Out of a fairy tale. Hello, Wade.
Today is your birthday. So congratulations.
I love you. Goodbye. SAFECHUCK:There’s no thoughts
of, “This is wrong,”
or anything like that. He told me if they ever
found out what we were doing, he and I would go to jail
for the rest of our lives. SAFECHUCK:
Secrets will eat you up.
You feel so alone. ROBSON:I want to be able
to speak the truth…
as loud as I had
to speak the lie for so long. ♪ (MUSIC CONCLDUES) ♪

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  1. well….the truth is we all suspected for years. Michael was and always will be the greatest entertainer that ever lived, but he was a troubled individual who never had a childhood, which led him down some pretty bad paths. My heart goes out to his victims.

  2. Please don't take this as "omg this has 5.6 million views people must really believe this" People just trying to see what type of shit they talking about mj 💩💩💩fakewade and safechuckphony ain't famous

  3. Better watch Lies of Leaving Neverland. This is beyond disgusting how wade son of a whore lied. Fuck media for never ever supporting MJ since day 1.

  4. When men come forward about sexual assault, they make documentaries; when women come forward, they receive death threats.

  5. Just watched this and it is so obvious these people are still obsessed with Michael they are willing to lie just to be apart of him this is sickening

  6. Foh micheal was never a bad person he was always about the kids if that’s the case why he ain’t do it his kids mfs love saying bullshit 💯she been dead for years and why he ain’t step up back then just lies

  7. Michael jackson is INNOCENT! Lies cant beat the truth.. truth always the winner.. wade and james are trashes.. lies already part of wade and james’s lifes, they cant live without lies hahah.. I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON, i never stop loving Michael Jackson…

  8. Yea he touched them kids he was really sick because I never ever thought about kids like how he did he’s in hell now

  9. People wonder why they're going after once he's dead…He no longer has the legal team that rivals Scientology's.

  10. I will defend Michael till I die and the fact you waited till he was dead and the me too movement started makes me feel like you guys are fucking liars trying to confirm a dead man and ride a movement

  11. Hundreds of videos on YouTube denying this crap with documentation. Every day that passes there are more and more lies. The doc was debunked in England, France, Spain and other countries less in the United States where people seem to not like to investigate on their own.
    They deserve Donald Trump for 20 more years

  12. That guy Michaels first dance kid "wade" he porked should be in jail for lying on the stand. He may have liked it and thought mike was neat but the other kids who had the balls to stand up to him could have used his testimony to win cases and get the money they deserved. Sad how selfish people are.

  13. U suck guys ! I hate you ! I'm soo sad because of you. Leave Michael alone.. I hate that you sayd these lies! HBO I think that you are normal but u kill me with this. I hate every single human that talk a shit about MJ. He was and he still is the best dancer, singer and human in the world ! U never can judge him ! U don't know him and for this I hate u !!!! I hate that u kill MJ it's just because of you that he is dead ! I love you Michael 😪💔❤️ in my ❤️ you will live forever!!! You are my life !

  14. My conclusion. Michael slept with the children, if that is not normal, that is, they are telling me that all men in the world should not sleep with children, because would they feel tempted to want to rape them(?????) Because according to the comments, it is not normal for a man to sleep with children, that is, all men are pedophiles. My conclusion, according to the comments. Michael is the only victim here in this story. Stupid

  15. >bed sharing

    >isolating children from family

    >physical affection

    >lavish gifts

    >child erotica

    >a clear pattern of age and type preference

    >a dozen eye witnesses

    >the penis description

    >7 accusers

    >multiple settlements

  16. There are some things I refuse to watch and this is one of them. When a person who was blackmailed and maligned during his lifetime is maligned after he is dead and can’t defend himself then I think we have sunk beneath contempt.

  17. People lie, all the time, especially in a situation like this, for personal gain. Safechuck said he was molested at a train station in Neverland between 1988 and 1992 until he was 14 but that train station was approved for construction in August 1993 and actually built mid 1994. There are actual documents to prove it. Wade also said that he was first molested when his family went on a trip to the Grand Canyon and left him for 5 days with MJ but when his mother was making a statement in court, it was proven that he actually went on that trip with his family, there are actual pictures to prove it. So why do these people think they can make such serious claims and expect everyone to just buy into it without research. There's solid proof, not circumstancial, that MJ did not do what they're accusing him of, not to mention a 10 year FBI investigation. But there isn't a grain of proof that these two people are telling the truth, other than their word of course, and we should just ignore that and believe people who are broke and suddenly decided they were molested and wanted to speak about it 10 years later when an opportunity presented itself.

  18. I hate when they wanna step up after the person dies or years after it happened no one will believe you if you wait to fucking long to tell the police


  20. In my country, which is Greece-Hellas, since… ever, vilify dead people, always considered to be the highest sin and crime, therefore always condemnation followed. The person who committed that sin, was visited by the Furies. They are the deities of vengeance, and they provide the balance by administering justice. Therefore, criticizing Michael is sacrilege and desecration at the same time. For that and only reason, I haven’t seen the movie and I will pray every day that the accusers will finally come around and into senses. Peace … brothers and sisters and let him Rest In Peace finally, because you know what … money stay in this horrific world but blasphemy doesn’t… and a message for the Christian community … does those accusations remind you something almost 2000 years ago?

  21. If y'all talking about Michael Jackson you need to talk about Elvis Presley is a whole bunch of list I can't keep on going leave the man alone he died gosh let him rest in peace

  22. First of all mike didnt invite those children to sleep wid him the children wanted to spend time wid mj and also mj slept on the floor and not on the bed with the child so ppl who r saying tht its inappropriate fr a grown up man to sleep with other children shld know tht MJ SLEPT ON THE DAMN FLOOR PERIODTTT…….

  23. "My God, I been quit on MJ!!! Most of thiz world blind, delusional & in denial!!! Mj dominated my childhood az I came up… I wanted to BE him & be like him!!!! Out of all of the musicians that influenced me, (& There were a ton) he was the only one I would lay down at night & fantasize about!! On some regular, dream boy type stuff, just wanting to have his life & lookz… I waz only 6……… & I gotta say the music & art waz ridiculously awesome, but I BELIEVE ERR WORD OF THESE BOYZ!!!!!!! Mike waz not normal now!!!!!! The Word say the devil come az a angel of light!! Diz world mistake MJ az an angel of light, God Almighty.. but in all reality he waz a devil worshipper!!!!!!!!! Michael waz gay, & all that extra attention towards children waz straight pedophile activity right in America'z face & they couldn't grip it!!!!! No NORMAL person. Goe out of their way for children, no matter how much they love them!!!! Now it just wazn't normal okay!!!!!! I myself didn't have a ACTIVE childhood!!! Michael had one, it just wazn't active!!!! Get ya factz straight!!! & I know for a fact MJ waz a pervert & R.Kelly…. Because a while empty mind is the devil'z idol shop!!!!!!!! I know because I USED TO BE A PERVERT before I got saved!!!!!!!! Due to having TOO MUCH TIME IN THE HANDZ, devilz creep in & influence…. Grabbing. Your mind & causing you to do unnatural, unholy & abominable thingz!!!!!! I used to fantasize about having intercourse with my auntiez, my cousinz, my mom, my grandma & my sister!!!!!! & I waz even about to act on it too!!! But I didn't, thank the Lord, I switched & became a radical Christian!!!!!!!!!! SO THER'Z YOUR PROOF, MICHAEL IZ INNOCENT & he deservez to be canceled!!!!! I'm cancelling him………… JUST LOOK HOW HE LOOKED IN THAT COMMERCIAL, HE WAZ TRYNA KEEP FROM LOOKING WEIRD ON SCREEN, BUT IT SHOWED A LIL BIT IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY!!! BECAUSE HE KNEW THE ABOMINABLE RELATIONSHIP HE DID WITH THAT LIL CHILD!!!! THATZ JUST WEIRD BRO HAM, AND FACTUAL EVIDENCE HE WAZ GAY AND A PEDO!!!! IM NOT PROUD OF MY PAST, IN FACT IM VERY ASHAMED, BUT MAY TESTIMONY HELP ANOTHER PERSON TO REPENT AND BE SAVED!!! TIME IZ NO MORE AND JESUS IZ SOON TO COME!!!! MOST THE PEOPLE IN THESE COMMENTZ DELUSIONAL, BLIND,DECEIVED, IN DENIAL AND HALLUCINATING AWEFULLY BAD!!!!! MICHAEL WAZ GUILTY AND HOMOSEXUAL AZ A BAT OUT OF HELL AND THATZ WHERE HE IZ AT NOW!!!!!!!!! HURTFUL, BUT TRUE………". °FYE O AKA JIMMY BROWN STUDENT°

  24. I N N O C E N T. What do you not get about this legend. He would never to anything like I don’t believe anybody who says he’s guilty. he’s judged way to much. Breaks my heart people still lie about him.

  25. Losers ! Money dogs ! Let Michael Jackson alone ! 👎👎👎👎. Yes he had passed away ,he can't defend his self anymore ,but watch out ! He has his army !

  26. Even if he was caught sleeping in the same bed it’s not completely weird. My mom slept with her grandma until she was 19 I have boy cousins that still sleep with there mom at teen age. Sleeping with your parents or somebody your close to just runs in the family for me.

  27. This is terrible! What a travesty! HBO and OPRAH Should be ashamed! The FBI investigated MJ for 10 yrs without his knowledge. They used EVERY investigative tool they had! What did they come up with in 10 years??? NOTHING!!! NADA!!! They could not find one piece of evidence against him!!! SO: end of story!!! He was NOT A child molester!!! Please let him REST IN PEACE???

  28. The same people saying, "Michael is innocent," are the same people who say, "I WOULD NEVER LET MICHAEL SLEEP ALONE WITH MY CHILD!" 😑

  29. This comment section shows just how misandrist, hateful, bigoted and ugly many people in the world are. The absolute sheer hatred in many people's hearts toward men who were raped is absolutely mind-boggling. You are all sick people. I pity you.

  30. Anybody else noticed how a huge amount of the profiles saying that michael jackson is innocent were recently created and have no content (no likes, no favorites, no subscriptions)?

  31. LIES,TRASH And Garbage .Dan Reed Is full of Shit just like the Other 2 Digging For Money And HBO Cashing in . On a 1 Sided Documentary with no Solid Facts or Foundation. It's all About the Money in these Savage World.


  33. Cuntservatives are still getting mad because this exposed the truth about one of Donald Trump's pedophile friends. Their tears are delicious. Anyone who defends this chomo clown deserves what he, Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein got!

    He was also an overrated musician, much like Metallica.

  34. I do believe that Michael Jackson was a child molester. I get that Michael didn't ever get to have a normal child hood but that's not a good explanation as to why this grown man hung out with little boy's. Not only had these boy's spending the night but sleeping in his bed with him too. In a interview a boy was sitting beside Michael saying that Michael said that if he really loved him he'd sleep in his bed with him. Michael even said that's the most precious gift is to share your bed with someone. Like really Wtf…. An yet people that are fan's of his music can't believe Michael Jackon was a child predator. But whenever you watch his actions an thing's he's said outta his own mouth would tell you he in fact was just a millionaire child molester.

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