LEGO® Jurassic World Music Video 🦖 DANCE LIKE A DINOSAUR! | Nick

Gather round. The show’s about to start. ♪ Dance, dance like a dinosaur ♪ ♪ Move, move like a dinosaur ♪ ♪ Dance, dance like a dinosaur ♪ ♪ Movin’, groovin’ like a dinosaur ♪ [roar] [laughing] I love Jurassic World! [screaming] I gotcha! I gotcha! Aw shucks, I really thought
I was gonna get you. Awkward… [music playing] Are you not entertained? Best day ever. Go faster! Faster! Thank you for riding
the dinosaur carousel, go buy souvenirs, have a Jurassic day. Way to go! [music playing] ♪ Dance, dance, dance like a dinosaur ♪ [roar] [music playing] Go! Wee! [laughing] Where are they? Whoa! Cool! Yes! Get along, you out of date
mountain goat! Ya! [squealing] [laughing] Wee! Wasn’t that extreme? Heck yeah it was! [laughing] I’m the king of Jurassic World! That was magnificent! OK, just get on with it. You don’t want Stella and
every other paleo vet to think a scared rookie, do you? Just put the food in the dispenser… At the far end of the exhibit. The dilophosaurus can’t hurt you. At this age, their venom isn’t strong
enough to fully blind and paralyze you. You’ve got this. [gasping] OK, OK, you’re not blind. You need to find the door to keep
the dilophosaurus from leaving and– Oops, and now it’s locked. I’m just saying, I’m trying to run a high-class
hotel, Ms. Dearing, not an off-Broadway reveal. Relax, the stage is only temporary, and the dilophosaurus is a great– Feeding ended 20 minutes ago.
Why is the exhibit still closed? [crying] Oh, no! Are you alright? Aw, yeah, just embarrassed. Um, and where is the dinosaur? – Looks like she’s gone.
– Gone? You mean she’s running around
in my hotel? I’ll call security director
Hoskins right away. No! Trust me. A baby dilophosaurus
is far less dangerous than Vic and his security team. We need someone who
can manage this quietly. Well, who could have
seen this coming? Oh right, anyone! We don’t have time for sarcasm. I need you to find that dilophosaurus
before Vic gets involved, and rips the whole hotel apart! Alright, OK. I’ll bring the raptors.
They’re natural hunters, and they’ll track down our
runaway baby in no time. What? No! I want fewer dinosaurs
running around the hotel scaring guests, not more. The raptors won’t be loose. I’ll be there keeping them under control. Ow! Charlie! Under control, huh? When they’re on the track
of the dilophosaurus, believe me, they’ll be all business. Fine, just don’t make me regret this. [clicking] Here we go. Echo! Echo? Ow! Charlie! [gagging] Got the scent?
Good, let’s get going. Everyone stay together. I’ll lead the way–
Uh… [screaming] [nervous laughing] He knows what he’s doing,
don’t worry. The raptors are perfectly under control. [crashing] Delta, the skeleton isn’t an enemy.
Don’t attack it! Totally under control. All good! Have this fixed in a sec. [music playing] [gasping] There, good as new! Ah, close enough?

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