Leo Deblin’s Family Fill-In | The Daily Show

Leo Deblin’s Family Fill-In | The Daily Show

All the candidates were in Ohio
for the debate, but tomorrow,
they will head back out onto the campaign trail. Tom Steyer on his private jet, Joe Biden on an Amtrak train, Amy Klobuchar in a Honda she
carjacked in the parking lot. And spending all this time
on the road during campaign season can be
grueling on the candidates, but a lot of people
don’t realize it can also have a major effect
on their families. NEWSWOMAN: A political campaign
can be tough on a young family, with the candidate
sometimes spending long periods away from home. It’s a challenging thing
to do to your marriage, uh, when you… We’ve been married
just over a year. YANG: My wife is at home
with our two boys. I just got a call
from my wife, Amy, who’s back in El Paso, Texas. I, even though
this is the first day, miss them terribly. Yeah. It must be really tough
to leave your family. And what’s especially difficult is that most of these candidates
won’t even become president, so they’re abandoning
their families for nothing. (laughter) That’s got to be a hard talk
to have with your kids. Just like, “Hey, buddy. “Uh, of course
Daddy wants to see you grow up, “but he’s got to spend
the next two years “interrupting people in diners,
you know, and kissing
other people’s kids.” (laughter) In fact,
this is actually a great excuse deadbeat dads should use
instead of being like, “Oh, I’m gonna get cigarettes.” They should just be like, “Hey,
buddy. Uh, I’ll be right back. I’m just gonna go run
for president, okay?” “My dad’s still running. He’s been running
for five years.” So, presidential candidates
are put in a tough position. They need to go out on the road
to win votes, but they don’t want
their families to suffer without them. Luckily,
Leo Deblin has a solution. Is your campaign for president keeping you away
from your family? You trying to help America, but who’s gonna help your kids? Where’s Dad? He’s in Iowa, son. -What’s Iowa?
-(record scratch) Damn, this kid’s stupid. Introducing
Leo Deblin’s Family Fill-In. While you try to take
the White House, I’ll take care of your house. I’ll do your chores. I’ll school your kids. Bitch, you call that a rhombus?! Hell, I’ll even fight
with your wife. I don’t want
to spend the weekend at your sister’s house. We just spent the week
with your mother. Don’t you talk about my mama. And if you’re a candidate
that’s a woman, I don’t mind. I hang out with husbands, too. I don’t want to spend a weekend
at your sister’s house. We just spent a week
with your mama. Don’t talk about my mother. And if your family asks
about you, Leo’s got your back. Mr. Leo, do you think
my dad’s gonna show up for the big game today? Hell no.
Dude trying to be president. Ain’t nobody got time
for your stupid-ass game. But I’ll be there. CROWD:
Hooray! But don’t take my word for it. Just listen
to this satisfied customer. During my campaign
for president, Leo Deblin took great care
of my family. Although I think
he ate all my popsicles, but… (sighs)
I can’t prove it. -And you never will.
-(crunch) So get Leo Deblin’s
Family Fill-In to take care of your loved ones. While you’re touring
the country, I’ll take care
of all their needs! Come to bed, Leo. Got to run. -Ain’t but $85.
-(cash register clacks, dings) You can get that
from your mama. ♪ Leo Deblin Family Fill-In ♪ ♪ An institute of barbering ♪ ♪ Leo Deblin Family Fill-In ♪ ♪ An institute of barbering. ♪ DEBLIN:
Exit 120, by the fairgrounds. Next to Foot Locker. Roy Wood Jr., everybody.

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  1. Why does Beto always sound like he’s talking to someone who’s slow or English isn’t their first language? I hate him.

  2. Most stupid joke trevor… so if we make sense your joke then american got talent will close when participant came we can say… thousand of you will not be a star so go back home and do nothing!!!

  3. As they candidates are on the trail, their spouses are back home taking care of their children. But the GDP recognizes their work value at $0
    Vote Andrew Yang so we can start recognizing the hard work of caretakers!

  4. Making a lot of Donor Data Currency fucking rich after this 🌎the ultimate scam💖in the end they know who is gonna be your next deception leader✌all a long 💖nothing new front runner already the winner..✌engraved in your Mind ✌skip election a waste of Time..blocking your mind💘💘

  5. I gotta love Leo Deblin. Standing up for the families. I love how he's like "Don't talk about my mama" he would be the realest dad ever especially substitute dad. If you screw up he will let you know

  6. Trevor Noah is owned by Democrats. The fucking loser actually shilled for Hillary Clinton, a woman mentored by a KKK Grand Cyclops who's husband gave us the 1994 Crime Bill.

    bear in mind….this is the same cuck who left South Africa AFTER apartheid ENDED.

  7. White liberals like Trevor Noah because he reassures them that voting for a woman mentored by a KKK Grand Cyclops was OKAY.

  8. Holy crap. This Roy Wood Jr segment was straight garbage. Super cringe and not funny at all. Fucking fire the writer who came up with that trash skit. Did you hire him from Conan's show or what? Lose that type of humor and keep the sharp edge well thought humor we're used to from you guys

  9. "I can fulfill all of your family's needs"

    Me: Well that kind sounds sexual, he couldn't also be referring to…

    Come to bed Leo

    Me: There it is

  10. Paris somebody $85 to take care of all of your family's needs what if he's better at everything and then you come back and they don't want you back 💯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I'll take care of your kids,man I'll even take care of your wife,as long as the bills are being paid,damn and my mom's TOO . HILARIOUS

  12. Daddy said he was just going down the street for a pack of cigarettes; it wasn't until later I found out he was really running for President!!

  13. The thumbnail make this look like a sequel to the greatest anime Cory in the House.

  14. "Leo Deblin was so good at his job, my wife said I should just keep running for president forever! Thanks, Leo!"

  15. Just saw a real commercial on TV for invisalign and they saidit costs $85/month. Then i turned to my wife and said "you can get that from yo mama."

  16. Look at me, I'm like you! Now Buy, Buy, Buy, pick your favorite Reality TV Idol!
    Make sure you keep supporting your 1% beast, piggies need more money!

  17. I can just imagine Melina in this situation lol.
    "Fine run for president. I'm tired of this striptease." , "Oh you won. I gotta spend time doing some stuff before I move in. Also I need my own place"

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