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  1. your videos are a part of my daughter's day. I sing along to her and she just loves them. She gets especially happy whenever she sees Jeremy come on 🙂

  2. Hey thanks guys! We love your new "Let's Take a Picture" song. And i love the new style animation in it. Hope to see more of the boy and girl 🙂 We're big fans…and so is my daughter. Haha

  3. you have no idea how important your videos are in my house. My 2 yrs old stops screaming every time I put one of your videos on. While the rest of the kids sing along or dance. The videos are not loud or annoying like other nursery rhyme videos. and the male singer's voice is so soothing. Thank you for a wonderful job. Lots of hugs to you all :)))))

  4. Love your videos!!! Our 2-year-old grand can recite her alphabet "by herself", count to 10 "by herself" to 20 with assistance 🙂 This has opened a whole new world to her learning and now she even knows some sign language. I looking into moving her forward into a reading program. THANK YOU for such a wonderful foundation 🙂

  5. From 8 to 5 then 3 and lastly 11 months. These videos and songs are apart our every day life. My kids love the videos. From a very busy mom thank you.

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