Letting Go (Short Film)

Letting Go (Short Film)

MAIN TITLE Wena! I’m sorry, did I wake you? What are you doing in my house? I’m counting you down. Is it that time already?
Yes, it’s that time already. Am I sure? Very sure. And if we can avoid all the tears
and histrionics, it would be good. Do you know why I’m here? TV Licence? You haven’t had any visions… …hallucinations, dreams, um…? [HUMMING] You haven’t seen that before, have you? If you don’t leave… I’m going to shoot you in the face
you won’t be able to recognize yourself because you will be dead. Ma’am, could you excuse me?
I have to make a phone call. Yes, could I have Visions Department,
extension 7B? Dave. What’s your name? Fuck you! Well, the whole thing is, Dave, you know,
I don’t mean you’ve just done something… …and you’ve kind of….
I don’t know what the fuck you’ve done. I have the clock running, Dave.
Do you hear me? So get your shit together. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Okay. Okay. [GROWLING] We’ll have to do a projectile vision. Ho. Loading… Hey! I’ll shoot you. I’ll shoot you. Shut up! I’m sorry, I’m…. I’m not, uh– I’m not….
I’m not, uh, dealing. You’re looking at a… …finished man. I hate everybody. Ever felt like it? Like there’s not a single thing in man
that you like? You know what I do when I feel like that? What? I listen to rap music. That’s interesting. On Letting Go! starring
DISCO DAVE produced by
DISCO DAVE! Hello. If you’re watching this,
it probably means you’re gonna die soon. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you
with these three easy steps. Step one, know. You have to be aware
that you’re gonna die soon. So take a serious look at your condition
and ask yourself: “Is this body gonna last much longer?” I think we all know the answer
to that one. Step two, flow. Now that you know,
it’s time to go with the flow. Stop living in the past. Step three. Now this is the most important step. Surely the other two help us do our job… …but we need you to really let go… …of any past prejudice,
grudges or regrets. You can’t go into the afterlife
with all that icky-sticky inside of you. So check your heart
and make sure it’s good to go. [NEW WAVE MUSIC PLAYING] Am I going to die tonight? Probably, yes. I’m ready. I don’t think that you are. Don’t tell me what I am and am not,
I’m ready! Just as long as you’ve got all that
icky-sticky out of you. Put these on. Wait, wait, wait,
just wait with those glasses. Well, as long as you just,
you know, have gotten rid of– You know, inside of you.
–all that icky-sticky stuff. But I’m ready. I’m ready to die. What’s the problem? You’ll get sectioned, like me… …into the management bureau… …where you’ll get a job
picking up dead people for all of eternity. Do I look happy? All right now, you don’t have much time. So if I were you, if you have any forgiving
or forgiveness that you need to do… …I would do it now. But how do I do that? Well, uh, usually confession helps. All right, okay. Family. Uh, child? Yes? Right, fine. Daughter? No, all right. Son? Correct, correct, good. What did he do? Did he beat you? He would never! Then, drugs.
He was into the devil’s dandruff. He never liked it,
just liked the way it smelled. Then it got out of hand
and he started stealing from you… …then he disappeared
and now he’s living with, uh…. [CRIES] I was afraid he wasn’t normal. When last did you see him?
Where is he? I don’t know where he is. I’m not supposed to do this. Close your eyes. What did he look like? He looks happy. What’s going to happen to me? Your life is gonna flash
before your eyes. I’m scared. Don’t worry.
It’ll be the best moment of your life. [IN ENGLISH]
I see death around the corner Gonna stay high while I survive In this city
Where the skinny niggas worry If they die will they bury me and bury me

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  1. I loved it! Yes it was kind of sad…but it had those funny touches that created a beautiful balance.
    Disco Dave is amazing:) But for me Death steals the show. Pienaar is freaking great.
    Good luck!!!!

  2. Thank you all for your kind words. It motivates us to make more and better shorts/movies.

    Please keep voting and try to convince other people to do the same.

    Much Appreciated 🙂

  3. This is great. I'm also from South Africa and I would actually love to become a filmmaker one day. Voting for you!

  4. The ending was really well done, but the stuff leading up to it was kind of EH I guess. But the ending was very phenomenal so that made up for it. Good Job!

  5. i want more death! I absolutely loved every second of it, make it into a movie, regardless if you win or not. Though I really hope you win!

  6. I loved this, I thought it was amazing, it was funny and it touched my heart. I think this short film is beautiful and should be made into a longer movie.

  7. I liked the concept. More often than not, the human race see death as something to avoid, making the moment of death nearly unbearable.

    "Letting Go" portrays as much. However, we see here that there is a salvific factor in facing death. There is a better and (apparently) easier way to face death – peacefully. (Hence the title Letting Go)

    There is an adage that goes: all is well that ends well, and so is with this film. So, denizens of the internet, VOTE NOW! Hope this film gets to win.

  8. i'm really touched.
    at first i was kinda "ha-ha"
    but in the end…beautiful ending, just beautiful.
    i voted for this!

  9. This film is truly beautiful, and the short window we get into this world and it's tapestry of pop culture, human mortality and even the stylistic hints of indigenous mythology are captivating. VOTED and posted on my FB page. Love and Light.

  10. hey caliban, it seems I can't post links on the comments section, so I added the link in my description page. Thanks 🙂

  11. Great, mate. Nice idea, and nice realisation – it's obvious that you had a shallow budget for the making of the film, but still coped with it.
    Nice acting too. 🙂

  12. love it!!!as a matter of fact, i'm just starring myself in a short movie of which the working title is "letting go"! actually it is "loslassen" and the english title "letting go"(there is a teaser here, you'll find it in my channel!but as i said it is just a working title and will be changed when released!i really loved your work, especially the lead actor!very cool performance!!!chapeau 😉

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