Lie Detector Robot – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Lie Detector Robot – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Big brother, what are making? I making a robot which can detect lie and give give a slap. Wow this is amazing !! The liar will be caught, this robot shall tell us by giving a slap. Hello Motu, quickly come here, I need your help. I can’t understand whether John is saying the truth. I need some important information from him. I am coming Chingam sir. Big brother, its time to test the tobot, we will take it to Chingam sir. To check whether John is saying the truth or not, we will return it tomorrow. Motu my friend, handle it with care, with lots of efforts I have created it. Don’t lie. May all the bitter medicines fall in to your mouth. Oh my lord!! That means, Jhatka was lying that its his efforts. Hey, I created it by taking help from other scientist. Now, take him away before he slaps me again. John tell the truth, where have you kept the valuables robbed till date ? Tell me. I am telling you the truth, I haven’t robbed anything. Chingam sir wait a minute, now he will tell the fact. The water will be separated from milk. Where is the water and the milk? It’s a phrase! Chingam sir. Dr Jhatka has created lie detector robot, now we will get the truth. Ask him a question. Okay, I am asking you again, where are the valuables kept? Don’t know, I have left robbing and stealing long back. Don’t lie. I am telling, the bank robbery loot is kept in my den and yesterdays loot, I have kept it in the jungle. Stop!! Stop in the name of law, stop. I am tired. That’s it. This is my whole story. If I get this robot, I shall become a millionaire. Get the robot. Hey, catch all the three. I think the robot is not functional, sparks are fuming out of it. Test it boss. Okay, I will say a lie and lets see if I get a slap or not? This is robot is mine, I have made this robot. He did nothing, I think its spoiled. I suggest you tell a truth now. Okay. My name is John and I am a thief. Hey, now he slaps on telling the truth. Setting changed , programming changed, on truth I slap. Long live!! We found our robot!! John must have got scared of him. Motu, brush your teeth then we will go to the tea stall. I have brushed. Don’t say it again. You have grown up and still lying, be shameful, come on brush now. You forced me to brush again. Don’t say it again. Don’t feel bad, I am your friend, I care for you. Don’t say it again. Patlu, robot caught your lie, till date I always felt you are my true friend, this robot caught the truth. Motu, listen to me. I don’t want to listen to you, you are exposed. I don’t need a friend like you. I won’t stay here for a minute. Chingqam sir, Patlu has ditched me. He has been lying to me all this while, as my best friend. He isn’t my friend, robot has exposed his truth. Don’t worry, I am your friend, I am your true friend. Don’t say it again. Even you are not my friend, I don’t have any friends, I am alone in this world. Patlu isn’t my friend, Chingam is also not my friend. Nobody is my friend. But I am your friend, true friend. Dr Jhatka, Motu’s robot slapped me, what is my mistake? I said the truth. Swear on all my patients, I think something is wrong with the robot. Lets check. I know, I am Motu’s true friend, still robot slapped me, I don’t know for what? Wait, I will find out, let me test the robot. I have a sweet in my hand. Look, I said a lie but the robot didn’t slap me. Now I will tell the truth. I have samosa in my hand. The setting have changed, robot slaps on truth. Sorry Patlu, forgive me. In friendship no sorry, no thank you. We all are true and worthy friends. Idea!! What? Tell fast. Motu, eat the samosa and get started. So robot brother, now lets have a competition between you and Motu. Patlu, you are making me fight? Motu, it was a phrase. Really? Ok, now I will finish him.

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  1. best best best best cartoon motu patlu my bhai yaar its a very funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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