Life as a Little Person – Review – Comedy Central

Life as a Little Person – Review – Comedy Central

There is a genuine little person
who works in my office building. I took in every aspect
of his stature. – Can I help you?
– No. (Forrest)
I’ve never considered
what it would be like to live in a world
where everything is designed for people much bigger
than you. But I was about to find out. – Hey, Mr. MacNeil.
– Hi. Your giant ruler arrived. Oh. Well, no. Now, Josh, that’s a normal-sized
ruler, one foot long. But it’s–it’s so big. No, it’s normal-sized. I’m small. Oh. Yes. (Forrest)
From the beginning,
I found it to be strangely disorienting. Even everyday tasks
became more difficult. Oh, Ah! Ah! (Forrest)
And the people in my life,
even my loved ones, discriminated against me
constantly. Forrest,
what are you doing? I’m brushing my teeth. Or am I too small for that? No. You’re not small at all. (Forrest)
Though I hated to admit it, my father was right. I had not fully committed
to this review. I was not small at all. Hey, Mr. MacNeil. I got your normal-sized
breakfast. That is not
a normal-sized breakfast. That’s a gigantic breakfast.
Get rid of it, please. And we’re getting rid of
all the other nonsense upstairs. And come on off those stilts. It’s time to get serious. Okay, sorry. You might want
to watch your head there. (Josh)
It’s kind of a bummer, ’cause,
like, I just got used to these. (Forrest)
Mm-hmm. I’d found a VHS tape
in my dad’s video collection of a charming little man
namedDorf on Golf.He is played
by the actor Tim Conway and bears an amusing resemblance
to Hitler. A new plan was born. Passing through the world
of the normals, I was subjected
to constant discrimination and blatant rudeness. [scoffs] Hey, hey. I’m crossing here. [horn honks]
– Move it, jerk-off. – What’s the matter?
– Get out of the road. It takes the time it takes
to walk across the street. [horn honks] (Forrest)
Sadly, I found even those
from my own community didn’t accept me,
so deep was their self-loathing. Can I help you? No.

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  1. I know I have to laugh when I see video like this but this is just ufal.
    Make everything big like he soo small?
    Respect him by asking him if he have some problem with being in office that he can do most of the thing but people still judge him because his height.

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