Life of a King – Hollywood Full Movie

Life of a King – Hollywood Full Movie

You Yeah, Chansey nickel cigarettes back I’m scared man. Don’t got too many friends on the outside not anymore Just keep your eye on the endgame everything will fall into place No, miss your chest man Since I mean Yugi Everyday you out there you’re out there for me and every other brother in here Never gonna be out there again I Made this for you To kill the king Everything else follows You need a car actually I’m friends with Jamal I’m here about a job, right? We got some spots on the night shift kind of late hours you keep I’ll keep whatever hours you need me to keep it It’s good answer. It’s good answer. All right, fill that out When could you start when that was clever My guys have come in here looking for work head cases. All right ex-cons at best Would you get out Hello Eugene Jamie that’s your baby That’s Chaney off You want your usual? That’s the chocolate. Yeah. I can’t I have class. What are you studying? pre-law My daughter’s gonna be a lawyer Listen Ginny, I know it’s been a long time but I’m sorry. I just I don’t have time for this right now, but I wanted to come tell you in person Marko’s locked up He’s been in juvenile detention for almost a year now Selling drugs I really have to go now wife honey, please. I really have to go Eugene. I’m sorry. Take care Something’s changed other things stay the same damn way. I’ll be there What’s up play into no sir? I’m out. You got a place to stay halfway house. I Can hook you over to cutter I’m in bondrée Dre. He’s got a Crown Vic just sitting there were beat up on his last legs So no brother really wants to take that off his hands Watch this I can grab me for you. Did I lose you? Yes, sir. Thank you, my brother What I really need is a job though just Cash is tight man Seems like nobody wants to hire an ex-con Parole board didn’t set you up. There’s a waiting list a Couple of weeks at least Look man, I do maintenance over the Mart out in school. Hmm. I can try put a good word in for you Is that right? Yeah, it’s not so bad. If you don’t mind hanging around kids all day Around a lot worse. I can’t make any promises. No. No, I’ll be good What about parents hmm you still hang on? Oh, yeah after you win and he became the man around here what Yeah, he’s got his handsome everything man Good family What I’m glad you came home Eugene I ain’t got nowhere else to go Now I’m gonna cut to the chase Real hard worker I’m disciplined I keep to myself. I haven’t even given you a job description yet Well, whatever it is, I’ll get it done You know, we’ve been losing our funding left and right so the pay wouldn’t be very good. I understand How long have you known, Billy? Since I was 14, no, he speaks highly of you Like I said the the pay won’t be good and the kids well, they are run a Handful Wow, I’m real good with children. I got two beautiful kids mom. I know how to handle them. Pretty good Well, when would you be able to start? Yesterday Well, well well My brother my brother Look at you look at you Just living a good life Hey So you round me About look guys. What a second. Okay. Okay. Let’s let the past stay in the past. I Mean I even give me a chance to say was about saying If you need anything anything, okay, a job a lady what you give me a call I Am living now What I got now Oh Yeah Is my number don’t be afraid to use it. Hey boys Looking at living legend one of the last true soldiers I used to run behind him And a my guess Hey Let’s go What’s going on here What is this Why are you looking at me? Why are you even in detention Clifton? Why do you even bother showing up here? If you don’t give a damn about anything least of all your future at MA, Dalton? They’re tripping this gab ball Why are you thinking about her? Huh? These my best customers? I? Want you both in prison Hey, I tell you I saw Katrina My baby’s gonna be a lawyer. Oh, yeah Training. Yes, sir, Hey She was always bright that one damn, right? How about Marku Now what exactly happened in here What you talking about in this game? I mean You know, what miss gap Argo She won’t be here for the rest of the day good. I mean we get to be out for Saturday tool No, that doesn’t T Now I’m going to find a replacement monitor. Each of you will act responsibly While I do so is that clear? Miss King. Have a good day now Everything all right. No, actually, I’m miss Gadbois the detention monitor Mr. Brown, would you mind doing me a quick favor? It’ll only take a minute Now if there are any problems in here, mr. Brown will report them directly to me I’m not joking Thank you so much I’ll be back with a monitor see it’s fine Hey y’all supposed to be out of your seats and then we just get enough so you clean the Billabong bottom I check I Got to go to the bathroom. I’m Thomas King convection exactly What’s your name son, I’m personal FINA so what they call you Hey, hey, alright, that’s enough now, come on. Y’all have a seat sit down No Deal Hey, I’m not gonna tell you all again sit down. Yo That’s me, man. We ain’t gotta listen. No Janet. I ain’t no teacher Have a seat son right now or what you some kind of tough guy you want to find out Sit down Dyeing your hair for peanut Trainee How do you know wine this I looked you up just cuz I went to jail don’t mean I can’t read doesn’t mean Hey triny, triny. It’s got to be that sorry, Katrina, I Got a job at your old school I know I made mistakes in the past a lot of mistakes We’re just trying to make things right? That’s all. I’m just trying to make things right with you Katrina my girl Training Really This King Thanks again for the other day So I was really impressed You’re welcome No, I’m off to a meeting it keep up the good work Oh About the other day When is Miss GABA coming back She’s not oh Well, what are you gonna do about detention She going in these parts I missed my bus was late don’t plan on making it a habit. Maybe you should I mean Name’s Michelle, right. Let’s see. I Know who you are All right, let’s go everybody have a seat Did you get to clean the blackboard Those are you don’t remember my name is Eugene Brown did I mean we can call you Jeannie? That’d be the last thing you ever call me What’s that this here is a chessboard anybody know how to play chess Hey, yo Thank you. Pretty smart, huh? Why don’t you come up here and play me a game man. I’m corny man I ain’t playing no games with you What’s your name? Son Clifton, and I ain’t your son fair enough clipton big bad Clifton well Okay, if you ain’t got the guts to play me Clifton, does anybody else anyone? Yeah, I’ll play this You like cards fine we’ll play cards It’s dude if you win the whole class gets to do whatever they want for the rest of detention If I win You learn a new game. Us’ll in me hustle You don’t want no one to play cards homie you act I go and play the clown Pina you never get deep You know the game Find the red ace Huh? My name is Peter Paul to come from Montreal came to play them all I’m broken hipsters and slicksters elbows and eight holes My name is Peter. What go ahead and pick the one you like. Nah Red you dare check man. I see I see don’t you worry about me see? See here’s what happened to you? You thought you knew the truth, but it wasn’t there and it never will be until you learn. What a look Oh, he’s messing with you peanut man. I can catch No, I was just screwing around minute. Let me get one shot one more shot here My name is Peter Paul I come from Montreal I came to play ball. Aah Make sure you see it This is a king This is your like one mistake and it can be taken away Man There’s gonna be the meeting spot All you gotta do is go in there grab the stuff and be out You get the money yet Now you see my uncle in two weeks what the hell are we gonna do cliff? I don’t know if I can’t get the money Good you’re just gonna lift it My cousin gave it to me Let’s fly, right You know, I don’t like that click well, how do you roll You don’t see what a good opportunity says, huh You ain’t got no job. You ain’t got no money. You ain’t got no opportunity. Your mom’s half gone the truth dear. You know it But man, we pull this job off and we got to worry about nothing no more Nothing Think about Everyone on the board is here for one reason and one reason only but take the king that is right to protect the king Now he is old and has survived many battles so he can only move one spot at a time So who’s got his back if he can only move one spot? The Queen now she is smarter faster and stronger than her King The knight is the horse now he can move two spots forward and one spot to the side The trusty Bishop is his diagonal attack The rook he patrols the entire board. He can move his many spaces He wants as long as it’s in the same direction. He was moving. Oh Yes, the pawns they are the frontline they will be casualties Born kids game Let me put it to you this way way you’ll understand Think about it like this Who’s your supplier? Are you trusted? Hey, I know you ain’t growing that We just selling and so does everybody else and here are you’re trying to sell it too. So who’s your guy huh? Okay Yeah ace in the hole Trying to protect your king I like that okay. All right. Well then let’s call this King Perry King Perry it is now King Perry has an army and you’re a part of it, but the problem is You think you out there doing the King’s business? All you’re really doing is sacrificing yourself Like the pawn you truly are they ain’t like that beat. It’s exactly like that partner Now if you want to keep making the same Mistakes for a king who could care less about your ass out there as a board to do it on But if you want to learn how to make the right maneuvers, this is where you do it right here on this board So, what do you want what do you want? Do you want to learn how to play play it out man outlet me too There it is, very nice Man peanut that ain’t the right move Use the horse it moves in and out Right there No, I’m f right. What are you blowing at time? Why don’t you play your own game? And I’m just watching How did you see that attack chin ain’t see zombies peanuts just stupid I Missed the broom. Hey, you don’t I get a ride man. We’re out of their food brother walk Let’s go It’s right up here 8:23 Its teased mom You all live here yeah he eats in my place every night Momma don’t cook she’s real messed up If it arrived, mr. Brue anytime son, take care yourself No mark no mark, please please man have a seat. Come on man, please Thank you, thank you son you gonna name my lettuce I’ve been out for a couple of weeks now I’ve been teaching these kids chest down in the old neighborhood. I Got this one kid. They reminds me of you. What the hell do you think you want? You never taught me nothing You’re the last person that has a right to be talking God no Marc Marc away. Please mark quick. No way. So don’t be like that son, please Everybody look up here. You see this there’s an open tournament in Virginia in a couple of months that Might be true and there might not be But one thing’s for sure is you’re never gonna find out if you don’t give it a try If anybody wants to roadtrip, I’ll be a sign-up sheet. I Ain’t trying to be white bin Fine white goes first white goes first see that shows a stupid his game is T you could be one hell of a player but Your problem and everyone else in this room’s problem is you don’t give a damn about rules Especially you What’s the word we got more money I know it’s not as much as you damn straight. It’s not as much sales are down Sales are now but you an economist now and they grow You know Eugene brown yeah. Yeah, I know Eugene Brown is my man. Well your man is stealing your business Cuz I’m just saying and he wants attention over there MA Alton now, are you telling kids not to bother me no, no though Eugene brown runs detention That’s hilarious Niki Taylor Hey You better start turning over more product I’m going to think about you up with that big job I’ve been telling you about Understand me Go There’s who you know Maude Alton that you can do uncle Barry a little favor Wait, wait, wait. Wait, it’s just my friend. I’m gonna make some dinner. I got spaghetti Come on In here you’re either teaching lessons or you’re learning them you must think before you move Hey peanut. What are you doing? What did I just say think before you make your next move? And you didn’t? Y’all gotta start paying attention man in here and in life Cuz I’m in the streets is that checkmate? It’s incarceration. It’s wheelchair man. I can’t take much more, you know, you know, I Got you You want to start over I got a beat No This is all I need Okay Check Me We’re doing to do that Told you it’s just a simple stupid game That someone want to talk to you about a man sure can’t tell nobody I I won’t I’m serious I won’t I Mean cliff we got some real things going on We’re raising money I Want you in on it with What you want me to do? That’s right, just in case you know you Know I got to do is rope a man You trust me I trust you I Want you in on this room you all right? All right, I meant Okay, so About it though nothing cuz you got the air body Miss King, you said you wanted to see me? Oh, yes. I did. Come on NFC This isn’t easy for me Who gave you this someone dropped it in my mailbox yesterday afternoon. Listen, I’m not the same man I was back then You lied to me mr. Brown I have to let you go I Used to see these kids I’m learnin I’m up against the wall here though, and I don’t know I don’t have a choice. I’m sorry Chess is no different than life He’s suburban kids They know they get good grades they go off to college they Know they got own their own business someday. They envision the endgame the poor kids don’t think like that. Mr. Brannon I wasn’t taught like that. I Didn’t I didn’t see the endgame and it cost me mana cost me big. I know I Am still here for you and the chess program Just not in the school Not anymore Hey, it’s the brown get back to class peanut you may know But Chess Club has canceled. What why? Politics Monessen excuse what about fighting my way out of a corner? How’s that, thank you man Kiss Oh Me zebra won’t friend. So what’s up, man? Yes. I just had to see this place again Word on the street is you lost your job look, this is hard out there for an ex-con and The system’s not even set up to support going straight It’s just the world, baby Trying to keep another beautiful black man down It’s alright though cuz I’m gonna help you out. Oh you released that Why are you looking at me like that Benji? Alright, alright. There you go. Oh You don’t have to do nothin for this some mouths You just don’t get a brother I’m one of the pillars in this community now But I help these folks out the way that the government don’t have the time or the means to Let me help you out a little bit too. Come on Come on home It’s always good chatting with you Perry. See you soon Jane Hey, yo anybody want to come in the park and play some chess with me? Hey janitor that was detention we had to be – You don’t even work here no more hey t he want to waste your potential – Huh? Oh Come on man Yo peanut, let’s go get it came at the park man. Come on. Nah, man, I don’t like the politics. Oh, it’s like that Nicely done It’s up Italian Mars he saw tastic lifting. Well, you know Clifton was always the biggest kid in the class Smell like yes since we was babies In team a he’s just a scared to be on the streets with me, but he’s not gonna say nothing You’re a good man peanut And this is for you It’s official you’re president of the chess club chess club This is you and me We don’t even have a whole room and everybody has that Well, it is what it is it’s beautiful That’s where it’s all gonna happen. What’s going on a bonfire? You gotta have a little vision peanut sure, it needs some work, but When I look at this place, I see a mansion of possibilities Hello, I can’t talk right now. Oh I understand, uh, maybe later Is everything all right. Everything’s fine. I just uh You know I want I wanted to tell you that I was I’m thinking oh That’s cool chess house Well, I’ve been I’ve been looking around a little bit. A lot of these houses have been foreclosed on for next to nothing Catrina I know things aren’t exactly right between us, but maybe they can’t be for those kids Since when do you care so much about kids Eugene Since I lost you How goes the gentlemen Nice place you’ve got here chest me they come with asbestos And you’re not here to help Clifton you more than welcome to leave. Oh, that’s cool. We just came for peanut Peanut peanuts, you know where he’s working working for who for you? peanut He paying you come on. No, you got W tubes. I mean was a interview process. Let me see your resume. Please. Come on No, if you don’t want to go man, just let us know. He’s comin Let’s go I just told you he stays now if you want to throw your life away, so be it but he’s with me What’s up, so, hey school’s it’s cool, it’s cool. It’s cool. It’s cool, please I’m here for your son Amy Flash Alliance distant And Until you come with me, you know, stay with a car alone alone Little P. We don’t want to stay alone All right T you stay with the car. You know, you bring your simple supplamine so cliff I’ll take that’s a setup Stay focused man. Let’s go peanut You have to envision the endgame Anytime you find yourself behind your mind got you there You gonna leave anything to talk about don’t say about magic So what’s up y’all got No This is the king the king is your life one mistake And it can be taken I Could see if you cheat me from over here big chair chess club You stay right there I’m on my way I mean, hey, what’s up? Talk to me I Feel like I feel like I’m all alone As I stand in this empty I Feel like I’m all alone Didn’t know it was coming Girls under door locked didn’t know you would be go so Soon didn’t know it was coming Till I still miss him That’s why I feel like I Feel like a mole Oh As I stand in this a Behold I Feel like a Thought you’ll always be with me Thought you’d be Thought we should like to get hi Dean How are you doing We kind of miss him, too He was always really sweet Team Let’s ride man. You’re going down the spider. Okay? Look man, I miss the little guy too, but That’s how life is on these streets, right? I’m gonna make the run myself this time I Hope you put this behind this No, see Stop shit Are you okay? a Young man is dead because of me I should have never let him go. It’s not true and you know it You know what For the first time in my life, I am actually very proud of you You started something here Listen to me. Listen, I didn’t your brother doesn’t You see that easy money it’s the only way out and you know, what sometimes I Don’t blame him for thinking that way It’s are you just gonna give up? I think I’m Okay Trini big thing on pony You know what? I’m starting to believe him. I’m starting to believe him. Hey nuts Clifton he’s nuts, but you You I What you keep us, you know to have that in his hand before a police came Let’s clean this place up man. Yeah We got a 1 a 2 a 1 2 3 4 Life is what should make it baby and you conveyed it Company Got to go no soap on the counter Just cause it’s easy baby when I see it I see, you know I was told by mr. Holder when he spoke time Stood Still He said whichever role did you decide to take in life? It’s gonna start up here now I want you to take the switch a babe and let it marinate in your skull. See sometimes life’s about pushing there pull it in Baby In business Notes upon the counter I just told it like We are be a problem again, don’t try to funnel me ladies This is a key, you know This is how it worked any questions Oh What the hell you brought waking me up there don’t you walk away from me hate your mama? What’s wrong Team talk to me I’m gonna kill my mom’s boyfriend, but go get a gun and she No, I can’t understand the owner But he ain’t gonna touch nobody no more I mean I heard nobody else well god, he ain’t gonna touch nobody what do you think that’s gonna prove I Was locked up for 17 years in prison, I just got out It’s been almost two decades in the joint I blamed everything on everybody else, but me I Was just Touching the pieces moving them whenever I could without thought That’s why I never y’all can get nothing over on me I’ve done all the dumb stuff that y’all have done twice Some of it three times what you do Whatever I wanted to do I stole I Even ran a crew Any of you 17 years, but I know I got my 17 years for armed robbery I Robbed a bank Cops came and we all scattered And that took the fall And then I learned what did you learn I’m on the board You mope Good hit me even better This chess house, it’s it’s amazing You know eight years I’ve been at models and then them I’ve just been trying to make do with what little money they give us We’re all doing the best we can know most of us high ups teachers parents kids In all my years I have seen very few people make a real difference These kids They need you In your life before And who you have become now You inspire me mr. Brown Needs me to It’s really coming together just tell you Sanders is a visa Marco last week really it’s coming home worthy That’s good news Driver you pick him up No Trini you got it. We gotta do this for you it would mean a lot to me I gotta be there for him when he gets out. She’ll not much had changed please Sunday, that’s what I’m talking That’s nice In a better place now on you ice. Yeah, you’re right You know, you got a ticket out of this place to him Do you the a special player a real pro just need to discipline? Check this out This could be you Maurice Ashley did it who’s to say you couldn’t be next Maurice? Oh, ah Maurice Ashley from Harlem is the first african-american Grandmaster. So he’s telling me your brother’s a grandmaster Who’s to say they can only be one mind you want if I had your natural talent, that would be Come on man. I’m about to be embarrassing myself some white man’s competition. You don’t think that way you entire life Every time you get an opportunity you’re gonna run away just cuz you’re scared ain’t Scared teeth you have real talent That’ll take you further than any money race class any day of the week you can play with these kids man And if I can’t mean about whether you can and you can’t it’s about whether you will but you won’t believe it What do you ban saw him I was up mr. Bra Want you to do something funny? Okay. I Want you to sign this consent form so I can plan a chess tournament chess tournament The hell are you talking about? I told you I’ve been getting real good at chess Give me a damn break time. You want their plan some dumbass game? What a rest of us sitting in here trying to survive. Her name is dumb game. Is it a job? You can pay cuz if you ain’t getting paid, I don’t want to hear nothing by it I’m good. Oh, you ain’t good a number being a pain in my ass Kid, you get out my face gone gone. Get out my face How the hell you think you can afford to be in somebody chest contest you think they left fools like you and for free? Mr. Brown said you pay. Oh hell. No. He ain’t and you ain’t gonna be in no chess contest either no chess contest Mr. Brown Mr. Brown, I presume yes Gary Simpson assistant coordinator. It’s a pleasure to have you here pleasure to be here, sir Yeah, we’re all the contenders for that’s how we played. Yes, sir. It’s the wave of the future. I trust give you Sir computers All right. I want you to concentrate and picture your endgame a modern way of playing Play Street stance you are gonna play on a computer and behave you hear me now. Listen, no trash-talking No cursing just play your game Trash-talking no car seat, okay We’re ready to start. You need to register great. All right, give me your consent forms Hello Eugene brown registering the kids Annie eight Here’s the thing. Actually I left it in the car my registration Is there any possible way the guy could have enough time to go if you’re quick. Thank you so much All right, sir, you’re all set great Eugene brown I’m gonna Roy Woodbury host a talk program over at KC am KC am right. Yeah Yeah, I just wanted to come by and tell you I heard about what you’re doing over there at that house Oh, that’s good stuff. I got a sister who lives over that way. Oh, yeah. Yeah See one of your students. Yeah. Tajin sanders was even good deception Well, I just wanted to wish you good luck. Oh Hey, sorry, I’m distracted. I have an edge it is like this mean. Oh, come on, man. That’s the fun part Here’s one quality Jack my Life in you silly just paint that night life in the city. Just say that Don’t take it is the true position kill order Now I don’t know but I’ve been told in the rubble salvation they Don’t know somebody sitting by yet. Everybody gotta cook the day Bring back sexy before love and peace Lee spring back heaven Let the violet see ya. They brought back crack and they recreated the bistro fellas you’re messed up But only couple really eat Man a trip and I know they really got heated in a way They did do some dumb stuff get him off on the street. That’s why I got a couple dogs to rustle up the Sheep They keep the funny rocking like oh what a cheeto Check me All right We have a problem after reviewing some of your students forms It’s fairly obvious that one of them was forged now Linda over registration Alerted me to the fact that initially you didn’t have some of these forms signed so I took a look at them and if you look This one clearly was not signed by an adult that you forged a consent form and and failed to submit Any of the students birth certificates. Can I talk to you about comfortable talking right here? Some of these kids don’t have birth certificates. Everybody’s got a birth certificate. Not what we come from Then it’s done. I’m sorry, but rules are rules Allen wins Eugene and that’s a salute travesty a crime There’s nothing we can do about it right now that’s not necessarily true Why don’t you it to him? Come on the air tomorrow morning state your case Get the word out to the community For those of you just tuning in we are joined in studio by Tajin Sanders and his coach Eugene Brown who were robbed of a chess championship this past weekend at a local tournament Now tell us team What happened shed some light on this most egregious theft of a championship. It wasn’t theft Come again, it was not fact The rules were the rules and we didn’t obey them Mr. Brown, I was there it is the job of Team and every every person playing the game black or white to beat them at their own game their own rules We didn’t do that. Mr. Bean. We won but can’t change the rules team We have to learn to win within them. That’s what this is about. What isn’t creating a champion what this is all about No, sir. No, it’s not It’s about learning how to play the game It’s about changing minds and in turn learning about life Championship isn’t the end game Championship is a byproduct All right then There you have it we’ll be back in a minute plus weather and traffic What the hell is wrong with you brother you come down here just to sell your guy out on the air he’s making a point Yeah, well you did that Ahem it’s mr. Brown time Yoo-hoo Eugene brown ma’am. I’m sorry to bother you, but your son comes to my chess out. Not anymore. You don’t Please miss me. Listen you go on and hustle. Somebody else’s kid selling my baby all them lies. He don’t be a chess champion He gonna go to school for chess You stay the hell away. Do you mean I mean like that mister? I said stay the hell away Miss Sanders Sanders Your son is the real deal you need to come and see him play gimme I Wasn’t there for my kids and I regret it every day you son need you He made you Mr. B what you get up here to Taj Mahal y’all seem to heem yeah, he was with Clifton they round some other dudes and a car never seen before said he had a job or something about a Wreck site Vet Center, huh? I think all right. Hey y’all come by the chess house tomorrow. We’re having a mini tournament Hi, mr. Beach Hey-up cetane be sure sander Hey, I Think Jamie’s in some real trouble That’s it’s amazing because you’re so good at caring about other people’s kids and completely incapable of caring about your own Marco oh, it’s good to have you home Marco? Bitman, huh You in trouble son? For what don’t for what me? I saw you get arrested outside direct center and I can get arrested I was clipping some other guys, I Thought you was with them. I was I was in the car, but Once I found out what they was doing I just thought before I moved Glad you made the right decision No, everybody else says you’re a phony no you’re not It’s a bit much some Some of these players were rated 2400 enough Put us in a district and I want to play I mean You know Come on help me move these boxes Yeah, you know Surpri So it is don’t you forgot your own birthday, how did you know that Mrs. King and I spent a couple hours digging around City Hall More disqualifications this time, we’re gonna beat them at their own rules Come on Really this place. Yeah I’m gonna go in two minutes. I’m gonna be back Thank You Katrina First off don’t be mad at Trinity. She wanted no part of this I’m sorry. I pissed away the best years of my life And they weren’t the best years because I was a young man They were the best years cuz I had ruined your trust yet Hmm I don’t even know you I’m trying to change that. I Need you son, I love you Marco always will Famously those principal Kings that I can make an announcement Attention attention I would like to announce that our very own To heme Sanders will be participating in the Eastern champion open chess tournament this upcoming Sunday Everyone is encouraged to come on down and watch him kick some Watch him dominate the competition. I Got somebody I want you to meet Well, you told me about yes, sir This here is the chest man Taught me everything I know right here in these walls Good real good unstudied on discipline Tournament, huh You ready However me son. These cats are quick you got to be quicker And because of what you look like all eyes will be on you. So you got to think tough hmm Now this kid Jay Thomas games. I wish I had a shot of him I got me a list of his last 300 matches Got it sent to me by a chess magazine felt bad that I was all locked up free subscription for life If you face off with his games He’s got one particular move That leaves him vulnerable almost without fail Amazing had nobody found it before but then again Nobody got as much time on their hands as I do so listen carefully You know, he will relentlessly pound you with his queen. No No what Look I appreciate all this I really do I just This is something I have to do by myself Respect Anything else then You ever get not here Only my mind gets on Their time I open up that board every time I opened up a Bible And it will be out and you are playing in that tournament Team Santos checking it. Okay putting section. Yep Good luck, son You recognize that face Jay Thomas gangs, huh one another Concentrate here women weaken legs It’s just what I need my legs for Concentrate here Good afternoon everyone and welcome To the Washington DC chess open as is customary, please shake your opponent’s hand Very good now start your clock You know you could have had him on the 10th moon right relax just man I’m just getting warmed up This guy is good Come to handy this guy He’s been one of the best players in the country since he was 15 Anybody can be beat Even games Ladies and gentlemen our two undefeated players Jay Thomas gains And Tajin Sanders will engage in an Armageddon tie break to determine our chess open champion gentlemen, good luck Check Mr. Brown, my name is Daniel Norton of the Urban League. Yes, ma’am This team has he made any college plans yet, because I’d like to help I’ll be in touch Hey That’s the first time I’ve been scared all year You ain’t gotta try and make me feel better. You know that right? Trust me. I wouldn’t do that ever Mr. Brown Dad Glad you can make it Yeah, well no, but I just check it up No, I’m happy to see you son Hmm, I’m sure All right Let’s champions. Thank you

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  1. Crazy about the judicial system, it's good to knowledge people about trying to help, but sometimes, jail is the best solution

  2. Wow, this movie was really something. I am speechless. Leading actor there are not words to describe his acting. FANTASTIC. Wish more movies like this.

  3. The principal reminds me of my 9th grade AP English teacher Ms. Horne. 🙁 I am the same age now as she was when she was my teacher.God bless my teachers from Hampton, VA. <3

  4. Cuba is damm good in this movie
    I don't think I've ever watched a movie with more than 2 blacks in it, all they ever do is be black and I don't care for that the way I don't care for whites who's only concerned with being white.
    This movie had none of that – I'm suprized this movie didn't get any press or awards but that's often the case, uh?
    Again, Cuba was damm good – thank you for posting it

  5. I supervised a Chess Club– 2nd grade through 5th grade, 30 to 50 students.
    I felt so humble amongst their brilliance.

  6. Such a Beautiful film!
    I sometimes hate that I'm White.
    I had a dream long ago that has never left my memory.
    Mother Mary is Black and I love her.
    Thank you so much for this poignant movie.♡

  7. Truely a great sense of achievment from potential thug to an aspiring chess champion well done to tahim for turning his life around and well done mr brown for the true care for the lessfortunate amongst us fantastic upload thankyou

  8. What a brilliant movie, It really helped with my mental health. God I was so low and nothing was working for me, thank you so much for uploading the movie.

  9. There has to be a better place than this world.. the place than this unneeded hatrful..HATEFUL world.. God bless us all..

  10. மிக அருமையான படம் நன்றி அதில் பங்கேற்ற அனைவர்க்கும் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  11. yep.. most black females aint shit when it comes to being a mother. period..!!!!!!!! all they care about is the money they get for u from the state and government for ur ass. black Queens my ass..!! all black females are good for is D&A dick and attention..! day one, showing their kids how to beg borrow and steal. to spend their money on what they want.. and beg borrow and steal for what they need..!! why u think they loot stores in storms and shit.. getting them bigass TVs and phone.. cuz they know the state and gov will give them food and water.. everyone else steal FOOD AND WATER.. but no not the black community.. they steal the TVs and phones.. who tf does that..?????

  12. Whole time the real Eugene Brown was the guy with his hate to the back that shook hands with him when they registered for the last tournament.

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  15. Sad for the ones that are lost, doing what they don't want to do. Pray parents that have not, stop playing the role sorcerors gaslit into them and break the shackles off their minds to help their children do the same. Great movie…such an inspirational!

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