Life of Sofie | sub Esp full length movie – romantic french film

Life of Sofie | sub Esp full length movie – romantic french film

How are you, David? Bored? I’m Marie. I’m Jeanne. I know. Oh, you do? You’re a great dancer. Thanks. You’re a pleasure to watch. It’s my job. You’re a dancer? Right’ it’s my job. Sorry, usuaIIy I’m faster. . . You’re beautiful, that’s enough. Just a joke. Know anyone here? Not reaIIy. Frank is
my husband’s best friend. I know.
I know Frank well. Known him for ages. I’m his cousin. I won’t be staying long. Me, neither. I’m working tomorrow. At parties like this
I like going wild. I won’t stop you. Fancy a dance? – I feel like a big oaf next to you.
– Of course. – You are one.
– You’re awfuI. I’ll just copy you. She’s beautiful. Who is? Your wife. I know. Can I ask what’s so funny? Just girI’s taIk. – Shall we go?
– Yes. I’ll get our coats. Well, see you soon. – You’ll come?
– Sure. I’ll give you my number. Here. Let’s go. Hang on, Frank’s cousin
is giving me her number. You two have the giggles. – That’s nice.
– It’s nothing. Here. . . Well, David. . . – See you.
– Bye. I’m counting on you. You’II come? Let’s go. His cousin’s nice. I had a good time. – Did you know her?
– By sight. See, you ended up enjoying it. And you didn’t want to go. Lucky she was there. Frank’s a good guy. – I shouId see more of him.
– Do. I’m going to start dancing again. Does that hurt? Gently. . . Now push. Spread your legs. Better? Marie’s not home.
Marie is dancing. Hello, who’s that? – Well, you’re calling me.
– I just dialed *69. This is Jeanne Mazzotti, osteopath. Jeanne? Yes. Who’s this? It’s Marie. You called, then? Yes, but I didn’t dare
leave a message. Hold on. I’ll help you up. Okay? See, I found you again. I wanted to find out
about dance classes. Saturday, 1 1 am, for beginners. Are you ready? Not scared? See you tomorrow. Mom ! Hang on, Louis. . . I’m looking for something. You’ve been looking for an hour. Because I can’t find it. Can’t find what exactly? My dance things. You dance? I used to a while back.
I’m starting again. Before I was born? What? When you were young? I’m still young. You’re late. Not too tired? – Why not go tomorrow?
– I promised dad we’d be there. My brother’s coming to play poker. Don’t put him to bed too late.
He’s already tired. He’s eaten. . .
I made sandwiches for you. You’re a doll. By the way. . . I know. – Where’s she going?
– Dance. Dance! Cut it out! Help me out here. You want that? HoId on. . . – This?
– DreadfuI thing. – A swimsuit?
– No, it’s for dance. Careful. . . Put your seatbelt on. – Back on Sunday between 7 and 8pm.
– Be careful. And call me! Don’t forget. Great! See you next week! Hop on, we’ll go for dinner. No, I’m going home. You’re upset? I’m not upset. I would be if I were you. I’m just in a hurry. Come on, jump on. You’re not hungry? On a diet or something? Move before you have a fight. I won’t budge unless you get on. You’re crazy. And you’re a pushover. Hey, don’t over-estimate yourself. Not eating? Sure. . . You don’t like it? I always order what I don’t like. Swap, if you like? Do you like it? I’m sorry I was hard you on before. That’s okay. I really wanted to. . . To be hard on me? To look after you. You’d have a job. No, you’re fine. You’ve got the basics, but. . . But what? I haven’t danced for ages. Really? How Iong? Ten years. A long time.
Didn’t you miss it? Sure. I always wanted to be a dancer. Me, too. Well, you are one. Plenty of things I haven’t done. Things I never will do. Things I’ve never had
or ever will have. So now everything I get, I keep. You’re right to. And now I’m keeping you.
You can call your David. He’s gone away. I’m off to the sea. Come with me. With you? Fetch my brother from school
in Normandy, and go to the sea. To the sea? Hardly the end of the earth ! Yes, but just like that. . . Do what you like. But I have to go. I’m on the freeway. . . Just like that. . . It’ll do me good. . .
Yes, with Marie. I’ll be back before you though. I can’t hear you. What? No, nothing. All right. . . I’ll call you tonight, okay. Nothing. . . I’ll call tonight. Beautiful, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s beautiful. Nothing like where we’re from. Feels strange, suddeny, being here. It’s mellow, big-time. I really miss you. I wish you couId live with me. That’s up to you. No, it’s work, it’s life’
it’s your boarding school. . . You’re beautiful. Don’t poke fun. I’m not. It’s what I think. I needed to speak to him. Are you bored? Not at all. The sea is so soothing. The first time I saw it
I was fifteen. It had quite an impact. I wish I’d had a little brother. Are you an only child? Hey, you’re a pair of losers! Losers! Did I hurt you? I’m sorry. . . Sure you’re okay? You’re like kids. Not bad, huh? It’s great! I think your room is there. Rather you than me! Taste one. You’re crazy, I’m not eating that. You’re such a kid ! – I’ll puke.
– How about fries? There was a first time for them. I was a baby, I didn’t reaIize. So be an adult. Just try one. Yeah, sure. . . Sorry, he’s stupid. I think you’re both cute. I know what makes you uncomfortable. What? Kindness. You never wear make-up? No, it always makes me
look so cheap. Let me try. . . I’ve never met anyone
so alive as you. How can I sleep
with you two giggling? Just concentrate! – They’re making fun.
– Not nice. You’re a weird pair. Not weird, different. – In what way?
– In a lesbian way. You sleep together? You’re not lesbians. We are. – Kiss each other then.
– Bullshit! Go on, kiss her. I don’t believe it. We’ll do it. Look, we’re kissing. Go on, show us. – Let’s go, I’ve had enough.
– Don’t go, lezzies! Hey, you dykes! Don’t talk to me like that! What are you waiting for?
Clear off, asshole! That’s enough ! – What’s going on?
– Don’t touch her! – I’m not touching her.
– Calm down. Behave in the presence of ladies. Goodnight, ladies. Can’t sleep? Me, neither. Not feeling well? No, fine. .
On the contrary, very well. Me, too, very well. It’s funny being here together. I feel like I’m fifteen. Believe me, you don’t look it. You smoke a Iot for a dancer. Not that much really. I have a rule. . . I smoke. . . only when. . . I’m happy. We should get some sIeep. We can try. Osteopath. . .
That’s a masseuse, right? Isn’t there a sleep massage? I’ll try, if you like. Been up long? A while. Are you stiff? Sorry? From dancing. Oh, right. . . I hurt all over. Tomorrow will be even worse. I guess so. . . – Fancy a nice walk?
– I’m catching the train. Really? It’s for the best. – Bad night, huh?
– You should spend. . . the weekend with your brother. You think so? I’m going home. Whatever. . . Morning, girls. See you, then. Honey. . . You’re back. Were you asleep? A family hug ! How was everything? Tell me about your weekend. Was it good? You look tired. I got home, did my paperwork. . .
And you? Antonin’s costume was useless
compared to mine. Really? So what did you get up to? Nothing much, walked mostly. I hear she’s a bit nuts. – Who?
– Marie. – How do you know that?
– Stuff I heard. – From Frank?
– Frank and the others. You know, when a girl. . . is a bit wild. . . And do you know her? No, sweetheart. I think I’m falling in love. It’s not true! Who with? Do I know him? What’s he like? It’s a woman. You’re kidding. It’s not true. It is. A woman? That’s disgusting. I kissed her. You kissed her? Is this a joke? I think I’m going into labor! Any cigarettes? I don’t know what it is. It happened all of a sudden. But it’s impossible! The worst thing is,
I wanted her. Do you realize
what you’re telling me? It’s got to stop there.
You kissed. . . but it must go no further. You’re right. It was just a whim. Don’t worry. Put that out! It’s Marie. . . I just wanted to say hi and to see if you were okay. Love and kisses. . . More love and kisses. . . I’m sorry. . . Lie down. . . It’s Marie again.
See you Wednesday. We’ll have a girls, night out.
I’m counting on you. ”Muffaro was happy. ” He decided to play a trick
on Lovekins. ” He told him he’d looked everywhere
but couldn’t find the little dog. ” Mom, that’s the third time
you’ve read that bit. Really? It’s because I’m tired. ”As they were in the woods ”they climbed a tree
to find a way out. ” Below, a bird smiled
and called to them. ”They climbed down towards it. . . ” That’s enough. End of chapter. Goodnight, honey. Okay, lights out. Dad, please read some more.
Just one more chapter. Okay, one more page. Where were you? We were. . . here. ”The bird bit Lovekins on the arm’ ”but they overpowered it ”and took it back to their camp. ”They would either roast it
or eat it raw. . . ” Watch this, it’s great. I love this movie. Jeanne? Are you asleep? You went out like a light. Yes, I know. – How’s things?
– Fine and you? Don’t you remember him? From that agency. . . Jean Edouard. . . You shouId come more often. Maybe. . . Work out with us,
it’ll do you good. – What will?
– Sports. – But I dance.
– Oh, that’s right. Dance is good. I have a class tonight. I thought it was Saturday mornings. And Wednesday nights, too. Go ahead. If you think it does you good. Can we get a sitter for Louis? The guys at work are having a drink. I wasn’t going to go
but as you’re going out. . . It’s like you don’t want
to have dinner with me. No, I’m just a little
out of sorts right now. Are you angry about something? No, not at all. Roll on the holidays! Great! See you next week! You danced well today.
I’ll wait for you. – It was hard today.
– Marie was in a bad mood. Must’ve been dumped
by her girIfriend. Shall we go and eat? Where? Wherever you like. Where do you want to go? What if I cook you pasta? At your place? Far to go? Nearly there. You danced well today. You think so? No answer? I’m happy you came.
It’s here. Sorry, I’ve only just moved in. I’m apartment-sitting for a while. It’s a mess but it’s nice. Sit down, I’ll boil the water. It’s me. It was great. No, I didn’t lose too much. Well, I’m going to eat at Marie’s. How about you? Glad you’re having fun. What time will you be home? I’m not sure. I’ll see. Goodbye. Got his permission? I’m not twelve anymore. Cool ! Really! I love cool couples.
I’m jealous. When I was young I was jealous. But I’m okay now. You’re still young. I know. How long you been with David? Eight years. Quite a long time. What’s the longest
you were with a guy? Two days. No, just kidding. I don’t know. . . With a girl, two years. With a girl? Are you surprised? I’ll check the pasta. Going already? Is it all right to smoke here? Light one for me. Are you happy? Do you like pasta? Kiss me. . . I don’t know what to say. Nothing to say. Hi, Marie. She’s still asIeep.
She went back to bed. We’re late, I’ll wake her. . . Jeanne, wake up. Call for you. Your darling Marie. I know I shouIdn’t call. . . – I miss you.
– Thanks. That’s all. Thanks. Bye. Love, is it? We just get along well. What did she want? I Ieft my diary there. You’d better get a move on. I’m off. See you tonight. See you tonight. You’ll be late. I’m already late. – You’re late.
– I came as quick as I could. What’s that thing? – You startled me.
– Think you’re a singer, do you? It’s a gift. And don’t poke fun, otherwise. . . I’ll cry. That bad, huh? I don’t know what’s happening. You saw the girl again? That’s it, I’m a lez. Well that’s fantastic! Have you. . . ? The lot. For the last three weeks. And? You cannot imagine. Too right. It’s disgusting.
I’ve got these pictures. . . You must be making this up! I wish I were. But I’m not. I told you. . . I’m a dyke. Jesus, I’m pathetic. Not a word to David.
Does he suspect? I can’t stop lying. It’s awful. Maybe it’s just a phase. I think I love her. Right, tell me from the beginning.
In detail. We meet. . . She’s funny. We’re close. She loves me. I . . . love. . . you. It’s a disaster. I’m sure it’s only phase. You’re not stupid. But don’t tell David. Aren’t you watching? Not interested? Is there a problem? You’ve been acting strange. Have I done something? Tell me. . . What? What’s wrong? Tell me. It’s nothing. . . I’m tired. . . I can’t relax. Let me give you a hug. You’re not yourself right now. ” I’m in love with Marie. ” Is that it? She feels the same. Do you realize she’s a girl? Have you. . . ? Great! This gets better and better! Give me a cigarette. In love? What does that mean? Like, you love her? Answer me! Yes. . . I don’t know. You’ve only just met her.
This is impossible! Do you know what you’re saying? How am I meant to take this? I don’t know. – I’m fed up with lying.
– Lying? Are you kidding? You’re saying you’re a dyke.
You couId have told me before marrying me!
Isn’t that lying? What? Are you ashamed? You’re in deep shit. – I’m not ashamed.
– You’re not? That girl is nothing. She’s trash ! She’s trash ! Jesuss she’s a woman ! I know. What are you gonna do? I don’t know. And we’re through? I don’t know. I’m going out. Enough already. Don’t worry. . . There’s nothing to say. I understand everything. I’ll do anything you want.
Everything. I’m with you. I’m not afraid. I won’t ask for anything.
Just a little of you. What you like, when you like. . . For reaI. Where’s dad? He got up early, honey. To go to work? Why aren’t you dressed? Eat. Can we play Scrabble tonight? Huh? We’ll see. . . Eat. Being a lesbian is one thing. . . It’s understandable with your past. But you’ve gone too far. Don’t touch me! Leave Jeanne alone. She’s not for you. One, she’s not from your world. Two, she’s married. Three, she has a child. And she doesn’t love David. Leave her alone, do you hear? You’ve had your fun. Now it’s getting heavy. David was gonna come. He can go too far.
It’s for your own good. Let him come. Lucky for you I stopped him. You’re family.
Don’t get mixed up with this. Problem is, I love her. You’re in shit. Do you realize? – Is that it?
– For today. – Don’t threaten me, Frank.
– I’m not. I’m not threatening you. I’m warning you, leave her. Leave her! I’d prefer to walk. What’s the time? 5. 30. I’m not picking up Louis
and I’m not sleeping at home. Where then? At Frank’s. Look. . . I know things are going badly. If you’re getting back at me. . . – No, it’s not that.
– Let me finish. I can’t wait forever. Think about it, you’re a big girl. I can still forgive you. But if this lesbian thing
is bullshit and you just don’t want me,
then say. If you don’t love me, say. Or there’ll be consequences. There will be for Louis’s sake. Good day at school? Can we play Monopoly tonight? I don’t know, we’ll see. Why don’t you know? Daddy’s gone away for a few days. Why didn’t he take me? He’ll take you next time. Was it a good day today? What did you do? Let’s see. . . Geography, geometry. . . French and. . . Oh, that’s right, drawing. Drawing? Was it good? Not good, huh? Do you want to stop seeing me? As you like. It’s sad. Sad but predictable. I’d rather you left quickly. Is that you? Are you sure? You thought it over? I’ll call you later. Well? Fine. Jesus, I was scared. Me, too. What a face! – It’s over.
– David? The girl, Marie. What a relief. Oh, damn. . . Are you sad? Oh,,sweetie. . . When did you leave her? Two weeks ago. Have you seen her since? The worst is over. I feel so bad. You did what you had to. You couIdn’t leave your guy
for a girl ! You’re not a real lesbian. I said I wouIdn’t call.
But I am. I hope you’re okay. I’m sorry. When I grow up I want to be a bird. You’re no fun. You’re no fun at all lately. I know I’m no fun, honey. . . but I do love you. I love you, too. Don’t move, I’ll be back. Is this better? Is this what you want? You asshole. Is this what turns you on? Is this what you want? Is this what you like? Look. . . What’s wrong? Is this in bad taste? Am I the asshole? Is it good for your son
that his mom loves a dyke? Never! Do you hear me? You won’t bring him up with a dyke! Look at me! Look at me! – Stop!
– You bitch ! Don’t worry, I won’t hit you. In to bed. . . My darling. . . I’ll work everything out. For everyone. For Louis? If I’m unhappy, Louis will be too. – You got divorced.
– But not over a woman. – What does it change?
– Everything. I’ll make sure nothing changes. Anyway, say nothing to him.
That’s up to me. Come, Louis. Come here, honey. Now do as grandma says. Don’t stay up too late
and take your medicine, okay. Give me a kiss. Bye, Mom. And try not to fight with dad. For personal reasons,
I must cancel my appointments. I’m very sorry. The practice
will open as usual on Monday. I’d like to speak
to Mr Bregniaud, my Iawyer. Can you have him call me?
It’s urgent. Yes, Jeanne Mazzotti. . .
Thank you, goodbye. Hi ! – She’s not in?
– No idea where she is. I’ll come back later. No, come in. I’m sorry. . . I’m not usually such a wreck. Don’t worry, I know all about grief. Do you want a drink? Come. . . I missed you. I miss you. I miss you. You’ll stay with me? For real? You’ve thought about it? You know what to expect? Sweet Jesus, Virgin Mary,
you answered my prayer. Where’s your son? At my mother’s. We’ll sort everything out. He’ll be happy. . . And so will you. I’m strong. You better believe it. Very strong. I love you. . . Shall I cook enough for three
or am I eating alone?

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  1. Not many good comments unless they are all being hidden, to bad,I like reading what others think, however, I don't think anyone really understands love, love is all things, a woman or man having an affair with another woman or man, does not necessarily mean your gay one way or another, but love when it is real, it is understanding and forgiving, these things happen when people are unable to discuss issues and feeling with your partner, it's the beginning of the end for a relationship….love when it is real is enduring in whatever form it takes..but one should never run away from someone who you've made a commitment to without good reasons such as abuse be it physical or emotional, at least she and her lover were together at the end….sad, but probably not uncommon, everyone is looking for something or someone to spice up one life…. good movie!! Peace

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  6. Great movie, but really, by the time the English subtitles rolled in, I've already learned to speak French. And Spanish. What's up with the delay?

  7. Hermoso final feliz.
    Espero que el amor triunfe siempre,En cualquier grieta que se encuentre 😱😱😱😱😱😱🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. I was recommended to watch your video "Life of Sofie | sub Esp full length movie – romantic french film" By one of my facebook friends. However Good luck with your channel.

  9. Im the first who comment on your video – Life of Sofie | sub Esp full length movie – romantic french film

  10. Iv shared your video with my friends on facebook – Life of Sofie | sub Esp full length movie – romantic french film

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  13. Damn @ 29:58 is just like the news about the lesbian couple in England that was attacked a couple of days ago. Fuck is crazy how closely life and art collide.

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