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  1. When i catch the bubble and show it when its gone literally killed me XD😂😂

    I mean look at his expression 😂😂

  2. What the heck why do you put thumbs down I swear I will jump into there and could I stab you guys inside the neck after you die I'll come with a gun

  3. Telekinesis isnt that hard. I aced it on the first try. Watch my chanell for real telekinesis 🙂 <3

  4. Omg I hate Heidi so much, she makes us germans look even worse… But what can we expect, she got a fcking stupid model show called GNTM.

  5. who make these fucktards judges , at least him time to finish his act then decide and put out your stupid thoughts that of course they got through so much experience in life of various things

  6. I didn't like this audition from Lioz, but i'm slightly confused as i thought the austrailia's got talent audition that he did was that funny i watched it twice.

  7. Its more entertaining because of the camera woks and the suspension effect of the editing. It will not have that effect if your watching it live.

  8. I love love him!!! He is genius!! When he said "this is not comedy" to Simon!! Wahahahha this guy is so funny! Heidi doesn't get it!

  9. As much as I hate this show (kind of a hipocrite watching this in the first place, I know) I must say I genuinely like this act. What amazes me the most is that the funniest bit is literally him saying "This is not comedy."

  10. That's seriously funny. I'm serious. It was funny. No seriously. Anybody who thinks that's easy go right ahead and try.

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