Living With Yourself | Official Trailer | Netflix

Living With Yourself | Official Trailer | Netflix

You’re welcome. The path of life
brings us many troubles. -Pain.
-We need to talk. Sadness. Humiliation. Top Happy Spa 
will rebuild your DNA better than ever. A better you. The best you can be. That’s what I want. How do you feel? Happy. Oh, my God! Okay. Did you hear that? Are you okay?
Do I need to come down? -No, it’s fine.
-No, it’s fine. I woke up in a spa,
went to work, and came home. I woke up in a grave, and then I walked
for six hours to find
whatever the fuck you are. Now, there’s two me’s, but there’s one life. So, what do you suggest
we do? -Maybe he has a brain tumor.
-Inoperable, I hope. He’s better than me
in everything, with work, with Kate. Are you seriously jealous
of you? -I know karate.
-Not unless you learned it since yesterday morning, 
you don’t. Do you know a place
that sells guns? -I hate you!
-I am you! How can you be sure
that you are you? You’re a monster,
like Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll was the sane one.
You mean Mr. Hyde. You should pick up a book

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  1. Kinda bummed at the fact that everyone has to compare it to other shows and media that has already done the "double people double lives" idea, given it get milked so much,…

    but then again, I'm out here thinking 'bout how great it is to see Paul Rudd twice in a series, lmao.

  2. Before this was a Rick and Morty episode, it was the movie Multiplicity.
    Try and escape archetypes in story and life. I dare you…

  3. Isn’t this based from a Horror movie? I can’t remember the name but it’s super old. the guy develops some sort of schizophrenic disorder and his other self manifests physically. I thought it was from Stephen King but I can’t find it. Any help anyone??

  4. Sometimes when I see Paul Rudd being really cool and stuff, my peepee gets REALLY hard and it hurts against my pants! And when I think about him in school the same thing happens and I get real embarassed. What do?

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