LIZA – Short film –

LIZA – Short film –

I usually bring here just my top clients when I want to impress them. What are you looking at? What are you looking? I apologize, sir. Well, about what you mentioned before, that unusual pain…
pressure in my chest I feel it too. Every day. At home, at work, when I play tennis… Except when you look at me like this… Yes… Sick, sick…
I don’t care… It must be done by tomorrow morning, otherwise you can search for a new job. Am I clear? Where were we? Ah, yes, our feelings… Listen… I know this isn’t a first date subject, but I have tell you that i felt a sincere, strong and deep
connection with you What, you don’t like the food? I’m not hungry. Shall we go to your place?

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  1. Well I had to laugh my ass off when I seen who he was chatting up (LOL) and great music from Charles here to that romantic mood feel and scene here…

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