Load wedding (2018) | Fahad Mustafa | Mehwish Hayat | Pakistani Feature Film | Full HD

Load wedding (2018) | Fahad Mustafa | Mehwish Hayat | Pakistani Feature Film | Full HD

You’re shaving the wrong wire. The heart isn’t lit yet. The guests will arrive any second.
Light up the heart. I can’t do it. You do it. Listen to me, buddy. Leave me.
– What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with him? The heart’s lit. up. The guests have arrived. Come, everyone.
– The guests are here. So my brother, which box has… …has gold?
– You idiot, its box no. 8. The prize money is in that box.
You just wait and watch, uncle. No. 9. This gentleman is saying no. 9.
– He’s done for. Should I open it?
– He’s lost it. Let’s open no. 8 and see what’s in it. Okay. 1…2… He has lost the gold. See, didn’t I tell you?
Stupid. Your guesses are always correct. Believe me, uncle. If I ever go on this show,
I will win everything. Stop showing off. Aww…
My daughter is blessed with good luck. But why are you covering it?
Move it aside. Move it aside. Mom, you ruined my entire style. Come, let’s go. Come on. Raje, what are you doing here? We’re going to attend the wedding. You go, I don’t want to go.
– Why? Because I don’t want to. I haven’t cooked food. Lets go and have dinner at wedding …
– I am not hungry, just go. Let’s go, mom. We’re getting late. – Yes, let’s go.
– Don’t forget to lock the door, Raje. Raje. Buddy. I’ve brought food for you. Along with cold drink Let’s eat together. Take a look. The food’s waiting or you to eat them. Bro. You shouldn’t disrespect them. It always brings bad luck. Raje. Your love’s gone cold. Don’t let the rice go cold as well. Leave me alone. What’s the point of crying now? You preferred being a silent lover
when you should’ve said something. And never said a word. You should forget her now. What could I do? What could I do? My hands were tied. I couldn’t get married until
sister Baby doesn’t get married. If I had said anything to mother,
she would’ve insulted me again. Father passed away. But he burdened me with
all the responsibilities. And she left me today. She left me. My love has become someone’s wife. ‘Seeing Raja’s condition
I couldn’t eat.’ ‘But then we can’t blame the food.’ ‘A guy cries only twice in lifetime. ‘Either he’s got broken
bones or a broken heart.’ ‘And Raja’s heart was
completely shattered.’ ‘After all,
she was her childhood love.’ ‘Childhood love’ ‘But one-sided.’ ‘It was springtime.’ ‘Everyone was busy flying kites.’ ‘And we were busy stealing them.’ ‘Raja had sworn that he will
steal all the kites in the city.’ ‘And he gave a nightmare
to so many crockery sellers.’ ‘But as soon as one of
Meeru’s bangles got broken…’ ‘…Raja’s speed hit a speed breaker.’ Raja, hurry up,
Otherwise shafiq will steak the kite. ‘He left a crying Meeru behind.’ ‘But he left his heart behind.’ ‘And then…’ ‘Just like a clergy’s destination
is finally the mosque.’ ‘Similarly,
Raja’s destination was Meeru’s roof.’ ‘Now Raja couldn’t
steal any more kites.’ ‘Because someone had
stolen his heart instead.’ ‘As the size of the bangles grew,
so did Raja’s love.’ ‘The time had come
to express his love…’ ‘…which Raja couldn’t do till date.’ I wish you could say ‘I
love you’ just as fast as him. …then you would’ve
had three kids by now. In fact, one of them
would’ve been taller than you. ‘Valentine fever was slowly
gripping the city of Nirali.’ ‘And Raja’s heart was stiff scared.’ ‘What if someone says
“I Love You” to Meeru?’ Wow, Billo will be
impressed with this. ‘So even he wrote a love letter,
and wore a red sweater.’ ‘And made up his mind that
he’ll finally say it today.’ ‘He mustered some courage
and went to Meeru’s neighborhood.’ Raje. Your father
met with an accident. Brothers are like fathers to their sister. From today, Baby’s marriage and this
family is your responsibility, son. Bless you, my son, bless you. ‘Raja’s love was crushed under
the burdens of his responsibility.’ After which he couldn’t
express or show his love.’ ‘Poor Raja.’ Raje. Raje. Raje. Turn that thing off. Raje, this is my
third trip to your shop. Pay up the committee money. You owe me for last month as well. These things take time. Give me my money! Here’s 4000. And this is your full payment. When will be my turn? Never ….
– You turn will come as well. Only last 5 committees are left. Okay, Nazire, see you in
the evening at the usual spot. You went to talk about Farhana. How did Raje’s income
come into all this? Rashida, don’t try to be naive. Your status will be measured
by your son’s income. For example the things can
you give your daughter in dowry? You know are status pretty well. And we won’t send her empty-handed. We’ll give what others are giving. Let’s not talk about the world. They give cars and plots in dowry. Let’s not talk about others,
and talk about yourself. I know you can’t give a car. But think about giving a motorcycle. So that I can take
this proposal ahead. Okay. I’ll tell Raja to put
a motorcycle on the list. Yes. That’s more like it. You know, your daughter has
already been rejected four times. The more people we approach for our
child, the more difficult it will get. Okay. Okay.
Give it a thought and call me later. And in case you don’t have balance,
give me a missed call. I have a package. Goodbye.
I’ll call you back. Salam, Aunty.
– Salam, Farhana. Come here, child. Why did you upload pictures
of yourself as cat and dog on Facebook? Earlier people used to
question around for information. But God knows where this
Facebook has come From,… …where they get all the information. And listen,
you should lose some weight as well. ‘As soon as aunty leaves,
mom’s advises would start.’ Baby, leave that phone alone.
Better mend your ways. Drink less tea. It’s hampering your complexion. You should eat less. Slim girls get more proposals. ‘Poor sister Baby,
she would try really hard.’ ‘But her weight was
stuck just like this cycle.’ Why didn’t you send me a selfie? I stayed up all night. You didn’t check your WhatsApp either. Yes. I just recharged 100 rupees yesterday. And it’s over already. Have you been talking to someone else? I was just joking. Don’t say such things.
I won’t be able to work. Don’t say it,
I’ll get the shock of my life. Raje. Raje. Who invited him here? Isn’t she ashamed? Where did she come from?
– Look at her. Hello, aunty. Hello. Congratulations, I just found out today. Where is the bride? She didn’t even call to inform me. Listen… where do you think you’re going? To meet Rabia. You think you should meet her? What? People says that a widow
should stay away from the bride. And you’re a smart girl. You wouldn’t wish ill for her. Yes, aunty. They are all stupid. They don’t understand the will of God. Only I saw your tears
glittering in the dark. Tomorrow when fate smiles on you,
the entire city will witness it. I swear. No-No-No. Don’t even think about it. It’s not possible, Raje. She has come back. Forget her. How can you love a widow? Two people should
be equal to make a couple Stupid lover, falling for a widow. Her husband died on the
Wedding night. Imagine how ill fated she is. She doesn’t have an ill fate… …it’s me my good luck… …because she has come back. When you make a wish from your heart,
even God answers. I am going to marry Meeru. Cheap Romeo,
your mother will never agree. Always marry the
one your heart chooses And when my heart’s chosen her,
then it’s the will of God. Mother. I want to get married. What…? Get me married. My son. Even I want to see you get married. But once your sister gets married,
then you’re next in line. You’ve been saying
that for six years, mom. I’ve been telling you to
save up for the dowry for six years. If you had listened, then your
sister would’ve been married by now. The kind of things people ask for,
it will take me more than 10 years. Curse you. Be quiet! Be quiet! Why are you saying such
negative things in the morning? If your sister hears you,
she will be heartbroken. Think about her. She is growing old.
– So am I. All my friends are married. They keeping mocking me. And you know, Safiq’s son
is going to Primary school now. No one cares about the age of a man. You’ll get someone
even when you’re 40. No, mother.
I can’t wait until I am 40. Let me get marry now … Then you can poison your sister. And get married at her funeral. Listen carefully, Raje. Until your sister
doesn’t get married,… …don’t even think about
getting married yourself. What kind of a mother are you? Don’t you understand
my feelings at all? What do you want? Do you want me to stay unmarried? And end up like uncle Khalil. ‘Now…that’s the brink
of getting humiliated.’ ‘Uncle was overwhelmed with embarrassment
even before he could take a bath.’ Meeru, help Bilal wear his shoes. Yes, sister. When are they sending the dowry back? It sounds weird asking
them for the dowry back. What do you mean? You didn’t call them yet? I… They had no shame
in sending our girl back. And you’re feeling embarrassed
to ask for the dowry back. Try to remember, Humera.
We spared no expenses. I am still repaying the money
I borrowed from the committee. Finally, I was rid of this burden,
but then your sister came back. Call them today and tell
them to send the stuff back. Brother-in-law, I wanted to talk. Go on. I wanted your permission. What permission? I’ve been offered
a job as a Polio-worker. The pay is good. Ask your sister. Sorry uncle, in a fit of rage I… I didn’t mean what I said. And even mom…
– Let it be. You were telling the truth. It wasn’t my cup of tea. Is this how you love? Love is for the brave. People have done the impossible. Set examples. A coward like me couldn’t
have done any of those. I took too long. I would go to see her every day. “I could recognize the tinkle
of her trinkets from miles away.’ “The winter sun would
rise only to see her.’ Her smile stops the river current’ “Her complexion was brighter
than the golden fields of wheat.’ “She was sweeter than sweet.’ “Every day I would travel to her village
thinking that I will tell her today.’ “I will show her that I am her lover.” “But as soon as she
would look at me…” “…I would lose my mind.” “My heart would beat so loudly…” “…like an express train
speeding away on the tracks.’ “But time was speeding faster.’ ‘This feeling took me
all the way to her threshold…’ ‘But, it was too late.’ ‘Time had won.’ So son, when you can’t express
your feelings to your love… …then you have no right to live. Friends, love is about
loving someone unconditionally. And it isn’t about
desiring her either. Listeners love is the most
invaluable thing in this world… …and once you fall in love,
you can’t love someone else. Our next song is for those who love someone,
and they are restless to tell them… …but they are scared to do so. Yes, it’s this one. Listen. I wanted to talk to you. I had something to say. Yes. I am the bangle-guy. I’ve been in love
with you since childhood. But I could never say it. I could never muster the courage. Mother said I cannot get married
until my sister doesn’t get married. So is your sister married now? No. But I have finally
mustered some courage now. I will convince my mother. I won’t let you go now. You came back because of my prayers. Your husband won’t die every day… Meeru. Why did it happen, sister? Why? Why me? Why me? Don’t say that, Meeru. Its God’s will. Is it God’s will that
everyone calls me wretch. Treat me the way they want. What do they think? Just because this happened to me,
it’s pretty easy for them. They think they can
say anything they like. Why couldn’t anyone muster
this courage before, sister? Why not? Why not? What happened? Meeru? Are you happy now? She slapped you. Are you satisfied now? Or maybe you can try again. This time turn the other cheek. Raje, she didn’t even consider the fact
that you loved her since childhood. Who slaps her lover. A girl who can slap you in
front of the entire neighborhood… …imagine what she can
do behind closed doors. You are safe. Raje. You don’t understand, son. You’ve been rejected. She doesn’t love you …. Her slap means no. No! For God’s sake. Please listen to me. Only a few people saw it now,
tomorrow the entire city will witness. You should save what little
reputation you have left. In fact,
you should never see her again. Understand. Stupid Romeo. Forgive me, mother. I made a big mistake. I don’t want to get married. I don’t even want
to hear the word again. Just get sister married. It’s all right, son. Go and sleep. It’s quite late. Go on, son. “That one slap answered
all my questions.” “I will never bother you again.” “In fact,
I will never even show you my face.” “This is my last gift.” “You can wear it if
you like or break them.” “It’s said that only a
few blessed hearts find love.” “Love is like the miracle” “…and miracles doesn’t
happen with everyone … Yes, what’s the matter? Polio drops for the children. I won’t give polio
drops to my children. Why?
– Because it gives them loose motions. And who’s going to bear the expenses?
Go to the hospital every day? These drops are worth 800,
aren’t they? Then why don’t you give
me ration worth 800 instead? I will get the ration, but never
give these drops to my children. But we can give these drops
to the entire neighborhood for 800. Then go give it to the neighbors. Give it to Nawaz Shariff.
Give it to Zardari. And Shahbaz Shariff as well. In fact, call Altaf Hussain back from
London and give him these drops too. But I won’t give these
drops to my children. Never! Never! Come inside. But… Let’s go. Stupid woman. She isn’t worried about
her children at all. We work so hard to give these
polio drops but we have no respect. Give me 6 eggs. Brother, give single-line notebook. Hold this. Oh no, Curse you boy. Where is this Raja? We’ve covered all the homes in Kartal…
– You always look worried. You should enjoy life. What happened? Listen. Listen. Raje! Love will kill him someday. This crazy guy always following us. You’re in love and
I’ve to risk my life. Who goes for a swim in
the river in this cold weather? US! We didn’t go for a swim, aunty. We saw witch at the bridge… We jumped in to save our lives. I’ve told you before not
to go to the river in the evening. Yes, mother. Witches come after handsome boys.
– Yes. Aunty, don’t blow so hard.
It’s already cold. Should I get soup’s photocopy? Such beautiful bangles Meeru. Why don’t you wear them? Are you playing a prank on me? Why would I play a prank on you? What’s in it, Raja? Careful, or it might explode. “You don’t have to hide.
It was my fault” “I am sending a gift for you.” “It can be the first one,
or the last.” Don’t try to look smart. We have a reputation. Will you marry her? Then send your family over,
to discuss this proposal. Then you two can roam
around wherever you want. Respectfully. Let it be. We’ll offer him tea… …when he brings a
proper wedding proposal. Here you go. Bravo. Uncle, please come with me. The family takes the wedding proposal. You’re my family as well. Idiot, a family isn’t
complete without a woman. No one even let me rent a place. Who do you think will
accept a proposal from me. Wedding proposals sound better
when it comes from the family. My family will never go. Why not?
She’s your mother after all. I already told mom that
I don’t want to get married. Great. You know I have a theory about you. You have no conscience. You have no courage…. You always go back on your word. I guess you’ll never get married… Uncle, it just happened. I said it because
I was very emotional. I thought I will never get married. And now you think you will. Now I feel that for sure. I must commend your courage. Then go talk to your mother. And take her with you. You’re back, son. Bless you, son. Why do you look tired today? Sit down. I’ll rub some oil on your head.
You’ll feel refreshed. Raje, did you eat your food? No. I’ll reheat it for you. This is a good chance.
I’ll talk to her. Sit here. Mother, there’s
something I want to say. I know. Know what? You want to get married, don’t you? ‘Mothers are really
the incarnation of God.’ ‘She can read your mind.’ A mother’s heart is very delicate. And it melt’s seeing
her children’s tears. And son no mother wants
to see her children unhappy. Soon we’ll hear the good news. Your sister has received a proposal. Look. Take a look. Looks like a nice guy.
– Isn’t he? What does he do?
– He’s a government official. Then he’ll ask for
big dowry as well. – No. He isn’t asking for dowry.
– That’s great. What’s better is that he has a sister. See. See. So?
– So what? Swapping! Neither we’ll have
to give any dowry, nor will they. Mother, I am your son… …and not some object which you will
give as dowry at your daughter’s wedding. Then why didn’t you
save up for my dowry? What’s wrong with her? Such a beautiful girl.
Big eyes, long nose. You don’t have a reason to say no. Why won’t you marry her?
Why won’t you marry her? You said it yourself
that you want to get married. So why are you refusing
this nice proposal? It’s my desire to
see you both married. And God has created
such a good opportunity. When one daughter leaves,
I’ll bring another one home. Both of you will get
married in the same tent. Say yes, son. Say yes. Say yes.
– Mother… Mother, I want a love-marriage. You want to do what? Love-marriage. Curse you. Your sister is still unmarried. And mother is widow ….. Aren’t you ashamed
of saying such a thing? She’s my childhood love, mother. Oh, my, mother.
Listen to this shameless. We thought he was going to work.
But he was chasing girls instead. If only your father was still alive… …he would’ve beaten
this love out of you. Romeo. Mother, ask this Macho Man, whom
he wants to marry. Tell me. With Meeru.
– Meeru who? She lives near that
uncle Nabeel’s home. That Meeru. The one who became a widow
on the day of her wedding. Oh my, God. That Meeru. That witch has cast a spell on my son. He’s lost his mind in love.
Forget him. Let’s talk to her family.
And tell them about what she’s doing. That witch is preying
over innocent boys. Listen, don’t we have
enough bad luck already… …that you want to bring her here too. Listen to me carefully Raja. You cannot marry that wretch. I will marry only Meeru
and you can do whatever you want. Then strangle me. Kill me and marry her at my funeral. No mother. Why will you die? Why will you die? This is all my fault. I will kill myself. I will kill myself.
– Baby…what are you doing? Baby. Stop. I will kill myself. Baby.
– Baby is going to die today. Leave me.
I will kill myself today. Leave me, mother.
Leave me. Look at that shameless.
He isn’t trying to save me either. Leave it, sister.
Let it go or someone will get hurt. Mother will get hurt.
– Leave me. Leave it, sister.
– Leave me. Leave me. Who is here? Bring the child for Polio drops. Don’t you know? Marriages
are forbidden in our family. How will we have children?
Are you trying to joke with us? Making fun of us.
– Let’s go, she is crazy. Sister,
– You called me crazy. Why are you misbehaving? Mother…she’s come all the way here. We didn’t know there
are no children in this house. It’s not our fault
that you’re not married. Yes, it’s all your fault. Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Don’t argue with her. She is crazy. Come here, you wretch.
Come here. You witch. Raje. you haven’t eaten yet. I don’t want to eat. Fine. Don’t eat. Even your sister hasn’t
eaten anything since morning. I am worried, Raje. She might do something
in a fit of rage. I’ve hidden all the knives. And you’re my good son. Can’t you give a small sacrifice? Raje, think like an elder. Brothers even give their
life for their sister. But this is not a that serious issue. And the rest is for you to decide. ‘Every Pakistani mother’s
last weapon…emotional blackmail.’ Wake up, Raje. Nazir is here. Raje. Raje, get up. Open the door, Raje. Open the door, son. Raje. What’s wrong with my son? Anybody there?
– What happened, mother? What happened, sister?
– Something is wrong with Raje. Where?
– Allah… What happened? It’s not opening.
– What’s wrong with Raje? Move aside.
– Raje. Raje. Raje. Raje. Move aside. Raje. What’s wrong with my son? Raje. Aunty, he swallowed Phenyl. Phenyl … ambulance …. It’s all right, sister. Uncle, stay behind me. Son. Son. Come back. Open your eyes, son. Open your eyes. I’ll do exactly as you say. You can marry anyone you want. But son, open your eyes. Come back, son. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. ‘Raja fought with
death and won his love.’ ‘Everyone distributes sweets in the
hospital on the occasion of a childbirth.’ ‘But this was the first
time for a marriage proposal.’ You too, but you’re sister … ‘Raja was going to become a husband.’ ‘But sister missed out on
the chance o becoming a bride again. ‘Oh my, poor sister Baby.’ Look happy. It’s your brother’s wedding. It’s Raja’s wedding. Food is served.
– Come on. Come on. Come, Baby, let’s eat. I am not eating this food. I’ll go get some food for you. It’s all right. Sometimes the youngest
get married first. Eventually, you’ll get married too. Decent girls always
get married late, Rashida. I am not preying on the
innocent guys. Like others Enough, stop talking nonsense. Why don’t you listen to her?
– Eat some food. Forget it, aunty. I’ll tell you about a pray
a routine to follow. If you do that,
she will get married pretty soon. Don’t pay attention to her. Come on, dear. Eat it.
– The biryani is really tasty. At least eat a little. Where’s the money? What money? The money we received as a gift.
What else? Where is it? We are going. Going where? On our honeymoon. I have a desire to see snow. Done then. We’re going to Murree. Raje, your sister is dying. She is dying of pain, come quickly. Keep this money. What happened? It’s nothing, just gas. I think she overate
last night at the wedding. You should always eat lightly. But I didn’t eat anything. One can get gas on
empty stomach as well. Keep some medicines at home,… …then you won’t have
to come to the hospital. I’ve prescribed some
medicines for now. Come on. See you.
– Okay, see you. Okay, I’ll be ready by 10. Goodbye. Was everything all right last night?
Could you sleep? I mean it’s hard
to sleep in a new place. Why are you so bothered? Why don’t you ask her directly?
Stop twisting your words. You ask. You ask. Get lost … hehe Eat this … hehe Sister, why did you
leave me alone with them? They are saying such absurd things. It happens to everyone. Listen, was everything okay? Not you too, sister. Leave all that. And please lend me
your Kashmiri Shawl. I need it. Fine, you can take it. Are you leaving right now? No. We’re going on a honeymoon. Murree.
I will wear it there. Wow…honeymoon. Did you tell aunty Nasreen?
I’ll tell her. Aunty Nasreen.
– No, sister. (Singing song) … Mother, I am going
to bring meeru back. Where’s the money? It was only a couple
of thousand rupees. I’ve kept it safely. Your garland was worth 3000. Meaning you only got 2000 as a gift. Meeru got more. So, you didn’t take that from her?
– Those belong to her. And, we’re using her
money go for our honeymoon. Who’s going to look after the shop? We’re going to Murree. Meeru wants to see snowfall. So now you’re busy
fulfilled her dreams. This is what I feared. Now you will never save
up for your sister’s dowry… …nor will she ever get married. First, it was your marriage,
now it’s your honeymoon. Soon you will have children. And that poor girl
will look after you kids. My child will spend the
rest of her life at home. Mother, why are you
saying such bitter things? I am there. I will handle everything. I am even going to get
money from the Committee. Get lost.
– All our problems will be solved. Then I will do as my mother says.
– Raja, get lost. Can I go?
– Get lost. Crazy. Ice-cream in this cold weather? It will be cold in Murree as well. We’ll have ice-cream there as well. We’ll eat ice-cream in Murree as well.
– Yes. On Mall Road. In the cold.
While it’s snowing. It will be great fun. They also have a chairlift,
don’t they? “Please buy one flower,
don’t break my heart.” Done!
– Excuse me.. “Please buy one flower,
don’t break my heart. How much? There’s no price of love.
You can give anything you want. What a smart kid. Wait. Take this. Are you going to
give it just like that? Then?
– Let me show you. Get lost. Allow me.
– No, I’ll take it. It’s heavy. Mother, here’s the money.
– We’re getting late. Coming, hold your horses. Kebabs for the journey. Okay. Nazir, keep this with the other stuff. What is this?
– My bag, what else. I am coming along as well.
I want to see Murree as well. Mother, didn’t you tell them? Mother…
– Take her along, Raje. You’re going far away
from home for the first time. You must have someone older with you. Then why don’t you go too, aunty? With two elders from the family,
their honeymoon will be a success. Isn’t it, Raje.
– Baby, take this. Keep this money with you. Your brother’s going with you,
so no need to worry. But still,
you should have some money with you. Get something to eat. Goodbye, mother. My child, take care of yourself. Let me see you out. Let’s go. What are you looking at? I can’t believe my eyes. Then why don’t you
touch me and make sure? Raje.
– Who is it? Raje, open the door. Hurry up. What happened, sister?
– Move aside. I am very scared.
I can hear such weird noises. I am not sleeping there. I am sleeping right here,
with you two. ‘This is called near, but still far.’ ‘Sorry, I forgot.
We have a family audience.’ ‘Instead of romantic tunes,
we could hear snoring.’ ‘Sister wasn’t scared anymore.’ ‘But Raja was scared now.
What else is going to happen next.’ ‘Baji took advantage
of being the older.’ ‘He never let those
two out of her sight.’ Murree people should have boycot Baji,
its not my feelings but horse. ‘Raja knew it was going to be cold.’ ‘But Raja didn’t expect
it to be so cold.’ It’s so cold, isn’t it? Yes, its cold, but you doesn’t care … A man looks for a ray
of hope when he’s disappointed. But Raja was waiting
for it to be dark. What’s so funny? People have made a hype out of Murree. There was nothing to see. Similar looking mountains all around. It was a big mistake going there.
I got bored. Why didn’t you call?
I would’ve come and picked you up. How could you have come there, uncle? It’s a long way up. Mother, I puked one while going. And twice on my way back. I didn’t have any fun.
– Shut up. Did you guys have fun? Mother, we… I am your friend Aashiq Rafaqat.
– Quiet. And I am coming to
your land of Punjab. And I’m going to play with you. So my brothers and
sisters pick up your phone… …and dial the number. Go for it! Text now to Win, send Your
name Identification card no. And send it to 8787. Win all you want.
– Mother, eat first, wash your hands …. ……until they don’t
invite me to the show. Just watch. If I get on the show,
I am going to go on a rampage. No one can do it like sister can. What? No one can play like you, sister.
– Yes. That’s true. This time my name’s going to come up. But doctor said,
you are going to die before …. This one. Oh no… Yellow box. No. 2. I want the promotion in Punjab style. Big. Make it big. Branding. Brand things with my name. Chips in my name, even drawstrings. Chew and win. Okay. Go for it.
How is it? How is it? How is it? No. 4. Here comes your host Aashiq Raffaqat. Punjab has made me really happy. 2 million SMS in 24 hours. So hold your hearts. Because I am going to disclose
the names of those four lucky people… …who will play with us this
week from Punjab “Jeet Ke Lelo”. So the first lucky person… who is going to play with us is
from Multan and his name Sohan Halwa. I mean Imran Bajwa sir. He’ll bring Sohan
Halwa when he comes here. Congratulation Imran Bajwa sir,
you will be playing with us. Now for the second lucky person. Wow, he’s from the city of Narali.
What a unique name. Must be unique like
the city of Narali. Mother. Raja, come quickly. My name’s coming up.
– And she is a lady. And my sister’s name is. Shall I say it? Shall I say it? Forget it,
let’s disclose it after the break. Shall we take a break?
Or should I say it? Sure? Or should I say it? Then say so. Say it. Say it! So my sister’s name is Meerub Khurram. Yes, Meerub Khurram… …will play with us in Punjab.(Tv Voice)
– But I only messaged them once. How could my name be selected?
– So let’s find out the next lucky person… “But I only messaged them once.
How could my name be selected?” Witch. Wretch. Why did you message? My thumbs went soar from
messaging them constantly. But her name got selected
in a single message. Are you so lucky? She did it intentionally. She knew I want to go to that show. Why are you doing this? Why are you so revengeful? You don’t want me to be happy. She got my wedding canceled. And now I couldn’t
get on the show either. I will not spare her. Sister…
– You scoundrel. I will kill you … None of you want me to be happy Why didn’t my name came on lucky draw …. Why didn’t my name came on lucky draw …. Why didn’t my name came on lucky draw …. Sister Baby. Why don’t you go instead of me? I was just trying my luck. I don’t want to go. Why couldn’t you say that before? You made me break the TV. Don’t worry, mother. I’ll win a new one this time. Mother. Mother.
– Yes. Help me tie this knot. I wonder where uncle is? It’s getting late. Uncle.
– Coming, dear. Where were you? We must go early and grab good seats. Look what I made. See. Oh, my, uncle.
Now, this is more like it. You know, mother. If you take a stupid gift to the show,
you have better chances of winning. Mother. I am going on the bus. But I will return in my own car. So be it. Shall we go, uncle?
– Yes, let’s go. Come on. See you.
– Goodbye. Let’s go, son. I was telling you, we’ll be late. Look at the long queue. Brother, let me through. Look at her. Hello. Madam. Where? Don’t you see the queue? I am standing in a queue. The start at the back. Do we look crazy to you? We’ve been standing
here for three hours. Look at her. Look at her. Mind your language.
I am a special guest. Brother Aashiq invited me personally. Don’t try to be over smart. Get lost. Everyone is special here. Uncle, take her to the back. Mister, she is breaking the queue. No, dear. We’re going. We’re going.
– Send her back. Who does she think she is. Lady Diana It’s all your fault, uncle. Let’s go. Let’s go. I am from Narali. The winner. Meerub.
– Yes. ID card. Huh?
– ID card. But it says Farhana here? Meerub is my sister-in-law.
She sent me here. I play really well. This is not a cricket match. This is a game of fate. Only the chosen ones can play. You can talk to Meerub on the phone. She will tell you that she sent me. We’re not allowed
to talk on the phone. Just talk to her once. We cannot allow you even
if she says is personally. Like I said,
only the chosen ones will play. Now please move to the
side so that people can come in. The show is about to begin. Have you lost your mind? You
won’t even talk to her on the phone. I won’t move. Sir, please talk to her.
– I won’t move. I won’t move. Please talk to him. Listen to me. I will
listen to what you have to say. Come here.
Why are you troubling other people? Come on this side. Please. Come on. Son, come ahead. Please. Come on. I am talking politely, but…
– Listen to me. He was misbehaving with me.
– Madam. You can talk on the phone here. If you have any problems,
any tension, I am at your service. Until then I’ll get some cold water
for you. And get on with this work. Okay.
I’ll be right back. Come on. Come ahead. Baby, why don’t you talk to him nicely? Maybe he will listen to you then. Keep going. Brother, please listen. What’s in a name? I am brother Aashiq’s biggest fan. I watch all his shows.
I never missed any of his shows. Please let me in. I’ll play really well. You can keep anything
from the prizes I win. Promise. I don’t want anything, sister.
Please leave. Try to understand our helplessness. Please go. I am talking so politely. You’ll be doing a good deed.
You’ll get my blessings. Spare me, sister! Leave us alone. I’ve been trying to
explain to you for so long. Spare you? Do you think we are beggars? We traveled so far to get here. We’ve been standing under
the hot so for so long. I am only asking for my right,
my name’s been selected. I am not asking or a favor. Curse your show and
that idiot Aashiq rafaqat. I pray that your ratings fall.
The show closes down. And you get jinxed. You invite poor people
here and then humiliate them. Take this. No manners at all. Uncle, tomorrow is the last show. If you want to send the
real contestant over, then do so. I’ll take you to your
sister in the morning. And bring you back in a day or two. Until then everything
will be alright here as well. Why did we come here? Take this. Only 15 minutes for the bus to leave. Should I get some snacks for the journey?
– Raja, where are we going? We’re going to the show. Today is the last day. And this is your destiny. Raje, don’t forget. This is a bus stand,
control sister-in-law. Or someone might make a video. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Come on. That’s our seat. Don’t tell anyone.
– Yes. The TV at our home is already broken. We’ll just go to
the show and come back. Don’t worry. This is a graveyard. Your secret is buried here. Listen. Tell brother Aashiq to
say “Nazir I love you” on Tv. Don’t you forget? And at least win a motorcycle. See you on TV in the evening. Goodbye. ‘If I don’t tell anyone,… …then how will people know
that Aashiq said “I love you” to me.’ Don’t forget to watch Aashiq
Nafaqat’s show in the evening. Raja is coming on the show. Okay.
– Okay. Listen. Don’t forget to watch Aashiq
Nafaqat’s show in the evening. Raja is coming on the show.
– We’ll definitely watch it. Uncle, don’t forget to watch
Aashiq Nafaqat’s show in the evening. Raja is coming on the show.
– Fine, fine. Aju.
– Yes, Nazire. Close your shop and
go home in the evening. Raja is coming on the show. Anwar. Raja is coming on TV.
Don’t forget to watch. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Raja is coming on the show.
Don’t forget to watch. Curses. Watching TV is forbidden,
Shame on you! Where is this generation going… You are a son of innocent parents Watched tv all day, Coming on the show. But what time is
he coming on the show? What time is the program?
– What program? Raja will come on
Aashiq Rafaqat’s show. Everyone in Narali knows
and you are trying to hide it. 5 rupees. Take it. Thank you. Brother Aashiq. Look… Look there’s Raja.
There at the back. Liar. Where is he? There at the back. I saw him myself.
He was wearing a black shirt. Greetings, Punjab. Greetings, Aunty. Our Tv has broken down. Can we…
– It’s all right. It’s all right. This is your house too.
You can watch here. Get up, son. Make a place for sister. Greetings, Aunty.
– Greetings, dear. Sit, sister. Sit down. Please sit down. When did the program start? It just started. It’s such good news. Raja’s on the show. Now we’ll see him on Tv.
– Yes. So tell me, where should I go first? Here? No-no. Here? No-no. Here? Where do I go first? Wait. First, tell me. Who want’s Cherry’s suit? So bring it on. Here you go. Here you go. Give it. Catch it. Catch it. Catch it. This one’s for you. Give it here. Take it. Take it. Brother Aashiq. Brother Aashiq. Look, there’s brother Raja.
I saw him first. I told you. You said he’s wearing a black suit. But its green. It was just guesswork. I don’t do guesswork. Let’s make a bet then. Will he win a car or motorcycle? Shut up. He won’t win a thing. He didn’t take me along so
they won’t win a piece of cloth. Wait. Wait. Wait. Who wants a new mobile? Bring it here. Keep making some noise. Yeah! Bring more. This one’s for you. This one’s for you. Bring more. Here you go. This one’s for you. No… Dance. Dance. Dance for me first. Bring me more mobiles. Aunty, this one for you. Catch. Catch. Take it. Take it. See… Now say with me.
– i told you ….. Jeet Ke Le Lo. So hold your hearts, because we’re going to call
upon those four lucky people… …who will play with
us on “Jeet Ke Le Lo”. Give it. And their names are from Multan,
Imran Bajwa. From Faisalabad, Nargis Javed. From Lahore, which is this city. Shehzad. And from Narali,
we have with us, Mira. Meerub Khurram. Come on. Wait. Wait. Fate has brought you all here. But only your talent
will take you forward. Because we will play a game with you. We’ll play a game with you.
Okay. Are you ready? And whoever wins in that game,
the winner of that game. Will play with us “Kismat
Ki Toh Nikal Padi”. Bravo. That’s it. Next. Come on. Harder, mister. Faster. 7…8…9…10! Stop. That’s it, my brother. Now focus on what you’ve
to do for the rest of your life. Come. Now let’s count. It’s a huge pile of balls. 1…2…3… 14…15…16! Jeet Ke Le Lo! Congratulations to you. So are you ready? The boy’s looking so happy. So now we’re going to play
with you “Kismat Ki Toh Nikal Padi”. What is your name? – Raja. Speak in the mic, brother.
What is that for? – Mic. Raja.
– Oh…Raja. Then you must be Rani (Queen)! What? I mean the King’s Queen. “The king’s in love with the queen.” So let’s watch whether you become
a real king of your destiny, or not. So…which box should I open? You say.
– Don’t open the door to your heart. Because your queen
has already opened that. Which number? 16 or 17?
– Not 16… 17. 17 17 is always dangerous. Their bad luck has already started. They won’t win a thing.
– Be quiet. But since you insist,
I’ll open it anyway. Okay. Let’s watch what
did you win in no. 17. Hip-Hip-Hurray! Fritters. I’m going to feed my brother myself. Here you go. And you too, dear.
You feed him. Wow! You must finish all of it. Finish it. Now, who’s going to
tell me the next number? Will it be you, Raja? Or your dear queen? He will say it. What does the audience say? Which number? There’s a car in no. 8. Number 9. Number 9.
Let’s see what you won in no. 9. No! No!
– Number 9. Oh no. What will they do now? This is bad luck. Our son was winning. Let me call teefa. Hello. Teefay, your cable is dead again. Why don’t you Buy a UPS instead? Just a second. I was going to
start the generator when you called. Okay. Javed, why don’t you petrol in it ….? When will the electricity come back? We’ll be watching these
flies all this while? We already missed half the game show. Baby. Call Nazir. He must be watching somewhere. And that’s a hattrick of ducks. One more. Take this. I can’t take this anymore.
– Do something. Show me how ducks quack? How do they quack? Quack! Quack! Quack! Even your duck sounds dead.
You can’t do it. Uncle did you tell at home
that we are watching show? Yeah, I have tell everyone !! I’ve come so far for the show but I
guess I’ll have to take everything back. Hello, sister. Did they win anything?
– Only ducks so far. I knew it. They won’t win a thing. Light’s back. Light’s back.
– Turn up the volume. Hurry up. Let me tell you once again. Only three more doors left, my friend. Only three chances. Please win something, brother.
Anything. You are only collecting ducks. Which door should I open now? No. 5. No. 5. Think about it. Please help us out, brother Aashiq. Help you. Okay.
Should I help them? I should.
Okay. Knock. Knock. Quack! Quack! There are no ducks in it. It’s a chicklet. Should I open it?
– No. No. 3. No. 3. Let’s see what you won in no. 3. Come. No. 3. 1…2…3! How much do you pay for
electricity bill normally? Huh?
– Your electricity bill? Do you pay for it or do
you have an illegal connection? 1500-2000 rupees. 1500-2000 rupees. Then be ready,
because now it’s going to be 15000. Because you just won an LCD,
Washing machine, refrigerator,
microwave and a generator. He won! Wasn’t that nice? Thank God. You were being worried,
that your tv is broken, you just won LCD. Congratulations. Which box should I open next? Ahh…Ahh… I had a request.
– What? I had a request.
– Yes, what is it? Does my sister want
a diamond ring? – No. A return ticket to Dubai? Give her a return ticket to Dubai? No…we have a brother in Narali.
– What does he want? What does your brother want?
Tell me. Children’s cycle.
– No. What does he want?
Dance for him. He…
– What? Just tell me.
– You say it. You just have to
say “Nazir I love you”. What’s the most my sister asked for? Just a simple I love you. I love you, Nazir. ILU. ILU. ILU. I love you too, brother. I love you. He’s saying that for me. Nazir is his family.
Why didn’t he took my name ! The first time you made me
say I love you to a man on screen. Text Raje to make
him take my name as well. I will return all his money.
– Curse you. Love you.
– Let’s come back. Let me tell you.
You still have two chances. These boxes contain 25-kilo gold. 1 Mezan car. 4 motorcycles. And one card…for you bad luck. If you open that door, then everything you won
so far will be taken back. In fact, these fritters as well. So you must play very carefully. Slowly. Just like “The wind blows slowly”. “The clouds steer slowly.” “And love grows slowly…” The guy in this song is just like me,
isn’t it? Never mind, but are you ready to play? So which number should I open? Raje. Which box?
– You say. Please tell me. You say…which box should they open? Pray that they should
not win anything ….. Otherwise they will be separated from us She has won almost
all the household stuff. Yes. No. 2. Think about it. No. 2… Are you sure? Should I open it? – Yes. Just a minute. Yes. So lets everyone say “Jeet Ke Le Lo”. Oh, my… Mezan Car. Wow…what good luck. Didn’t I tell you they will win a car? I can’t believe it. Car. She won a car.
She has such a good fate. Go crazy. Go crazy. Hug each other Brother Aashiq. Wow…wonderful. But now for your final chance. Now you must play carefully.
Who is going to tell me the number? Raja.
– Miru. No, you.
– You say it. Wow…what love.
What understanding between you two. Wow. You should learn from them,
stupid girl. Take my advice… Take my advice and let Meeru pick. Because she is on a hattrick
and she has better luck. Let me tell you. There’s still bad luck
card in one of these boxes… …which can ruin
everything for you two. So…carefully,
you must play very carefully. This is your last chance, Miru. It’s either a hit or a miss. No. Number 7. Number 7. Think about it. Seven? I’ll go with number 7. Have you decided? Sure. Let’s see what’s in number 7. But…if you leave number 7,
then I’ll let you open two more boxes. No, I’ll go with number 7. What is in number 7 that
you want to go with number 7? What is in it? We got married on the 7th. Number 7 is lucky for us. Your marriage anniversary, huh.
Then I will have to open it. What do you all say? Shall we open it? Everyone say after me “Jeet Ke Le Lo”. And you’ve scored a hattrick. You just won 25-kilo gold. Clap. Keep clapping. Raja won. Meeru is the most
fortunate girl in Narali. Because she has won everything. Clap harder. louder. So Meeru and Raja
have won 25-kilo gold, one Mezan car,
and electronic appliances What will you do with
all the things you won, Meeru? I have a sister-in-law, Farhana. Raja’s sister. She had a desire to come on your show. She would’ve played
much better than us. We’ll give all these
things away for her dowry. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! You’ll give it to your sister-in-law,
all of it. Wow! What a sister-in-law. I am your fan. See Pakistanis. Now that’s an ideal sister-in-law. That’s an ideal daughter-in-law. They are the role models of Pakistan. Remember. Remember. If you ever need anything in life,
your Aashiq is there. Your brother is right here. She is the daughter of Pakistan,
Miru from Nirali. Raja, gimme the car keys
let me check how si it? We will check it on our own,
you are not a Schumacher Careful with that. You are very lucky Meeru. Send one message for me as well. What are you doing? Get lost. My sister-in-law gave it to me. Showing off, loser How does Aashiq look in person? Why didn’t you choose
a different color for the car? Small cars looks good in white only …. Go fix your cycle first. Crazy. Rashida, you’ve been
blessed with God’s grace. Marvelous. I just received a
really nice proposal. Should I talk to them?
– Of course. What does the boy do? My son lives in London. He has his own business. Cars. Sales and Purchase. We’ve been receiving
proposals from London as well. Because our son looks
like a foreigner. But we don’t want a foreigner. We want someone local. Someone raised here. Aunty, those girls
are good for nothing. He’s my only brother. We want someone to look
after our home and our brother. And also cook food. So…will the girl go
to London after marriage? Sister…after the wedding whether
she goes to London, or anywhere else… …but she is no longer your family. By the way,
these days people are looking or NRIs. There’s a huge demand. That reminds me, father.
Let’s discuss the demands as well. Look here…doesn’t
seem nice saying this. But I had brought this list along. No, no, no need to be shy.
You can see it later. This is a tradition. This will save your time,
and ours too. If this proposal is final,
then reject the other proposals. Sister Rashida, we’re getting
so many proposals you know. I think I have seen you somewhere. He’s the guy. On the game show.
– I see… That’s amazing. Great. I was wondering I’ve
seen you somewhere. You played so well. Your wife has good luck. She won 25-kilo gold. 25 kilo.
– Yes. No need to give all the gold. Just 15-16 will do, isn’t it? Keep the rest for
your daughter-in-law. After all, she won it.
– We’ll manage everything. Don’t worry. Allah has blessed us with His grace. Sister when you’re prepared to give
everything, then it’s a yes from us. Congratulations.
Bring the sweets. Congratulations.
– Congratulations. Start making preparations. From now she’s our daughter. No-No-No! Mother… ‘The wedding preparations had begun.’ ‘Everyone from Narali’s
barber to confectioner was happy.’ ‘But aunt look happiest.’ I wish his father was still alive,
he would’ve been really happy. ‘Dead people are often remembered
only during festivals or weddings.’ Sister’s wedding was
like a mix bag of emotions …. Coming, uncle. Coming. Just a minute. ‘Some of the relatives…were too sweet’ Let me work as well.
She is my sister as well. Some salty … I’ve been sitting here since morning. But no one’s even asked me
for a glass of water or a cup of tea. Uncle, I’ll offer you tea and water. If you say so …. I will stop That’s more like it. Some totally jealous … burned … If you are giving that much dowry ..
an ass can get married … The girl deserves no credit. Its the first time someone
called me Baby without adding sister. You are so funny. I cannot wait anymore. Me neither. ‘Along with sister’s happiness,
her weight was piling up too.’ ‘But that wouldn’t make a difference.’ ‘The wedding was fixed.’ ‘The wedding was four days later.. and before that was
the ‘Henna ceremony’. ‘ Give me some space to get down. Everything is just amazing. What is this?
What happened? What has happened? What has happened? Who jinxed this happy home? Uncle. Come quickly.
– Allah… Allah… There was a fridge, Tv.
– What else? Gold too.
– Gold. How much gold?
– 25 kilo of gold. 25 kilo of gold. Are you out of your mind?
– No. He’s absolutely right.
He won it on Tv. Just take down our complaint.
Why are you stuck on 25-kilos? Just sit down.
– What’s going on there? Come here. I’ll take down your FIR. Come here. Go on. Hello. Hello. Who went on the show? Show off. I did, sir. Sit. Sit. How did you get there?
– Where? The show, where you won the stuff. On the bus. I mean how did you get a ticket? It’s a pass, not a ticket. Who has it?
– You have to send a message. Take this and send a message. Sir, just take down our FIR…
– Stop it. Done, sir. When will I get the pass? There’s no guarantee, sir. The pass is only given
to the one whose name.. ..is selected in the lucky draw. Then why did you waste my time? Lucky draw. Isn’t there any other way. Meaning bribe… It’s not a Police Station. Get up you rascal, you… Please leave him. Spare him. Javed, hold him and put him into lock up Spare him. Forgive me. Sir, please forgive him. He’s lost all his stuff. If you don’t find the stuff back, his
sister’s wedding will get canceled. We’re at your mercy. Come here. Apologise. Apologise. Apologise. Apologise. Forgive me. No need to apologize. Start saving money. What did you say? Police Station! We are very sad to hear. But you lost nothing. Just a few clothes. Our stuff was stolen. We’ll be embarrassed in
front of the entire community. They will say that there’s
some problem with their son… …that is why they
didn’t get any dowry. I apologize.
– Please, uncle. Brother Salim, please don’t leave. Uncle, Just sit down. Uncle, please… Brother Salim, please sit down.
Sit down. Sit down.
– Sit down. We sat down. What now? What do you want to say? Please don’t cancel the wedding. Just give me a couple of months. I promise I will give
you all the stuff I promised. Just a couple of months. These days you don’t even
get a goat on installments. And you’re talking about our son. Let’s go, uncle. Wasting our time. Brother, please reconsider. My daughter will die of this shock. You also have a daughter…. What is our fault? A calamity has befallen on our family. We were robbed. If the wedding’s canceled now,
then who will marry my sister. She will stay unmarried forever. No, mother. Our reputation is at stake here. Spare us. Brother Salim, please listen. Brother Salim.. Wait… ..please listen. Uncle, just a minute. I’m prepared to do anything you want.
– That’s more like it. Look, son.
You better gather the stuff for dowry. Or you can always give cash. Can you arrange for 2 million rupees? Do you accept? If you can arrange it, then
the wedding will commence as planned. I accept. That’s fine, but we have no surety. Let’s take the car keys. Bring the car keys. Congratulations. The wedding will go as planned. Let’s go. Come on. Even after selling everything we had,
this is all I could arrange for. And no one’s ready to
lend me money either, Meeru. What do I do? How do I arrange for
so much money overnight? Where do I get the
dowry for sister Baby? Meeru. I don’t know what to do, Meeru. There is one man…who can help us. Who? Hello. I’ve been
calling since morning. Please let me talk to him.
– Sister, I’ve been telling you.. ..that brother Aashiq isn’t here. Wait, just hold on. Sir.
Some lady on the phone. Says that you told her she
can call if she needs anything. I say that to everyone. Cut it off … Sir, poor girl is crying.
She’s crying a lot. Poor man. You try to help every other poor man.
– Sir. Sir. Please carry on.
– Please, sir. Hello.
– Hello. Who is this?
– Meerub speaking from Narali. I am in trouble.
– Meerub who? Narali. The daughter of Narali.
Remember. Yes, what do you want? Okay, you’ll get what you want. But, you must help me too. You’re the man. Dear, say yes. You’re looking like
a real Queen today. You took the right decision
by agreeing to my conditions. You see, in order to gain some,
you also have to lose some. You look really cute when you smile. I was wondering how
you will look while crying. Right, aunty? A woman crying is a common thing. The real fun is when a man cries. Shed some tears. A little melodrama. People should know how
a helpless brother looks like. And, I will handle the rest. Now get ready all of you. Get in the mood. Now get ready all of you. Get in the mood.
Quickly. Quickly. Four…Five…Six…
– Where is the washing machine? It’s right here. Does it have a dryer as well?
– Yes, it does. So many things. Oh my, God. In our whole family none of the guy get
that much dowry, we are lucky & Smart Now there will be a competition in family And free popularity ….. Just imagine, how much
I can get for our younger son. Brother Aashiq is here.
– The Tv people are here. Wow, …same clothes. Go on, dear. Take a picture. Give them a mobile. Brother Aashiq, we are Mister
and Mrs Chaudhary Shaukat. This is my son’s wedding? I see, so you’re the guy
who hit the jackpot. – What? Yes, …we raised our son
feeding him milk and cream. Milk and cream. Wow. Brother Aashiq, let’s take a selfie. This is a wedding,
take all the selfies you want. Let’s take a selfie of us. I don’t have the strength
to host today’s show. I don’t have the courage. I can’t do it. You see, no one can send off
their dear daughter without the dowry. Dowry adds glory to the wedding. But it is our channel XYZ
who added this glory to this wedding… …by your brother Aashiq Rafaqat. This wouldn’t have been a wedding,
it would be a mourning. Another daughter…would
be ready to commit suicide. Imagine the plight of a mother.. ..who would be sending
off her daughter in a casket… …instead of a palanquin. How would you feel? Son, thank you very much.
We’re indebted. For saving our honor. No-no-no, aunty. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Wipe these tears. Don’t shed them. Wipe these tears. Because it’s a joyous occasion. Don’t cry today. Okay. As you can see, when a mother’s
feelings can’t be expressed in words… …they come out in tears. But when she has a
daughter-in-law like her.. ..she is a lucky mother-in-law. Please tell me, Meeru,
when you called me and asked for help… …what was the situation in your home? What was the uproar in your house?
Please tell me. We had already lost everything. All we had was our honor. If you hadn’t helped us out,
then we would’ve lost that too. Raja tried his best, but he
couldn’t have gathered all this stuff. We’re indebted to you. When Raja failed,
the savior came to the rescue. This is Raja. He…is a brother who is weak. He’s feeble. He’s helpless and incapable as well. I… I became his savior. I took the responsibility
for his sister’s dowry. So tell me, Raja, if it wasn’t for me… …then what would’ve happened. If it wasn’t for this channel,
then what would’ve happened. If it wasn’t for this show, then what? Would your sister ever get married? Could your weak shoulders
carry this burden? Could you have protected
your reputation.. ..if your sister’s wedding
had been called off? Tell me, could you have
kept your reputation intact? Look in the camera and say it. I couldn’t have. I could never have. There are many more brothers like me.. ..who take help of loans
because they are weak. The walk a few steps, then they are.. ..crushed under the
weight of ‘interest’… …and lose their reputation as well. But you saved me. You took all my responsibility. No one in Narali could’ve
given this much dowry to his sister. You just increased the rate of men. The girl’s family will
be under more burden now. But you’re there. How many more weddings
can your channel perform? 100? 200? 300? There are a daughter
and sister in every home. Because this is more
of a business than a wedding. Now I understand… Now I understand why daughters
are treated like strangers. Take my daughter with jewelry. Take my daughter with cash. Take my daughter with the car. Take my daughter with the plot. For God’s sake take my daughter too. Everyone wants dowry,
no one wants the daughter. And while trying to gather the dowry,
the daughter gets overaged. But it’s our fault. It’s our fault. We think our daughter
will be happy with the stuff. But did we ever think whether
she will be happy with that man? Men try to be very selfless. Every selfless, but always
sleeps on the bed received in dowry. If you’re in need,
then ask for a loan, not dowry! No one asks for dowry. Neither the Law nor our religion.
No one. But everything goes here. Everything. And the relationship
where everything goes.. ..that relationship hardly prospers. If a female sells herself,
then she is a courtesan. But if the male does the same,
then he’s a groom. Stop this drama. This wedding is canceled. This wedding is over. What are you saying, Mr.
Chaudhary? I beg you. Please stop. This family will never be
able to face anyone. Think about it. What the hell is going on? Let’s go, Pops. Tony.
– My son. He got slapped.
– And I am relieved. Beat them up. Run. Pops, take me with you! Pops! Come here. Who’s going to return the car keys? Get lost. Leave. Pops. Forgive me. Let me go. Idiot.
Get out. Get lost. Live… Is it live? As you can see,
people have awakened against dowry. This is a new wave. The change has arrived. Sister is here… Aashiq!

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