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  1. I only came from beetlejuice bc I wanted to see lolita so I would understand "have you guys seen lolita this is just like that but fine"

  2. از این فیلم بدم میاد چون روزگار زن کوچولو لوس بودن خودمو بهم یادآوری میکنه وحشتناکه هنوز یه بچه ی اندازه ی خودمم هی گریه میکرد از این فیلم بدم میاد وسیله جنسی بودن وحشتناکترین بود

  3. وقتیکه گریه میکنه ازش بدم میاد از پدر وما رم بدم میاد منو یهویی تنها گذاشته بودن خونه همسر وما در شوهر منم

  4. Jeremy Irons is just way too hot to be disgusted by in this version. At least Kubrick used James Mason as Hum and Peter Sellers as Quilty. I still find what he does sick and sad, but he plays Hum a little bit more innocently than the book version or the Kubrick version.

  5. So whatever happened to the maid, when she said “I’m leaving, I’ll be back later” did she mean minutes, hours, months, years? What happened to the house? I read the novel but a few years ago and cannot recall these details.

  6. I knew an almost identical Lolita. She was well aware 'of her awesome power', enjoyed attention of older men and boys alike, worse provocative clothing and make-up. She was really nice girl inside, it's just her awareness of how she affected the opposite gender made her proud of that 'power', like she would lower her already low cut pants when passing by a guy or in the public beach would go to be next to boys, or once when I pointed out that her uncle (HER UNCLE!) was staring at us sunbathing, she would lower her bikini bottom and would reply "So what?". Girls, we have the beauty and the power but when you play with fire, it can burn you and leave you scared for the rest of your lives! Thank god there aren't many Humberts in reality but it only takes one to destroy you. This girl grew out of such phase and has a pretty ordinary and normal life. But it could have gone so wrong if she fell to such sickos. So please don't throw gasoline onto such fires.

  7. Lol if I was her and a man slapped me I’d pretend to forgive him, then chop his fucking hand off while he’s sleeping

  8. this movie or this story is full of sin and shame and its bad what is this disgusting what kind of story this writer did he need a hospital because of his sick mind

  9. I feel like I’m this she was made out to be kind of a slut of u know what I mean, very flirty but I don’t like she rlly was that flirty. It’s just something I thought while watching it

  10. At first she thought it was fun flirting with him but she didn’t realise how serious he was about having her to himself

  11. This movie is beautiful and it shows the various personalities that fan he brought out by people through different situation

  12. دورت على الروايهههه وتوني الاقي الفيلم
    خخ ما لقيتها في المكتبه التونسيه

  13. I'm only fifteen minutes in, but the juxtaposition of Humbert's vintage, strapping-young-man archetype of decades before him and Lo just being a literal child immersed in the culture of the era? It's even more jarring.


    ඇඳීම විට එය සැබෑ පියා බිලී ඇලන් ඔහු විකට සහ

  15. Despite the bad things like pedophillia and abusive behavior, we can also see how Lolita forgave her step dad. It was a sacrifice and indeed a brave thing to do if you had been abused like that

  16. I personally want Iris Apatow to cast as Lolita once this movie gets another remake.. Who do you want?

  17. Ok but am i the only person that thinks it's hella weird that her school talks about her sexual maturity like what kinda school discusses smth like this with parents or even cares about it?

  18. Goddamn this movie boggles my mind so much. Maybe its because I'm only 16 so I almost experienced it from Lo's point of view, but Jesus it was shocking. I have no clue how to move on from this movie, like it literally stopped me in my tracks. I want answers but I don't even know what questions I have. Jesus I need to lay down

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