Longwood Show Season V Episode 4 (Finding a New Roommate)

Longwood Show Season V Episode 4 (Finding a New Roommate)

(INTRO UPBEAT MUSIC) Ok, so on this episode on the Longwood Show we wanted to bring you guys in on a personal problem that we have. Our other roommate has left us, and so now we are looking for a new roommate. We are going to interview a couple people. And we even made flyers. Here comes the first one actually. (MUSIC) Hi. Hey guys, I was just eating my lunch. Ok so tell us what do you like to do for fun. (MUSIC) I don’t really have fun. I just like being alone mostly. I really like to dust too. And vaccuum! I like to go people watching. Walking, talking, sleeping. Sleeping? I really like to do my hair. I don’t, I mean, its kind of time consuming and I really enjoy it. Your hair? That’s what you do for fun? (MUSIC) Next question, could you tell us if you are a morning person or a night person? Person of the night, I don’t really go out during the day. I can adapt. Definitely a morning. You know, I idolize Snow White and how she can just like sing to animals. And like, I really, like that’s what I have been working towards. Morning, night, it doesn’t really matter to me I just like to go-go-go! I find that it is easier to sneak into the forbidden forest at night. Ok. (MUSIC) Here is a toughie, ok are you ready for this one? Do you prefer Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus? I thought they were like the same person. I think Hannah Montana. Yeah, Miley is, Miley kinda dirty. (“PARTY IN THE USA” SONG PLAYING) Are you joking? No. Does it look like we’re joking… No we’re not joking. (MUSIC) Next question. Let’s see. Describe yourself in three words. Not a muggle. B-F-F. Dark, non-conformist, and cuddly. Cuddly? Yeah. What kind of TV shows do you usually like to watch? Well what kind of TV shows do you like? I like comedy. Like what kinds of comedy? Like domestic comedy? I don’t know, yes. Yeah, well I mean like comedy. You know because I’m real easy to get along with. That’s good. (MUSIC) Can you tell us some of your likes and dislikes? I really dislike dust. Lint. Mold. Touch screen phones for sure are a must. And keyboards, and T-9. You know, I don’t-I don’t like to slow down! He who must not be named. That’s kind of – that’s kind of personal I don’t… I mean but if we’re gonna live with you, we kind of need to know things that you like or don’t like. I think I’m a pretty like easy-going person ok. Like I don’t think there is anything about me that someone wouldn’t like. (MUSIC) Would you consider yourself to be a people person? People person? Yeah? Oh yea, I love meeting new people, making friends. We’ll be B-F-F’s for sure! Duh, like the best! Haven’t you gotten that out of this whole interview? I mean we have really, like, I think we have mingled pretty well and we mesh. No, I hate the living. Ok. Yeah, don’t call us, we’ll call you ok? Thanks, see ya. Your room is the one, third floor? No, we’re moving. We live in Lancaster. No, no we’re moving. We’re moving to Philadelphia. Yeah. Thank you though. I feel like my flyer was a magnet for the weirdos. I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I just feel like we’re gonna have to live with this person and so it needs to be someone we get along with. We can’t live with a creeper. (MUSIC) Hi, excuse me I saw this flyer outside are you guys still looking for a roommate? Yeah. Are you guys still doing interviews? No, yeah, yeah come on in please. So tell us a little bit about yourself. Well I’m a full-time student at Longwood. Pretty normal girl. I like to relax with friends and have fun. Ok, well tell us about your lifestyle. I’m pretty busy, I like to stay involved. And I’m also really into my schoolwork. I tutor three days a week. I just have one last question, when can you move in? Well we thought that we weren’t gonna find a roommate, but it turns out that we found the perfect one! I thought it was gonna be easy all along. So the interviews worked out, you know we really lucked out this year. I think its gonna be a great time in Longwood-managed housing. (LAUGHTER) (CLOSING MUSIC) I also enjoy Disney Playhouse. (LAUGHTER) Kyle! (CLOSING MUSIC)

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