LOOK AWAY Official Trailer (2018) India Eisley, Teen Horror Movie HD

LOOK AWAY Official Trailer (2018) India Eisley, Teen Horror Movie HD

It’s a jungle out there. {Narrator} You sure you want to go to school looking like that? “What?” (Daughter replies). {Students’ chattering, laughing} I didn’t really mean to do that. “Maria” (voice calls). Who are you? “You don’t remember me?” Hg, Ahh! We have a screwed up daughter. She has no friends. He’s mine, you know? She has no confidence. This is your time to shine. I can fix things. Let me help you. Trust me. Let me be there for you. “Good morning, Ice Queen.” What? I’m not fun anymore? Pent up. You’re dead. Why are you doing this? Self-improvement. “I’m sorry.” I’m not. “I want out.” But, they’ve sinned. It’s time they’ve growth by.” Forgive me. See me.

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  1. She always plays the odd one out in movies. She's really pretty. I like the soundtrack that played with the trailer. Sorry, but that made me want to watch. update: I watched it. It's a decent movie, just like in the trailer the father is a douche and her friend is not. No wonder she "turned" all these people around her that treated her badly. Not one ally.


  3. Man, needed some inspiration?! Holy Plagiarism?!?! Watch my POC film "REFLECTIONS ~ FEAR THE MIRROR" before you wrote this one? If you need ideas, I'm willing to work w/you rather than you stealing my ideas and concepts. Holy Shit Man!!! #Reflections #Plagiarism #ConceptTheft #VerticalEntertainment #Thievery #Thief

  4. even when you have a pretty face, perfect body if you still have no confidence stay with your little acne, having no friends make you as weird as hell. Maybe other people might not bully you but I think they do in their mind and pity for you also they don't care when you trying to socialize with them. in my opinion, this girl's bad side revenge on people who bullied her but actually real life bad side of this girl is reminding me that we just take care and improving ourselves to stop other people's bad attitude. If you still being silent and weak of course other people trying to bully you in different ways so just learning to be strong shine yourself hha 🙂 idk it's just my opinion

  5. Internet says she is 5 3 to. 5 feet 4. No way… in the series I am the Night she looked at least 5 7 to 5 8 .. maybe it's just her long legs that makes her look so tall

  6. The only good thing about this movie was India Eisley's looks, she looked gorgeous in that prom dress to be honest…apart from that the story plot was really really weak, the execution of scenes were below average….no for one second it looked like a horror movie, it looked as directors were more into putting love making scenes

  7. Being weird is awesome, btw there's no such thing as "Normal".

    Being normal just means having to behave in a certain manner accepted by the majority. Like following a trend and not choosing to be original.

  8. Mama is a Transgender….littel Girl is a Transgender….Papa is Mama…Wellcome to Trannywood….😂😂😂😂😂😎

  9. I don't understand why someone as pretty as her would be cast as someone who is bullied/an outcast. She is beautiful. In real life she would be very popular.

  10. I cant believe theres such a thing called teen horror movie but on the other hand this looks good just teen horror movie really ? Even tho they are teen some are kids and give fked up dreams for life that makes them messed up

  11. I was bullied at school by some bitchy girls who were jealous of me because i was pretty..one.but i was quiet lacked confidence i was just too sweet dont get me wrong had some great freinds but i remb the bad times .after I watched this film i wish i could go back in time and teach those bitches a lesson.and kick some ass…..i think all girls and guys should watch this film before they start high school.being pretty can make you a target in school..

  12. This is like a combination of Carrie, black swan and mirrors. Which in turn means I loved it. Also like black swan, you don’t really know what’s real and what’s not.

  13. Tbh am I the only one who thinks that the song Copycat by Billie Eilish would go great with this trailer or movie? Yeah, it's just me I'll go.

  14. It should say based on a true story because most females have a little shady sinister bitch on the inside. Surprised some can even look at themselves in the mirror without getting disgusted. Don't fall for the superficial charm because in the long run the booty ain't worth it. Do like you would a penny stock…
    pump n dump Haha

  15. Sorry Kriten Stewart, but the lead actress in this movie would have been better in the "Twilight" movies as Bella.

  16. in reality, if a mega attractive girl is getting bullied hundreds of white knights will come rushing down to help and I'll most likely be one of those white knights lol

  17. Shit, that was so sad I feel badly. Maria error victim, she don't deserve this…

    She in other side look bad but she never be bad. she did the right thing

  18. I love her eyes •_• I can tell this movie is shit but I’ll still watch it 😂 what kind of idiot bullies a cute girl???

  19. It's a phsycological thriller. So, it's her inner devil that grows active. We all have our own. I think it's not her twin but her own evilness.😈

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