LOONEY TUNES BIGGEST COMPILATION: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and more!

LOONEY TUNES BIGGEST COMPILATION: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and more!

spanich (Music) Gwetings music wovers (laughs) Fiwst, we will heaw a wawtz, wwitten By Johann Stwaus. (laughs) And as we heaw the whythmic stwings of the haunting weight lane wissen to the whispewing whythm of the woodwinds as is wolls awound and awound, and comes out here *boing* (laughs) LA VIE OU FERME TA BOUCHE *The Waltz by Johann Stwaus (Music) *angry squeaking* *NOPE* wut??? *both laughing retardly* (dafuq) end me *The Waltz ends* Wasn’t that crap? And now we will present the beautiful “Blue Danub” (laughs) Hey stop it, stop it! Oh, stop it! Cut it out! I don’t wanna, I tell ya, I don’t wanna do it! Oh, there’s nothin’ to it… I won’t do it again, I won’t do it again! Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute… Ohhhh, I don’t want no part of it… Listen! You wanna eat, don’t you? Yeah, shrek I wanna eat I love to eat
Well then, go up and get that bird out of that nest, and we’ll eat! But I don’t wanna hurt no bird I like birds I’d go hungry first… What’s the matter affraid cat? This is only a tiny little bird You mean a poor little -incy-vincy-itzi-pitzi defensless bird? YES! Let me out ’em!
……… Don’t hold me back! I’ll get’em! I’ll show’em Come on put your foot, get up that lad Don’t push me Babbit Don’t push me! I’m scared to go up high, I get highdrophobia I don’t wanna keep going Don’t push me You can’t make me do it You can’t make me do it He did it Come on stupid, get the bird Oooooooh! Give me the bird! Give me the bird! I give him the bird alright Babbit! Ba- ba- ba- babbiiiiiit ! Woaaaaaah Babbiiit!! Hey Babbit look: stilts *whistle* Help! Help! Babbit! Here I go again, catch me ! Help ! Hey I’m going to die Help! Save me! Help! Hey, how did you get your way up here? Say Babbit, are you sure this thing is gonna be okay? Of course, of course ! Everything is under control Don’t push me down in a box Babbit Please don’t do it, don’t do it! Hey Babbit! Oh Babbit! Babbit! Babbiiiit ! What’s the matter now? I’m affraid of the dark Well I’ll let you out then I thought I taw a putty tat I did! I taw a putty tat! BOOM! Oooh the pu- putty tat, he punched on his ugly face Edocrmmm, pardon me Fresh out of carrots *Singing* Low bridge I live here. That’s my home. Hehe Look doc, do I go around nailing signs over your house!? Do I?! There’s still such a thing as private property you know! Give me the inalienable right of the sanctity of a home?! Forgive me, my friend. Um, do you like blackberry pie? Eh, no no. Ehh, did you say blackberry pie? Yum, yummy. Well, have some!!! Hahahahahahaha What a dumb bunny!!! Hahahahaha Of course you realize this means war… (Music) And now, from the empty hat, I will preshdagetush Uh, prushdageshuf Uh, presdatagite Ehh, pull…a live rabbit…yeah…hehehehehe Roota, voota, soot!! And observe, a rabbit!! Yes, hehehe Guess who?? You! Yeah it’s me! (breathes heavily) You didn’t expect to see me again? Go away please! You dumb rabbit/bunny, you are ruining my act! Wrong, doc! I’m gonna “help you!” Emm, let’s see now umm. You was trying to preshdagetush, uh prushdageshuf, uh presdatagite Eh, pull a rabbit out of the hat. Roota, voota, zoot! Carrot? Ooo, yes yes… Eh come out and get the nice carrot, pretty bunny. Ah!! I got him! On the contrary, I got you! *Singing* Eh ladies and gentlepeoples. For my next illusion, I will require the assistance of a small boy from the audience. I shall be happy to assist you sir! I shall now attempt to run razor-sharp swords through the basket. *whispers* There’s nothing to fear, it’s a trick! The swords do not penetrate! No! Ohh agony! Ohhhhhhh agony agony agony!! Does it hurt very much, sorry boy? One two three four five six seven eight nine ten, RED LIGHT!! One two three four five six seven, RED LIGHT!! One two three four five, RED LIGHT!! One, RED LIGHT!! *speaking French* What a performance! What a performance!! Hahahaha If I do it, I get a whipping! I do it!! *singing* Good morning, good morning! Wake up everybody, wake up everybody! Have you had your tasty toastie this morning? Good for you! And now from…ah ah ah ah ah ah! Don’t touch that dial! And now for our morning exercises! Open those windows, take a deep breath… *smash* Eggbert!! Eggbert!! Hey Eggbert!! Hey, on your toes boy!! We’ve got to catch a spy. Come on!! We’ll track him down in the plank (jail). Come on, let’s go! Come on Eggbert! Hurry up!! Say, have you seen a spy around here? Does he look like this? Yeah, that’s him! No, I have not seen him!! Say, I bet that’s the… *loud sneeze* Hahahaha, now at 3 o’ clock, KABLOOM!! Hey you!! Stand up! I bet you’re that… Then I’m not so sure that you’re Porky Pig either! There’s your license! Can’t you see the white line? There’s the fire! Move along!! You know? I’m really getting suspicious of that guy! Hey pig! It is one minute to three! Do you see that little bag? Do you mean that one? Yes!! At exactly three o’ clock, that little…AHHH!! yeah!! You know, that guy sure does act suspicious! And that thing ticks just like a…um… A BOMB!!! Oh that’s alright, that’s just my little old heart YIKES!!! I knew it! I knew it!! This dog-gone imitation thing! It never works!! Never never works!! Weeheehee!! It works!! It works! It works!! Hahahaha It works!! Hahaha it works! Hail Hitler!!! That’s all folks!! Gee, am I hungry. I could eat a saber tooth tiger Well anyway, half of one. Well, this isn’t getting me breakfast. *whistle* Here Fido! Well…thanks. Now come on! I’m famished!! Well, I’ll bet you’re cranky before breakfast too. BE QUIET!!! Hmmm. Yum yummy, my favorite vegetable! Duck! Gosh! That duck acts like he’s crazy! That is correct! Absolutely one hundred percent correct!! So that’s the way it is eh? Alright then! Fine then…no swimming. Other caveman get to go swimming but I never get to do anything. Well, what are you looking at?! Don’t just stand there, do something!!! Now go get him!!! The big hummocks Well, now isn’t that clever? The hunter’s helper. Now come on!! Not bad for a guy that’s never taken a lesson in his life. Wait here. Here you are buddy! Gee! Thanks a lot! Well just what I wanted! A duck breakfast! Gee, I can hardly wait! Come on Fido! Gee, we’re almost there! Wow! You know, maybe that wasn’t such a hot idea after all. Good night, folks. (music) (theme music) “Daffy-the Commando” (Talking to self in German) (More confusing German) (Plane flies overhead) Put out those lights! (Orchestral music plays) (Shadow Puppets) (whistles) Say, leocranz. What time is it? When you hear the tone, it will be exactly 6:45. And one quarter. Shulz! (music military) (bang) Six forty-five and one quarter. May I present you our little token of esteem. For me? Thank you, thank you! (danke schön,danke schön) Well ! Just a little going away present Well see you around ! Shulz ! Bang ! going up and down noise HELP HELP CHILDREN Why don’t they let me sleep (laughs) engels & nederlands looney

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  1. Both my parents were classically trained singers who didn't develop a silly streak until these cartoons came. Their personal favorite was "what's opera doc" in the late 80's when videos started showing up. Couldn't find it. Then came the early days of the internet in the late 90s. Still no luck. Sorry I could never give that cartoon, but today's young people brought up with technology don't get that most often this even possible 20 years ago.

  2. If my generation grew up with this like i did they wouldnt be playing fortnite constantly like the cringy kids they are, this generation sucks.

  3. Why did it take this long to get that in the first proto-Tweety cartoon, the cats are Abbot and Costello?

  4. not only did I grow up on these toons but it's very likely they shaped my wacky personality -Lets face it, for most of us kids growing up in the 60s the saturday morning cartoons
    were our babysitters our playmates and I guess for me – they were major influencers I couldn't eat a carrot without imitating ole bugs in fact I could imitate a lot of the voices and when I'm feeling silly I still lapse into character To ensure my kids, born in the 80's & 90s would be up to speed I kept a classic 3hr looney tunes video that we used to whip out to entertain the kids on on our car vcr player everytime we
    took a long road trip they started as a captive audience and now they too are true tuners- these images are engraved for their generation and hopefully many to come Long Live the Looney Tunes (and the little Rascals too)

  5. Rtyjzjrhtkrthet(j’y§jeejryt,uuyruj’yjt;rush§reury§jr5yje§’u comme ça c’est pas que ça à quatre ça tu es pas bien quoi quoi quoi

  6. This is great and all but the Maker of this video repeated a lot of the same cartoons in this video to get that 4 hour length.

  7. 4:06:53 Ok to be honest that was a very d*ck move on bugs part because all they want to do is at least have a little meat on that chicken.

  8. I miss my school days. 😭 every morning I would watch this and my mom would dress me up for school 😭😭

  9. A classic it will never die once u watch it u can't stop watching it and it just keep u laughing it's not like the cartoons that out now

  10. My little cousin like this show so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    The angel lion with wings is amazing. It's cute and fun.😍💜🧡💙🙋‍♀️

  11. Whenever I get off of work I decompress by watching Looney Tunes. They are timeless and make everything a little bit better.

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