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  1. It is really hard for me to believe that we still in 2017 have this
    amazing creatures captured! Human greed for money will never die! I also
    blame all the visitors because if people would not visit such parks
    ,animals could live happily in the wild!This is so sad!

  2. Maybe in five years Loro parque can trade tekoa to port of Nagoya public aquarium in trade for earth to breed orcas successfully but maybe if malvina gets found from her location maybe she can join Adan and Morgan

  3. Keep up the good work! People don't appreciate what they can not see. These trainers are doing amazing things with these animals & raising lots of $$$ for conservation & study of these animals in the wild.

  4. These animals weren't captured, they're all 2nd and 3rd generation bred in human care, except for Morgan, who was rescued and whose only other option was death.

  5. Please lock the trainers and visitors away in cages and train them tricks and if they don't want to, then punish them. Just like they do it to the animals

  6. Those dorsal fins should be rigid ,a big animal that size needs the open ocean🌎🌍🌏🐳🐋🐬

  7. Smets Myriam

    honteux, honteux, honteux, ces magnifiques créatures ne devraient pas se trouver là mais dans l'océan, j'ai honte d''être humaine quand je vois cela? Honte à vous messieurs psychopathes qui vous faites du fric sur ces animaux sans aucun scrupule. On sait tous ce qui se passe dans vos parcs derrière vos belles images. De grâce arrêtez de payer pour enrichir leur bourreau , allez plutôt les voir dans leur environnement. achetez le dvd " blackfish" et vous verrez ce qu'il se passe réellement dans ces parcs.

  8. Please please please do not support this animal cruelty. It is not ok and not the trainers are not doing a great job. It sadens me to read that people think it is ok to breed them and that it makes it less cruel as they have never seen the ocean. Would you do the same to your kids? If yes, then I guess it is ok. But if you would treat your kids differently then it is not ok. Just use commen sense. We seem to have unlearned to use common sense these days and to feel empathy.

  9. Im in love with Orca's, They are beautiful creatures and should not try to be killed (The orcas were not captured! they were endangered and are now safe!)

  10. Rutschen,Wasserspiel etc. Aber keine LebendeTiere in eine Badewanne. Nur für wenig Inteligente. Freilassen in die Freiheit, es gibt doch sehr große natürliche Buchten.

  11. Hi, you are right the animals, special dolphins must be free, they are so special and too intelligent for such kind of shows.

  12. It amazes me that people still go to theses places and think this is okay. The animals are abused and treated horribly just to do some stupid tricks that are ridiculous. If your going to seaworld or any of these places you must have researched online.I cannot believe theses places are still open. You are literally paying your hard earned money to watch abused animals and your money is keeping them abused and paying the abusers.

  13. Hi, Great video. Would you be interested in an affiliation? Please send me an email to discuss if you are interested.

  14. An absolute disgrace that in 2019 these mammals are in captivity. There is a wide ocean surrounding Tenerife and that’s where they should reside. Shame on Spain and Tenerife for prolonging these creatures captivity.

  15. Please stop all this nonsense and how do you know the orca is not happy in the park. Do you speak orca language? If you have pets at home free them all. Excuse is they are domesticated, please u speak your pet language? Oh looking at their action show my pet happy. Same thing with these orcas in captivity. Ya the show blackfish said captive orca are medicated and bored to death. House pet when they are sick, no need go to see a vet and get medication! When the house pet they not bored when we out busy schooling or working. What give them some toys they be happy? Why don't do that to your human child, put them in playpen with toys. See what will happened in a few hours. How do you know your pet is happy with you in captivity in your home. Same thing with these orcas and dolphins are they happy out into the sea where they got to hunt for food and risking their lives being hunted as well. Same as our pet these orcas and dolphins feel safe and easy excess of food, no need to hunt for food like our house pet. Just look at Keiko released to the sea ended his life alone by looking for human companion in Denmark. Keiko I believed if he could speak, he would said why human so cruel domesticated him then abandoned him back to the wild begging for food in Denmark and died of pneumonia. Please don't judge others as when we do we pointed fingers to ourselves. We don't speak their language, we don't know what they thinking. As we human don't even know what other people are thinking if they don't share them to you. We don't even know what our own family are thinking of each other. We don't come to conclusions that these animals are abused and not happy. Start with our house pet, release them said they are free. See what will happen to them. If I were the pet dog, I will said stupid master I better find another master knows how to care and feed me. Not setting me free to the street like beggars and rats scavenging in rubbish piles looking for food. We humans do not want to be lock out from the comfort of our home. What do you think about your pet and animals in captivity? Please don't judge by looking at one sided story. We will never know how the animals feel. They are happy or not we don't know, as long as we buy tickets and these money will support their food and health. See to it that these orcas as long as they well fed and well taken care of for the rest of their lives instead of criticizing don't buy tickets . Eventually we are the killer , not saving these captive animals. Probably these animals love us to visit them and spend some time there with them. As we humans love friendship than total abandonment. The parks don't make money, the animals won't eat, no visitors to cheer up these animals, no attention given. Look at poor Keiko on his last year released to the wild cause the foundation have no more money to care for him. Died miserable out in cold Danish port begging for food and attention from us humans. Which way is better? Every business needs to make profits ok. Our company we worked in don't make money, do you think the company can run smoothly and paid us to put food on our tables and a comfort of our home? Please enough of giving such a judgement to these place. At the end if no one goes not only the parks suffer. The animals will suffer the most!!! Think for this animals wellbeing and keep them alive and healthy. We visit the parks to learn about marine live and keep them alive. Without us pay to visit them, these animals will died in starvation and loneliness.

  16. One of the most disgusting things I have ever seen, especially the orcas! How can people actually watch this and pay money for this without overthinking what kind of cruel shit they are supporting?

  17. Everyone shut up about animal cruelty and about these animals getting captured they wernt captured they were all endangered and were saved so if anything the animals are happy otherwise they would show bad behaviour I've been here myself and you can see the animals live it because there's food involved lol my only problem is that the orcas should have a bit more room than they do at tenerife as they are top predators or the oceans and weight thousands of pounds but otherwise these animals love it so if u don't understand then keep your mouth shut

  18. There's one other problem which is the orcas that have collapsed dorsal fins but most people misunderstand and judge seaworld for this bit and don't actually know what this means so every orca male in captivity has 1 they also have it because they have no place to swim and this is an issue because male orcas go up to tens of thousands of pounds the only other reason these beautiful animals have this is because they have an u natural diet of dead fish but seaworld claims that this is natural which it is for male orcas in captivity but seaworld have said that it is a common condition while in captivity however in the wild it rarely ever happens so if u did see this in the oceans it would mean that the orca is either unhealthy or injured but hey I'm not the expert but some of u may think well why did u just write all this on a seaworld video well this was to get the truth out and correct people on there misjudgement on how these lovely animals actually get treated thank you and goodbye for now

  19. No apoyen estos parques de esclavitud animal por favor 🥺🥺🥺😣 liberenles !!!

  20. Vaya puta discoteca. No creo que un animal esté a gusto con eso, si hasta molesta el ruido con solo verlo por vídeo. Horrible. Pobres animales

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  23. No se que opinar de este video, soy partidario de la libertad de los animales, aunque conozco el sitio y se que los cuidan genial, habria que preguntarle a esos animales si quieren estar ahi, ojala se pudiera, pero a veces no hace falta, la mirada dice mas que las palabras

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