Love Aaj Kal – Official Trailer | Kartik, Sara, Randeep, Arushi | Imtiaz Ali | Dinesh Vijan | 14 Feb

Love Aaj Kal – Official Trailer | Kartik, Sara, Randeep, Arushi | Imtiaz Ali | Dinesh Vijan | 14 Feb

What the hell’s going on? What’s on your stupid bloody mind? You reject me. You refused to sleep with me.
Now you keep following me. You’re not just any girl.
How to put it? You’re special. Must I spell it out? So what’ll you do?
Stupid! – I mean…
– Go on, talk! Why you following me? – I won’t anymore.
– Did I tell you to stop? – No.
– So? Yes, I’m wrong. You be wrong too. Come, let’s get it wrong again. Leena, I’m very serious about you. I won’t ever leave you. You could’ve said that on the phone. – Come, let’s elope!
– Get lost! If you feel I’m bothering you… …I’ll go away. My career is everything to me. What happened? Being with only one man
and loving him all your life… …is not natural. What? Follow your heart today. Hey you two! This is not a *******! What the hell did you say? *******! The stage is all set!
Do it with a twist! Would you like to break dance? The one thing you knew
you’d never do… …you realize you do it one day.
Just like that. We’ll sort it out. It’ll never get sorted, Veer. What is it, Zoe? You’ve started to bother me. I’ll never be able to strike a balance
between my career and you. I can compromise in a relationship,
but not with you. I want all of you, Zoe. The inside one, outside one, career one,
family one. Full! Be with me fully… …or don’t be with me at all. Eyes meet, hearts meet It’s the same story,
just the eras change. Do you get attracted to girls? Yeah. Don’t you get attracted to boys? Yeah. I feel like drinking petrol too!

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  1. I agree the story doesn’t seem original and also on some parts Sara’s acting is over the top…but I also think she is looking good in most of the other scenes…maybe when we see the context her acting would fit….looks like her character is suppose to be bold, loud, confident, over the top etc… I am willing to give the movie a chance….

    Made by Tukde Tukde Gang to destroy normal simple relationships.
    Kartik Tiwari is sasti copy of Ranbir, who himself is sasti copy of SRGAY.
    Sara Ali Khan sounds like a 47 year old menopausal women.
    Imtiaz Ali is flop director and best friend of Hindu Hater Anurag Kashyap.
    Better watch simple south love stories like 96, Geetha Govindam, Comali.
    Fuck Bollywood.

  3. When she says yeh shortout nahi hoga veer…tum mujhe tung krne lge ho….i was like isse achi acting to tv serials ki kaam wali bai kr leti h🤣🤣🤣

  4. Really? You could have at least changed the theme a bit. Same 2 timeline shit. I have never been so bored by a trailer lol

  5. The only thing good about this trailer was Aahun Aahun song and wtf is the last dialogue about man, so cringe 😂😂😂😂👋

  6. Ek dum Guu hai gu trailer bakwaas hai
    Pakka flop jaigi
    Sala pata nhi kya chutiyapa plzzz pel rkhe hain trailer me sala 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  7. Saif : I wish Sara still a fat girl so ppl wont see her bra or more!
    disgusting i cant see any India here except for the saree

  8. Movie to barbaad kar di ab to memes ka hi sahara hai😭😭😭saale pagal ho gye ye Bollywood wale. that aahun aahun song

  9. What has happened to Sara's acting skills when I first saw her in kedernath she was really good in that movie but in this one she sucks…Sara was soo overpraised by everyone …

  10. So let me get this straight, Imtiaz ne na naam badla hai movie ka, na story line, aur na hi songs. Matlab hum bc chutiye hai jo wohi chutiyap story dekhenge dubara se.

  11. Sara to Saif Ali Khan – Papa kaisi lagi Meri acting
    Saif – rehne do beta mat poocho mere Andar ka langda tyagi na jaag jaae😜😅🤣

  12. Sara said 1:39 ye sort out nahi hoga veer
    Me – Baaki sab sort out baad mein karna pehle apni acting sort out karlo😅🤣😜

  13. Bavaasir 😒😒😒😵😵
    Not expected this sh*t from Sara and imtiaz ali (WTFfffffffffff) 😤😤😤🤮🤮😡😡😡😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  14. Ok I personally cringed at this trailer 😂 but I think I will watch it with few drinks for few laughs when its available for free lol

  15. मैं भगवान/अल्लाह/वाहेगुरु से प्रार्थना करूँगा के ये फ़िल्म इतनी बुरी तरह फ्लॉप हो जाए के आने वाले समय में कोई भी डायरेक्टर रीमेक बना करअच्छी फिल्मो का सत्यानाश ना करे

  16. Kartik to audience – ye Dekho Meri nayi movie
    Audience to kartik – Bhai movie Teri baad mein dekhenge pehle tu har movie mein pyaar ka punchnama waali acting karna band kar

  17. Not even gonna lie I hate remakes judwaa 2 coolie no 1. Love aaa kal2 student of the year 2. Shit films 🍼🍼🍼😅😂

  18. Ranbir Kapoor to kartik – copycat
    Kartik – kaun main?
    Ranbir – haan chutiye tu.
    Kartik – oooh pehle samajh nhi aaya, jab chutiya bola tab samajh aaya

  19. Sara to kartik – you have more experience than me. Teach me some acting
    Kartik – ok
    Kartik after teaching her.. ACTION!!!!!
    Sara – 1:43
    Kartik – rehne de behen mujhe bhi thodi bahut hi aati hai kahi mein woh bhi na bhul jau

  20. That's like against the bollywood rule
    But this is LOVE AAJ KAL
    PR sabne kahan dwkhi hai vo 😄😄
    And one more thing
    This story is not for all 🤣🤣🤣

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