Love Doesn’t Have Secrets – “Beautifully Insecure” – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

Love Doesn’t Have Secrets – “Beautifully Insecure” – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

(somber piano music) (upbeat R&B music) – Leanna? Are you okay?
– Oh, I’m sorry. I’m fine. – I’m talkin’ too much, huh,
yeah I’m talkin’ too much. Look, you go ahead. – I have something to tell you. – [Man] Okay. – I just don’t know how
you’re gonna take it. – [Man] Shoot. – I have alopecia. – Alopecia? You mean like
hair-loss alopecia? – [Leanna] Right. – Oh. – [Leanna] I knew you was
gonna have a problem with this. – No, no, it’s cool, Leanna. My cousin actually has it. It’s completely cool. So are you like, fully bald, or? – I could show you. – Whoa, yeah, that’s
not necessary. (somber piano music) – Are you okay? – [Man] I’m cool,
I’m cool, yeah. Completely cool. – [Leanna] Are you sure?
You look a bit knackered. – Yeah, no no, I’m good, great. Actually I need to run to
the restroom right quick, so if you could go over
there and wait for me? I’ll be right back. Food, you know? – Brandon? Bye. (smooth R&B music) – [Radio DJ] Hey, it’s midday
on the North Carolina coast. Wanna give a huge shout-out
to Mrs. Smith’s Salon, off Shipyard Boulevard. – Girl. I got this new girl working
here, her name is Nelly. Man, her hair looks horrible! How are you gonna work in a
salon and your hair looks worse than the people
that’s comin’ in here? – (laughs) Miss Smith,
you really need to stop. – It’s true, then she
had the nerve to ask me if she could get
her paycheck early so she could bail her
boyfriend out of jail? I mean, what kind
of mess is that? – I hope you don’t tell
my business like that. – No and even if I wanted to, you don’t give me
enough to work with. I’ve got nothin’. I’ve known you and your
mom for a while now. Neither one of you told me
when you first found out about alopecia. – There are just some
things in my life I’d rather not talk about. – I know and I get that. But sometimes, girl, you
just gotta let it out. You’ve gotta get it
off your cleavage. Both of ’em. – Get it off my chest? – [Sophia] Yes, ma’am. (Leanna sighs) – Well, when I
was around nine… – Hurry, your bus
is coming, hurry. (suspenseful atmospheric music) – Did your mother say anything
to you when you got home? – Actually, no,
she didn’t have to. A few days later we were
in my bedroom and… – Leanna?
(muffled sobs) Leanna? Leanna? Leanna, what’s the matter? (Leanna sobs)
(melancholic string music) – [Leanna] And that’s
where it all started. Then there were the kids
from school, the neighbors, the comments, not to
mention the relationships. – Oh, Mrs. Smith is
truly sad for you, but that’s all in the past now. You don’t need to
worry about that. What you need to
do is focus on God and that handsome man
he’s gonna bring you. – God, yes. A man, well, I’m not quite
ready for that right now. – I know but don’t you give
up on what God has in store for you, because sometimes
it’s not about you. I mean, you act like you
lost an arm or somethin’. Just get over it. – See, that’s just it. People are always
saying “get over it.” But it’s not that easy! Everywhere you look, your
hair, it’s your beauty. It defines you, but what
about us who don’t have it? – I’m gonna tell you one thing, if you use that
tone with me again, alopecia’s gonna be the
last of your worries. – [Leanna] I’m sorry. – Now. (upbeat R&B music) – What is he doing? Will you please move? Did he fall off the trolley? – Hey. So what’s your name? – I’m sorry, I have somewhere
very important to go. – Come on, just
tell me your name. I gotta know. – I’m sorry. – I just wanna know who you are. – Why? – [Man] ‘Cause I’d
be a fool not to. (Leanna chuckles) – Um, I’m sorry. (bittersweet orchestral music) (upbeat music) – Baby, you don’t have to
stay here, I can handle this. – It’s alright, I didn’t
have anywhere else to go. Besides, I have Robin coming. – Robin? You tricked her
into coming here? (chuckles) – What now? – Well, just look out
for Sophia’s nephew. He’s supposed to be
bringing the dessert. – Okay. – I can’t do this. – [Leanna] Robin, Robin! She does not look happy. – [Robin] What is this? This does not look like the
party you described to me. – If I would have told
you, would you have come? – So you lied? – No! Well, yes, I’m sorry. – [Robin] You call
yourself a Christian? – I just need your help.
– Help with what? Changing diapers? – Nothing. – Exactly, see? I have a real party
to go to, adios. – Robin, just a little bit. – Oh. – That’s him. Bumped into him
earlier at the salon. – And you let him go? What is wrong with you? – Just bad timing. Actually, I almost ran
him over with my car. (Robin speaks Spanish) – Well, not on purpose. He got in front of it
and I’m trying to leave. – Hi, my aunt Sophia told me
to bring this for you, ladies. There you go. Hi. – Hey.
– This is gonna be good. – I could have died trying to
get your name today, you know. – I’m sorry, I was in a hurry. – You in a hurry now? – Kind of, the kids. – You know, you’re
very beautiful, Leanna. – Oh, thank you, I’ll be back. – What?
– I’ll be back. – What are you running from? – I’m not ready
for a relationship,
marriage and some kids. – Are you crazy? I know what you’re running from. – [Man] Are you okay? – I just wasn’t
expecting that, sorry. – Terrence and I came
up with an awesome idea. ‘Cause you wanted me to come
here to help you with the party I’ll stay here while
you two go nextdoor to Jamaican Comfort Zone. – Oh… – [Robin] It’s not like he’s
taking you to his place. – Come on.
– Okay. – Bye, kids, have fun! (somber music) – I didn’t know Miss
Smith was your aunt. – Yeah, yeah, she’s awesome. She does good work,
too, I love your hair. – Oh, thank you. Do you know everything she does? – I thought I did, I don’t know. Is there something she
does that I’m not aware of? – Oh, no, I was just wondering. – So what brought
you to Wilmington? – Um, well, um… My dad was in the military, and he met my mom
while he was on holiday in Portland, England.
– Cool. – And, um, unfortunately he
passed when I was about six. I mean, long story short, um, I ended up coming
to school here. So what evolution
brought you here? – Kind of a long story. I struggled a lot
in high school. And barely made it to college. Finally got there, and I had this professor, he was great, he was
a really cool guy. He believed in me, so… I always knew that
I was smarter than the high school
system said I was. And I thought that I
could create this code to beat the lottery,
to win it every time. So by the time I was a senior
in college I dropped out. – Oh, okay, I don’t
think I’m understanding. Why in the world
did you drop out when you so close to ending? – Well, its crazy but I don’t
know if it was just luck, or the code worked, but um,
yeah, I hit the lottery for… I hit the lottery for
1.5 million dollars. – Wow. Well, it’s too bad I don’t
believe in the lottery, ’cause only God’s my provider. – [Waiter] Y’all doin’ alright? – Yeah, I’m good, thank you. – Is there anything
else I can get for you? – No, we’re good, thank you.
– I think we’re okay. – [Waiter] Great. – Hey, you wanna go dance? – Right now?
– Yeah. – Sure.
– Let’s go. (peaceful jazz music) – What? – You’re beautiful. You really are. – I hope everyone is well
rested on this Monday morning. We have a new employee. I would like to
introduce Tasha Sprinkle. Tasha, this is our lead team.
– Hello. – Tasha, this is Sergio. Nick. Carla. Robin. And Leanna. – Hi. – I would like everyone to
welcome Tasha to our team. She has a lot to
bring to the table. – Yes.
– Yes, Robin? – I was wondering just out
of curiosity, how do we incorporate Tasha into what we
already have to be effective? – She has–
– Oh, I got this. – [Leader] Oh, okay. – Well I’m bringing another
level and with that level, I’m gonna raise you to the
norm and lead you to victory. – Yes, victory. We have some more good news. We have decided who is going
to lead our next project. Leanna. You will lead our next project. Can we bring Leanna up here?
(applause) Congratulations, Leanna.
– Thank you. – [Leader] Welcome Tasha. We have a lot of work to do. Please get to work. – I guess we can go
ahead and get started. You wanna go ahead
and have a seat? I guess we could get started. – [Tasha] Excuse me, may I
speak with you for a second? – Yes, of course,
how can I help you? Of course, sit down. – I thought I was hired
to lead the project. – [Leader] What would
give you that idea? – You said that you liked
the way I led other projects at Camille’s right?
– Yes, I did. But that didn’t mean
that you would be lead. – Well, what does that mean? – That means that you can
work your way up to lead, like Leanna did. – Okay. I guess I understand. – Okay, great, I’m glad
that you understand. Have a great day. – She could at least made sure
I get a desk or somethin’. – Hi, Leanna
Hillman checking in. – [Receptionist] Yes,
ma’am, have a seat, please. – Alright, thank you. Love your dress.
– Thank you. – Hi, I’m Jessica
Smith, I’m checking in. – [Receptionist] Yes,
ma’am, have a seat, please. – Thank you. Hey, what are you doing here?
– Hey! Oh, you know my favorite
part, doctors appointment. – Girl, I tell you,
don’t you hate it? But, here’s what I think, who
is the new chick they hired up there with the ugly dress on? – I didn’t even notice. – Girl, I saw that dress from
the parking lot. (laughs) It was horrible but anyway I
like what you did to your hair. You said you was gonna
cut it and stuff. – Thank you!
– I love it. – Guess who noticed
it this time. – Anthony?
– Oh yes, he did. – Girl, bye, I don’t
like him anyway. Guys don’t really pay attention
to stuff that’s important to us like that like our hair,
they don’t pay attention to it. – Oh, yeah I guess I’m gonna
keep it this way because he really, really loved it.
– You should keep it that way. It’s your hair, don’t
worry about him. But look, let me ask you
somethin’, are you off today? – Yes, mm-hm, yes I am.
– I need a big favor. – What is it?
– I need all my hair done. But I need these edges done. – [Receptionist] Miss Hillman? – Hey, Leanna. How you doin’? – I’m good, oh, I like how
you decorate the place. Like, lobby and
everything, it’s beautiful. – Thank you, you know, your mother was the
inspiration for that. The last time you brought her
with you to your appointment, she was quite open about
my choice of style, so, I was just inspired to
go ahead and redecorate, so I’m glad you like it. – Yeah, that’s Mom.
– Mm-hm. You know, the last time
you were here, too, you were telling me about a
date that you had comin’ up. So, how did it go? – Oh, I’d rather
not talk about that. – Wow, it was that bad? – It… It was good, but um… I broke my second date rule. Yeah, I had too much
confidence and I told him. But it’s alright though because
he talked a little too much. (both laugh) – Well, I mean, it’s better
that you know now, right? And I know it’s
hard, but trust me, when the right one comes
along, you’re gonna know it, ’cause that won’t
matter to him, okay? Alright, listen,
let’s get started. I want you to take
your wig off for me, and I’m gonna close the door. – Okay.
– Alright. Okay, how you feelin’? – [Leanna] Um,
it’s a little sore. – A little tender.
– Yeah. – Yeah, that’s normal, okay? So what you wanna do is go
ahead and take that pain medication that I gave
you the last time, so that you take that, any kind
of headaches that you have, it’ll help alleviate that. It should be gone by the
end of the night, okay? Alright, also I want you to
come back in about six weeks, and let’s see how
it’s going, you know, with these injections,
they’re not guaranteed. I gotta be honest with
you, there is no cure, but this may help to
stimulate hair growth, and everybody’s
story is different, but it’s definitely worth a
try, so come back in six weeks, maybe we’ll have a
little peach fuzz? And we’ll take it
one step at a time. The other part I wanted to
say to you also is please manage your stress, I know
you’re going through a lot right now, Leanna, but the
stress is not gonna help your body to get to heal
for your hair to grow back, so be mindful of that,
don’t worry so much. It’s gonna be okay, alright? Alright, so say a prayer
for me at church tonight. – Oh, oh, oh!
– (chuckles) You forgot. (laughs) Alright.
– Gotta go, bye. (melancholic piano music) ♪ Lord, when you
called me long ago ♪ I said yes ♪ Though the road has been rough ♪ I still say yes ♪ Sometimes I go all alone ♪ But my answer is yes ♪ As long as you’re
on the throne ♪ My soul says yes – God is good, baby. Yes, he is. Yes, he is. He’s so good, so good. – Can you control yourself? – Honey, when the
spirit hits ya, you can’t help but
control yourself. Hallelujah! Yes, God. Yes, yes, yes. – What took you so long? (Leanna sighs) What took you so long?
– I was busy. – [Robin] Switch seats,
let’s switch seats. – Why? Hi.
– Hi. – Mrs. Siggly’s
giving me the creeps. What took you so long anyway?
– I was busy. – Oh, whatever. Sorry I asked, you’re
so secretive sometimes. – Just enjoy the conference.
– Oh, whatever. – Nevertheless, neither is
the man without the woman, neither the woman without
the man, in the Lord. Amen. For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also, by the woman, but
all things of God. Amen. Judge in yourselves is it
comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered? Doth not even nature
itself teach you that if a man have long hair,
is it a shame unto him? Hear me now, but if a
woman have long hair, it is a glory to her, for her hair is given
her for covering, amen. ♪ There is a yes that resounds – Y’all women so
deep in the world, you don’t even know
what’s good for you. But you, Leanna, when
I heard the message, you laid heavy on
my heart, baby. ‘Cause you know what, God
put it on my heart, honey, to let you know, honey, the
word was revealed, baby. You think about
it, think about it. The word was revealed. Alright? – [Robin] You should
have at least called so that he knows
your interested. – Oh, I hope he
knows I’m interested. I find him quite fit. – I know he’s interested also. – How’d you know that? – Come on! Ready, go. – For you. Hi. – What’s all this? – This is just me lettin’ you
know I’ve been thinkin’ of ya. – And what if I had
somethin’ to do after work? – I’d come back tomorrow. I thought we could hang out. – [Tasha Voiceover] Oh I hope
he did not come to get me for some child support,
I just started this job. What is he doing here? – You ready or what? Come on, hop in. – [Tasha Voiceover]
Terrence and Leanna? First my job and now my man. (moody guitar music) – [Terrence] You wanna go
get a drink after this? – No, thank you. – Come on, it’ll be fun. – Proverbs 23:20. “Don’t drink to be drunk
and don’t eat to be fat.” – Okay.
– I’m just joking. – Yeah. Look how clear the
sky is right now, wow. I bet if we came
out here at night, the stars would be unbelievable. – Actually, if we did that I
could tell a good little story. Do you know the
stars tell a story? – No, I didn’t. – I used a star map using
cylindrical projection before. – [Terrence] (chuckles) What? – I studied astronomy
in high school. It has to do with all of that. – [Terrence] Cool. What did you do whenever
you went to college? – Um, actually I got a full
ride, I just didn’t take it. – You got a full
ride to college? You’ve gotta be some sort
of genius or something. Well why didn’t you
take it, what happened? Were you scared or something? – No. – [Terrence] Are you sure, I
mean, something had to happen. You don’t just pass that up. – No. – [Terrence] Come on,
you could tell me. – I wasn’t afraid of anything. – Leanna. I just don’t get it. You’ve worked so hard. Do you know how proud your dad
would be at this very moment? You’ve got a big opportunity
at a big university, and you go one month
and then you quit? – I didn’t like it! – I understand, darling, the
kids, they’re mean, I get it. But you can’t keep
running from this forever. If it isn’t alopecia,
it’ll be something else. – Something else?
– Yes! – I don’t feel beautiful,
I don’t even feel pretty. Mommy, this is ruining my life! I’m sorry about earlier. – [Terrence] It’s okay. Stuff happens, I guess. – Are we okay? – Yeah. Yeah, we’re fine. We are the master of our fate. We are the captains of our soul. – (laughs) Sergio,
pull up that video. The one you showed me the
other day about the pool, and that person diving in it. – Nick, I need you to come
and look at those layouts. – Um… Can I bring my wings? – Yes, Nick, come on. – Yeah, Nick. (laughs)
– Alright, see ya. – See ya.
– Did you pull it up already? – [Sergio] Give me a
second, let me find it. – You need to hurry up
and move from 3G to 4G. – The world’s slowest phone.
– I mean, come on, man. – Hey, everybody! Hey! Girl! I had to tell you
what was goin’ on. You remember when I was talkin’
to you about my boyfriend the other day?
– No, I don’t talk to you. – (laughs) She’s so crazy,
we’re such good friends. – No.
– Girl, he keeps calling me. He is really pushing
the marriage issue. He is ready to settle down
and I just don’t know what I should do, I mean, he is
talking to some other woman, but we have a child together
and clearly I love him, so I’m just trying to
figure out what I should do. Maybe I should just go
ahead and settle down, so I’m asking you
for some advice. Oh, you were asking his name? – No.
– His name is Terrence. You probably don’t know
him, or maybe you do. Well his aunt own that
salon on Castle Street. You know Miss Smith.
(Leanna coughs) Is she alright? Okay, one bite at a time now. So, I’m just trying to
figure out what I should do. I just–
– Okay, I’ve heard enough. – Need a good friend.
– I’ve heard enough, honey. Let me think about it and
I’ll get back to you, okay? – You’re such a good friend.
– I know. – Thank you, girl, ’cause
I just need to give him some sort of answer, you know? So we’ll go from there. You know better. Okay! Toodaloo! – Adios! That was weird, oh my God. – [Leanna] Coincidence, right? – I have a feeling you two are
not gonna get along, honey. – Are you coming in? – [Leanna] (chuckles) No. – Come on, you always
have an excuse. You’ve never been
in my pool once. – Whatever, actually I
came over to talk to you, about something. – [Terrence] Okay, talk. – Maybe after we eat. – [Terrence] Okay, we’ll
just take a quick dip. I have a change of
clothes, you’ll love it. – No, no, no. – Come on.
– What are you doing? Come on now, don’t, stop
playing, stop playing. (somber orchestral music) – [Terrence] You
wanna try some, baby? – No. You know, I noticed you
never say your prayers before you eat. – Well you always say your
prayers before you eat. – ‘Cause I wanna honor God
and thank him for my food. – Yeah that’s cool,
but I mean, I don’t. – [Leanna] And why is that? – ‘Cause I don’t believe in God? – Oh, come again? – I don’t believe in God. – Don’t you think this is
something that was really important that you
should have brought up in the very beginning
of our relationship? – I mean, how important can
it be if it’s coming up now? – I would think that if a
woman says she’s saying herself for the sake of God,
that maybe God might be a bit important to her. – Yeah but I knew a ton of
church girls who said that they were saving themselves and
they’d give it up like that. – But I’m not a church
girl, I’m a Christian. – I don’t know what to tell ya. I mean, I’m sorry. – I’ve got to go.
– Let’s talk about it, don’t. Don’t leave. This is a lovely
home you have here. – Thank you. Well, Leanna tells me
you don’t believe in God. – Mommy!
– It’s okay. Yes it’s true, Mrs. Hillman,
I don’t believe in God. – You sure are hungry. You don’t have
food at your house? – Mommy, mommy.
– It’s cool, baby, it’s fine. It’s just that this pizza
is delicious, handmade, and I could see where
Leanna gets it from. – Leanna can do a
little something. After her dad passed, she had
no choice but to help out. – [Terrence] I know, I’m
sure that was hard but, hey, she was taught by the best. – (chuckles) Thank you. Have you ever thought
about marriage? – All the time. I mean, how can I not? Look at her. – Natty Theese is gonna need
a heavy tea cart to feed you. – [Terrence] Okay it’s just
’cause the food was amazing and, I could see what a good job
you did teaching Leanna. – You’re rubbin’ it on
a little thick, huh? – [Leanna] Mommy. – My mother told me that
good manners will get you far in life. – But not into heaven? – Mommy, this
isn’t your problem. – My house, my problem. So just tell me, what
demon invited you here? – You invited me here! – [Mother] Alright,
Mr. Smarty Pants! – Just calm down. – Okay. There is no evidence
that God exists! Can you tell me
where he came from? – Calm down. – You can’t tell me where
she came from so, I mean, if he is real, let’s
say he is real, so, what separates him from all
the other gods to make him the “one true god” that you
church folk claim he is? – (coughs) Let me… (coughs)
– Mommy? (Mother coughs) What was that all about? – I’m sorry. – Sorry doesn’t cut it. Sorry doesn’t excuse you
disrespecting my mother. – I was just voicing my opinion. – It’s not what you said,
it’s how you said it. – Look, I was just being honest. You know about
being honest, right? – I have something to tell you. – [Terrence] What? Come on, Leanna, tell me. We’re good. Just tell me, Leanna. – You know, let’s just go. – Hey, you know, I’m
beat, I’m gonna get goin’. – It’s too late to drive
back, just take the couch. – Are you sure? I don’t wanna send you to
hell or anything like that. – Really, now? Oh, come off it. Just for you.
– Okay. (somber piano music)
(water splashes) (Leanna sighs) (door opens) (melancholic piano music) – I’m sorry. I can’t do this, I’m
saving myself for marriage. – It was just a kiss, it’s okay. You know what, I’m just gonna
go watch TV, then. (chuckles) (Leanna pants) – Father. I want to thank
you for being you. You said “ask and
you shall receive, “knock and the door
shall be opened.” Well, Lord. I’m knocking really
loud right now. I’m asking for strength, to keep myself pure, while that sexy man
sleeps on that couch. I thank you in advance. Amen. – How you doin’ today, ma’am? Got a flier for you
hot off at the press. You don’t wanna check it out? – There’s some guy out
there trying to harass me. – Out front?
– Yeah. – I’ll take care
of it no problem. Hey, Calvin, hey. Listen, if I’m gonna have you
sittin’ in front of my store, I’m gonna need you to be just
a little bit more friendly, you know, friendlier with the
customers coming in and out. Please, just a little bit, okay? Alright, thank
you, appreciate it. – What’s up, man, goin’
to play that lotto? Got the winning ticket for
you, guaranteed winner. – [Terrence] No, I’m cool. – Are you sure? I don’t know, man, you
look like a pick three, pick five, type of guy. Yeah, I know I got your number
right here, check it out. Guaranteed, you can’t lose. You’ll thank me later, buddy. – [Terrence] Three, one, six, zero, three, sixteen. No. – You girls are just crazy. You shave your eyebrows off
just to draw ’em back on. Stupid. (water sprays) But then again, everyone
can’t be perfect like me. – I get the hint that you
have a problem with me. – Oh, you get the hint? Honey, if I have a problem
with you, trust me, you will know it. Oops! My bad. (somber atmospheric music) – [Leanna Voiceover] Lord. I need you right now. I can’t go on hiding. I don’t understand how something
so simple can be so hard to tell someone. Just three words. I have alopecia. I have alopecia. It’s not as simple as it feels. I know I’ve got to tell someone. Someone. I can’t believe you have
me out here like this. – It’s just hair. – People are always saying that. – I think you’re making more
of this than what it is. – What if Terrence
comes out here? – His cheap behind? How you gonna win the
lottery and still be stingy? (both laugh) Come on, let’s go. But you know, if you
try, do you trust me? – I trust you.
– You better. ‘Cause I know where you live. – I’m gonna have to move now.
– Whatever. Remember. (hums) – Is that an American thing? – Hey, beautiful.
– Wes, what’s up? – [Wes] How you doin’, come
here, give me some love. What you doin’?
– I’m good, how are you? – I’m good, I’m good, what
brings you around here? – Well, my best friend
wasn’t feeling too well, so I figured it would be
good to cheer her up a bit, and bring her out.
– Okay, okay. – Leanna, Wes, Wes, Leanna. – How you doin’,
nice to meet you. – Hello. – I gotta tell you, Robin, you always stay with
the pretty girl click. – Well, what can I say, pretty
girls need to stick together. – Alright, I hear you, I
hear you, you know what? Matter of fact, I got something
to cheer your friend up. – Okay.
– Give me a couple minutes. And I’ll be right back, okay? – Alright, we’ll
see what you got. – Sure, sure, I’ll
be back, alright? – This might be
your best plan yet. – I told you, you’re making
more of this than what it is. You’ve just gotta
trust Robin, okay? I’m not your best friend
for nothin’, baby. At least I made you
laugh, see, that’s good. (Wes clears his throat) Hey, what’s up? – I’m back, I’m back.
– You are. – [Wes] You know what, I went
to go get my friend Brandon. Brandon, this is my
old friend Robin. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Her friend was
feeling a little down, so I brought you over here. Her friend name is
Leanna, Leanna this
is my friend Brandon. What, y’all know each
other or somethin’? You know what, Robin, you’re
gonna come to my table, okay? We’ll leave them alone and
let them get acquainted, okay? – Alright, well I’ll be
back, you be good, okay? I love you. – How are you? – Hey, good. – Feeling better?
– Huh? – Are you feeling better? Is that your friend? – Yeah, let me go
over there real quick. (somber piano music) – It’s alopecia, you need
to stay away from her, ’cause I heard it’s contagious. – I think it might be cancer. – [Leanna Voiceover] Dear Lord. It’s me again. I know I probably shouldn’t
ask this, please forgive me. But, but… Why me? I just don’t understand. Is there something
you want me to do? Why can’t you just tell me? Why are you making this so hard? My lord and savior. Why, why aren’t
you talking to me? Why? Do you hate me? Do you? – I’m not sure this is gonna
make you feel any better, it wasn’t alopecia that made
him leave you at the table. He likes white girls. – Of all the words in
the English dictionary, that’s what you come
up with for my issue? – Girl, I’m gonna smack
the crust outta your lips. How are your lips ashy? (Tasha sniffs) – You like my flowers? – Sure.
– Terrence. He sent them to me. I think I’m gonna say yes. – Yes to what? – [Tasha] Marriage, silly. – Oh, congratulations.
– Thank you! I thought I told you he asked
for my hand in marriage? I thought I told you. Yeah, he said that the
other girl he was talkin’ to was tryin’ to pressure him to
be some preacher or somethin’. She’s so whack. Yeah, so he clearly gets the
picture, he wants a family, and he knows that I’m more of
a woman than she will ever be. (gasps) I gotta go, gotta
put my flowers in some water. (giggles) Love. – Is that your Terrence? – I hope not. – Hold up. What about this
white girl thing? (knocks) – Excuse me, sir. Can I help you with something? Son, are you okay? – [Terrence] I don’t know. – Are you waiting for somebody? – No, sir. Well yeah, kinda. – Well who are you waiting for? – Oh, I don’t know. – Can I help you with something? I can’t let you just sit
out in this parking lot. – What’s this
church service like? – You know how I
feel about gambling. – Come on, it’s a
little bet, $20. I could get it to you
on the first spin. – Come up with something else. – Okay. Well I could think of
another game with a bottle, and me and you. – Spin the bottle?
(Terrence chuckles) – No, truth or dare. I’ll go first.
– Okay. Truth. – Truth, okay, um, let’s see. Hmm. Who’s Tasha? Mm-hm. Mm-hm?
– How do you even– – Ah-ah!
– How do you know about her? – Answer the question. – She’s nothing, I mean,
that was a fling, it was a, it was a mistake. It’s over, it’s over. – Okay.
– Your turn. Why haven’t you gone to college? – I let something hold me back. (funky electronic music) – What is it that you’ve
been meaning to tell me? – Something that is
very hard to say, and I think I’m just gonna go
ahead and keep it to myself. You. Truth or dare. – I guess truth,
I don’t know now. – Alright. Do you have a son? – Yeah, yes I do. He’s seven. (upbeat piano music) – [Boy] See you later, aligator! (door closes) – What’s up, buddy?
– What’s up? – How you doin’, man? – I’m good.
– You good? You do your homework?
– Yes. – Hey, I want you
to meet Leanna. Leanna, Tyrel, Tyrel, Leanna. – Hi, Tyrel, nice to meet you.
– It’s nice to meet you, too. Dad, can we play a game?
– Yeah, we could play. Let me go upstairs real quick. I’ll be right back. – He’s yours and Tasha’s son? – No, he’s my son
and Tasha had him. But he didn’t have a
dad and he needed one. It was me and him. – Why did you feel like you
had to keep this from me? (Terrence clears his throat) – To make sure you’re the one. – [Leanna] So, what
do you like to do? – Um… Well, I like sports and
I wanna be an actor. So I can have a
supermodel girlfriend. My dad says you’re
his supermodel. (Leanna chuckles) You’re my dad’s
girlfriend, right? – I guess. – [Tyrel] You have to be. You’re the only
woman he talks about. – Oh, well that’s good to know. – Come on, gotta go, come on. Let go, go on. – Do you have a girlfriend? – Well, there’s this
one girl in my class I’m afraid to talk to. – Why? – Because I’m
black, she’s white. Sometimes I wish I was white. – Why would you wish
something like that? – Well, because all the
girls in my class are white, and sometimes I
feel embarrassed, ’cause they don’t know
what I’m talking about. – What kind of stuff? – [Tyrel] You know, like, black
TV shows, music and stuff. – You should be happy
with who you are. God made you the way you
are because you are special. – Well, I know I’m special. You know what? I’m gonna be just like you. – Like me? Why? – Because you know
you’re special, and you’re not afraid
of who you are. (phone vibrates) – [Sophia] Hello? What? – Dr. Johnson? Yeah, I have Dr. Johnson. Yes, I have Dr. Messer on
line three, I’ll transfer. Thank you. How can I help you?
– Hi, I’m Mrs. Smith. I’m here to see Miss Hillman. – [Receptionist] Okay,
um, patient’s first name? – It’s Gloria. – Gloria Hillman?
– Yes. – And your relationship
to that patient. – I’m her best friend. – Please have a seat and
I’ll let the doctor know that you’re here. – [Sophia] Okay, thank you. – Dr. Johnson, I have a
visitor here for Mrs. Hillman. Thank you. (somber piano music) (sighs) – Mrs. Smith?
– Yes. – Hi, Dr. Johnson.
– Hi. – First off, I’d like to
apologize due to the fact that you’re not
immediate family, I can only divulge
so much information. However, you are on
the visitation list. – Okay, so I can see her?
– Yes, ma’am. If you will please follow me.
– Okay, good, thank you. I’m gonna fix you
something to drink, okay? – Hey, baby. (coughs) Um, that’s actually bad timing. I’m going to be busy
the whole weekend. No, no, I’m just getting
together with a few old friends. I promise, I promise
to let you know when it’s a better
weekend soon, okay? Okay, bye bye. (coughs) – Are you serious? You cannot be this stubborn. – Oh my goodness. Are you still fighting to
keep your mouth closed? – [Sophia] Your daughter
needs to know that her mother was just in the hospital! I see where she gets
this hiding stuff from. (somber orchestral music) – I know my daughter. I will tell her when
the time is right! – When the time is right? When it’s too late? We don’t want to lose you. What would Leanna
do without you? – [Gloria] You just
don’t understand how hard it’s been for her. – He’s having a good year
but you’ve gotta give Canmuten a chance
too, though, I mean– – Oh gosh, all men do
is talk about football. – Oh come on, Olivia, Brady’s
so much better, you know that. – Let me chat with my man right
here it was good seeing you. – [Man] Nice talking
to you, go Patriots. Come on, honey. – [Calvin] There he is,
the lotto king himself. – Not today, man. – What’s the matter, you
didn’t hit that winning ticket? – What’s the matter is
you stand out here all day talking to people
about religion, really? I’m tired of it.
– Whoa, relax, man. Relax, okay, I didn’t
mean nothin’ by it, man. Just chill out. – Alright, so let me
ask you this, then. If God is so real to you,
where did he come from? Where did God come from? You know everything. – I didn’t say I know everything
but I will tell you, God, he didn’t come from nowhere. – Right, okay. So, that doesn’t
explain anything to me. – Alright man, look,
first and foremost, you obviously have an issue
with God, that’s your problem. But think about this,
think about this, okay? The Bible clearly states he’s
the beginning and the end. Okay? The beginning. Nothing was made without him. I mean, he’s the creator of
time, air and space, alright? I mean, he’s not bound
to it, you know why? Because he created it. It’s hard for us to wrap our
minds around it, because I mean obviously we’ve always existed
in time, air and space. You know what? Maybe you should try
to understand God, instead of trying
to figure him out. ‘Cause you’ll never be able
to do that, you know why? ‘Cause you’re not him. Look, man. I see you coming through
here all the time, you know, playing these lottery tickets, I don’t know what
you’re going through. I mean, do you mind
if I pray for you? (both chuckle) – Right here? – Why not? – Alright, I guess, yeah. – You’re not
embarrassed, are you? – I don’t know,
I’ve never did it. – I’ll show you, first
time for everything. Bow your head. – [Leanna] Alright, this is
what we have from the collection of submissions that everybody
submitted, any questions? – I think it’s missing
some sex appeal. – See, now why was my part
not kept in the campaign? It had sex appeal. – I like it. It’s family-friendly. – I agree with Sergio. My part, sex appeal, add it
back in and it will be perfect. – [Sergio] Exactly. – But the brand of the company
is family-friendly but bold. I do believe the
bold is missing. – I think Robin’s idea
best represents the brand. Their brand is an NGP. Nice Girl Power. – Sex appeal. – No. We can come up with
something more. – Bald! I do believe the
bald is missing. – Oh, I like it. It’s, it’s… Bold, it’s beautiful,
it’s confidence, it screams nice girl power.
– Yeah, I love it! – I hate it. I mean, a bald woman? That ain’t sexy or beautiful. I mean, think about this. Nick, do you want an
ugly bald-headed woman? – If I like it. Just because she’s bald
doesn’t mean she’s ugly. – That’s not what
you’re supposed to say. But that’s what I
expect from a grown kid. – [Leader] Tasha,
this is unnecessary. – Oh, no it’s important
that I get my point across. Society wants a woman
with long, beautiful hair, who doesn’t steal people
men or their jobs. – Tasha, that is enough. – Terrence doesn’t want
no bald-headed woman. Trust me, I know. But I shouldn’t have been– – That’s why your son’s
gonna be callin’ me mommy. (somber piano music) (Tasha spits) – Robin, go get security. Did you hear me? Nick, go get security! – Is, (chuckles) is this why you wanted
a bald-headed head
for your campaign? Terrence does not want… He doesn’t know
that you’re bald. (laughs) Oh, he’s about to find out now. Baldy-locks, look at her, she’s
just a bald-headed hepher. Look at this! – Please. Please don’t tell him.
(Tasha laughs) – Baldy-locks! Look at this. She’s bald. (laughs) She has a chair! (Leanna sighs) (phone vibrates) – Hello. (somber piano music) (phone clunks) (Leanna sobs) No! No! (sobs) No! No! (pants) Mommy! (muffled background chatter) – Grace. – What? – Grace. Remember when I asked your
mom what separates Jesus from all the other gods? – Yeah. – Well, the answer’s grace. And I know this now but I’m
glad because I would have realized what kind of
confusion it caused between us. – Confusion? There would have
been no confusion. – Oh, you don’t think so?
– No. I was actually gonna
pick up the phone and break it up a few months
ago but I decided to wait. – [Terrence] Don’t
worry about it. (Robin sighs) – Wow. Beach is so beautiful. What’s up? – I think he’s gonna
ask me to marry him. – That’s great. Isn’t it? – I still haven’t told him. – Wow. Leanna, what is it
that you truly want? – I want him to love
me for who I truly am. – But how can he when he
doesn’t know who you truly are? (rhythmic electronic music) (Terrence chuckles) – I’m nervous,
I’m not gonna lie. When I first–
– Oh, um. What are you doing?
– Just listen, just listen. When I first saw you, I
knew that you were special. I didn’t know what it was
that made you special, but, I understand now. I never thought I would fall
in love and I never thought that God would make the
perfect person for me. But I think that he
made us for each other, and, um… And you’re my best friend. And the love of my life. I just, I hope you
feel the same way, too. Leanna, will you marry me? Leanna! – I’m sorry. I haven’t been honest with you. – What are you doing? – I’m finally telling
you the truth, and showing you the real me. (suspenseful swelling tones) I’m sorry. This is the real me. I’m just tired of hiding,
at work, at home, at school. Most of all, I’m tired
of hiding from you. – I thought you knew. – [Leanna] That I knew what? – I thought you knew that
I knew you had alopecia. – Who… – [Terrence] From
the first day we met, whenever you almost
hit me with the car, I went and asked my
aunt all about you. That wasn’t gonna stop
me from wanting you. – You knew. This whole time.
– Leanna, it’s fine. Hey, it’s okay. Listen. You know whenever a person
gives her life to Christ, and an angel is
assigned to them, well, you’re that angel for me. I didn’t know what
grace looked like, and I didn’t know
what a blessing was, until I met you. Until I met you. Whatever it takes to
do this, I’m willing. I’m willing. So please, will you marry me? – [Leanna] No. You don’t know the real me. – Are you listening to me? I already know. It’s fine. – I’m not like most women. The ones that have dealt
with their insecurities. I’m still dealing with mine. How can I expect you to
love me if I don’t love me? This is gonna always have some
type of profound effect on me no matter what we’re doing. No matter what we’re doing. Can you handle that? (suspenseful swelling tones) – I’d be a fool not to. (upbeat R&B music) – Um, Robin, guess what. Come on! (laughs) – She said yes! – So come on down, Robin,
so we can celebrate. Bye. Alright, we’re about to tell
him what we’re about to have. Shh. – [Terrence] Hey, you wanna
go get something to eat? – Oh, yeah, sure.
– Okay, great. What are you doing? – Trying to get in the car.
(Terrence laughs) But um, I’ve got a
surprise for you. – Alright. – [Leanna] Look! – It’s a girl. (both laugh) – Yes, surprise! Yes, we’re having a girl.

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  1. The director, cast, and crew would like to thank everyone so much, for taking the time to watch Beautifully Insecure. We hope you enjoy the film and the inspirational message that comes with it. #iammorethanmyhair #findthelovewithin #alopeciaawareness
    #courage #supporteachother

  2. Thank you so much for this movie…i have learnt a lot. It really gave me so courage to appreciate who I am. I was one of those insecure women.. thanks again

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  4. Lol its my bad habit to read comments first arrrgh.
    Sending lots of love from Australia. 😗💗💕😙😚

  5. I dated a man at the beginning of our relationship he had long dreads, mouths later he end up cutting his hair off due to some form of alopecia. He even lost his eye lashes. I made dermatologist appointments and accepted him but he was mentally abusive towards me and I loved him unconditionally. After 10 years I left.

  6. Black guy walks away from her and the white guy is the hero…. Black unity is rarely shown in Hollywood films and television would by nice if we could have films that showed the construction of the black race not the de-construction.

  7. From the cast, the lighting crew, the writer, the director, the producer, all of it was superbly AMAZING!
    Am an actress my self and i know when i see something good!

  8. Omg this movie was just what I needed. I have had so many insecurities that has held me back. I can always encourage and preach to others. But can't take my own advice. When she spoke to the little boy. That really opened my eyes

  9. That stupid ass woman whole pulled her wig off is sooo disrespectful. not because someone's bald doesn't mean that they are ugly and should be put to shame cause of it. Women should empower each other and not downgrade each other.

  10. People are so cruel. People need to look at themselves especially our own people. I thank God is not like people.

  11. my wife went thru chemo in I loved her through the hair loss sickness she has lung cancer but I know God is in control

  12. I loved every part of this movie glory be to god for the people who put the movie together to teach women to love their SELF every when the world don't except who you are god loves you no matter what amen

  13. What a nasty woman David had first. When she spit in her face she would have been in the box next to her mama's!!
    Any I was so surprised his mama didn't run her mouth and she did with the surprise at the end. They had a confused son but I bet he will be alright. Nice couple too and good luck with the mean X girlfriend they can be terrible like that even when he says he's done with her. Great movie. Thanks for the post. Didn't know what to watch on a rainy Monday. Take care. Everyone be loved!!

  14. Today I waited till the whole movie was over. I usually stop the film and comment and read. Today I actually saw the end of the movie first. This girl remind me of the actress that played Toni on the sitcome Girlfriends I don't know her name but it was with Tracee Elis Ross as Joan her best friend. Anyway I enjoyed her big pretty eyes. She was too humble and I'm glad they show prayers are answered especially after disasters or when you're about to give up. He knew that was so grand. *

  15. who came to the comment 👀👀😁😁 seems like a really good movie and the woman in the movie is beautiful😁😁😁

  16. I love this movie always believe in yourself and don't let anyone talk you into what you are not, and don't be ashamed of any part of body not even your 💇. Good job guys for this educating movies. Show some love to me please

  17. Thanks for this appload it's called runs I'm my family.thanks for the glad.

  18. This is a good movie! I'm glad she found love and happiness at the end and someone who accepted her just the way she is. Now that's love!!! 6/10

  19. I love love love this romantic movie. It had a wonderful storyline and the movie was great from beginning to end!!!

  20. This movie really did make me cry, I love it so much, I feel completely eye opened, no girl should feel different or less than any other girls because no matter your race color or disability you are a beautiful human and we all deserve to be equal and feel loved, my say is “how can you love someone if you can’t love yourself first “ to all the girls out there reading this feeling insecure I have a challenge for you… stand in the mirror and say to yourself “you are beautiful unique and a human with such beautiful heart and qualities” you repeat that until that person in the mirror feel loved by you, because there is no such a better love than the one you can only give yourself♥️ god bless!

  21. I really like the movie but the girl should have cut her hair for real. The bald cap is taking away from hed beauty.

  22. I went rite to comments after they went to that Jamaican restaurant… respect to all Jamaicans… big up unuh damn self

  23. What the hell is wrong with these stupid people how cud they use sickness to discriminate a person I ave lupus n to hell with who don't appreciate me the way I am , they r sicker than we smh.

  24. This movie is not just about church or a regular one its about being different, about loving yourelf eveñ if u dont have hair life is beautiful everyone has flaws there is no perfect….js

  25. Base on the comments it seems like a nice movie.. Just scrolling into the comments before start watching it

  26. Im so happy she finally found true Love, may everyone out there in You Tube Land who hasnt found thier soulmate meet that person and accept them into thier lives! Peace to all. 😇😇🤗🤗🙋👰🤵💃🕺👼👍💖💖✌✌👁👁💏💑

  27. Wow this remind me so much a me i jus keep covering up making sure no one see it i thank God my daughter does my hair am so ashamed .

  28. Great movie ❤️
    An also posting movies on my channel please check it out ➡️

  29. This is such amazing! movie. Beautiful love story about when a man, find the woman of his dreams. When someone really truely love you,its really don't matter what you look like on, outside its the heart.that's counts. its saying go like this, one man might throw you away like trash, but to another man you are hidden treasure. So its pay to wait, on right one come in your life. God knows who best for you.I love this movie it's really touch the heart.

  30. This was a extremely great movie, she had a profound affect, on him because of Christ of she kept herself , and he loved her enough to be willing to learn of Christ and allow Christ to guide him. The part that really caught me was, he knew the entire time and never mention it , not even when they played the Truth or Dare game. Inspiration for me as she may have had insecure of her alopecia she kept strong in her faith, kept herself up, kept herself pure for her husband to be( not knowing who it would or if it would be); at the end I was inspired when she finally admitted & revealed to him she was tired of hiding from him, co workers , and the world. something her mother had mention to her that she can't keep hiding or running from. As she searched for true Love the Lord sent her thst Special one meant for her, she didn't give up because of all the other clowns , ( li boys), and he was a True real man , he said "he be a fool not to be able to handle her insecurities;" That's a man! A. Man that Truly have the love from God the unconditional love that God is, he is willing to marry her and help her through them, as. She is willing to face her insecurities.
    I to have alopecia & have shared it on my Facebook page, and showed the world my true self in a video. I to know how it truly feels for a male to say you are ugly put your weave back in , or keep the wig on, it wasn't a great feeling; BUT I know that my hair doesn't define me ,and never let not having hair stop me for doing anything because I know I am Beautifully & wonderfully made by God , and I know I am Beautiful with or without hair, ( just want hair). My hair fills in and grows back when I use. High Quality Omega 3,6 & 9, with Quality biotin , & Jamaica Original black Castrol oil, also with. Jamaican Original black Castrol oil Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore shampoo and it's Leave in condition. Since what hair I have is thin and gets extremely dry I need moisture , water doesn't work for me it breaks it out even more ( along with medications. And having An Inflammatory Autoimmune Muscle Disease). I am not saying this for anyone to try( unless they choose) this what I've done that only worked for me. When I can afford the Products. When I can't. The HAIR breaks back off. I have worn my hair in the past extremely close to bald , and I Looked Beautiful !!!! It took me awhile to get use to it, it was different . THIS MOVIE REALLY TOUCHED ME IN SO MANY WAYS, I Cried, I fealt her pains. A movie to watch over and over again. Never give up, or give down to anything Always have high regards of yourself, high Self Esteem, Know who you are and Know your Worth!. People may say horrible things, to your face and behind your back as they have done me , but don't let that bother you for too long show What you are made of through what God is doing in you, his change is for a reason, for his purpose! LOOK HER CHANGE SYARTED EARLY IN LIFE BUT LOOK IT BOUGHT SOMEONE TO CHRIST, AND BOUGHT SOMEONE IN HER LUFE TO HELP HER SEE HERSELF IN A DIFFETENT LIGHT HER TRUE BEAUTY. #WEALLAREBEAUTIFUL

  31. She couldn't see her True beauty, she was Truly Beautiful without the wig, physically, and she was Beautiful on the inside her spirit , her strength thru what she had to put up with and endure, she stuck it out and look what God did! Won't he do it!!!!!

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