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  1. Happy to be part of this project and working with Siima best short film actor Mr. Surya Bharath, Chai Bisket fame Ms. Monisha, Truth or Dare short film director Mr. Rahul Singh and one of the upcoming talented DOP Mr. Rohan.

  2. Very good message delivered
    Acting……. Very good
    But over all this 8 mins film is made on a single shot,,,,.,.,.,., should be appreciated for that more

  3. Really appreciate your efforts. Short n sweet. Appude aipoinda…..Inka konchem sepu unte Inka bagundedi….. congratulations all cast n crew of this short film.

  4. Now a days lo girls self respect ani full attitude tho untunnaaru but adhi self-respect kaadhu ego….and boy's ki confirm ga ego untadhi daani girls boy's mokam meedge anesthaaru neeku ego ekkuva Ani but girls ego and daanini self-respect Ani cover chesukuntaaru.👍

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