Loving Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Joel Edgerton Movie

Loving Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Joel Edgerton Movie

I’m gonna build you a house. Right here. Our house. I’m gonna take Mildred up to D.C. to get married. You sure about that? By the power vested in me by the District of Columbia… I now pronounce you… Husband and wife. What’re you doin’ in bed with that woman? I’m his wife. That’s no good here. Richard Perry Loving, being a white person… And Mildred Jeter, being a colored person… Did unlawfully cohabitate as man and wife. Richard! It ain’t right! I believe this is a battle that could go all the way to the Supreme Court. We aren’t hurtin’ anybody. The state of Virginia will argue that it is unfair to bring children of mixed race into the world. Tell that woman to come out here. I’m gonna raise my family here. I don’t care what they do to us. Take Peggy inside! I can take care of you. I know that. I can take care of you. I know we have some enemies. But we have some friends, too. You realize this case could alter the constitution of the United States? Do you think you’ll lose? We may lose the small battles… But win the big war. Is there anything you’d like me to say to the Supreme Court justices of the United States? Tell the judge I love my wife.

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  1. When my grandmother came back to the US with my grandfather, their marriage was illegal in twelve states. (He got posted to a base in Colorado, which "only" barred marriage between blacks and whites.) I am so thankful for these people's courage, and I'm really glad this movie got made… but I'm also just a liiiittle bit disappointed that the case was never once mentioned in my history and government classes.

  2. So while Black men and boys were being lynched for false acquisitions, Black women were fighting the Supreme Court to marry massa?

  3. Often times I find people who are mixed race is more unique/beautiful/handsome than who has only one race. Not that I think people who are not mixed race can't be beautiful, but I just can't understand why people can't take difference as a benefit too.

    And often times I found my mixed race friends' parents who got a hard times 🙁 if the marriage is not strong enough, the divorce is the only solution in the end. And often times it hurts my friends' heart, make them trauma, not confident about themself, kinda bitter about many things. It such a shame remember that my friends actually have many potentials, the can be a bright and succed people. I hope people can more understand about this matter, I hope people dont judge or pressure a couple who just look at each other personality.

  4. It's crazy how this actually happened! These are the types of movies I love to see. And my boxxy software is awesome, what a high quality! I’m in love with this service.

  5. It blows my mind how people think this is wrong. Homosexuality is wrong. It's a sin and goes against nature. But this, interracial marriage, is NOT wrong. My heart aches for this couple and the injustice they suffered. As a mixed person, I totally feel their pain.

  6. "Is there anything you'd like me to say to the Supreme Court justices of the United States?"
    "Yes, tell the judge that I love my wife."
    Ladies and Gentlemen, imagine having to defend you marriage in front of the most powerful court in the world, and changing the meaning of the most powerful document in the world.

  7. This is the second time this movie has been done the first was with Lela Rochon, Bill Dunn and some others called Mr. and Mrs. Loving

  8. Of course the irony of all of this is as much as black women despise black man/white woman relationships, it was a black woman who started the movement to legalize such couplings, smh!

  9. Interestingly, the vast majority of the American public was opposed to interracial marriage when the Loving v. Virginia ruling was handed down.

  10. This is really hurtful cause my boyfriend is white and I'm of dark skin. And because of my skin color half his family dislikes me and are against us. In the words of his grandfather I'm black and his family is white and pure. His grandfather doesnt likes black people. But my boyfriend mother is black and his father is white and he wasn't raise with that mindset. He loves my skin color and i love him. The worst thing about it is that his own family doesn't like him because he isn't pure like them he is half black because of his mother. The amazing thing about it is that his mother side loves me and treats me so well and so does some of his family on his father's side. But our love couldn't be stronger no matter out skin color. It's sad that the past generation fought for this for themselves and us. And we still have to fight for it everyday although this fight was fought years ago and it was won…

  11. I watched that movie, and I love it, beacuse the story is simple, but moving and made me cry. I also I love this movie, beacuse there are no political correctness bullshit.

  12. No trace of the kid she had before she married him at 18. He raised Sydney like his own but he was not his. In the movie, they showed Sydney has being born from their union but it was not the case. Also, they got married at 18 and 24 but the actors are older: it is that way so they could look like how the public knew them in 1967.

  13. this was a great movie! my mom is white and my dad is black and my mom said she got criticism for having a kid with a different race. I kinda look like the children tho lol

  14. Thus is the kind of movie I'm talking about. The acting was amazing along with the amazing true story it felt real to see it in the cinema

  15. I just watched this movie, and sat there and stunned silence.it's unbelievably jarring to think that this actually happened. I certainly hope their descendants are fully aware of the risks and sacrifices these two made and have married their spouses rather than living together, because that would defeat the purpose of what they risked so much for.

  16. Thank you to the loving for enduring, believing and changing producers and writters view of lead actors in movies and tv shows. One main couple WestAllen.. they may be talked about ,but thats ok they are making a difference as a superhero show…… they are so unique… just like the loving….

  17. Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga were perfect casting choices. They look almost exactly like Richard and Mildred Loving.

  18. Not trying get emotional but I would of actually died back than I couldn't do it and it makes me sad 😢 .. I appreciate for what I have today, it was sad back than and love is love but I do want to see this..

  19. the last names "loving" fits true love so well <3
    so sad and touching movie!
    just beautiful and powerful
    me and my family watched last night and we were all crying our eyes out <3

  20. It’s been three years and I never heard of this film about amazing trial! How come this was under appreciated but films like Call Me By Your Name was hyped in the Oscars and mainstream media?

  21. Crazy how this ordeal wasn't sorted out until 1967, which was 49 years ago at the time this movie came out. A year later, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated. The way we read about these subjects in our history books is as if it was hundreds of years ago and everything is " ok " now , but in the big picture of history, 50 years ago is nothing. The law was changed, but I believe peoples minds have hardly changed.

  22. I kinda know this feeling. Me and my husband are Black, but I'm a Big Woman and he's a Strong Strapping Handsome man and ppl look at us like we don't belong together, but we Love each other more than breath itself! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. A fucken excellent movie Iam privileged to come across. The reason this film angers me in May 2019 is because this demonic hate still breathes life on our planet, and see the fluidity in not being singular … But an entity of togetherness

  24. Long live freedom of choice. Let ppl be of the antiquated prejudice – Hate will rot the soul and karma speaketh up eventually

  25. No agenda ha it's how it's so easy to make this kind of movie but can they produce a movie of a black man and woman loving each other in a loving black community of black people sounds like a conspiracy to me. Check who controls your mind and you will see who is controlling your thinking .

  26. I’m crying watching this trailer!I can’t believe people could be so cruel…..love is the most beautiful thing

  27. به امید گسترش انسانیت و نابودی نژاد پرستی. زنده باید انسانیت.

  28. RUTH NEGGA IS SUCH A GREAT ACTRESS 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪😊👍🏼

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