Loyiso Gola – Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala 2018

Loyiso Gola – Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala 2018

what’s happening Melbourne I was in
America I just I just came from America which is weird I did some stuff in
America and then they paid me with a check and I was confused I said why are you giving
me a check they said oh I always thought they were joking when they say oh the mail the check is in the mail no they really mean that they pay people with
checks and I was like dude I haven’t used the check in a long time why you
pay me with a check and then like this is how we do it here and I said okay
well that’s fine you can do that but you can’t also go to the moon it just
doesn’t work that way you can’t be the country that’s leading us to the moon
and still using checks no is that me? no you gotta choose what are you are you
are you are we going to the moon or we just signing checks this is such a weird
thing to do you can’t do both it’s like being a cockroach right your cockroach
right you can survive a cockroach is the only animal on the planet earth that can
survive a nuclear attack but if you put it on its back its fucked you gotta
prioritise you can’t have both I’m not saying don’t survive the nuclear
attack I’m just sayin deal with the small shit first Australia has to be one of the whitest
countries that I’ve ever come through in my entire life
it’s like wall-to-wall white people it shocks the shit out of me like you know
how white a country has to be when a white woman is cleaning your hotel room
oh my god that is by far one of the whitest things that is that’s that’s
that’s that’s – wait that’s too white, like this woman was cleaing my hotel room I was throwing shit
on the floor while she was cleaning stuff she said why would you do that I
was like I don’t know when this is gonna happen again
I’m trying try to prolong this as long as possible
I’m taking pictures putting her on my family whatsapp group Everyone’s like, you’re killing it son! Also, one of the cool things because I’ve just
moved to London is that I get to see white people protest which is insane to
me but I love the stuff that you protest about right I mean there’s some valid stuff
but for the most part your life is too good to have a real valid cause know what im talking about? Save the panda bear, save the panda bear! There is no African that would protest for a panda bear like ever never we’re not killing panda bears
we just wouldn’t do it like like fuck a panda bear like
even Nelson Mandela would look silly trying to mobilize South Africans for a panda
bear we must come together for this panda bear we must treat this panda
bear like a dog or a cat or any other animal that’s domesticated but we must be sure we
are only protesting for the black part of the panda bear the white parts of the panda bear cannot
be trusted you guys have been really fun and enjoy the rest of the festival

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  1. This guy is actually good. Heard some dumb folk saying he whack ? Guess I did the right thing to search 1st … Fire!!!

  2. There’s actually a ton of cultures but your in the prodominantly rich white part of Melbourne City and places like Sydney city are the same but there are plenty of other cultures here 😂😂💁🏽‍♀️

  3. If you watched late night news with loyisi golo on etv you’d know that this guy was funny even back then. I loved this it was funny throughout!

  4. Kinda fluffed the first part of the cheque joke, but it was a reallly good set. The cockroach bit was hilarious. Well done Loyiso.

  5. I know the 'white cleaner' joke.. I heard it from David Kau a few years back. I'm not saying uTa Loyd stole it marra hey, it's soooo identical.

    But anyway.. nice one.

  6. It’s kinda a “re-use” but not in the way you may think.

    It takes a very long time to come up with jokes that can be told as a flowing story. Just like writers who start off with scribbled notes that later turn into a “rough draft”, which is later majorly edited before publishing, so do the same as comedians.

    Comedians come out with a “Special” about every 2 years. A much smaller percentage can do 1 a year.

    The time in between is used to practice bits repeatedly using different tones of voices, physical animation, delivery, or different timings through out the “Special Hour.” It’s done in small increments of 5-10 minutes at a time or even longer. Until they build up several of these small bits to fill an entire hour slot.

    Hence why you can find them in smaller venues through out the year seemingly repeating their work. They are actually editing their material until they feel it is perfect to release a “Special”.

    Once the “Special” is released, they retire their jokes entirely and start from scratch all over again in preparation for their next special.

    It’s very interesting work to follow 🙂

    (Being able to see what bits don’t make it to the special or what new material is added at the last minute before the special is probably my favorite part of following a comedian act)

  7. This dude is funny, although having followed Trevor Noah for a long time to me he sounds like he inspired by Trevor Noah. All in all, he is good & I like him

  8. "A cockrocach can survive a nucleur explosion but if you put it on it's back it's fucked!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Growing up in SA I was so used to seeing a rainbow of faces everywhere I went that when I first went to AUS it freaked me out. I was on edge until I so my first spots of colour, any colour. Sometimes it feels like children of the corn. That being said if I see only one colour for too long I feel uneasy.

    TL,DR – Coming from the rainbow nation to monochrome is hella unsettling, give me some spice.

  10. "We are only protesting the black part of the Panda ,and the white side can not be trusted."😂🤣😂

  11. I' just got off call with my third grade school teacher! She reminded me that cockroach still an insect…☝🏼️

  12. Comedians repeat jokes but it has nothing to do with the difficulty of coming up with new jokes.. A comedian's "Set" or "Special" is like a music single.. You have to perform it for different audiences in different areas/country for those who never saw it LIVE! Its the same reason we go to watch our favourite artistes perform the same songs LIVE that we already heard on the album 20x

  13. The joke about a white woman cleaning his room and him throwing stuff was used by Daliso on Britain's got talent. If he stole it from him, I wonder who Daliso stole it from, if he did.

  14. It’s either he’s stealing material from Trevor Noah or it’s the other way around. The joke about “a white woman cleaning the hotel room” was also told about Trevor Noah with the same exact details including “sharing it with the family”.

  15. To be honest I’ve seen several clips of this guy and I tried my best to find him funny but he’s simply shit! Not funny at all lol. Seems like anybody can go on stage these days.

  16. About protesting, please come to tell that to the "Gilets Jaunes" (Yellow Jackets) here in France 😂. We have so many things we should be proud of. But It's not enough for them. I told them, the first right you should be prouf of is that you can protest! And for months! Besides, sometimes (most of time, I should say), you broke things, and they just arrest and charge you and that's It. Please come with me in Africa. Trust me you will never protest again, once you will go back to France

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