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  1. Went to school with her. She’s super nice in real life. Very sweet and never forgets where she came from

  2. Great movie !!!!! helped me a lot, currently working on a project about gambling….many thanks.


  4. Any addiction is a very very sad state of affairs… This young lady needs supervision, to protect herself from herself… Sad…

  5. I like how they names this movie “lucky girl” to make her a very unlucky character its very creative and funny ! But also people need to watch this so they can know that yeah gambling looks fun and exciting but it can have HUGE consequences and can impact your life and the people around you as well!! Gambling is an addiction an can be actually WILL BE very brutal if you let it get that far! Just don’t do it !!!

  6. Such a great movie! I had anxiety and was sweating just watching her play, I can imagine how they feel actually playing. 😓😫😧

  7. I can not stand not watch a stupid movie like this, I'm at 35 minutes in and all her moves are dumb as F!! There is a limit to stupidity that I can not go for…and at 40 minutes or so, I'm out big time!! SHE IS SO STUPID & DUMB!

  8. Not one to shun light on an otherwise good movie but the Spurs v Dallas game at 22:15… the game is tied at 93 however Dallas player shoots from half court on the buzzer for the win. Lands it and the final score finishes 95-93.

    From my knowledge a half court shot is usually paid a three pointer not two. The actual score should of been 96-93.

    Just saying…..

    DUMB move, loaning the make out guy HALF of the winnings INSTEAD of paying back the school football guys. Ugh

  10. Awful joke.. “I wanted to get you guys a drink so you girls can lay off the cristal meth!”

  11. At least it had a realistic ending. Addiction is a total bitch. It shows show insane it truly is. As someone who has struugled….well….continues to struggle I totally understand the ending. 100%, I know others watch and think 'Wow! yeah right! No way that girl goes through all that and then does that. While the only thing that was not believable to me was that she sat and played a machine where she had to sit there and put one coin at a time in for each spin. No way any self respecting gambling place would have a machine that would give people the chance to actually ponder the consequences of each bet like that. Hell, most places don;t even want people knowing what time of day it is! Other than that, good movie. I wish I could meet a girl like that…but without the crazy. Although crazy is the only thing that can out up with crazy so…………. Alright have a great night. Hope they dont find this post and think about it at my eulogy, Just kiddimg its probably a total cry for help, although I am doing quite well right now. I will keep it up. Just got to find something better, but its hard to be rad.

  12. Not bad.. not bad at all… Made me wonder in the end, how Ron knew what Blair and his sick wife were capable of… Had Ron been raped too?🤔

  13. landed relatively safe…..those days underage porn tapes were distributed among rich clients for private use only……nowadays the guys she owed money would have exposed her on internet making every day living unbearable and suicide as an only option

  14. how is this movie any good its of a young girl thats gamebles gets high and cant pay her det gets raped by old guy and his wife this movie was fucking dissgusting

  15. It's sad that a high school student would end up in so much hot water. When I was that age, money was about twenty bucks I got every two weeks as allowance from my parents, until I graduated and got university loans to pay for my courses. Most students at my high school were lower income and not many had jobs because the area was so economically depressed, so this type of thing of betting on sports scores was a completely foreign concept (students would always play poker, but it was for small amounts of lunch money or weed, not such a high amount of cash). Then again, maybe gambling problems were just getting easier to hide, especially with online gaming for money.

  16. G A is the only way .. degenerate fucking gamblers ,, nothing but trouble ,, from East London ,,clean 11 yrs

  17. A high-school student's (Elisha Cuthbert) obsession with gambling leads to mounting debt and family tension

  18. You know what I hate most about commenting on these uploads,,, is that you see yours has been deleted or shucked right down to the bottom of the barrel….BOOO! I had a good comment and no one will ever scroll that far to see it👎

  19. Good movie. Recommended. Unfortunately In Canadian movies l don't see the Canadian flag in scenes much like this movie never. If it was US movie you would see the flag twice each scene 🙂

  20. Great movie.. life lesson, when you’re gambling and start winning and feel like continuing to play.. DON’T !!!

  21. she should of went to jail and then rehab and while rehab be on 1 year probation. and pay every thing back that she owned and attend G A meeting s

  22. I've seen the made for tv version. This is clearly the unedited one and it makes me appreciate the movie so much more. More suspenseful👍

  23. That was so stressful to watch everytime she lost and made more errors.
    I could never be a gambler, I'd be so stressed out.

  24. omg that was an awesome amazing movie, so sad…!!! But yet so Awesome Great Nice Movie about Gambling…

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