MAADHAVI – Tamil Short Film | SARATHY

MAADHAVI – Tamil Short Film | SARATHY

_ “MAADHAVI” Who is Sowmiya? At 2 am, she has sent the message
‘Good night’ ‘Sweet dreams’ Hey! that’s Watsapp forward msg,
she is my client.40 years old…ok If she’s 40 years, can she send msg at 2 a.m? Wat’s your problem? Started Morning itself. Hmm.. you are my problem? Shit I am Vimal, my wife Priya, My son Vishnu, studying U.K.G. Im working in Star Wide Insurance Pvt.Ltd.,
as a Team Leader in sales department. If I go to office, “office tension”
come to home my “wife tension” My life keeps on going like this. She is miss Maadhavi. Joined as a Senior Marketting Executive
and going to work in our team only. She is miss sandhiya,same your designation only, One of us should train her till she knows the procedure of our concern. Go i will come. You know everything about me. Even i shared my love matter too. But, Have you told anything about your personal? Even if your don’t share, i have guessed about you. Ok, what have you guessed about me? Before marriage, you have loved a person. But, your parents didn’t accept your love. So, you have done arranged marriage
as your Parent’s wish. You are not satisfied with your marriage life. Am i right? Your are talking too much. I just talk to you only like this. Frankly i say. Except you, I like Vimal sir very much in this office. Very Genuine. Whatever he speaks he will never cross the limit. But Giri sir, always flirting with the girls. He is a Chief Executive officer. stupid ! He is coming (murmuring) What Sangavi, had your lunch ?
what’s your lunch ? Sambar rice sir. What Madhavi laughing like this. I never saw you laughing like this. If you say the reason, we too will laugh. Won’t we? Nothing Madhavi I thought of asking you for a long time. Are you a Christian ? No. You said, you are married. But, it doesn’t seem like that. If you want, can i show my marriage certificate ? Actually, why i came to ask you. Lunch time is over sir, Shall i move ? Don’t you have common sense ? If she is like this, may be divorcee or something else. We have to understand this and all, stupid. What Maadhavi, didn’t you start ? That’s it. Let me start. It’s so many days since you joined in this office If you come to office, Just you are busy with your work only. But, you don’t mingle with anyone. Not like that, If I like, Certainly I will. It seems, you like no one in this office except Sangavi. Don’t take anything serious
about Giri’s conversation in lunch break. He is always like that. He will take some advantage with everyone. It doesn’t mean. I am supporing Giri. What he has done is wrong only. That and all. I forgot then itself. Okay Maadhavi, Let’s meet tomorrow. Okay. Why do you keep on calling me ? I already told you that I am busy here Always suspecting me. Giri, Let me leave. Some personal matter. Sorry Maadhavi, i disturbed you. I don’t know. With whom I have to discuss about this. I feel, If I share with you. You would suggest me perfectly. Didn’t you feel any disturbance ? I dont have any disturbance. Tell me your problem. It’s 5 years since I got married. We loved 2 years. Then we got married against our parent’s wish. Almost, We have been travelling for 7 years. But Still, our life goes in misunderstanding only. Which husband and wife are living
without misunderstanding now-a-days ? Maadhavi, misunderstanding means,
You think it’s a trivial thing. I don’t know, how to explain Having my phone and wake me in the mid-night. Then, She will raise the question like,
why she spoke with you this much time. Why she sent you good night messege. She tortures me. If i say this, you wont belive me. I have saved your name too..
Maadhavan (Masculine gender) Why should i commit unnecessary problems ? If you don’t mind… To be frank… Have you had any affair with someone ? What Maadhavi ! asking me like this. Actually, To this extent… Your wife gives problem without trusting you…That’s what… If I tell you about my wife’s doubts. You are getting doubts on me. aren’t you ? What do you think about me Maadhavi ? You have been watching me for 3 months. Am I a Womeniser ? Sorry! I hurt you lot. If you are not a reason for your wife’s behaviour, What it would be… I can’t understand. Very simple, inferiority complex. Why ? After my son’s birth, she gained little fat. Usually, females will gain little fat after their first child. But, easily she can reduce it. I often advise her. Go to gym… reduce your fat… Actually, I advise for her health. But, she thinks, Just because of her appearance. Now a days, I don’t say that too. How is your sex life ? What you asked ? Actually, I asked you, how is your sex life ? No affair, sex life is also okay. If it is possible, can I talk to your wife ? It will create a big problem. Though, I had explained about my wife. You didn’t understand about her. Shall I say a simple way to understand her ? Suppose, If she comes here and watches us. She will never think
“about whom and what we are talking”. She will predict herself that “You are mine” I surprise, when i see you. Really… I explained my problem in my point of you. But, you think in different dimensions. Whatever I think. I couldn’t solve your problem. Sorry, I forgot to ask you. How will you go ? Asusual, by train only. Come, Let me drop you. Ravi, our client is in conference. I think, it will take half an hour. Shall we wait in the car itself ? Ok sir. Just wait 10 min sir. Let me come back Ok (PHONE RINGING) I have come to meet the client that’s what
i couldn’t attend your call. Today evening my friend’s Reception.
Do you remember that. Yes I know, I will come and take you without fail. Shall i end the call ? Ok. Ok. bye. I think you have solved the problem with your wife. Not like that Maadhavi. Whatever I do, she never understands me. That’s why I decided… Whatever she says, I have to tackle her without tension. What else can I do ? This is my life. While loving her, I was not Matured. Now only I realise. If we want to lead our life happily, We should give importance
for understanding than appearance. I realise now clearly, But what can I do? What can you do ? Having something in our mind and
behaving quite opposite to that. Just like this, we have to pretend. Not only me. Here everyone resembles me. Ofcourse, you too are pretending. Me too ? Yes. Now you are talking to me. Whatever you talk, You will be conceiving something while talking. If I ask you to reveal them without hiding. Is it possible ? It’s not possible. Is it ? That’s our life. We fear others to convey whatever we conceive. But, I am bold enough to convey, If you don’t take it anything bad. I won’t take it anything bad. Just convey. I conceived, Why I met you in my life ? I have come across many girls in my life. Though they were educated and in good position, They try to expose themselves as beautiful dolls. Usually women are deemed tasty flesh in this society. No one treats them as a sensible human. As I speak like this… I didn’t come to say that I am good. But, I am trying to be good. In my opinion, if she is a girl, She must be humble and
having dignified flawless dressing. She must have sense of broad
mindedness and not conservative. As you have these qualities, I like you very much Maadhavi. Maadhavi… Haven’t you taken it anything bad ? You just.. Start to pretend as you were before. Maadhavi, just a minute. I think… my wife is watching us. Nothing to worry. Just do as i say. Hello, who is this ? Hello, you only called me. Asking me, who I am. I have to talk to Madhavan. I am Madhavan’s wife only, Just tell me… who are you ? I got relaxed only after knowing that
your wife doesn’t have any problem with you. Here after, try to avoid talking like this. I have only relaxation talking to you. If you avoid that too, what will I find ? I never asked you not to talk to me. Just I said avoid untimely talk through phone. Ohh ! you meant so. I got shocked. Why Shocked this much ? Actually, how difficult it is… To get a relationship like this
to express everything, what we conceive. Ok, just leave this topic. You are looking so pretty in this costume. Do you like me Maadhavi ? If I don’t like you, can I sit and talk like this ? I know, you like me very much. But, How Joyful it is.. If I hear this through your words. Shall we have something ? Okay. Hey… leave me (LOVERS CUDDLING) What do you think about love, Maadhavi ? Love has different meaning from different people. How to say ? In your opinion, what is meant by love ? The feeling which gives pleasure
to both body and mind. Then, what is meant by sex ? The practicability of love is sex. I don’t understand. Simply, the activity of involving
both mind and body is sex. Okay, very perfect answer. Generally, all men beleive that
sex is just involvement of body only. But, from my point of view, Sex should be the final stage of expressing love, Where we can’t express through words and gestures. How to say ? Now a days, I like you so much Maadhavi. I am unable either to express or to hide. Maadhavi… Can I have sex with you ? I had expressed whatever I had in my mind. If you like my attitude,
I expect you to be here by 6 o’clock tomorrow If you are ok, you will come. If not, I will understand that you are not interested. There after, I will never come on your way. Let’s continue our relationship as we were before. So far, I have done only whatever I have wished for. I never bothered about whatever
I have done may not be acceptable by others. I will do certainly. If I feel, If it is right. You are right Maadhavi. We can’t lead our life
If we give importance to others taste. Shall I ask you a thing ? Ofcourse. You can. You have come very close to me. Have you ever asked me about
my married life and my husband ? This attitude only attracted me a lot. In our society, It’s common to be nosy
to enter into the life of others. If a girl is unmarried,
one may ask the reason for not married. If she is married, they may ask, how many children. If she has no children, They may ask
the reason for not having children. What are they going to do knowing this ? Having no purpose of it, the question may hurt the females. But, you are very genuine. Though, You are very close to me, You never asked me such embarassing questions. Not only that Vimal, Giving importance to the appearance of the body, You are an exception, You give importance only for character and behaviour. Is it possible for anyone
come across a person like you ? Chanceless… We can maintain such a healthy
relationship in the same manner. Is it necessary to bring it into the term of the sex ? Vimal… You regard the sex as an obnoxious thing. If I had thought like that, I would have objected when you proposed. Having clarity like this, what confuses you. Every breadwinning female
knows how worst the males are ! They are longing for the opportunity
to have sex with female by flirting. But, You are extra-ordinary. Very peculiar. You like me very much
just because of my character Not just of my appearance,
I know very well Vimal. Now-a-days… I have started
to enjoy your appearance too. Without having any hesitation to express that
you started to enjoy the appearance of me in the situation. This honesty alone. Generally everyone keeping something
in mind and expressing something out. But, You remain honest to your core. Who can get a relationship like this ? You understand to this extent,
But, why you refuse to accept. Vimal. I think that, you don’t understand
what I mean. Pretending to the maximum extent like a wolf, Ends with the sex, On the contrary, Understanding the dignity of the women Should not have the same ending. That’s what I refused. Maadhavi… What I come to say… Please…! Okay ! Okay ! Vimal, Let me leave.
Let’s meet in the office tomorrow. Bye…. (LAUGHING) Then, what happened. It got stooped. What you mean. Hey… i mentioned his face. Very pityful.. He is. Are you a net ? If I had okayed his wish, You would have become pityful. Is it alright ? Hey… i said just for fun. How sweet his speeches ! He denotes that the females are seen
only sex pots, not treated as equal human beings He pretends to be very genuine. He doesn’t have the quality to be genuine
with his loved and married wife. But expresses his revolutionary thoughts with me.
“Bloody Rascal” If anyone comes across his speech,
She will get caught As compared to him, Giri is far better. Because, At his first sight,
anyone can understand that, He is flirting But, People like Vimal are very dangerous. Why should you take such a risk ? If you had introduced him to me at the earlier stage, Yes! Yes! If I had introduced him to you. Maadhavi got married… She is with her husband… So, he would behave the right manner. As far as men are concerned, They never bother about the age, marital status etc. Once they like, they start to spread their net. What is solution for this ? Hmm… If someone approaches directly, Humiliate him directly. Hmm… If someone beats about the bush, Humiliate him in the same way. Already, We have got the remedy of letting him to sit
in the police station with his underwear. What ? Well… You are an office goer
and working on night shift. And I suspect You to become one among them. Hey! You mean. Me too. Yes… You… A MAN TOO… BEWARE OF MEN Who is Sowmiya, At 2:am, she has sent the message Good night, sweet dreams Sowmiya… Don’t msg me in the night. My wife can trace it easily. Just, try to understand me. Okay… Okay… Let me cut the call.

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  1. Yellarum solluringa yella ambalaium appdi illa nu ippdium Ambala irukkanga nu solli thaan padam yeadukkuranga ithaa purinjikka mudiyala…

  2. So girls will do hide things and waiting a guy who really need a person to help in his family life … And using that situation and doing blunder things which shown in the script… According to me … She is the who using his situation and did what she wants… If she is a really good girl why she spends time separately with him in public place… I do agree he spend time with her because she gave space

  3. தன் இச்சையை தீர்த்துக் கொள்ள சில ஆண்கள் பயன்படுத்தும் ஆயுதத்தை அழகாக மேற்க்கோடிட்டு காட்டப்பட்டுள்ளது….. அருமையான குறுந்தகவல்

  4. Wow wowww greatttt semmaaaa bayangarammm tharamanaaaa short filmmmm such a great ever seen this before,, great applause to the team… Mainlyyy lead roll tuckeruuu

  5. Podu thagida thagida 🤣🔥 vera level short film…inga Yaar tha Yokiyam ah irukkanga… Madhavi character ah Sethukki Irukkaru director… Appreciation… Oru sila vishayangala aangal sila Samayam thappa tha eduthuppanga… Bt some point la Adhu ipdi sila social message la tha puriyum… Keep rocking team 🔥❣️ best wishes .. Ella aangalum apdi illanu kadharuratha vittutu… Poi reality ah realize pannitu Thirinthi vazhunga Nanba 😂

  6. Such a bold character who make the antagonist feel the guilt on himself, gives such a generalized statement.

    Great that the Creator portrays the Cons of both gender. !

  7. Wow wowww greatttt semmaaaa bayangarammm tharamanaaaa short filmmmm such a great ever seen this before,, great applause to the team… Mainlyyy lead roll semmaaa

  8. Wow… sooper,. ;but kadha enga pogudunne theriyama Dan almost climax varaikum parthittrundan, Madavi character eduvume sollama beach Ku vandappo ivingala 2 perayum petrol oothi kozhutthalamannu yosika thonuchu.. but anga vandu seruppa kazhattamale seruppa la mari mari adiccha madiri reply panna parunga!!!!! Sema👌👌👌👌👌 inda madiri marriage Ku aprmum nakka thonga pottu azahyira Genuine(???) Pombila porukkigaluku seruppa kazhattamale addtalye adiccha Madiri oru film,,👏👏👏 congratulations to the team!!!

  9. Madhavi the ideal women.. . what an matured acting ,she held he entire story on her shoulders…and delivered everything that has to be done picture perfectly…!!👌

  10. Ok vimal asked in the movie to hv sex with madhavi…but in real life i want to get to know this madhavi…n maybe in the future make love with her for real…can someone arrange for me pls…to get to know her…maybe from the production team ?? 😉

  11. Super.. heroine Role geth ah kaatringa.. bt YouTube open image en ipdi Add panringa.. plz change.. Kandippa Neraya views varum…

  12. Climax super it LA work panravanga mukkiyama pakka vendiyya tharama short film pa Ithu Ellathukkum madhavi pola wife kadaikkanum Munnu Kanavula vendikkura

  13. மொத்த கதையும் மட்டமான climax aala நக்கிட்டு போயிருச்சு…..

  14. Athu end la ena ma punch ah…
    "neeyum ambala tana daw"😂 athu tappu overall the film was good end matama iruku…ela ambalangalayum judge pana neengalam ena avolo yokiyama??🤣🤣
    Relationship ku orutan kuda oor meya Bestie nu 10 per vachikureenga😏
    Ambalangala general ah pesa enta ponukum rightsyae kedayathu😌😎
    short film kaga nee nadikura ilana..
    "Neeyum oru pombala tana di"🤢🥴

  15. Lol indha vyaagyanam pesara gents dhaan namba mudiyadhu.. pakka manipulators.. in case apdi genuine ah irukaravanga automatically they maintain a distance with ladies..

  16. "ஆண்கள் ஜாக்கிரதை" including your dad,son,grandfather,and especially your husband😊

  17. Good story.
    Perfect dialogs & climax.
    Starting la antha ponna ITEM nu thonura mathari secens/silent characters irunthalum, athukana reasiona – husb night, ending la sollirukurathu…nalla screen play..

    But, yenaku 1 than puriyala…
    Ponnungala verum sathaiya paaka koodathunu sollura ungaluku – (4.40) athe ponungaloda sathaiya kaata"koodathunu thonalaiya…
    Just Orasura secen ku aparam antha pomaiya kaatitu – pant matura secen ku vanthurukalame..
    Neengalum sathaiya kaatunathan VIEWS Varum ninachingala..

    Antha 1sec thavirthutu paartha, neenga sollavara karuthu YERPUDAIYATHU…yenna Mr. Puranam pesum Husb…

    VaAlthukal…to improve urself…

  18. இதுல இங்க எல்லாம் ஒன்னு தான்…. என்னவோ பொண்ணுங்கலாம் ஒழுங்கு மாறி பேசுரது….. உண்மைய பேசுங்கடா ….

  19. Purely feminist story not all boys all like this pls due to this type of shortfilms we lose respect…stop this bullshit

  20. இங்க எவ்வளவு பெண்கள் மாதவி போல இருக்காங்க…….
    காதல் ஒருத்தன் கல்யாணம் ஒருத்தன்……
    வாய்ப்பு கிடைச்சும் (ஆண்,பெண்) தப்பு பண்ணாதவங்க தான் நல்லவங்க…….

  21. Maybe mathavi open ah pesama iruntha avan nallavana irunthirupanla avan apdi yosichiruka matanla…. anyway this is short film not a true……🤟

  22. Emotions don't have any gender. Aangal than thapu pandranga nu katrathellam edhuku nu theriyamattanguthu… Innum ethana nal ku intha karumatha la pakkavendi irukum nu theriyamattanguthu. #fuck off

  23. Super Udhaya. சரியில்லை ஆண்கள் என்பதே இந்த படம்…..ஆனால் அதிக விமர்சணமும்(comments)பதிவும் ஆண்கள் தான்

  24. அடப்பாவிகளா.. என்னைய மாதிரி புள்ளப்பூச்சியவும் சேத்து அசிங்கப்படுத்துறிங்களேடா..

  25. Wen u say that inferiority complex ok his wife is a torture for him, I see that she's still in love with her husband n seeking him. If she's also looking another guy she won't even care abt him. Then he'll in that position to seek her love. So girls don't beg n seek for love. Let him seek n need u ..

  26. Madhaviyoda lookkk bayagara impressive ah eruku g😍🤩😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍🤩🤩🤩😍n lvr pakara madhiriyea eruku…

  27. திருமணமாகி சில வருடங்களில் அனைவரும் சந்திக்கும் பிரச்சினை அதை அழகாக கதையாக்கி உள்ளீர்கள், சிறந்த படம், ஒவ்வொரு கணவனும் மனைவியும் பார்க்கவேண்டிய படம், நீங்கள் பல வெற்றிகள் பெற என் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

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